Using the Annual Performance Plan for NGO Employees in Performance Management System

The Annual Performance Plan is developed jointly by the NGO supervisor and the employee together after discussing and planning the objectives, activities and results to be undertaken by the employee. The Performance Plan for the year specifically outlines the targets to be achieved by the employee over the year and these targets will be used as benchmarks during the annual evaluation and appraisal.

Below is a sample format of an Annual Performance Plan:

Name of the Employee:

Position held:

Name of the Supervisor:

Performance Period (Start Date and End Date):

Set Targets for the employee

Results to be achieved by the employee


Eg. Improve the capacity of the field workers Better delivery of services to communities Providing training and exposure visits to field workers
Eg. Mobilization of funding resources for the organization Availability of increased funding for the organization Researching donors, finding funding opportunities, writing proposals etc.
……. ……. …….
……. ……. …….

In addition to the Annual Performance Plan, the employee has to develop a work plan on monthly basis in consultation with the supervisor and based upon the Annual Performance Plan.

A monthly work plan consists of:

Activities Months
Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug
Eg. Conducting a baseline survey
Eg. Organize a health camp
Eg. Writing proposals