AUSAID-DFID’s Joint Call for Proposals for Systematic Reviews (Australian Development Research Awards 2010 systematic reviews)

The long-awaited call to carry out systematic reviews of evidence addressing key development questions is finally out.

The Australian Agency for International Development (AUSAID) and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) in partnership with the International Initiative for Impact Evaluation have launched the joint call for proposals to strengthen the international community’s capacity for evidence-based policy making.

“As the amount of new development research available is growing rapidly, consolidated but robust evidence that can be more readily applied to decision making in both developing countries and donor agencies is in high demand. Systematic reviews are an important way of ensuring that evidence can better inform policy.

Systematic reviews use explicit and rigorous methods to identify the range of research relevant to a particular question and critically appraise it. They then synthesize the research in a systematic and unbiased way presenting what can be reliably said from the evidence and go on to communicate it in a form easily used to inform policy and practice.”

The deadline for the submission of applications is 29 November 2010. For more information, visit this link.


  1. bilal_shah says:

    i am pakistani student of BS( Comp- Sci ) currently my assignment is ( how use computer by disable people ) please provide me some data about my assignment

  2. M.A Kunbhar says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our organization, The Care (A Cooperative Organization For Community Assistance and Relief For Every One) is a not for profit, non governmental organization, working for improvement in living standard of poor peoples in rural area of District Sanghar in Pakistan since last 5 years.

    The Care is intend to be launched some community development activities in this backward and neglected area, but unfortunately our limited financial resources have prevent us to do it. In this connection, you are kindly requested to please be help us in our proposed community development activities under your Small Grants Scheme. In this regard, a complete proposal may be submitted for your kind consideration.

    Kindly be sent us the detailed information/guidelines regarding it, for submission of proposal.

    We are awaiting an early response from your end.

    With best Regards,

    Yours sincerely

    M. A Kunbhar

    General Secretary

  3. Dear Sir,

    Child Care Foundation of Pakistan is a NGO based in Lahore, Punjab and working as an Independent, Autonomous, Development & Welfare Organization, working for rehabilitation of child labour through provision of free basic education to underprivileged children in labour intensive Distt. of Punjab.

    It is a matter of great pleasure for us if you will send us material and brochure in English languages along with full information regarding your kind agency and please send us also guide lines request for support. We do hope that you will extend your kind cooperation in this noble task. We thank you very much and looking forward to a positive response from your kind end.


    Yours truly,

    Tahir A.R
    Project Manager
    Child Care Foundation of Pakistan
    A-6-A, E-105 New Super Town Main Boulevard Defence Lahore.
    District Lahore Punjab, Pakistan

  4. G.Kalavathi says:

    Rural Physically Handicapped Center for Rehabilitation,
    Nallasiddana Palli (V)K.G. Sathram (P),
    Bangarupalyam (M),
    Chittoor (District ) A.P. India.

    In Chittoor (Dist), Andhra Pradesh(State), India, RURAL PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CENTER FOR REHABILITATION is servicing. This Organization is founded to help the poor physically handicapped people in rural and remote areas. We feel very hard by seeing the physically handicapped people in rural or remote or city areas. They were suffering a lot because of their financial status. They were not living their lives happily. Because there are no one to help them. Their organs are not supporting to work and live. Coming to the children’s of physically handicapped people is more than that. The children’s who were normal were playing and studying but they can’t. The government or the public is not caring about those children’s.

    Chittoor district is located in the border of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Chittoor district consists 66 mandals, 1540 villages. As per 2001 census the population of Chittoor district is 37.35 lakhs. The total population of disabilities in Chittoor District is 3,00,000. In this the handicapped children’s is 12,000. Among these handicapped children’s there are deaf, dumb, blind children’s. These children’s are not able to go to school.

    RURAL PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CENTER FOR REHABILITATION has surveyed the rural areas in Chittoor district. By this survey they came to know that there is 6 – 7 members of disabilities in every village. Among these 2- 3 blind children, deaf, dumb and Orthopeadically handicapped children’s are there. In rural areas because of their financial status they were unable to go to school. Their parents were daily labors. Organization has enquired the parents about their children’s, the parents replied the organization representatives that they were very poor; we can have food if we go for labor. So we can’t send our children to school because they can’t go to school individual. This is not possible to us daily. At that time we have to loose our labor. God must care our children we can’t do anything.

    RURAL PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CENTER FOR REHABILITATION has discussed with different experienced experts in the field of disabilities. And they organization came to know that the above stated is true. RURAL PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CENTER FOR REHABILITATION came to a decision on the above stated that they have to educate those children’s. RURAL PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CENTER FOR REHABILITATION is planned to make those children’s to don’t feel that they were handicapped and to make them strong in mental. In addition to these to provide them good medical facility.

    There are 1300 Orthopeadically handicapped children’s in district. Even though they have good knowledge they cant go to school. So RURAL PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED CENTER FOR REHABILITATION is decided to run Orthopeadically handicapped children’s school and train them computer education for those who were eligible. By this project 150 Orthopeadically handicapped children’s will be benefited every year

  5. luca m ole rikoyan says:

    Dear respondents,

    I work as executive director in an environmental organization in Tanzania – East Africa. The name of our organization is Maasai Visions Organization. We are based in Maasai dry lands of northern Tanzania. We work towards the management of Dry lands ecosystem, conservation of environmental resources and community adaptation to the changing environment. We started working 7 years ago as education association before we received our full recognition in 2009. Now we are committed to work in six main programs.

