AusAID’s Human Rights Grants Scheme now open

The Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) is now open to accepting applications for the Human Rights Grants Scheme (HRGS). The Scheme provides funding opportunity to organizations involved in building the capacity of organizations in developing countries to promote and protect human rights in direct and tangible ways.

However, unlike before, when the HRGS invited proposals from across all developing countries, this time only select countries across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and Latin America and Caribbean.

To be eligible for funding under the 2011–2012 HRGS organisations must be based and operate in the following countries:

Grants will be awarded as a single payment for the Australian valued of between AUD20,000–AUD100,000 depending on the project requirements

It is expected that most projects will be for a one year duration, but some projects may take place over a maximum of two years. All 1 year projects must be completed by July 2013. All two year project must be completed by July 2014.

There is one-step application process where all applicants need to submit the full proposal only once. It is also important that before submitting a full applications, organizations should first contact the relevant Australian diplomatic post to discuss the proposed activity.

The deadline to submit proposals is 14 October 2011.

For complete guidelines, application form and contact details of Australian diplomatic post in your country, visit this link.


  1. Shafiq Ahmed Gilal says:

    Shafiq Ahmed Gilal
    November 9, 2011

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    In Pakistan, We are running the NGo named Shah Latif Organization and based project Ideal Public Schools & Colleges Project at Rural Areas in Province Sindh, Pakistan there very poor innocent children who have no sufficient education assistance to continue their education due to various socio-economic reasons. Initially, we would like to give help hand them continue their education without any disturbances. We thought that you/your organisation may able to assist within your limitations. Generally, we are looking to provide daily needs of their education like books, school bags, shoes, bus fees, tuition fee., etc.

    If you interested and this concept suit with your organisation, Please contact us and give helping. I can share the concept note on this programme.

    Looking forward your successful response on this regard.

    Thanking you.

    Yours for ever in Christ,

    Shah Latif Welfare Organisation Suukur
    Ideal Public Schools & Colleges
    Khuwaja Mohalla Khuhra Taluka Gambat
    District Khairpur Mir’s Sindh

  2. Pradeepa J Bandara says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    In Sri Lanka, We are living with very poor innocent children who have no sufficient education assistance to continue their education due to various socio-economic reasons. Initially, we would like to give help hand them continue their education without any disturbances. We thought that you/your organisation may able to assist within your limitations. Generally, we are looking to provide daily needs of their education like books, school bags, shoes, bus fees, tuition fee., etc.

    If you interested and this concept suit with your organisation, Please contact us and give helping. I can share the concept note on this programme.

    Looking forward your successful response on this regard.

    Thanking you.

    Yours for ever in Christ,

    Pradeepa Bandara

  3. Uganda National womwn's shelter-Kabale says:

    A great opportunity for the disadvantaged communities. Women in Uganda in particular need your support. Thanks for being there for them. Please send me your email for us to contact you.

  4. i read your programs that is so important part of my life i am share my story know i hope you like this thanks

  5. Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is great opportunity for our organization and has been working with children.Our Focus is to contribute to the development of the street children in urban city through the promotion of observance of human rights and good governance and provision of social services in identified areas of need.

    Thank You
    Program Coordinator
    Myanmar Professional Social Workers Association-MPSWA


    Southern Sudan is emerging as a sovereign state with a lot of challenges. As progress is made in many countries towards several of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), such as in the area of education, health, agriculture, access to water and sanitation and poverty alleviation, South Sudan’s performance against the MDG indicators still demonstrates big gaps especially with the majority rural poor

    LCED is a non-partisan, non-profit making organization registered in South Sudan under the Government of South Sudan, Non Governmental Organization Act. The organization was formed and registered by few concerned individuals who recognized the dire humanitarian needs arising from lack of basic services and growing hostility among the neighboring communities as a result of civil war in the South Sudan. LCED is managed and ran by a team of competent and committed Board of Directors and skilled members of staff.

    In striving to achieve the vision, LCED operate under six main objectives as follows: –

    1. To mobilize and source local and external resources to help the organization realize its objectives and activities of the organization.
    2. To protect and promote human rights and encourage peaceful co-existence among Southern Sudanese communities.
    3. To empower vulnerable groups and rural communities by planning and implementing capacity building activities as well as income generating initiatives especially agriculture, agribusiness and innovative skill development among others.
    4. To support and conduct relevant research, document and sharing of information on women and children rights and other development issues.
    5. To lobby and advocate for policies, laws and actions that favors the needs and interests of rural through networking and collaboration with local and international organizations.
    6. To actively engage and participate in programme and issues of national importance.

  7. Nation Servers Organization says:

    Nation Servers Organization (NSO) is not for profit, non-partisan and a Non Governmental Organization. NSO’s Vision is to establish a Society where people lives fully integrated lives Socially, Politically, Educationally and Economically with peace and harmony. And people will be self- reliant in protecting and fulfilling their human and civic rights which leads to optimistic human and institutional development.

