Apply for The Coca-Cola Foundation’s Community Support Opportunity

The Coca-Cola Foundation offers community support programs that lead to the improvement of the quality of life of the communities. Its community investment priorities reflect the global and local nature of the business and focuses on those global pillars where The Coca-Cola Company can make a unique and sustainable difference: water stewardship, active healthy living, community recycling, and education.

Organizations outside of the United States can apply for funding support from the Foundation. However, they are required to prove their charitable status.

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The Coca-Cola Foundation and its affiliated regional foundations do not generally support:

  • Individuals (For scholarship information, visit The Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation website.)
  • Organizations that discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age or disability
  • Religious endeavors
  • Political, legislative, lobbying or organizations
  • Movie, film or television documentaries
  • Website development
  • Concerts or other entertainment events
  • Beauty contests, fashion shows or hair shows
  • Fraternal organizations and related events
  • Local sports or athletic teams
  • Travel or organized field trips
  • Family reunions
  • Marketing sponsorships or cause marketing or advertising projects (For marketing sponsorship requests, visit the Contact Us section)
  • U.S. based local schools, including charter schools, pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools or high schools
  • U.S.-based organizations that do not have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c) (3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code, or the equivalent
  • Organizations formed outside the U. S. that do not have a charitable equivalency status under the laws and provisions of their respective government

All requests for community support in the form of grants or sponsorships for consideration by The Coca-Cola Company, The Coca-Cola Foundation or any of its affiliated regional foundations must be submitted through an online application system. Those proposals meeting specific guidelines, and further our strategic goals and objectives, will be considered for funding. Applications that are faxed or mailed will be returned to the organization with an invitation to apply through the online application.

Applications are accepted round the year. For more information, visit this link.

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  1. Avatar community development network says

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Greetings from CODEN-UGANDA.

    CODEN-UGANDA, is a community based organization which started with major objectives of promoting health care and community advocacy, education, gender etc. therefore, it’s against this background that we apply for the funds of maternal and child health project to reduce maternal and child mortality rate in Uganda. in Uganda we loose 16 mothers every day i.e 60,000 mothers annually.

    we are grateful to cooperate with you.


  2. Hi
    My name is Jane and I am from Papua New Guinea. I am the Acting Director for the Provincial Culture and Tourism Bureau. Our objective is to develop and promote culture and tourism in the province.
    There is a lot we need to do in terms of preserving our culture and our museum but we lack funding. Could you please assist me if there is funding in terms of culture
    Thanking you in advance.

  3. Avatar Lillian Muttimos says


    My name is Lillian Muttimos and I am the Founder/Director of Living Fountain Care Point, a community organization based in Mombasa, Kenya. We are working with the local community on child care and protection, with a focus on the orphans and vulnerable children.Our pilot project is a Children’s Home which we started in 2010 and which cares for abandoned children. We are trying to expand our community outreach program in order to work with vulnerable families towards enhancing their socio-economic capacity , improve parenting skills and reduce the level of child neglect or abandonment. We are interested in funding from Coca Cola to help in providing better services to the children and strengthening vulnerable families.

    Thank you in advance


  4. We are a community based org in Uganda working with orphans and vulnerable children, we provide them food, clothes, medical care and education.
    We would love you to support these most needy children also to have better life in future.
    God bless you.

    • Thank you for your support Alex. We have noticed more Ugandan’s using our services and we are glad to be able to help. We will post any funding and training opportunities for individuals and organisations in Uganda on the site. All the best.

  5. Avatar Tonia santos says

    We are an NGO in South Africa which also render training services and we have a strong partnership with an educational franchisee which train children from the age of 4 – 13 years on Abacus Mental Arithmetic. we need funds to trained volunteers/practitioners at ECD centres and drop-in-centres who affiliated to us so that they can run the program at their centres. we have more than 154 NGO’s who affiliated to us and more than 647 volunteer or practitioners. we plan to train three volunteers/practitioners from each NGO’s. The program will be an extra mural option. Children start by developing mental arithmetic and visual recall skills through right and left brain activities simultaneously. You There will be amazed at the rapid progress, and the children’s experience of success will become an incentive to move to more complex challenges, confident learners develop higher order thinking skills and the positive impact is seen right across the curriculum. These will also encourage parents to enrol children to ECD centres and also to increase income for the NGO’s as the number of children will be increased and also we need funds for orphan and vulnerable children to enrol them on the program

  6. Avatar Kamal babu says

    We are from ngo working for children in India, we have 50 children in our center we provide food, education, accommodation, and everything, we need basic support for our children, please guide us and reply.

