Call for proposals invited for grants under NEPAD-Spanish Fund for African Women’s Empowerment Program

An MoU was signed in the year 2007 between NEPAD and the government of Spain for creating the NEPAD Spanish Fund for African Women Empowerment. The Fund was aimed at eradicating the poverty and facilitating the economic empowerment of women through financial and technical assistance to projects that support gender equality and the improvement of women’s economic, political and social empowerment.

The programme is actively working towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Africa by 2015 and considers gender equity, equality and women’s empowerment as a pre-condition to sustainable growth and development.

Key areas supported by the Spanish Fund include education, health, promotion of economic fabric as well as social and political participation, with a particular emphasis on sub-Saharan Africa.

The agreement with the Spanish government runs for five years and is worth 50 million euros.

Key areas of intervention under the Fund are:

  • Women’s economic empowerment;
  • Strengthening civil society and community-based organisations;
  • Strengthening institutions.

Call for Proposals

The NEPAD/Spanish Fund announces its second call for proposals. The Fund will provide grants to projects in sub-Saharan Africa aimed at enhancing the empowerment of women and gender equality.

The call for proposals will support initiatives under the following themes:  improving women’s economic empowerment, civil society strengthening and institutional strengthening.

Eligible institutions:

Ministries for Women and Gender machineries, African women’s organizations and networks, government ministries and research institutions, RECs, CSOs and CBOs.

The last date for submitting the proposals is 15th May, 2011

For other details and information, please visit this link.


  1. Tuyizere Alice Peace says:

    Kisoro District Women Empowerment and Human Rights Awareness Organisation(KDWEHRAO)is situated in Southwestern Uganda.It addresses concerns related to women empowerment in terms of accessing and completing education;economic and political participation;poverty alleviation;HIV mitigation;human rights(violence against women and their rights to property ;reproductive health and family planning rights)and protection of the environment.However,the organisation is constrained by funds.I appeal to you to support this noble cause so that the organisation can make a difference in lives of many marginalized poor and uneducated women and girls of Kisoro district.I will submit it a proposal if Iam given the guidelines and
    Tuyizere Alice Peace
    Kisoro District Women Empowerment and Human Rights Awareness Organisation
    Please support women of Kisoro District,Uganda.


    i missed applying for this narrowly

  3. The initiative is very good but time given between call and submission very short, hope there will be another call.

  4. The idea of promoting women initiative is a wonderful one but the time of the call for proposals and the submission was very short so most of us missed out. Hope there will be another round soon

  5. Josephine Kalunda says:

    I have tried in vain to acess the proposal guidelines. any help

  6. fatuux mohamed says:

    we are vulantry oranaization with somalia, we are training the somali women`s for the skill profisional, so that we are requestin from you to send us the form


  7. Peter Mwakabwale says:

    I have been trying to access the template and instructions for this call, but nowhere to be seen, can someone help?

  8. Atanda.M.john says:

    Thank you a lot for your work,
    We are a not-profit Organization named “Centre d’Education et d’Action aux Droits de l’Enfant et de la Femme-CEADEF” temporary working in Nyarugusu refugee camp,district of Kasulu,province of Kigoma in the United Republic of Tanzania for defending and promoting the dignity of children,persons with disabilities and women.
    Our main activities include: the defense and the promotion of children,persons with disabilities and women’s rights,struggling against poverty among the desadvantaged groups(poorest women,persons with disabilities,street and separated children, orphans,HIV-AIDS victims),HIV-AIDS struggling, Peace building and conflict resolution.
    Our parmanent Headquarter will be at Lusenda-Uvira/province of South-Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo after our returning from the refugee’s life.
    We will send our Project on Improving women’s economic empowerment towhich we will be grateful if you could provide us with financial and technical supports.
    We look forward to hearing from you.
    john Atanda

  9. Olajumoke adejuwon says:

    Good work

  10. Olajumoke adejuwon says:

    Thanks for the initiative

  11. Olajumoke adejuwon says:

    This is a good job,well done

  12. Olajumoke adejuwon says:

    Strenghtening nursing nd midwifery competencies to make them practice their set of competencies

    Dear Sir/Ma,
    i am olajumoke adejuwon,a chief nursing officer and co-ordunator,county nurses and midwives,nigeria

    The startling reveltion occassioned the women deliver conference orgnised in wshington .D.C on june the extent of the above it was reasoned out during the women deliver conference that the only plausible means of reducing infant/maternal mortality and morbidity rates is through training and education of nurses and midwives worldwide.
    nigeria ranks 10th in countrieswith high infant and maternal morbidity and mortality rates,we need your help to finance this laudable projects
    Olajumoke Adejuwon.

