Call for Proposals for the Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation Research

Deadline- 10 September 2013

The Department for International Development (DFID) in partnership with the  Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is inviting new and innovative proposals across 3 new areas in the fields of international development and humanitarian assistance.

The mission of this program is to provide insights into the specific barriers to inclusion facing disabled people in low income countries, such as access to health care, education, social protection and labour market services. Up to £2 million is available for this research programme.

Urbanisation and Risk in Africa

This research programme will address the evidence gaps around urbanisation and risk in an African context. The programme will map and measure the different dimensions of risk in urban Africa, and will produce policy relevant evidence that can help inform decision-makers in building urban resilience and manage risk and uncertainty. Up to £3.3 million is available for this research programme.

Poverty in Urban Spaces

This research will investigate how urban spaces are changing and what the emerging challenges for tackling urban poverty are. The programme will also consider what interventions can tackle urban poverty at scale in low income countries. Up to £2 million is available for this research programme.

Disability, Inequality and Poverty

This research programme will provide insights into the specific barriers to inclusion facing disabled people in low income countries, such as access to health care, education, social protection and labour market services. The programme will also consider how these barriers can be overcome. Up to £2 million is available for this research programme.

The objectives of this program is to-

  • Fund new thinking on international development issues.
  • Raise the quality and impact of social science research in development
  • Encourage multi-disciplinary research
  • Give access to international development research funding to a broader set of actors

Eligibility & Criteria-

All 3 research programmes are open to UK and non-UK researchers based in higher education institutions, research organizations and other organizations with a credible research capacity. Each programme will last for a maximum of 3 years.

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  1. I am a grants officer responsible for the resources mobilsation for the faith based NGO working on the humanitarian relief and development in Malawi-Churches Action in Relief and development (CARD). One aspect most intriguing is the plight of the challenged persons amongst the communities.
    We would like to try link the challenged persons to the market but with a product that normally made by other bigger organizations and would want to ship the production unit from main stream organization department to be done by the challenged persons hence wants to try and find out its effectiveness. The crop or product we are trying is cotton for the making of yarn for a weaving industry. May we therefore be assisted by having tools to apply for this to fulfill the dream

  2. Obed Benjamin Awotwe says:

    I am the GM of Youthnasia Aid Foundation an NGO for disabled. We support our cliet with their needs. We seek for financial support to accomplish our upcoming project which will really benefits our clients.You can contact us: [email protected]

  3. Diana Mukankusi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Am Diana From Uganda and inquiring about how to apply for a request for project funding
    hope to read from you.

  4. Yife Global Foundation says:

    We are a non profit organization for the orphan, physically challenged, and poor widow in the remote villages of Ijebu North Local government. We are interested in applying for fund to assist our cause. We are currently building a medical center to help alleviate the health disparity in the area. We engage in various job empowerment program for the women to support their family financially. We also assist the children in education and health areas.

  5. Adeodato Mucungura says:

    URUDO-Uganda is a Community Based Organization ( CBO) involved in environmental conservation besides provides vocational skills to the youth in the dry corridor district of Lyantonde in Uganda. We are looking for other CBOS and NGOS involved in the same work for partnership and information sharing as well as donors to fund this noble cause. Thanks in advance.

  6. Dancet Kamzimbi Nyirenda. says:

    let me know what the process are to apply for the said funding.

  7. Stezoh Mpachikah says:

    We are an NGO which support Orphans in Malawi,and we are lucking of some equipments to support them interms of materials used for hand works activities, so we need your help and support, to do that we can develop our country,because number of trained people will increase in our country

  8. Vincent Mofya says:

    Dear Sir,
    Applyication for funding.
    Mapalo Agricultural Harbour (MAHab) is community based organisation based in Chongwe district 34 km east of Chongwe Boma. MAHab is involved in training, extension services and establishment of community nurseries, production of short lived fertilizer tree used for soil improvement, for ecofriendly stove, for food and for income generation whilst conserving nature.
    The main aim of this project is to improve livelihood of small scale farmers whilst protecting the environment through promotion of agroforestry, to improve livelihood for rural families and agro-biodiversity Chibombo and Chongwe districts.
    Drying up of water catchment areas, climate changes, and poverty are major global concerns which need holistic approach to mitigate these problems. Miombo, the most extensive woodland formation covers other parts of region with ecological and economic importance is threatened with water catchment area depletion, loss of soil fertility, deforestation through charcoal burning, uncontrolled bush fires and harvest of wood contributes to the loose of this important resource. My country Zambia has recognised these as a challenge in poverty alleviation by promoting conservation farming which come with a package of potholing, fertilizer support program and marketing of the maize. However, these do not at all address the issue of drying up of water catchment areas, soil fertility degradations and deforestation as primary causes of poverty, climate change and environmental in-sustainability.
    MAHab has gone a step further in addressing these primary causes of climate change, poverty and soil fertility degradation by promoting growing of fertilizer trees, ecosystem stove establishment and Improved fallow production systems responding to MDG7 and GEF program strategies focusing on the sustainability of the environment and further address MDG1 eradication of poverty and hunger.
    This project therefore complements Zambian government activities of fighting deforestation, poverty alleviation and promotion of environment sustainability.
    We therefore seek your support to make this vision come to pass and food available on vulnerable rural farmers