    Please send us complete information and format.
    Nation Servers Organization

  8. The Forum for Tanzania Capacity Building says:

    The Forum for Tanzania Capacity Building wishes to apply for Human Rights Grant Scheme but unfortunately we do not have Australian Embassy in Tanzania. Can we get some advice on where to go and who to discuss our project ideas with?

  9. Jonah Cherutich says:

    I am currently working on my MA in Project planning and management and will be starting to undertake a research on water issues and its contribution towards sustainability of communities in Africa.
    How can I benefit from the funds.
    I know that water is a Human Right issue that must be addressed otherwise it has caused conflict in communities across Africa/

  10. S M M Kamal bhuiyan says:

    Greetings from IVDS Narsingdi , Bangladesh.
    We are happy to know that AUSAID’s is going to provide grant on Human Rights Grants Scheme (HRGS). IVDS is a local Community based NGO working on Human rights issue since 1994 in grassroots level.
    We are very much interested to be a development partner on the said issue. Please us details informations

    S M m Kamal bhuiyan
    Executive Director
    358/11 Prochim Brahmondi
    Upa Zila Road
    Narsingdi , Bangladesh

  11. Hello request from philanthropists … Make technical marble, sculpture, mosaic, but the minimum and hope of philanthropists to stand next to me after the exhausted and my wish is this world a smaller machine Water Jet so I live and my children of their income and the flag will I make money on the payments with Enkhaz any Dmanat with many thanks to the hearts of the compassionate application of philanthropists


    This is the litle intro of the our organization “LADY DIANA WELFARE ORGANIZATION”
    Continuing the commitment of Diana, Princess of Wales, Lady Diana Welfare Organizaion champion the issues of Child Labour, Women Empowerment, Land Mines, HIV/AIDS, Leprosy, General Health, Education & Poverty.
    Carrying on social work of Princess Diana in Pakistan, left in the middle due to her sudden death, Continuing in her footsteps, empowering the marginalized people, especially women and girls in Pakistan, Rehabilitating displaced street children and the persons with disabilities, breaking the cycle of poverty, functioning as a cohesive and inclusive group of professionals advancing its vision in a skilled, informed, compassionate and appropriate way, creating opportunities, empowering people & sharing hope, solving unsolved problems innovatively, educating and motivating the people, sensitizing policy makers and functionaries and promoting activities and programs of the people, to achieve LDWO’s vision in the foreseeable future and demonstrating the unselfish devotion and commitment to the cause advocated by the Princess Diana.
    Chairman: Gul Hassan Gul
    The Chief Patron: Uzair Sangi
    Vice Chairpaerson:Muskan Ali
    General Secretary: Shaikh Muhamad Rafiq
    Joint Secretary: M. Nawaz Memon
    Finance Secretary:SHAHID QAMAR
    Office Secretary: Miss Fiza

  13. Aqeela Saddiqui says:

    We are pleased to inform you that Awaz-e-Niswan (Voice of Women) is registered non-profit organization working for the empowerment of women especially disadvantaged groups of women i-e single mothers heading the families (widows, separated, divorced) and their children in Pakistan. It is working in the sector of` human right development, education, health/reproductive health, enterprise development and legal assistance promoting gender development, environment, peace and communal harmony as cross cutting themes. Networking, advocacy lobbying, documentation & research and capacity building are working strategies. We would be please to have assistant how to talk Australian Embassy before submitting application to discuss proposed activity. Thanks

    Aqeela Saddiqui

    Chairperson Awaz-e-Niswan (Voice of Women)

  14. Richard Kalea says:

    Please we are the members of the registered trustees of Ntchisi Organization for Youth and Development (NOYD), and we are interested for the second time in call for proposals 2011-2012 grant scheme.

    Richard Kalea

  15. Qussay Abuaker says:

    we are a palestinian organization working in a refugee camp, and we have a project serves the aim of this call, and i am woundering about ways of contact to apply.

    Thank you for your times and efforts

    Best Wishes
    Qussay Abuaker

    Ibdaa cultural Center
    Dheisheh Refugee camp
    Bethlehem – Palestine

  16. Nyasha Mpofu L says:

    I am the projects coodinator for Gweru United Residents association and therefore will be pleased to be part of this project.Could i have more infor on this and orther requirements.
    our mission is to advocate for service delivery and rights of the marginalised in our communities.