  7. Avatar Rahab Uganda says

    I am interested in applying for a grant, please show me how to find the online application.

    We are an organization that works with girls that have been affected by sexual exploitation. Thanks

  8. Avatar kennedy chipango says


    We are a non government organisation here in zambia. we provide education to ovc who can not afford paying in regular schools and provide nutritional support to over 50 house house house holds. due to increased demand in enrolment, our 2 classrooms can not accomodate the number of pupils as we have NURSERY TO GRADE SIX CLASSES. The school owns a land of 100 * 50m where it has built only two classes with two on box level un completed. does your organisation fund infrustructure development? plz send as application forms we would want to apply for a possible funding from your office
    keñnedy for joyous,
    schöol manager.

  9. Avatar ibiau josephine says

    i work with shine uganda community development initiative,just wanted to know why ngos in uganda are not eligible to apply for this grant

  10. Avatar PANKAJ KUMAR CHOUBEY says

    I am chief of Dalit Vikas Manch ,GARHWA (INDIA) .We are working on poor children,support and cummunity health .Please send us guide line and how can apply ?

  11. Avatar Felix Kulei says

    Hello There;

    My Name is Felix Kulei and I am a Program Officer for Eldoret Town and Its Environs Development Association (ETEDA) and we would like to apply for this call for proposal purposely to implement a school programme on sex education for young boys and girls to cut down on high teenage pregnancies and high school dropout.
    This is in line to your thematic area of active health living.
    Will forward my proposal for your consideration
    Felix Kulei

  12. Avatar Chuma Udenkwo says

    I started a project – Oluigbogadi Project, which has a mission to get Ndi Igbo in Nigeria and in diaspora to learn to speak and teach Igbo Language and culture to her adherents using modern methods of communication.

    Igbo language was predicted by United Nations in 2001 to go into extinction by 2051. Ndi Igbo are over 80million people with wide exploit in commerce, education and technology. They are one of the most travelled race in Africa. There is no part of the globe you cannot find an Igbo man.

    Coca Cola Foundation funded a Social Sector Management (SSM) training course in EDS Lagos (6 months) in 2010, are we qualified for the grants they are now giving, as we need funding for our multimedia language studio in Lagos.

  13. Avatar Farai Magombedze says

    Glad to know that Coca Cola supports charitable education projects. Lifeline activation is working on enhancing access to education for marginalised girls in Manicaland province, Zimbabwe. We can do more if coca cola supports us. Please send us information on how to apply.

  14. Avatar otim bosco okidi says

    please how can i apply, am really interested

  15. Avatar MARGARET JUMA says

    foundation for the young child Education in kenya i.e foyedkenya would wish to acces to the grant,
    as we care for the vulnerable child access Education for better life

  16. ddc is a peoples centred organization working for the better BANGLADESH.Could you please give us guideline that we can submit grant preoposal..

  17. Avatar Bwambale Daniel says

    We are a non government organization based in western Uganda just at the foot hills of Mount Rwenzori. We have picked interest to apply for support under the Coca Cola calls for proposals.

    We are involved in health service delivery, agriculture and education of vulnerable/orphanage in the communities served.
    Advise us whether we can apply and best we can do it.
    Thank you
    Bwambale Daniel

  18. Avatar MARGARET JUMA says

    Our NGO takes care of less advantaged child Education ,healthcare and feeding to attain better life,wishing to be considered to carry the responsebility.

  19. Avatar Joseph Akol says


    I am a Team Leader with a community based organization interested in community mobilization and community empowerment with a focus to improve the quality of life of the resource poor and under-served communities through community demand and driven initiatives. I would like to share with coca-cola on this community development focus and negotiate areas for possible funding and engagement. Please let us have meaningful involvement on this project idea

  20. Avatar Napoleon Kwalar nfor says

    I Head Maingai AGROVET GROUP based in North west Cameroon, a non-governmental organisation working in the area of health, sustainable landscape and agriculture in rural communities.
    i am interested in your programme and shall be grateful if you can forward me application forms and modalities
    Thank you

  21. Hello
    I am chairperson of Center for Equal Access Development (CEAD)Nepal Doti we are working on Orphan children support and community health oriented program please send us guide line and how can apply ?

