EC Call for Proposals: Sustainable and Innovative Cities and Regions – India

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EC Call for Proposals: Sustainable and Innovative Cities and Regions – India
Deadline: 19 April 2016
The European Commission is currently accepting proposals for a programme entitled “International Urban Cooperation: Sustainable and Innovative Cities and Regions – India” with an aim to strengthen EU-India urban policy diplomacy and cooperation on sustainable urban development and climate actions through a focus on sustainable energy development in Indian Cities…[more]

USAID/India seeking applications from NGOs for India Partnerships Program
Deadline: 30 March 2017
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has announced a call for proposals from qualified NGOs (and also for-profit and governmental organizations) to apply for the India Partnerships Program (IPP) under the Annual Program Statement (APS). Support in the areas of health, food security, clean energy, gender equality, female empowerment, maternal and child health, prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, affordable health care, water and sanitation access, early grade reading, promotion of clean and renewable energy, forestry, food security, triangular cooperation, gender and financial inclusion…[more]

Understanding NGO Registration in India and other Important Financial Information
In this article, we give you an introduction of various legal frameworks for NGOs for registering and managing their organizations and the required financial information in India…[more]

SBI Youth for India Fellowship Programme
Deadline: 10 June 2016
Applications are open for the SBI Youth for India fellowship programme 2016 whose aim is to achieve as much diversity as possible in terms of professional experience, education and cultural background, to be able to bring fresh perspectives towards rural development…[more]

How to write engaging case studies to demonstrate impact
A case study is a very important qualitative method of capturing impact. It is an approach to qualitative research with focus on specific in-depth analysis of a particular case, incident, story, or event. For NGOs, case studies reflect successes of a particular program(s) in terms of changing people’s lives, with ‘voice’ of the people impacted. Well-researched and well-documented case studies win hearts, and may even win donors…[more]

Teach for India Fellowship: Developing the Lives of the Children
Deadline: 25 August 2016
Applications are open for the Teach for India Fellowship Program 2016 that is providing Indian citizens an opportunity to became a part of the solution and a change agent in the society. The Program is a 2 year full-time paid commitment in which the most promising graduates and professionals will be placed as full-time teachers in under-resourced and low-income schools….[more]

Call for Proposals: Water for Health 2016 to Support High Quality Research & Development Programmes
Deadline: 24 May 2016
The Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India, and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) jointly announces a call for proposals under the topic of Water for Health 2016 to support high quality research and development programmes…[more]

Fund-raising scenario in India: Lessons for NGOs
Non-profit sector is increasingly feeling a need to have professional fund-raisers in order to maintain the functions smoothly, attain financial stability and sustainability. The problem lies in a lack or shortage of such professional fund-raisers…[more]

Vigil India Movement seeking Nominations for the MAT National Human Rights Award 2016
Deadline: 30 April 2016
Vigil India Movement’s M.A. Thomas National Human Rights Award 2016 honours individuals/organizations in India who have made significant contributions for the protection and promotion of human rights in India in the preceding years and continues to be working on issues directly relating to human rights…[more]

How to engage Corporate Volunteers with your NGO under CSR Projects
With the Section 135 of Companies Act 2013 in place now, more and more companies are looking for NGOs that are reliable, credible, trustworthy, and transparent and accountable, apart from having the documentation and certifications with them. These companies are not only willing to give funds, but also support in terms of management consulting, technical support, linkages, and the most popular one- volunteer support, which is also called ‘employee engagement’ in CSR projects…[mor