  17. Margarette Vernet says:

    We are very happy that Haiti was chosen to benefit from this grant. Organisation Tendre Enfance (OTE) mission is to improve the quality of life of Haitian children by promoting education, health, art, and culture, and by providing the necessary frameworks for human, emotional, and social development targeting mostly children and teenagers from low income families. The aftermath of the January 12, 2010 earthquake weighs heavily on the haitian population mostly children. we would love to take this opportunity to adress the issue of juvenile prostitution and teenage pregnancy, in the area of Jacmel located in the South-east department of Haiti, which have increased to more than 50% since the earthquake. The goal is to adress the psychosocial needs of these girls by providing them with access to basic needs (healthcare, education, nutrition etc.,)and also to advocate against sexospecific violence, which is cultural in Haiti, in order to facilitate their reinsertion into society.
    we will appreciate to receive the documentation to start working on the project as soon as possible since there is only a few days left for submission
    Margarette Vernet
    Executive Director (OTE)

  18. Robina afzal says:

    osh foundation is non-governmental & not for profit Organization working on district Rajan Pur Registered voluntary social welfare (registration and control) ordinance , 1961 (xlvi of 1961)

    The main objective of the Rosh foundation is to create an environment for the development and empowerment of the most avoiding part of the community such as women & children.
    RF is working for creating a plate form where women get the equal opportunities and eradicate poverty

    Our mission empowering marginalized communities in a support of humanitarian institutions where possible approaches for women peasants, children and vulnerable groups can undertaken to sustain standards of life for integrity and main stream.
    Reducing discrimination promoting equality and strengthen capacity of marginalized groups to assert their rights.

    Provide education, health and vocational skills to the community.

    Supporting women development in the rural areas and discouraging gender discrimination through concentrated efforts of public awareness.
    this is basically aims of Rosh foundation.Please support Rosh foundation in this regards
    Robina Afzal
    President Rosh Foundation
    Rajan Pur Pakistan

  19. muhtashim says:

    This is an opportunity for my organization to execute this project ,so please email me a copy of the grant application forms.

  20. muhtashim says:

    This is an opportunity for my organization to execute this project ,so please email me a copy of the grant application forms.


  21. muhtashim says:

    This is an opportunity for my organization to execute this project ,so please email me a copy of the grant application forms.

    Muhtashaim HHO

  22. Ruyonga Allan says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    Am so happy for such a chance, my request is kindly ask for support-towards my education in bachelors of Law.Because what is on ground needs serious attention. I have seen may young girls being defiled but when i try to raise my voice no one hears due to corruption in my country. Sir give me also that chance of education because i have no sources of getting tuition am in second year but am now seated i promise to fight for the rights of young people and disabled.because many organizations have failed to end Thant i only need education support..waiting for your reply.

  23. Engr.Col (R) Gulam Siddiq says:

    Registered under Society Act 1860 (RLY/S/14) Renewable Energy Society for Education, Awareness, Research & Community Help (RESEARCH) is a leading consortium and legal entity on sustainable development and energy efficiency in Pakistan with a joint mandate to work on multiple socio-technical issues and today RESEARCH-PAKISTAN has the privilege of;

    • Global recognition of its socio-technical program, offices and activities
    • International recognition of RESEARCH’s humanitarian activities
    • Biggest consortium of socio-technical stakeholders in Pakistan
    • Recognized think-tank on environment, energy efficiency and sustainable development
    • Fastest growing network with national and international renowned partners on board
    • Top viewed website on sustainable development and energy
    • Most updated and reliable data source
    • Rich consultant pool, grassroots level presence and strong networking
    • Clear roadmap set to achieve objectives through strategic plan 2010-13

    On behalf of RESEARCH-Pakistan team I would like to extend my request for future socio-technical cooperation and assure you that if “RESEARCH” is given a change to work under your umbrella we shall leave no stone unturned to fulfill your expectations and soon you will find us in good books of your office
    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Best regards,
    Engr. Col ® Ghulam Siddiq
    For RESEARCH-Pakistan

  24. William Kizza says:

    We are NAMAYINA RURAL DEVELOPMENT PROJECT working with rural women and children in Wakiso District of Uganda to advocate for their rights and protect children from all forms of child abuse and violation of their rights. Through this project we struggle to empower women to use the locally available resources to be productive and innovative to start small business enterprises to create incomes for improving family welfare.
    We are so delighted that your call for proposal includes UGANDA as one of the selected countries. We are interested in applying for the grant and would be most grateful when you send us the application forms and guidelines. Thank you

  25. I would like to show my interest to encourage realization of rights (human rights) to water and sanitation. Since 2004 Indonesia has reforms water resources management,including through establishment water council as well as Coordinating Team for Water Resources Management. Potential conflict in the use of water is escalating within sector and amongst different purposes. The effected people is mostly coming from the marginalized and the poor who has no political acccess. In the same time, capacity of those authoritative concerned agencies are less aware of such rights.
    Project idea I would like to propose is to enhance capacity building of local authorities, central government, and concerned parties to adopt human-rights based approach in water resource management
    Specific objective:i) Increase understanding and awareness of stakeholders on the Right to Water in managing water resources; 2) raise the Right to Water through policy dialogues for different level of stakeholder and water regime management; 3) integrate the Right to Water into policy, institutional arrangement, and on-going process of water resource management; and 4) develop spin-off partnership to increase access of the poor to water service delivery
    I would be very pleased to have feedback for the Australian Embassy of how to take this process forward. Any advice is highly appreciated to realize my intention to apply the grants.

