Slovenia – Funds for non-governmental organizations

Deadline- 6 September 2013

Proposals are invited for NGO Programme in Slovenia to strengthen civil society development and enhance contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development. The objective of this program is to –

  • Supporting deficit areas (areas and activities that are underfunded in comparison to other fields of activity)
  • Supporting organizational development of NGOs and ideas with the long-term perspective
  • Addressing current concrete problems in the society (e.g. youth unemployment, decrease in participatory democracy, migrant workers, increasing poverty, etc.)

Thematic areas-

Eligibility & Criteria-

  • Organizations eligible for the support within the NGO Programme in Slovenia are non-governmental organizations (NGOs) established in Slovenia
  • Are established voluntarily
  • Are legal entities, established by private legal persons, and are organized as association, society of associations, private institute, association of institutes, foundation, co-operative, local youth council or faith-based organization. Are non-profit (on the basis of a law or internal legal acts – they do not distribute profits to their members nor their board, they solely use their profits to support its mission and values)
  • Are not established to generate personal profit or benefits or solely to generate income
  • Are independent from the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, other public authorities, political parties and commercial organizations
  • Are not pursuing the commercial or professional interests of their members
  • Act in the public arena and for the public good on concerns and issues related to the well-being of people, groups or society as a whole
  • Share democratic values and human rights

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  1. Gideon moalusi says:

    Dear sir/madam, my name is gideon moalusi im living in north west, south Africa @ rusternburg. Im running organization of human right i like to know that i can apply this funding or not cus im @ south Africa /north west. If yes please send me application form vir email so that i can apply this funding