  22. Avatar Cornel Onyango says

    We are NGO based in Kenya seeking to expand to other parts of Africa. We deal with orphan prevention by caring for parents living with HIV and AIDS. Kindly advice me on how we can apply for more funds to be able to expand our programs.

  23. Avatar harriet nartey says

    Am the director of benevolent hearts foundation in ghana, a community based NGO. we support orphans and disabled people and also give free health education to people especially kids. please expect our proposal we have a lot to offer ur company and same applies to you….thank you and keep up the good work

  24. Avatar Unity Ototo says

    I am Mrs. Unity E. Ototo, the Executive Director of Man and water survival Foundation, Yenagoa. How can i apply for this proposal? can you please make a provision for one to apply?

  25. Avatar hmingthanmawia sailo says

    I am the president of Mizoram Beekeeping Federation and we are working to alleviate poverty through beekeeping in mizoram state,the remote and backward state of india.So would you please help me to apply for this opportunity to reduce poverty in Mizoram

  26. Avatar SOSSOUGA DOSSE says


    I’m very happy to learn about coco- cola Foundation. We need your grants opportunities to help those who are vulnerable. BRAVO COCA- COLA

  27. Avatar James Sunge says

    Hello. Nice to hear that. we strive to sink fund for innovative program we have in our youth-led development organization called Tanzania hope youth resilience opportunity and innovation development(THYROID GROUP) L.t.d , as Coca Cola Company is trying to fulfil the corporate social responsibility to support we community organization. Please tell us whether we are eligible to this award we Tanzanian.
    Best regards

  28. Avatar Basemera Alice says

    this is Alice Director koogere foundation Uganda in western Uganda and its an NGO (non gorvenment organisation) its a community based organisation for youth and women.
    programms we have-enterprinuaship promotion
    – culture in development
    -talent development
    -HIV/aids concelling programm
    -hygen and santation
    we kindly need your support for our organisation.
    wating to hear from you. Alice

  29. Avatar andrew nyachiro says

    God bless you people, am the team leader and the founder of Andrew’s initiative foundation our work is to support and improve those people who cant afford even a single dose of a tablet, to at least,in remote areas. we look forward to send us a proposal .thanks

  30. Avatar Peter Mushi says

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Our organization is called Espero foundation registered as NGO Feb 2013 with the registration Number 00006134. Our organization deals with the provision of non formal education to street children who have dropped out of school or those who have never attended primary schools.
    I am writing this mail to know if Tanzania is eligible for this Coca-Cola foundation grant, and if yes please send me the grant application form
    on behalf of Espero foundation I send my regards

  31. Avatar JOHN MAHABA says

    Hi there,am JOHN MAHABA Currently a project Coordinator of NYAMUTENGA CBO BUTIAMA TANZANIA doing environmental conservation, Livelihoods improvement and poverty reduction, through AGROFORESTRY, WOODLAND MANAGEMENT, WATER SOURCES CONSERVATION, MICROFINANCE CREDIT AND SAVINGS ORGANISATION DEVELOPMENT AND HIV and AIDS. Am interested in applying for more funds from the foundation.

  32. I am a chairman of a faith based organization in Kenya. We have many youth in our church who need to be supported to build their capacities in various areas for self sustainable.We would like to support them in developing their potential in identifying the problems in their communities.
    We would be glad to drop our proposal for our programme.

  33. Avatar ottis penias says

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Am very much interested in applying for Coca Cola Foundations Community Support Program.

    Please sent me the proposal or application form to me;

    Thank you

  34. Avatar Rev Charles Abwola says

    I work for AYENET, a Community Based Organisation working with local community in Northern Uganda who underwent two decades war that has vandalised their livelihoods and economy. Strategic areas of intervention are Education, Health (HIV/AIDS), Human Rights and Peace Building and conflict Transformation.
    Please kindly let us know of your response to this. Help us with the proposal forms.

  35. we have a proposal for Tribes upliftment in Bala Ghat,Madhey Pradesh interior of India can u guide us for fill the application for funding support.