    Head-Center for Water and Land Resources Management, LP3ES

  26. Saifur Rahman says:

    Dear greeting from National Grassroots Disability Organization (NGDO) Bangladesh.
    We are very happy that Bangladesh will be able to apply for this grand. We are working to ensure rights of People with Disabilities in Bangladesh. We hope that we will submit our PP in time.

    Thank you
    Saifur Rahman
    Education and Information Secretary
    National Grassroots Disability Organization (NGDO) Bangladesh.


    The women of Gogrial sat and conceptualized on the problems facing them and on the challenges facing women in post independent South Sudan. In the year 2010 a group of women from Gogrial formed the Gogrial Women Voice for Peace and Development (GWVPD) as a forum for bringing them together at all levels to tackle problems facing them

    The women of Gogrial sat and conceptualized on the problems facing them and on the challenges facing women in post independent South Sudan. In the year 2010 a group of women from Gogrial formed the Gogrial Women Voice for Peace and Development (GWVPD) as a forum for bringing them together at all levels to tackle problems facing them such as education, health, violence, political empowerment and social economics. The main objective of the Organization is to make a reverse of all the social ills that have been meted out to women over the years by empowering them in the post independent South Sudan. Women Worldwide are known to be the best Peace makers and Women from Gogrial would like to play their role in bringing to Warrap State peace, a State that has been experiencing inter tribal conflicts even after the signing of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA)
    The membership of Gogrial Women Voice for Peace and Development (GWVPD) covers the 3 Counties of Greater Gogrial.
    A comprehensive application process is thus requested.

    Kind Regards
    Susan Wasuk
    Managing Director
    GWVPD-Warrap State
    South Sudan

  28. charles wambura says:

    This is very interesting program,Our vision is to uplift societies development in social welfare through vulnerable women empowernment and other disadvantaged groups.

    To empower vulnerable women and other disadvantaged groups through formal,informal education and economical irrespectively of race,ethnicity,religion and age.

    by charles Wambura

  29. Dr. Samuel Guma says:

    Hello Friends,
    Kawempe Home Care is a community based health care program providing holistic care and support for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Cancer since July 2007. Our aim is to improve the quality of life of our patients and to advocate for the realisation of basic rights to quality health care. The main strategies we use in our work is use of well trained community volunteers to support patients in community i.e. adherence and psychosocial support and home based care to reach vulnerable patients in need.

    Please send us your application guidelines.

    Dr. Samuel Guma
    Executive Director

  30. Achilles Kiwanuka Musooka says:

    Rural Community Strategy For Development Anon Governmental Organisation was established in January 2006 by a group of Volunteers to identify solutions to increased cases of Violence of marginalised communities especially Gender based sexualised Violence which increased HIV/ AIDS and Poverty in rural areas of Rakai District Uganda. It should be noted that Rakai was first hit by HIV/AIDS in early 80s and still killing many people in Rakai, living behind Orphans, Widows and Widowers. RUCOSDE does not work in isolation, RUCOSDE works with marginalized rural poor communities especially Women, Children, People Living with HIV/AIDS and People with Disabilities. RUCOSDE collaborates closely with all development players like the Central Governments, District Local Governments, Local , National international organizations, to ensure a more pro-poor policies, programs and practices within which the marginalized can claim their rights. RUCOSDE is a member of Uganda National NGO Forum, Member of Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Association (DENIVA)
    Vision: Rakai District free from human rights abuse and promotion of good local governance.
    Mission: To foster the promotion, protection, respect of human rights and good governance in Rakai District.
    The main objectives of RUCOSDE are:
    a. To promote rights of Vulnerable groups like children, women, People living with HIV/AIDS , People with Disabilities.
    b. Facilitate an enabling environment for sustainable peace, security, and citizens’ decision making at local and national level to protect their political, economic, social and cultural rights in Uganda
    c. To promote good governance and democracy at national, district and local council levels through democracy monitoring and civic education
    d. To promote formulation and implementation of gender responsive political, economic and social policies as well as programs
    e. Strengthen RUCOSDE’s Capacity for self management, learning and advocacy enabling staff to effectively engage with government and the private sectors and become part of a wider social movement in promotion of rights of vulnerable groups.

    We glad about this call for proposals.

    Achilles Kiwanuka Musooks


    WE are grateful to hear the call for proposals. we have a community based organisation that has a strong component of advocating, promoting and protecting the rights of mainly children and the youths. if we too are eligible to this grants , please send us the form and the guide.thanks

  32. Dear Excellency:

    Subject: Recurrent request for Implementation Partnership in Afghanistan.

