Japan Fund for Global Environment – Grant Program for NGOs

The Japan Fund for Global Environment has been supporting various environmental conservation projects in and outside Japan from the time of its establishment in 1993. With a broader objective to develop national movements to protect the global environment, JFGE aims to support the NGO projects for environmental conservation in developing regions with immediate needs; strengthen Japan’s involvement in global environmental conservation; and to offer people from different fields and classes a chance as a Global Citizen, to participate actively in environmental NGO projects or to contribute money to support environmental NGO projects.

JFGE is supported by government’s endowment, individual donation and corporate contributions and has two main programs – Grant Program and NGO Support Program. The grant program shall be of one year duration and the support covers the expenses required for the execution of the proposed project.

Eligible Projects for JFGE Grant Program –

  • Projects that contribute to human welfare through environmental conservation and securing a healthy and cultural life for all individuals are eligible for JFGE Grant.
  • Non-government, not-for-profit organizations that conduct training or any other tools/methods for local afforestation projects, projects to support the protection and propagation of wildlife, projects to prevent pollution arising from daily activities or other similar projects, to be carried out in developing regions with the participation of the local communities are eligible to receive JFGE Grant.
  • Non-government, not-for-profit organizations that conduct research or hold international conference to promote environmental conservation activities as mentioned in the above point, are also eligible for JFGE Grant.
  • Projects in developing regions must enlist the participation of local residents and NGOs, and must be in response to a request by local residents or NGOs. In addition, projects in Japan must enlist the participation of a large range of people and be meaningful to the average citizen.

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  1. Phillimon Phiri says:

    Environment and pollution is of a great concern in our mine areas of Zambia. How can we work together in policy influence, engagement and community responsiveness.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Phillimon,
      You must contact and discuss with the relevant authorities. If you are looking for funds to conduct the programs, you must apply for relevant funding opportunities. Keep your eyes on different kinds of funding opportunities we post everyday.
      As per this opportunity, please read the eligibility criteria. If your organization meets the eligibility, click on the link at the bottom of the article and apply.
      Good Luck!


    [email protected]

    My name is COLLINS MUMBA from Zambia and wor with Friends of Nature-Zambia, an NGO working with over 12000 community members in four chiefdoms on Afforestation,Reforestation, Fighting deforestation,Pollution from use of Plastics to Paper Bags in Monze-Zambia. How can we access the APPLICATION FORMS?

    • Sonia Pun says:

      Please read the opportunity fully and you will be directed to the link where you will find application form

  3. Vasant Bhosle says:

    Subhdradevi Bhosle shikshan prasarak mandal latur maharastra is founded in many years ago we are working in cultural & artistic programmes in rural areas&we have a running old age home if you don’t mind please help us these old person we are help them in many different types of problems today we are help & guide to you soon please request you send us your help and support Thanks warm regards the secretary of subhdradevi Bhosle shikshan prasarak mandal latur maharastra (india)

  4. Vasant Bhosle says:

    Subhdradevi Bhosle Shikshan Prasarak Mandal, Maharastra was founded ten (10) years ago and we have worked with poor people who are living in very critical illness problems. Our organisation helps them in many ways such as old age home, AIDS program etc. but we need more help to save them.

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      Hello Vasant Bhosle,
      Please apply to appropriate funding opportunity that meets your eligibility criteria to be selected for fund. Make sure that you visit the link provided at the bottom of the content once you find the appropriate funding opportunity.
      We recommend you to subscribe our newsletter http://newsletters.fundsforngos.org/ to be updated on latest funding opportunities.
      Good Luck!

  5. Richard Mawusi Agotse says:

    This can help developing countries like Ghana in climate change.
    Please send application form.

    • Sabuj Kumar Ray. says:

      I am an intern at “SHRISTY GRAM DEVELOPMENT”(N.G.O.) a INDIA. environmental organisation with a mission to implement high impact environmental and conservation projects which promote public participation in caring for the world.
      Contact us by my through my mails.

  6. Bogere w Steven says:

    Deforestation has increasingly caused persistent drought, erratic rainfall, devastating storms and declining water levels in Uganda. All these hazards are threatening food security, livelihoods and long term economic aspirations in Uganda and Worldwide. There is also an increasing incidence of extreme droughts, torrential rains, hail storms, mudslides and tropical heat will worsen as Uganda experiences extreme weather in 10 years if no immediate action is taken. The country could lose all its forest cover and species like birds and animals in less than 30 years would be destroyed. All forests are cut down without replacement, and we are experiencing abnormal weather changes than it was 20 years back

    Therefore we would like to know if such project can be funded.
    Steven from Uganda
    A forestation project

  7. Am a Kenyan and works with UHAI Lake Forum,an NGO working on environment and natural resources management conservation issues within the Lake Victoria region in Western Kenya.How can we access your application form to apply for the funds.

  8. Aloysius Kanchog says:

    I work with an NGO called TUDRIDEP in the Upper West Region of Ghana. We work in the areas of Agriculture, Climate Change among others. We would like to take this opportunity to enhance the gains made over the years. Please where do we start

  9. Jeremiah Wandili says:

    hallo JFGE!My name is Jeremiah Paul Wandili from Sustainable Environment Management Action (SEMA) based in Singida, Tanzania. Am pleased to write to you! I accessed your grant application form for 2014, am interested to apply for FY 2014, but in your application form you indicated we must submit in Japanese, for non Japanese countries. Please accord with me soon so as we can proceed with application.
    Best regards
    Head of department for Environment and Natural Resources Management

  10. Heiloo……..,we are registered government group in kenya wishing to apply for your grants,what are the steps to follow? Warm Regards, Reuben kipkoech

  11. Maanda Rashaka says:

    I am an intern at WESSA (the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa), a South African environmental organisation with a mission to implement high impact environmental and conservation projects which promote public participation in caring for the Earth. I would like to apply for funding for a few of our pro-environmental community education projects. Where do I start?