  13. Misganaw Eticha (Executive Director) says:

    Concept paper for: Child Development through Family Empowerment

    1. Name of the organization: Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO)

    2. Title of the proposed project: Child Development through Family Empowerment
    3) Project Location
    Based on surveys, observations and organization’s strategic project areas, SVO has identified the following project areas from Addis Ababa City Administration and Oromiya Regional State to implement the project . These are Lideta Sub City, Addis Ketema Sub City, Brayou District, Toke Kutaye District (Guder Area) and Bako Tibe District.
    The selection criteria of these areas include locations for possibility of high prevalence and incidence of HIV/AIDS and orphans, the probability of their locations to be exposed to HIV and other incidences for the causes of orphans and SVO’s strategic expansion to address the needs of orphans from wide coverage areas. The Stand for Vulnerable Organization has planned to launch child focused family empowerment through child sponsorship at one or two or more of the sites if there are possibilities in priority of order. However, it should be noted that the interest of the donor will be given attention and considered.
    4. Potential Donor: Any organization has a burden and vision to serve the vulnerable people in Ethiopia in partnership with SVO.
    5. Rational for the proposed project
    SVO has conducted surveys in different areas of the country particularly, Addis Ababa City Administration and Oromiya Regional State. There are many areas where there is enormous number of single and double orphans mainly due to HIV/AIDS prevalence. The current inflation has seriously affected many families and due to this the cultural way of adoption/gudifacha failed under question to raise the children of relatives who are orphaned by HIV/AIDS and related causes. Therefore, this justifies the necessity of support for the holistic development of orphans for the target areas.
    6. Project objective
    The overall objective of this project is to realize holistic (spiritual, physical, social/relational and economic) development of children to raise next self reliant generation through child focused family empowerment.
    7. Project Strategies
    E) Project implementation strategy
    The Stand for Vulnerable Organization has clear implementation strategy to achieve this child development objective and it will be discussed as follows.
    Child development focused family empowerment through sponsorship Strategy: The duration of sponsorship for a child is planned to be long only for a maximum of five year in the program except exceptional conditions (eg. In case their guardians are not in a position of changing themselves through the family empowerment program due to forced measures). The child sponsorship fund simultaneously supports the target children’s holistic development and their guardian’s economic empowerment. SVO believes that family empowerment impacts many children than only emphasizing on single children while the target child still remains the focus of the sponsorship. We are convinced on such kind of approach due to three reasons: i) any child should not specially be benefited in a different way from his/her neighbor as far as he is able to effectively follow his/her studies; ii) the caregivers should be empowered so that their home environment is expected to be conducive for the target beneficiary child for the success of the project. This indirectly benefits/empowers the family to send their other children to school if they are empowered. And iii) other round needy children will be replaced and benefit from the same sponsorship fund after five year program graduation of the previous sponsored children and their guardians.
    Hence, SVO believes that the above strategies are feasible to effectively run the child development focused family empowerment through sponsorship strategy with Bethany Christian Services.
    8. Project innovation
    The project’s approach is different from conventional type of child development program through sponsorship due to the following three reasons: i) It empowers the family while it supports the child in its holistic development; ii) the sponsored child shall be graduated from the program within five years and other needy ones shall be replaced to follow the same trend. Therefore, the program will be family empowerment with child focused development approach to enable the guardians even to be able to send their other children to school.

    9. Organizational profile of the Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO)

    A) Establishment: The Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) was established in October 2005 whereas legally registered with the number of 2765 in July 2006 as a nongovernmental and nonprofit making organization at national level by the Ministry of Justice Office. It was re-registered by Charities and Societies’ Agency with the registration number of 0041 on October 16, 2009. The organization was also entered into agreement of Self Help Project with Addis Ababa City Administration Labor and Social Affairs Bureau in December 2007.
    B) Mission
    The mission of SVO is to address socio-economic, physical/health, psycho-emotional and spiritual needs of the Vulnerable especially children, women and elderly people and to protect environmental degradation through various intervention programs that improve the quality life of the disadvantaged and well-being of the society.
    C) Program Priorities
    SVO’s program priorities are child development and elderly care through self help community empowerment, livelihood improvement, water and sanitation, women empowerment, environmental protection and natural resource management, HIV/AIDS prevention and control. We work on child focused family empowerment to address all our organizational program priorities. The main end of SVO’s objective is raising new self reliant generation to break the cycle of poverty cycle from the yoke of our nation through strategic holistic development approach.
    D) Strategy
    We organize, empower and enable people to mobilize their local resources to grow healthy and wealthy. We strongly believe that people can solve their own problems by themselves if they are assisted to do that. SVO believes that any community is not entirely poor for the reason that it has many resources around it. What is expected from development working organizations is filling the gap of development in a way that it should encourage people’s sense of confidence and self-supportive. Therefore, SVO’s responsibility is enabling communities to mobilize their own local resources to break the yoke of poverty by themselves from themselves.