    Life Saving Organization for Afghanistan (LSOA) is non-governmental, non-political and non-profitable organization, was established in 2007 and has registration of ministry of Economy under registration number 1176 and ministry of Public Health under registration number 141 of Afghanistan and also it has associate membership of Thalassemia International Federation (TIF) Cyprus, International alliance of Patient Organization (IAPO) UK, International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations (IFBDO) Europe,All Afghan Doctors Association (AADA) Kabul, Partnership with MNCH, (WHO) Switzerland and Member of World Hepatitis Alliance UK.

    LSOA is kindly requested to you as a implementing partner for the prevent spread of HIV/AIDS in Afghanistan.

    LSOA hopes to become implementation partner of AUSAID in Afghanistan on the basis of humanity with transparency, honesty & sincerity. Presence of your respected organization in Afghanistan will, address the problems of thousands of Afghan vulnerable, needy and war suffered families.

    Finally, Let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation to you to support Afghanistan during this challenging period for our country.

    Your Sincerely,

    Program Director, LSOA

  33. Odaret Joseph says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Matilong community development Organization is a local NGO operating in Northern and Eastern parts of Uganda working with disadvantaged communities affected by wars and conflicts emanating from LRA and Karamojong warriors and made people to be in the IDP camps for the last two decades.
    I am grateful for the call, i hope your funding shall also benefit people from the above mentioned regions
    Best regards

  34. GODFREY PHIRI says:

    great seeing this call for proposals and lm from the TREE OF LIFE SOUTHERN AFRICA .The project was founded in 2003 in SA BY Zmbabweans for Survivors of torture and was previously administered from Sacst.The Southern Africa Center for Survivors of Torture . presently now a partner project of Action for conflict Transformation .we are trying to find out whether its possible for us to apply through this call for proposal .
    we deal with the healing and trauma transformation for victims of torture and organiszed violence .i had been given the contact details for AUSaid in South Africa but may you can as well as guide us on the way fwd .our target survivors of OVT from the region SADC or Sub Sahara. hope to get your guidance on this issue .

    Godfrey Phiri
    Project coordinator

  35. Paul Genrio Soloman says:

    I Paul Genrio I, work with local NGO in Republic of South Sudan Called Sudanese Organization for Nonviolence and Development as Civic and Human Rights Officers, we focused on
    • Human rights Education.
    • Nonviolence and Conflict Transformation.
    • Gender and Women Empowerment.
    • Organization Development.
    We are very interested to apply for this opportunity Grants

  36. Loitushul yamat says:

    greating from the HANDICAPPED CHILDREN REHABILITATION TRUST ORGANIZATION [HACRET] TANZANIA. HACRET is the non governmental and not for profit making organization which is strive for the rights of survival and better lives for children, youth and wemon with disabilities in arusha and manyara regions northern Tanzania.

    The organization Vision is to see children, women, and youth with disability who are enjoy better lives and development opportunities in their daily living with no any discrimination, isolation or cruelty within the community.

    The organization Mission is to improve life of Children, women and Youth with disabilities by promoting human rights, service delivery, capacity building, social accountability monitoring and networking in Arusha and Manyara regions.

    The organization Objectives are:
    (I) To raise awareness about disability issues including rights of children, youth and women with disability in pastoral and agro-pastoral communities in Arusha and Manyara regions
    (II) To supply support material including assertive devices for Children/persons with disabilities and assist them to increase their level of independence.
    (III) To promote rehabilitation services for individual special needs.
    (IV) To empower disabled youth from urban to remotes areas to exercise their rights in the field of integrity, participation, and employment opportunities.
    (V) To conduct researches concerning causes of disabilities and their consequences.
    (VI) To initiate education, health and life skills, vocational training for children and youth in primary, secondary schools and rehabilitation centers
    (VII) To promote good governance, accountability and transparency in service delivery in related to disability issues within the community.
    (VIII) To prevent or mitigate any cruelty action to women, and other vulnerable groups of children within the community
    (IX) To promote networking and collaboration with like-minded organizations. With the aim to learn from each other and to exchange experience and way forward
    as far as the brief explanation above we are very hihgly respective to ask to you your interesting and proposed projects so that we will apply accordingly before the deadline of submission which is 14 October,4pm.
    thanks in advance
    L Yamat
    Executive Director

  37. Charles Nkwabi says:

    Tabora Vision Community Based – TAVICO is a non – profit organization working in Tanzania for supporting vulnerable groups / communities. Children who are suppose to be in the Primary Schools nowadays are forced to work in the Tobacco Fams in Tabora region. Children Rights are violeted by their relatives and parents. We thank you for introducing this project. We will soon send to you our application proposal even though we had have not so be funds in the past projects.