  36. Avatar S. Banerjee says

    Can you please send the guideline and application format for the proposal..

  37. Avatar Qamar Bashir says

    Dear Sir,
    Our NGO is actively involved in addressing the issues of Gender Inequality and child marriage in our country. Our approach is to sensitise rural school teachers both male and female who in turn will sensitise their students. This is achieved through participatory and pro active work shops with follow through at the school where sensitization is effected.
    Qamar Bashir
    President Gender & Community Development Foundation ( GCDF )

  38. Avatar lilian banda says

    YPAD is a youth led organisation that aims at promoting the welfare of the disadvantages youth in Malawi by implementing socioeconic projects that specifically target the disadvantaged youth..would you please send us the application guidelines and application form.

  39. Green Impact Ethiopia is a local NGO working on Climate Change Adaptation activities in the rural area. We need your support for establishing Environmental Protection clubs in schools, awareness creation programs and conducting concerts in the community. How can I send our proposal?
    Netsanet from Ethiopia

  40. Avatar Philo Thomas says

    WWC is working among the women and girl children from the poor and vulnerable communities to empower them socially& economically. We are providing educational facilities to the children of HIV infected parents. Do let me know if you are interested to support our activities.

    Philo, India

  41. Avatar Alfred Mdeizi says

    Am Alfred Mdeizi the Chairman of a farmers organization called Uriri Farmers Co-operative Society in Migori County in the Republic of Kenya.
    We are engaged in Soybeans Production, Value Addition and Utilization for purposes of addressing the general welfare of its Members and the Community at large.
    We would wish to apply for funding.
    Kindly give us your email address.

  42. Avatar Alfred Mdeizi says

    Iam Alfred Mdeizi the Chairman of a farmers organization called Uriri farmers Co-operative Society in Migori County in the Republic of Kenya.
    The Society is registered by the Ministry of Co-operative and Development since 2005.
    The Society is engaged in Soybeans Production,Chain Value Addition and Utilization with core aim of improving the Nutrition health and economic empowerment of its members in the Community and also carrying out School Feeding Programme for purposes of School retention and mental enhancement.
    I would wish to do apply for funding kindly email me your email address.

  43. Avatar Alex Atiku says

    Can we get the application forms and guidelines please. I am the program Manager of a National NGO in South Sudan. We need your help.

  44. Avatar Gloria Davidson says

    Gloria David say:
    August 15, 2013 at11:33

    I work with an NGO pleas how do we access your
    grant; and the application form?

  45. Avatar Ramesh Jaipal says

    It really nice to be part of the cocoa cola foundations community supporting group.
    and i want to know the way forward also how to apply.
    We Need to work for uplifting of Scheduled Caste (Dalits) and other Minorities of Pakistan on Caste based discrimination, and work for uplifting of marginalized communities.


  46. Avatar samuel okunya says

    We are a child bases organization, based in Uganda, Kampala, catering for the livelihood of Vulnerable children in our community, we have atotal of 25 children at present from personal endeavours(Member contributions) and we mainly have started on seeing how best we can have this children attain education and to some extent providing them with basic needs at home when they return from school.
    how can I have my proposals and application sent to your organization for assistance consideration.

  47. Avatar habibah abdullahi says

    hello..I am highly delighted about what coca cola wants to do,giving back to the society it is one of the most noble course,this effort is highly commendable,my name is habibah abdullahi I represent a small group of youngpersons from nigeria,ranging frm 16 to 23,we called the greatminds children and youth foundation,we motivated to work by the plight of the under priviledged in our society especially children on the street and the orphanage home,we also try to tune into our peers to find the skill or talent within us and make proper good use of it,we have being operating for 3years now all by ourselves we have done numerous things and impacted so many life within our reach,but we young and we need help in other to actualise the dream of the vulnerable children,we have the zeal and determination to work tirelessly in changing the plight of the les priviledged

  48. ASA is a NGO working in the field of Health, Education, Livelihood and welfare activities
    We need to apply for your kind support for our organization. Please send the online link for apply to your esteemed foundation

  49. Avatar I serve kenya says

    Community based organisation saving lives of young girls in East pokot through advocacy of their rights,education and mobilisation of the whole community on the demerits of Female genital mutilation..We also work to provide clean water for the pastrolist community..We are also empowering the youth on entreprenuership and livelihood skills…we will be grateful for your support..please guide on how to apply..thankyou

  50. Sir/Madam

    The Handihelp Foundation a non-profit, need –based Registered Charitable Trust
    launched in 2005 to create a nurturing and collaborative environment at the grass-roots level and to benefit the communities residing in surrounding areas, strategically removing obstacles to gain access to improve opportunities for those most in need.