  9. Rev. Canon Nkambo Mugerwa E says:

    Like our brothers, we are in Uganda working so hard to Empower Women in all ways to alleviate poverty. We are doing this through saving time which wasted whenever they walk long journeys looking for water. We need the redeemed hours be used fruitfully in order to alleviate poverty. Our appeal is to the Joint Fund for Poverty Alleviation and other funding organisations to help us achieve our objective. The Women have the real KEY for Development and poverty alleviation. Help us. We are in Rakai district, south Uganda.

  10. Rev. Canon Nkambo Mugerwa E says:

    Rakai Womens Empowerment to Alleviate Poverty (RWEAP) is ready to work with any organisation that is mindful of the women contribution towards poverty alleviation.

  11. Awale Mohammed Hamid says:

    As a Social Development Officer in the Public Sector working in the Departments Of Social Welfare and Community Development, can I solicit assistance for my office to enable us assist the disables, marginalized and vulnerables in my district.

  12. Benjamin Tukei says:

    We are an NGO in Kumi, eastern Uganda, we work with a total of 160 groups totally to 8400 farmers, focusing on agriculture, VSLA and gender. we are looking for partnership in supporting our farmers to start value addition on their agricultural produce.

    we are also looking for support towards increasing credit access to farmers through strengthening farmer institutions.
    We also have disaster risk reduction initiatives geared towards mitigating the effects of climate change which has negatively impacted on our farmers.

    • Hi Benjamin,
      I represent a yet to be launched MNO – East Africa Telecom promoted by the Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development and we are looking at working with not for profits in the fostering mobile based agricultural value chains / value added services.

      If this seems interesting, please drop me a line


  13. Mohsin Gillani says:

    Punjab Education Foundation caters the needs of 1.3 million students. Providing them funds through diffrent ways to get their matriculation. But after matriculation those who get 80%marks but due to the financial constriants they are unable to continue their studies can be given opportunities.
    DIFID’s contribution is acknowledged in education sector in Pakistan.


    Mohsin Gillani
    Deputy Director
    Punjab Education Foundation

    • MARIAMA DARBOE says:


      Mental Health Wellness Association The Gambia is an institution registered by Attorney General Chamber in the Gambia with the statutory for registration of Charities and Companies.

      We are looking forward to work with institutions that support people with mental illness in accordance to the World Health Organisation policy on health.
      Having gone through your site we are highly pleased to communicate with you and also considering having memorandum of understating and collaboration with your well established institution.

      The Aims and Objectives of our Association are as follow.

      to reduce the stigma attached to mental illness and suicide
      to complement and actively support the mental health related work and services of people living in this country.
      As part of the efforts of this our institution, we are looking forward to see that within now and the next three years we like to support the Mental Health centers in the Gambia with financial support to purchase food items and other things that will make their stay in home good for them.
      We are also working towards house to house visit to family who are having mental disorders person as family to educate them on how to make them acceptable within their family
      To engage in radio and television sensitization program during international year of mental wellness week.

      Al these aims can be achieved through our rigorous research for funding from sister organization and individual who are interested in our work and activities.
      We are looking forward to hear favorably from you soon.

      Yours Sincerely,

      M/s Mariama Darboe
      Executive director.

  14. Nathanie Mude says:

    I am an registered advocate in Tanzania and spirited to help individual who can not afford to secure representation in the courts as well as in the tribunals. I work in the rural areas (Morogoro Region in Ulanga District) where by it is hard to help individuals as the cost for travelling, accommodation and materials such as stationaries in general are too high to afford in my case.

    What I am asking is that, can I secure funds as an individual or it is better to apply via NGO/Non Profit company or CBO? and what are the procedures?

    Thanks in advance.