    Thank you very much,

    Charle Nkwabi
    Executive Director
    Dar es salaam, Tanzania

  38. Marie Mathilde Manga says:

    We are very disappointed to haven’t see Cameroon in eligible Country listed below for the Human Rights Grants. Could you give us some reason ? Or do we have a some opportunity to send our appications ?

    Marie Mathilde Manga
    Executive Chairman of
    Afrian Women’s Association (AWA)

  39. Sunday Godfrey says:

    This is great news for our organization(BUNDIBUGYO HAND OF HOPE) which is majorly a human rights advocate organization in Bundibugyo district in western Uganda .Our Focus is to contribute to the development of the communities using the Human Rights Based approach to Programming (HRP), through the promotion of observance of human rights and good governance and provision of social services in identified areas of need.

    Please send us the Application Form and the Guidelines.

  40. Angela Achiro Aisu says:

    This is great news for our organization(FOCUS ON RURAL DEVELOPMENT- FORDE-U) which has been working with women.Our Focus is to contribute to the development of the communities in Pader District- Northern Uganda, through the promotion of observance of human rights and good governance and provision of social services in identified areas of need.

    Please send us the Application Form and the Guidelines.

  41. Samson Rutebuka says:

    Thanks for this opportunity. I am asking if my organization qualifies for this opportunity. The organization, Breezes of Hope for Community Development, deals with legal aid provision to poor Tanzanians who can not afford the court and advocates’ charges. We have qualified advocates that undertake the cases.
    Thanking you in advance1

  42. Ishmael kauzani says:

    The Zimbabwe Youth Wing (ZYW) is a membership driven organization of youths activists that are
    involved in Human Rights and Democracy activism in Zimbabwe. It was formed in March 2009 in
    Johannesburg South Africa by a group of youth activists currently living in the Diaspora after escaping
    persecution from the current regime.

    It was formed after noting that apart from the persecution from the current political establishment, the
    youths are more often abused by different political parties who use them for political ends and
    abandon them once they have achieved their objectives. Consequently they are left to the vagaries of
    the harsh world where they are exposed to child labor, prostitution, cheap labor and resorting to crime.
    These youths are denied their inalienable right to further education and skills training. They are
    caught in a vicious circle of poverty and can not contribute positively as future parents and bread
    winners of their families.

    As agents of democratic change and torch bearers of a progressive future Zimbabwe, these human
    rights soldiers from academia, labor, civil Society, religious communities and the broader Zimbabwe
    community formed the Zimbabwe Youth Wing (ZYW).

    The strategic thrust of Zimbabwe Youth Wing is to present a single platform for all youths who are
    involved in the struggle to find democratic space to ensure that the youth are not marginalized in
    critical social, political and economic decision making processes that affect the future strategic
    positioning of Zimbabwe in the progressive family of nations.

  43. Drichi Edward Gift says:

    I work with FOSID a community Based organization in West Nile( Adjumani)Uganda in areas of Human rights and Education.We are interested in your call for proposal.
    Kindly send for us your guideline and the application form for the proposal.
    Thank you.

  44. Joseph NKoso says:

    Thanks to all of you. We are leading a NGO here in Congo DR and we are very interested with this project call. We would like to submit a project in organizing and bulding capacity of indegenous and non indigenous women in their fights against injustice and enable them to defend their rights facing the traditions pressures and old considerations that reduce them n second range even as slave in the forest zones where we are working here in our Country The Congo DR.
    We would like to get form application in order to submit this project.
    Good regards

    Joseph Nkoso
    General Secretary of
    Action Evangelique et Humanitaire pour Dévelopement(AEHD)

  45. Javed Soomro says:

    Dear sir/Madam,

    Subject: Introduction

    Sir we would like to introduce ourselves as a Regional NGO with the name of Rural Awareness & Social Development Organization (RASDO) was established for awareness and Development of Rural Sindh,. Registration No. F. DO. (S.W) (CDD) DADU /VA/ 133 dated: 25/05/2011. RASDO is non-profitable Regional NGO.
    RASDO is working for awareness and development of rural Sindh through information, advocacy and services, their growing unmet need and demand for health, education , women and child encouragement and to work cooperatively in this Endeavour with all local and international NGO’s.
    Sir please share us information about Funds/Projects and Workshops, Trainings, Seminars etc. held in Pakistan please invite RASDO.

    It is our humble please visit us and assess that how we are working for the neglected societal members and requesting your support.

    We have tried to explain, if you need more information or clarifications please inform us.

    Thanking you
    yours truly

    Javed Soomro
    Rural Awareness & Social Development Organization

    RASDO Objective is to conduct an extensive and intensive participatory sustainable development process through empowerment of the poor. Strive in particular to advance the empowerment movement among the under-served by addressing, through information, advocacy and services, their growing unmet need and demand for health, education and to work cooperatively in this Endeavour with all interested governmental and non-governmental organizations.