    1). Education

    2). Health

    3). Water, Environment and Technology

    4). Micro economic initiatives

    5). Agriculture i.e. livestock and crop cultivation

    6). Social cultural affairs of the Maasai dry land communities

    We would like to carry out some reserch surveys as our initial strategies to impliment the afforesaid projects. Can we send our project and research proposals? How can we send our application parckage?

    I hope to hear from you in the soonest possible.


    Luca M. Ole Rikoyan



    Sir/madam/ by the name of those marginalized pastoralist community groups who are enjoying life at the south board of Ethiopia, we would like to express out heart felt appreciation for your interest to stand infavor of such people through multilateral development support. here is local NGO named to be MISHDAN development association, mainly established at the pastoralists site by the youngsters who come from the womb of the society. the core objective of the NGO is awareness creation & tightening the gap of development through construction of health posts, veternary clinics, potable water supply & related daily needs. though when your organization interested to help the afformentioned community groups, we will submit the overall project documents & the legal back ground of the Association.

    finally with great sensitivity, waiting for your positive response.

    MISHDAN, SNNPR, Ethiopia

  7. Lakshumaiah.J says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings from Help Society for Poor and Disabled(HSPD).Andhra Pradesh. S.INDIA.

    We started our services from 1999. By the grace of God, in 2001, we
    formed a society called "Help Society for Poor and Disabled. "
    The main objective of our society is to serve the people, who lead
    their lives in perilous and disastrous condition and poverty. H S P D
    focuses on the issues such as Health, Education, Environment,Agriculture,and Social services among Youth & Children; Women and Child development, and other programmes.
    We are so enthusiastic and eager to serve the Poor, Needy, Tribals, and Disabled people.
    We would like to become a part of your ministry and we want your guidelines, and your prayerful support.

    Hence I humbly beg you highness to kindly pray for us, and to co-operate with us. I beg your kind suggestions, kindly send your guidelines for the above.
    Kindly help us . i will be eagerly waiting for your kind reply.

    Thanking you sir.
    Yours Truly,

    Secretary and Chief functionary
    "Help Society for Poor and Disabled"(HSPD)
    9Th Ward, Harijana palem, MARKAPUR.
    Prakasam Dist, Andra Pradesh.
    INDIA. PIN; 523316

  8. Dear Humanitarian Community
    With due regard and respect, we share with you a brief profile of Community Empowerment Development Association (CEDA) – an NGO Working for community uplift and disaster management in Pakistan since 1965. Since its establishment in September 1965 and registered by Directorate of Social Welfare, under Registration and control ordinance 1961 (XLVI of 1961) bearing Reg. No: (DSW/NWFP/963), the organization has remained in the forefront regarding community development, advocacy on social issues, health, education and gender issues regardless of the security situation or anti-NGO’s elements.
    Our mission is to envisage a just society where people’s dignity is ensured, where basic needs are met, where there is equity in the distribution of resources, and where people are free to be the authors of their own development. We help the vulnerable and margenlised groups without any discrimination and we have the systems – based on social accountability.
    CEDA is working hard to initiate and promote gender sensitization in the area, provide women access to markets, giving wider experience of the world outside the home, access to information and possibilities for development of other social and political roles. It also Organize awareness campaigns for Girl's Education. CEDA is working hard to achieve the following objectives:-
    • To free underprivileged children from the pangs of hunger.
    • To empower them with an access to education.
    • To enable them think clearly and work effectively.
    • alleviate malnutrition problem.
    CEDA is promoting and encouraging the education of underprivileged children because we believe that education can unlock the vicious and self-perpetuating cycle of hunger and poverty. We also provide skill-based training to victims and encourage their participation in peace building activities. If we fail to achieve these objective, our dream to acieve the mellenium development goals will be a wishful thinking. For any future partnership, please do contact us.We need the guidence and support of this esteem organisation to achieve our common objectives (MDGs). Thanks
    Best Regard;

  9. Dear Sir,

    Indus Welfare Association (IWA) is a NGO based in Sanghar, Sindh and working as an Independent, Autonomous, Development & Welfare Organization, working for upliftment & development of the peoples who living in the rural remote areas.

    It is a matter of great pleasure for us if you will send us material and brochure in English languages along with full information regarding your kind agency and please send us also guide lines request for support. We do hope that you will extend your kind cooperation in this noble task. We thank you very much and looking forward to a positive response from your kind end.


    Yours truly,

    Rashid Hussain
    Indus Welfare Association
    P.O Kurkali via Jhol
    District Sanghar, Sindh, Pakistan

  10. i am Pakistani student and want a fully funded scholarship to UK for MBA currently doing B com part 2 i am very curious about my MBA

    will be waiting for reply

  11. kanyenze people&#039 says:

    send us the application forms