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Call for concept notes: DFID funding opportunity under GPAF for small UK based not for profit organizations

Global Poverty Action Fund (GPAF), an initiative by Department For International Funding (DFID), has announced the Innovation Window (call for concept notes) leading to a funding opportunity for eligible UK based non-profit organizations engaged in working towards making impact on the lives of poor people through various activities.

GPAF is a demand-led fund supporting projects focused on poverty reduction and pursuit of the MDGs through tangible changes to poor people’s lives including through: service delivery, empowerment and accountability and work on conflict, security and justice.  Projects will be selected on the basis of demonstrable impact on poverty, clarity of outputs and outcomes, and value for money.

The GPAF programme objectives have been broadened to include some of the initiatives previously covered by the Civil Society Challenge Fund (CSCF), which is no longer open for applications. The GPAF will now support projects focused on poverty reduction and pursuit of the MDGs through tangible changes to poor people’s lives including through: service delivery, empowerment and accountability and work on conflict, security and justice.

Learning from the first GPAF Innovation round has led to a number of changes, to make this window more accessible to organisations with innovative approaches to poverty reduction. A concept note stage has been introduced to make it easier for applicant organisations to present their innovative ideas and to reduce the amount of time and effort required in preparing an application.


Small UK-based not for profit organisations with an average income of less than £500,000 p.a. for the past 3 years.

Funding awards

Following the first Innovation round, the first provisional funding awards are to the following projects:

– Improved livelihoods of women farmers in Northern Uganda through market-led development – Trust for Africa’s Orphans

– Supporting Primary Education for Pastoralist Girls in Tanzania – African Initiatives

– Developing an innovative three phase emergency ambulance network in Mbale region, Uganda – PONT (Partnership Overseas Networking Trust)

– Creating an alternative to the institutionalisation of vulnerable and disabled young children under 6 years old in Tajikistan – HealthProm

– Supporting sustainable livelihoods in India through women bee-keepers and honey production activities – India Development Group (U.K.) Ltd

Last date for submitting the application is June 23, 2011

For further information and details, please visit this link.

Please note that only organizations based in the United Kingdom can apply to this opportunity.

Corporate Fundraising

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  1. Arif Clinton says:

    Social change in the world country poors for food for hunger and against poverty India,Banladesh,…needs country in Asia Funding for local coordination public joint in safty foods, foods for hunger,water for drink,
    CO,NGOs Sufi trust,Sewa,Labour League Foundation,Log Sabha,NAFMOR,IMEDA

    Arif Clinton
    New Delhi

  2. Shafii Noor says:

    Grassroots Outreach Organization is the non-profitable organization in Tanzania focus on poverty reduction and beyond MDGs. Its activities are basically started in North East Tanzania(Arusha and Manyara Region) especially in Maasai tribe to facilitate them and empower women to have rights in education wise, health treatment, gender equality and water services. Special campaign are needed in Maasai tribe especially elders to understand the need of withdrawing unnecessary.
    Community Development Officer (GO-Tanzania).

  3. Mangcha Haokip says:

    The Hill People’s Development Council (HPDC) is a voluntary organisation working for the welfare of tribal people living in the hilly and remote areas of Manipur State since from 1993. All the hilly people were using shifting cultivation from their old fore fathers’. The shifting cultivation ill effect is global warming. Therefore, the HPDC organising environment awareness campaign since from 2000 AD in some places of hill areas.But the hilly tribal people have no other alternative means for livelihood.It need for another means for their livelihood.
    Mangcha Haokip
    Secretary, HPDC

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