    The organization seeks to apply for Coca-Cola grant, unable to download the request form due to technological reasons. Kindly arrange to mail a copy of application form and oblige

  51. Sir/ Madam
    The Handihelp Foundation a non-profit, need –based Registered Charitable Trust
    launched in 2005 to create a nurturing and collaborative environment at the grass-roots level and to benefit the communities residing in surrounding areas, strategically removing obstacles to gain access to improve opportunities for those most in need.
    The organization seeks to apply for Coca-Cola grant, unable to download the request form due to technological reasons. Kindly arrange to mail a copy of application form and oblige.

  52. Avatar James Komengi says

    Bulk of our population are consumers of your popular coca cola drink. We have yet to see your investment in our region in the Hela province of the highlands of Papua New Guinea. I am preparing a proposal for your considerations.

    James Komengi

  53. Avatar Alhassan Nagumsi says

    Hello Director,

    Thank you for opportunity, Association for Development –Assodev is an NGO based in Tamale, Ghana, West Africa . Assodev is a legally registered NGO with the Ghana Registrar Generals Department Registration No. G-10,976 of 18th February 2003 and Department of Social Welfare Certificate of recognition No. D.S.W./1901 of 5TH AUGUST 2003 respectively with the aims and objectives of rendering selfless social services to Humanity and Mankind.

    We are currently working with rural women. We offer them training in soap making, Shea-Butter extraction, Ground nut oil extraction and Tailoring for the school dropouts., particularly the rural girl child Currently we have over 1000 women who are put in groups of 20 top 35 for the exercise. Our major problems are initial kick-start capital after the necessary training sections for the trainees to start work.

    Our mission is to eradicate poverty or at best reduce it to an appreciable level by the 2015. To make tremendous efforts through our own local contributions and from the Board of Directors as compliments for the improvement of civil society, strengthen the capacity of the rural women economically politically and socially.

    We shall be most grateful if we could partner with you as your local representatives for collaboration to enable us source funding for this beautiful programs to succeed. In-fact it will be for the betterment of the very deprived, the most underprivileged and the vey needy in the rural and local communities. This program enables them to take care of their wards education and also give the women financial independence

    Assodev have the expertise for the activities but lacking funding opportunities to accomplish the set targets and objectives as a social Non-Governmental, Non-profit organization. We shall submit to your office any information you require in this circumstance.

    We shall abide by the rules and regulations your organization for the progress and success of both outfits and most greatly to assist the needy and the handicapped particularly the poor rural girl child to get vocational skills for economic emancipation.

    I hope you will treat our humble request as paramount.

    Please accept my best regards.

    Alhassan Nagumsi-MCMI,MBA,FFA,BMS,DBS.
    (Executive Director)

  54. Avatar I serve kenya says

    Community based organisation saving lives of young girls in East pokot through advocacy of their rights,education and mobilisation of the whole community on the demerits of the barbaric and outdated Female genital mutilation..We also work to provide clean water for the pastrolist community..We are also empowering the youth on entreprenuership and livelihood skills…we will be grateful for your support..please guide on how to apply..thankyou.

  55. Avatar Clement K.Kariuki says

    My name is Clement K.Kariuki and I am chairman of Tree Farmers association of Kenya. We work with Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) by enhancing their livelihoods through farming of trees. We have developed a concept on this initiative and we would be glad to share it with Coca Cola Foundation if they agree to partner with us.

  56. Avatar Ernest ben kabia says

    It really nice to be part of the cocoa cola foundations community supporting group.
    and i want to know the way foward also how to apply.

