Performance Management for Staff Members in NGOs

Staff performance management and evaluation are key areas of your personnel policy. They are essential because they help you determine a direction to which you an d your team are heading and how they are contributing to the overall mission of the organization. Besides, if there is regular interaction with the staff members, a positive feeling will be retained.

In a Performance Management System, the supervisor and the employee work together constantly to plan, implement and evaluate the performance of the latter within the framework of the organizational objectives.

In a Performance Management System, the following stages can be followed:

Planning the Performance where the supervisor/manager/director sit with the employee to discuss and finalize the targets and the work plan to be achieved by the employee in relation to his/her competencies, expectations, resources and the results to be achieved.

Appraising the Performance is where the supervisor takes regular feedback and evaluation of the performance of employee from time to time to ensure that both the parties are satisfied or not satisfied with the progress of the work.

Improving the Performance is where the supervisor applies various techniques to build motivation for the employee to work more effectively. This could include providing rewards, incentives etc to the employee if the performance has been good or arranging extra trainings if the employee has not been able to perform well in the job.

Click here for formats that can be used during different stages of Performance Management System such as the Annual Performance Plan, Monthly Work Plan, Appraisal Form and the Staff Performing Needs Form.

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