    E) SVO’s current partners
    The Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) partners and networks with local and international organizations to access the opportunity of sharing experiences, innovative organizational cultures, new ideas, best practices , financial subsidies, child development researches and sustainable community development through various empowerment intervention programs.
    Currently, SVO has partnered with eighteen organizations out of which sixteen are local and two are international organizations from the United States of America. We have signed five years and ten years long term partnership agreement with Duke Global Health Institute on child research and development whereas Because of Kennedy (BoK) on child development program through sponsorship, family empowerment, community development and other related projects respectively.
    F) SVO’s current development project operational areas
    SVO has been operating in the Lideta Sub City and Addis Ketema (Addis Ababa City Administration, the most slum area of the country) on family empowerment through self help groups. The organization currently has started child development program through sponsorship in Burayu, Oromiya Regional State; Child Village Project processing at Ambo, Oromiya Regional State; HIV/AIDS Prevention Project at Guder town, Oromiya Regional State; Gibe Valley Integrated Development Program pre-assessment project in Bako Tibe and Ilu Gelan Districts of Oromiya Regional States. SVO has been trying to reach many Ethiopian Vulnerable and its coverage service areas to the target beneficiaries has been growing fast.
    G) Achievements of SVO (Case Area)
    The following is one of the most interesting achievements of SVO in Addis Ababa City Administration, Lideta and Addis Ketema Sub Cities.
    About 700 people are becoming agents and leaders of self-supportive among their low-income communities to influence the prevailing poor attitude into positive and self-confidence for sustainable development. They saved more than ETB 100,000.00 in bank from their weekly contribution of two years in February 2009. Then, the Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) networked these self help groups to the local government. As a result of this, they got working place with built working shop from the local government and currently they witness that their group business has monthly a benefit of at least ETB 15,000.00. This is a great success for SVO in its efforts of empowering communities for sustainable self supportive. The rest self help groups are also working towards such kind of self improvement. This success has led our organization to be selected by the Lideta Sub City as one of the three NGOs best performing among the other sixteen NGOs operating in the Sub city.
    10. Staff and organizational competency: SVO has nine full time workers, two part timers and more than twenty volunteers from multidisciplinary back grounds. Out of its11 staff members, two are MA holders, three are BA holders and the rest six are diploma holders but with rich experiences. The organization has computerized its documentation and communication system to try to exploit the opportunities that the technology renders as much as possible.
    11. Conclusion
    The Stand for Vulnerable Organization (SVO) has been committed to raise next self reliant generation through family empowerment with child focused ministry. Different evidences reveal that there are more than 10 million orphans and destitute children in desperate need in Ethiopia. SVO believes that addressing the needs of these children with holistic development ministry impacts our nation. Therefore, the partnership of SVO with organizations with the same burden is one of the most important strategies to support the effort of our organization in the course of its efforts to significantly contribute to the nation’s development. Hence, SVO kindly invites any partner organization to work with it to more strengthen the impact radius of the organization in the nation.
    13. Contact information
    Contact person: Misganaw Eticha

    NOTE: This is to kindly inform any interested organization to work with us that SVO gives all alternatives to work with us on all our mentioned program priorities. We are ready to come up with concept papers or proposals.

  14. Doreen Chiware says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Doreen Chiware. I am a qualified Zimbabwean Teacher now based in South Africa in Cape Town. During my studies, i did Gender Studies and have always had the passion of finding ways of empowering women from inequalities caused by their gender, poverty and lack of Education caused their different circumstances. I have worked at schools in the townships in Cape Town and my experinces have shown me that the girl child is still being deprived of most important things and their circumstance is similar to those of most women in their community and everywhere in the world. I have tried to improve their line of thinking by encouraging them to do sport. At the moment i am teaching at a primary school where i have managed to for a netball team which is competing well in their community. I am not a member of any organisation and feel that using the background i have , i can make a difference in their lives if i also participate in the programme you have arranged. My number is 0027849029779.

    Kind regads

    Doreen Chiware

  15. victoria says:

    good work