  12. Gabriel Dhal says:

    we are operating in South Sudan, Alur Development Organization.we training community on tree planting and re-afforetation, we are also training wildlife personnel on conservation.are we qualify for funding?

    Executive Director

  13. Susanta Chakraborty says:

    Dear Sir,
    The fund will helpful for vulnerable countries to climate change like Bangladesh.
    Please send the project format.

    Your’s sincerely

    susanta Chakraborty

  14. Mrs.Heidy paye says:

    Hi, The organization women of change in Liberia has the technical ability to create awareness about the environment, especially oil has been discovered more environmental impact. how may apply for you grant?

  15. Lalitha BK says:

    I wish to find suitable donors to support the development of tribal communities living in most remote parts of Odisha State, India who are yet to see the human progress in terms of livelihood, gender equity, literacy, medical services, human, gender, old aged and children basic rights, and all facets of a decent life. They are still living in most deplorable conditions, pls let us reach the right donors to support our initiatives to throw light in their lives.

    Project Coordinator,
    Rashtriya Seva Samithi, Andhra Pradesh, India

  16. Mr.Jayantibhai Patel says:

    Dear Sir/Donor Shree.
    Shiv Shakti Kelavani Mandal is a non-gov.organization (NGO)based in Anand district of Gujarat,the largest populated state in INDIA,The organization was founded in the year1983,by the group of young sensitive youths in the interest of the society SSKM is a pioneer in promotion of in come generation activities(IGAS) for the deprived sections of the community. S S K M believes that the rural poor are capable of determining and building their future provided they are supported and facilitated properly. The organization works for the development of community through a number of activities any program.
    S S K M is Reg.a Trust under the Societies Reg.Act. 1950 (Rule-).The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act.(F C R A )2001 INDIA.& 12A,80 G Section of Income Tex Act-1961
    OBJECTIVES:-We work for the cause and care of deprived rural societies and improve their quality of life.S S K M is integrating its programmes and services and consciously moving form welfare to wards development and long term sustainability for tribal and rural communities. community’s active involvement and support in rural development programmes makes the programmes sustainable.

    Thanks and regards
    S S K Mandal.

  17. Elizabeth Owusua says:

    our organization need volunteers to support our re afforestation project please connect us. contact us by my through my mails.

  18. Jonathan Chisaka says:

    We are a Zambian community based organization working in the area of wildlife conservation and community livelihood programmes.
    Please send your calendar of grants for 2014 and other programmes that you have

  19. Henry Wakabinga says:

    Am based in Uganda, Spearheading a CBO called Program for Relief in Education And Community Health. We promote rights and advocacy, general health, rural formal and Vocational Education in Busoga region more so we work with communities around lake showers where early and forced marriages claim our target beneficiaries. Can eligibly access your funding?

  20. Can you state how much is the maximum grant available. We plan to work with 200 villages on innovative environment project

  21. We are involved on environment projects through tribal womens organisations which were promoted by us. Can you state how much is the maximum gant under environment fund available. We do have rep in japan and we can work together.kindly reply
    Thank you

  22. Hon.Kingsley Ntui Isong says:

    The name of organization is Rural Package Community Development Initiative (RUPA) registered as NGO in NIgeria. What formal measure can we use to apply pls.
    Best regards.

  23. Samuel wainaina says:

    I am the chairman of Nguka Young & Talented Youth Group and am pleased by what you do.
    The aim of our group is to empower the young people in the rural areas in kenya.
    Despite the changing technology in the world the rural areas remain i darkness…especially to the young people.
    We are a registered group and we are currently foocusing on talents and education.
    -We have been organizing seminars in various villages,
    -inspirational talks in primary and secondary schools.
    We would be pleased if you sponsor us as we are dedicated to help the young people all over the rural areas in the country.
    You can reach me through my email and i can email you our proposal.
    Thank you.

  24. Madalitso Makwandu says:

    From Green Livelihoods NGO – in Malawi

    Please furnish us: Green Livelihoods NGO with application pack/forms so we can initiate the application for the grant.

    Will appreciate your guidance.

    Madalitso Makwandu

  25. Dr. Md. Monir Uddin says:

    Dear Sir,
    The fund will helpful for vulnerable countries to climate change like Bangladesh.
    Please send the project format.

    Your’s sincerely

    Dr. Monir

  26. Hi ,kindly i was asking,i with my fellow youths have started a project of tree nursery planting……….our aim is to protect and conserve our environment and also educating locals about the same.The group is registered with government under the ministry of sports $ gender,,,so 4 nw we wanted to expand to awider region but due to financial constrains we not able.Kindly requesting if we can get any assistance from you people.

    Warm and kindest Regards
    Reuben Kipkoech

  27. AMANYIRE CHRIS says:

    Am based in Uganda, coordinator Angecy for community development and welfare, ACODEWE. We promote tree planting in the region more so we work with communities adjacent to protected areas. Again we conserve fragile areas also by planting trees near crater lakes. can we access any funding.