    The RASDO is a non-profit making socio-developmental organization, founded by some development desirous NGOs and social activist way back in past with the dream that network will act as an umbrella organization of community based organizations (CBOs) and social activist and pursue such policies that may not only ensure tangible development in its operational area but also serves as path finder emerged CBOs to development. Conceived as a research and service organization, it has gradually shaped itself as a responsive institution to the needs of outreach and underserved communities living in slums and rural pockets, with various programs addressing to the rights of children, youth and women almost.

    As a responsive organization, RASDO has been acting upon the needs of the communities it serves. The main focus has been on Women empowerment Transparent Disaster Management in Pakistan, Water and Sanitation, Health, , Emergency Relief and education, the approach has been an integration of both. In the process of intervention, the key stakeholders: the children, youth and women, have occupied the front seat, and to a large extent have owned the programs.

    RASDO has need to build a BHU Hospital in Union council Mangwano Tahsil mehar, district dadu. sindh pakistan.

    please contact us for demand/reports of BASIC HEALTH UNIT.


  46. Puspita Pradhan says:

    Dear Sir

    Greetings from LKBK

    We have an organisation having Registration No-PBN, No. 415/118 of 1988-1989.And FCRA 1976 Regd No- 105010034 dt. 29/2/2000,IT Act 1961- SL No 27/93-94 Dt. 30/6/1994.We have wish to provides funding opportunity to organizations involved in the promotion and protection of human rights.

    This for your kind response

    Thank You

    With Regards

    Puspita Pradhan


  47. Greetings from North eastern Uganda.

    we have seen that call for proposals. could you send us the guidelines.
    Thanks. we are unable to see the guideklines on line.


  48. Biira Robinah says:

    Request for the application guidelines and forms

  49. Nelson C. Vanliancung Esq. says:

    Regarding Application Program, AusAID
    May I know whether Freeland Consultant can have a chance/right to apply at his Program….

  50. Okot Mark Bernard says:

    What a great opportunity is it to hear of the grant. There existed human a lot of human rights abuse in northern Uganda for over 15 years. the impacts of the brutal conflicts needs a long term treatment by different actors in the region.
    PASCODA a community based organization in Pader district of northern Uganda is committed to working with the traumatized community to ensure rights violation is minimized.
    It would be a great luck for the organization to serve the people using this grant. we stand to try our luck among other in making the world a better placve than we found it

    Okot Mark Bernard
    Program coordinator PASCODA
    Northern Uganda

  51. NewLife Behaviour Ministries says:

    The words “please avail the details for us. We are interested to learn more from you. our comment is that we are interested.

  52. NewLife Behaviour Ministries says:

    We would like more details about you. We want to learn more

  53. The Youth Development Association (YDA) is a Palestinian non-governmental organization specialized in youth work. YDA was established in 2003 by a young Palestinian group. YDA focuses in its programs on training young leaders, promoting voluntary work and empowering children and youth to reinforce their role in building a Palestinian civil society.

    The Youth Development Association (YDA) was established in 2003 and registered under the number RA/ 22210/ S by the Palestinian Ministry of the Interior. YDA targets the sectors of childhood and youth from both sexes and has youth centers, volunteer groups of children and youth, and youth saving and credit groups throughout the West Bank and Gaza Strip; the majority of these centers and groups are located in rural areas.

    The Vision of YDA:
    The Youth Development Association seeks to build a conscious and intellectual youth movement well aware of its needs and capable of meeting them in a Palestinian society based on justice, democracy and equality.

    Mission of YDA:
    We are a Palestinian non-governmental youth organization that works on informing children and youth, improving their talents and ensuring an infrastructure for juvenile work to enable children and youth to effectively contribute to a sustainable societal development. YDA also seeks to open perspectives of cultural and knowledge exchange between Palestinian youth and their international counterparts.

    Values & Principles of YDA :
    1- YDA is committed to the Palestinian Declaration of Independence.

    2- YDA believes in values of gender and race equality, transparency, justice and equality in opportunities.

    3- YDA believes in the importance of voluntary work and its role in the sustainable development.

    4- YDA believes that the serious and perseverant social work is one of the pillars of a successful institutional work.

    YDA aims at:
    1- Building and developing the capacities of children and youth.
    2- Promoting voluntary work among children and youth.
    3- Contributing to solving the problems of the unemployed youth.
    4- Providing Places for children and youth to practice and develop their talents
    5- Creating youth leaders and building their capacities to lead & protect the Palestinian youth movement’s objectives and to serve the Palestinian society.