  15. dr.jaywant ghodke says:

    hi,i am practicing paediatrician since 12 bhiwandi ,maharashtra,India.we had a society named Pragati Welfare group since 18yrs of which i am medical advisor.we had done lots of camps in remote areas in and around thane district.Our main concern was undernourish,malnourish,disabled,congenital defects etc. children.We are running out of funds.It would be helpfull if we get any financial support. thank you,Dr.Jaywant

  16. daniel buluuba says:

    we are a community based organization in Kamuli and Buyende district, Uganda. called GHEEF( GLOBAL HEALTH EDUCATION AND ECONOMIC FOUNDATION- UGANDA. we contribute to improvement of the health standards within communities in through public health promotion and conduct of research on the local diseases including neglected tropical diseases, contribute to providing education opportunities and reduction of house hold poverty levels through promotional of income generating activities. so please help to send more information .

  17. miahFEROZ says:

    Dear Sir
    It is a great pleasure for us to introduce our non-governmental / non-profit organization. Its name is Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Peoples in Bangladesh. Established in 1999, at West Sharulia, Demra, Dhaka – 1361. Government Registration No – Dha 08041, Date 11/04/2008. Main objective of our organization is to provide free training on computer and International English Language Course to the local disadvantaged peoples. In limited scale we can claim success, even though we have critical limitations to run these basic programs smoothly.

    You know Bangladesh is a country of over population and poor is its main character. Most of the people in Bangladesh are living under poverty level. Result is most of the peoples are illiterate, those who have general education, majority of them have no technical knowledge for having a good job. Because they are very much weak in English language and IT Knowledge which are vital at the present Bangladesh to have a standard job.

    We believe that by providing technical skills training to undeserved individuals, we can partner to create social and economic opportunities that can change peoples’ lives and transform communities, Ultimately, Sustainable Development for Vulnerable Peoples in Bangladesh is helping bridge the global technology gap by providing the training and tools people need to realize their potentials. For achieving the goals we are trying our best by our own resources to teach the IT (computer) and English language at free of cost to the disadvantaged peoples of the local areas. Therefore contribution is coming out for the society would be in limited scale. But our main objective is to provide free training program on IT and English language to the undeserved young people and adults by providing technology skill at the rural/urban areas of Bangladesh. But we are handicraft with our limited resources. By the assistance of your world renowned country we can fulfill our dream. We need your all kinds of assistance very seriously.

    The conscious people of the world are known that DFID is a pioneering organization to help the needed people around the world. We are very much hopeful to get assistance from your highly prestigious country. Expecting to meet with you as your most convenient time to explain our projects in details.

    We will remain grateful forever to you for your cooperation.

    Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

    Miah FEROZ

  18. shamim abbasi says:

    If someone is doing his own research and wants to write a book Socio Economic condition of the country causing the Poverty and the strategies to alleviate the poverty with special context to women etc. Do you considering his work as an individual would like to give financial support to him.

  19. Samson Guloba says:

    Thanks for the updates on available funding opportunities for the NGOS.We are looking at strengthening the resource mobilization skills and grow our funding base.Is there any assistence we can get?

  20. Uhunmwagho Queensley says:

    I belong to an association that manage or take care of palliative patients in a teaching hospital in Edo State of Nigeria. We are conrentely have financial challanges in helping this patients get comfort at the end of life.

  21. Ramadas says:

    Samarpna is a Registered Non-government organization working for the welfare of the women and children’s in Sindhanur Taluk of Raichur District Karnataka State ,India. DFID can found for the organization those are working in please send the information.

  22. Thomas omaset says:

    Does such a call for research consider individual efforts. I would have loved to engage in the issues mentioned as an individual.

  23. Bongani Ntinga says:

    Do you offer funding to South African civil society organisations

  24. H-MFoundation says:

    We are a local NGO with our offices based in Bagamoyo, Tanzania. Our short term strategy focuses on support for Young people and Women: increasing their access to health care services and social protection. This year we are targeting young girls with prevention of Sexual abuse as a measure to address the high numbers of drop outs from teenage pregnancies among girls in secondary schools and through this, increase their access to primary prevention of HIV/AIDS and HIV care and Treatment(ART). National data shows low coverage of Children below 18 accessing Reproductive heath services that include HIV/AIDS prevention and Treatment.

  25. sesuganda says:

    hi i am the secretary for sesuganda a cbo based in buvuma island,we do work on education in the district so we request for your support.

  26. SOSSOUGA DOSSE says:

    Hello,I’m the president of NGO: ADET. we work for social development, sustainable development. Our field of activities are disable persons, handicap persons, migrants, vulnerable women and children, young, energy, rural development, urban development, climate change, agriculture,…….So I think that you will be helpful for us. Thank you.

  27. Raphael Ololo says:

    We are a local NGO working in southern Kenyan working with the local women and vulnerable groups in poverty alleviation through improved agriculture. We would wish to partner with any donor towards this end.