    • Avatar peter King'aa Ngunia says

      Hi there,am peter Ngunia Currently a project Manager Kyevaluki CBO doing environmental conservation, Livelihoods improvement and poverty reduction, through construction of sand dams in seasonal rivers in Kangundo Kenya. These sand dams provide water stored under the sand during the dry spell and are of great hep to the communities around. They also do horticulture along the rivers where these sand dams have been constructed which go along way in improving the livelihoods of the locals and hence reduction in poverty levels. Am interested in applying for more funds from the foundation but the challenge is that, i do not know how to go about it, Kindly advice

  57. Avatar Rama krushna dakua says

    i interested to work for the development of society and save water for our better future .we have also work for the education development of student in interior area .

  58. Avatar Margaret Katono says

    If the organization is able to cluster some countries in terms of capacity building provision of technical support to grass root organizations, can it be considered for funding.

    Thank you

  59. Avatar Sizwe Hlekiso says

    Coca Cola Foundation I want to thank you very much for helping Africa more secial disadvantaged rural community. I already sent proposal for funding online I applied on the fourth of August 2013 thanks once gain.

    Our Organisation name is Mother Soul Youth Development indaba registered as a Non Profit Organisation.

  60. Avatar Child and Environment says

    I represent NGO Child and Environment from the Republic of Georgia.
    My question is – does your Foundation provide funding for non-formal education activities to NGOs who are dealing with problems of street children?

  61. Avatar Charles Matovu says

    Am a team leader of a local NGO based in Uganda and i would like to apply for coca cola grant. How can i access the application form and guidelines. If possible can i be availed them on my email. Thank you

  62. Avatar Custadio Poswa says

    Hello Coca Cola foundation
    Would like to have an application form to apply for Funding this year for 2013-2014

  63. We are Faith Based Organisation, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos Health Department. Based in Lagos, Nigeria.
    Having read through Coca -Cola Foundation prospect. I ask if as a FBO, we are eligible to apply foe funding. We have interventions programs on ground, bothering on health, OVC, Caregivers practices and HIV/AIDS Prevention.

    Thank you.

  64. Avatar Leonard Elimlim says

    Am the Director of Samburu pastrolists advocacy initiative and networking (SPAIN) a community working NGO to improve the lives of pastoralist faced with marginal challenges in kenya( samburu county) We thank coca cola for a gorgeous idea.we are in the process of applying for the grants soon.thanks

  65. Avatar tecoma uganda says

    Thanks for the posting. we are a community Based Organisation in Uganda. We are interested in benefiting from this funding. what is the procedure of applying?

  66. Avatar albert chidembo moyo says

    Iam a Program Manager of a Local NGO in Malawi doing health activities. How do I access your funding to help the communities

  67. Hi iam mr mulayo in south africa I would like to aply to the cocacola funds to rescues my project which are running 8 months with no pay, project name: vhudI vhudele environmental awareness and job
    creation we work on wastes and foutains conservations

  68. Avatar Shailendra Pokharel says

    I am writing this mail on behalf of Conservation Development Foundation (CODEFUND) which is a Nepal based NGO established in 2011 through the contribution of 101 founders which aims to deliver conservation development impacts for prosperity, wisdom and peace. While doing this, it has a strategy to call for collective inputs and actions to demonstrated conservation development impacts at smallest administrative unit, we call it Village Development Committee (VDC). We focus water related conservation development activities with making one school better and development of 3 natural resource based micro-enterprises that share benefits to women and disadvantage community, where as emphasis would also be given to strengthen local governance system. We’ve a target of delivering impacts in four years of intervention with the use of US $ 175000 per year. Is Nepal a illegible country, and can we apply with our vision that meets 2 global pillars of the Coca-Cola Foundation. The support the Foundation if provides can demonstrate visible impacts to change rural community in Nepal. Pls kindly note that Nepal has about 4000 VDCs that government has not been able to demonstrate visible changes till now, so we’ve objective to change at VDC level so that it will influence government’s strategy towards development. We look forward to hearing from the Foundation. Thank you very much.


    ARM is a NGO working in the field of Health, Education, Livelihood and welfare activities from 1989. We need to apply for your kind support for our organisation. Please send the online link for apply to your esteemed foundation.

    Waiting for your kind reply.

    Rajendra Kumar Rana

  70. Avatar EDGAR SOLIS says


    we are a community-based developmental NGO. may i know how to apply grants for community development.

  71. Avatar Smart Onukwubiri says

    This is great! Life transforming! You are doing a good work! Please how do i apply? How do i send my proposals? Smart from Nigeria.