    The Youth Development Association works on a group of programs that contribute to achieving its objectives. These programs are:

    1- Youth Capacity Building Program: In this program, YDA seeks to build the capacities of children and youth by providing them with training courses in different topics such as, leadership, financial and managerial skills, software programs etc. Moreover this program includes building the capacities of YDA’s youth centers (i.e. furnishing the premises of youth centers with the necessary equipment). This program targets children and youth aged 15 years and above.

    2- Unemployed Youth Rehabilitation and Employment Program: YDA started establishing saving and credit groups to help reduce the percentage of unemployment among youth; through these groups, youth (individuals or cooperatives) can establish their own income-generating projects. This program targets youth aged 18 years and above.

    3- Voluntary Work Promotion Program: The voluntary work program aims at enhancing the concept of voluntary work among children and youth; several voluntary activities are carried out in this program such as olive picking, cleaning campaigns in the villages etc. This program targets children and youth.

    4- International Youth Exchange Program: This program is based on cultural exchange between Palestinian and international youth. The program includes actions organized by the Euro-Med Youth Program or by other Euro-Med institutions and orientation visits for international youth students who wish to know more about Palestine. Furthermore, every summer, YDA invites Palestinian and international youth to participate in an international voluntary camp. This program targets children and youth aged 15 years and above.

    5- Childhood Program: through this program YDA organizes summer camps, civil awareness, support-learning classes, fun days and environmental clubs for children. Moreover, some of YDA cente rs have popular dancing and singing groups while others have football (soccer) teams. This program targets children under 18 years old. Furthermore, YDA financially and administratively manage Nablus Clubhouse which was previously known as Ramallah Clubhouse. This Clubhouse is part of the International Computer Clubhouse Network that targets children from 10 to 18 years and ensures a safe and creative education environment for children.

    6- Advocacy and Lobbying Program: through this program, children and youth conduct campaigns to lobby for issues that concern them and affect their life such as child rights, civil rights and the Separation Wall. Such campaigns make them aware of their rights, thus realize the importance of their role in their society. This program targets children and youth aged 8 years and above.

    the association participated in programs related to capacity building and training and looking forward to woek with such programs to promote human rights. we are interested to send a proposal in the requested issues.

    Best regards,
    Suha Omer,
    Public Relations Officer,
    Youth Developemnt Association.

  54. Abdul Khaliq Zazai Accessibility Organization for Afghan Disabled (AOAD) says:

    Hello I am from Afghanistan and Director of the Accessibility Organization for Afghan Disabled (AOAD)
    I need to apply for the grant for Tarin Kow City of Oruzgan Province.

    Therefore, I need your porposal format.

  55. anguria michael says:

    This is an opportunity for my organization to execute this project ,so please email me a copy of the grant application forms.
    Shine Africa Ministries.

  56. Hi,
    I have seen the call for proposal but kenya is not in the list.UNGASS kenya chapter on sexual reproductive health and rights is a coalition of organizations addressing the issue of SRH&Rights are we eligible to appy?

  57. Nantale Anne says:

    Thank you for the opportunity. We as NWASEA shall endevour to apply and compete for the grant. Keep them coming. We love you

  58. Sothing Sankhro says:

    I am writing to you on the behalf of the Sparsh India Mission that is a non-profit organization that involves in community development projects and spreads awareness about HIV and AIDS with support groups.

    North East India has got the highest percentage of HIV positive citizens in India. This life-threatening disease is largely prevalent among the Tribal population of the inhabitants especially towards the hillside. Thousands of people suffer silently and collapse without any support due to lack of resources and affordability of medical assistance. Many Children have been unable to attend school due to parents being unwell and HIV positive. There are financial constraints to support their Children; there is no Organization or NGO in the Tribal Hill Area to support Children Education and help the patients and poor women in need.

  59. Greetings from PHALS(Program for Helpless And Lagged Societies) Cox’sBazar Bangladesh.
    We are happy to know that AUSAID’s is going to provide grant on Human Rights Grants Scheme (HRGS). PHALS is a local NGO working on Human rights issue since 1999 in grassroots level.
    We are very much interested to be a development partner on the said issue.

    Abu Murshed Chowdhury
    Chief Executive

  60. Richardson Kyambadde says:

    Thank you so much for the noble work of uplifting the standards of our people more especially in Sub Saharan Africa!

  61. Josedas K Muthama says:

    This is a very good program by the Australians. We know their funding is alwaya flexible and monitored well and democratocally without strings attached. I wish they had included Kenya which is going through a transition and as such facing alot of Human Rights challenges. Consider us.

  62. Rashid Sarker says:

    Please send to guidelines, application form and contact details of AusAID’s Human Rights Grants documents.

  63. Thank you, this information is very useful for us

  64. George Darlington Hashaka says:

    Good news for us who are working to promote peace because gross violation of human rights is both a cause and consequence of conflicts/insecurity.


    George Darlington Hashaka
    Founder Executive Chairman
    Uganda Peace Foundation