  28. we are a local NGO based in Agona swedru in the central region of Ghana that seek to alleviate poverty in the rural areas through awareness creation, provision of food, shelter, health and educational materials for these vulnerable children. we need help for our vision to be realized.

  29. haziwell daison says:

    we are doing a proposal for the joint fund for poverty alliviation which is going to be scouting kids from poor backgrounds who can play soccer and pay fees for them. Hope will cover a big area if funds come to us.

  30. calvin mongare says:

    We are currently addressing cases related with urban poverty affecting children and single mothers. In doing so we have realized that in the slums of Nairobi many children have been forced to drug abuse and selling because their parents have no source of income. Diosfi Kenya and Baraka initiators therefore work hand in hand to economically empower these families after a series of parental skills and child rehabilitation in two urban areas i.e. Nairobi and Thika town. I believe if we can be allowed to forward our plan to address such social issues we are definitively likely to realize a generation that has involved people. Please help us register for the opportunity if we are qualified to apply. Thank you

  31. Mpulya Community school says:

    Mpulya primary school is a community non government aided school in Bundibugyo district, western Uganda. This region suffered under the insurgency of ADF rebles where by the war lasted there for nearly a decade. as a result of people being collected in displacement camps for a long time, production declined in the region and famin set roots. this was predecessed by epidermics such as cholera, and ebola. many professionals fled the area, and social services lacked. Educational institutions were not an exception.
    Near one of the camps, Parents got together and began this institution that provides nursery and lower primary education to the children born in the camp. this enables even the younger children who can not walk long distances and or cross fierce rivers to the neighboring schools. An international NGO (world vision) helped the community to buy land where the parents constructed some temporary structures which are serving as classrooms.
    these structures are likely to collupse due to heavy rain falls as the camp is located in the slopes of mount Rwenzori.
    we have a proposal to construct a parmanent four cassroom block. Any support from your organisation will go to the constructionof this block.

  32. susan madeu says:

    we are the NGO that provides support for the disabled people and their children. we are based in Dar-es-salaam Tanzania . we seek for your help so as to make our activities a success.

  33. Help For Disabled says:

    We are a local N.G.O based in Dar-es-salaam. we help and support disabled people and their children in providing food , clothing and education sponsorships . We are looking for a financial support in carrying out our activities

  34. Muhammad Anwar Saeed says:

    There are many individuals and national and International organizations working for the good cause around the world.But a point of disappointment is this why they are not paying their attention for people with disabilities living in Pakistan.There are now thousands of people living with disabilities during the bomb attacks in past 10 years. Most of them such people who were earning hands of their families. May children who go to school they need wheel chairs and other supporting material. These people are being ingnored. They are also human and living with uncounted sufferings in Pakistan, they deserve the moral, social and financial support. They need immediate attention, we have a orgnaization Solidarity & Development Society (SDS) Gujranwala but could not support these people because of very limited resources.I will be thankful to my national fellow beings and other Internation community to start some iniatiatives for this section of community in Pakistan

  35. Single Parents Community Development Programme says:

    Single Parents Community Development Programme (SPCDP) is a non governmental organization that was incorporated and founded in 1996 to advocate for the welfare and wellbeing of single parents together with their children. Single parenthood can be as a result of different circumstances and it is for this reason that we consider both single mothers and Single fathers who run their households single during this transitional period.
    However children suffer the most in this period and especially children in Africa. Unlike all developed countries where both parents are responsible for the children, In Africa most times the women are left with the total responsibility to cater for the Children when a spouse dies, or when the couple divorces or when a young girl gets a child out of wedlock.
    Understanding the problem
    Through research, many children raised by single parents, most times experience insecurity, psychological torture, social exclusion leading to poor grades, and most times extreme poverty. These effects are usually as a result of social norms and traditional beliefs which SPCDP believes should not deter or limit someone’s success.
    SPCDP came on limelight through a television show that was broadcasted on Lighthouse Television in 1997 in Kampala, Uganda after an extensive participatory research revealed that single parents in Uganda experience challenges whose solutions can be sought if shared can limit or reduce social exhaustion, poverty and psychological strain.
    This research is well recieved and we hope it will bring to the fore the most important areas for us to focus upon

  36. christian says:

    we are currently working on getting vulnerable women and girl child due to poverty and sickness to have their capacity to be able stand for their right when it comes to choices of in social and sexual that can be able to prevent HIV/AIDS,STI’S,UN WANTED PREGNANCIES, infections in areas where long distance drivers,uniform men,sex workers,etc socialize and engage in mostly uninformed relationships. we also sensitize on the female control and provide female condoms at the critical and at affordable or cost free rates. HOW CAN WE GET SUPPORT TO MEET OUR TARGET? We are running out of tools like condoms,IEC MATERIALS-FLIERS,POSTERS,TRANSPORTATION AND OTHER TRAINING WARES.

  37. renatus rwiza says:

    On behalf of PAMDG (planning for Achieving Millennium Development Goes)is a local NGO based in Tanzania in Mwanza region at Nyamagana District.we are working to achieve the millenium Development goals of 2025. Any support from your organization will facilitate the achievement of the MDG of 2025 in our country.

  38. JANE WICAH says:

    Women and Children Action for Human Rights -WICAH. We are a local NGO based in Wakiso district in Uganda we do appreciate your efforts and continued support to eradicate poverty. we work to initiate development projects for women ,youth and children.we hope to improve the livelihood of the disadvantaged/economically poor people that we serve.
    we request for your support
    Yours WICAH TEAM

  39. Said Abdi says:

    I would like to take this opportunity, this is Soojeed Relief and development organization (SORDO) in Somalia, we welcoming the DFID’s support the to vulnerable community in Africa, thanks for your willingness in better change.

  40. With the orphan score in around a million in Kashmir Valley(india), none of the foreign agency has come forward to adopt or to assist them morally,socially, financially or by other means.

    This part of the globe has seen arson,loots, rapes, killings, custodial death, custodial disappearances.The worst cases of human rights so far recorded but no one from whole globe raised this issue including the so called human rights heros.

  41. kato abdulhakim says:

    if this were done some time back, we africans would be out of this poverty. this is an oppotunity to let you know and communicate to you of our organization . youth concern organization uganda (YCOU) that is dealling with youth and making sure that poverty is a myth among the youth. we all hope that when we call for your your help we are responded to so as to realise our dream.

  42. martin Odinga Amimo says:

    I wish to introduce ICDAG as an organization operating in Siaya, Kenya with the aim of strengthening agricultural value chains with the objective of ensuring specialization at rural production levels, thus ensuring high productivity levels and increased incomes of the rural (poor) youth and create employment. Any support from your organization will go a long way in facilitating this noble course. Thank you.

  43. Nicholas Twesigomwe says:

    On behalf of Centre For Poverty Eradication Uganda, i appreciate the opportunities offered by DFID and other donors that give assistance to organizations and institutions to fight poverty. We have hope that poverty in Uganda will be history if other individuals, government and organizations join hands with us for the same cause.

  44. Bashiru Kanton says:

    Its my pleasure to take this opportunity to communicate to you about our NGO and what we do. CASE-GHANA is a local NGO based in Garu in the upper east region of Ghana. We are working to improve the circumstances and prospects of the poor and vulnerable people to make them feel dignified and hopeful, so that we can see the smiles on their faces. We therefore seek your support to make this vision come to pass.

  45. Hi, salute you for all those important information. We SDA(settlment dev’t association) is an exprienced NGO working in somalia to alleviate poverty from disadvantaged and starving people in somalia. We will be pleased to get to know on how to apply for the funds. Thank you.

  46. Sennye Kono says:

    Would like to start a community project whose objective is to empower communities to actively engage leadership and participate in local and national decision making processes. -does this qualify for assistance

  47. Ekele James Adole says:

    thanks to fundsforngos for the infornation available on this site. u are indeed contributing poditively to the development of humanity.
    keep the good work on.

  48. Gabriel Terwase Ukula says:

    I wish to on behalf of Association of Positive Youth living with HIV/AIDS in Nigeria (APYIN) indicate interest to implement the project to alleviate poverty especially among the youth. We will be happy if given the opportunity

  49. A.N.Pandey says:

    Very useful information is shared in this site. I find it very informative. It may help a lot to small NGOs having less resource for reaching to their goals !!!

  50. Devendra Patil says:

    Bhakar is a NGO. We are working for poor and marginal farmers since last 20 years. Here in coastal side in konkan the farmers are very poor . they are getting maximum 100 – 200 kg. rice and it is only one crop. poor people are not able to get full meal per day, it is very difficult . can you help some projects for poverty reduction soloution

    • Ekele James Adole says:

      Devendra Patil, i like what ur NGO Ais doing, can we hook up so we can share ideas. i am Ekele James Adole, of The Inventive Minda Nigeria. A youth development NGO. We also have an agric prohram that has empowerwd several youths in my country. lets connect.

  51. Lovenia Ncube says:

    l am fourth year student,studying an honours degree in Development with Midlands State University,am interested in the research

  52. leo Mmerewoma says:

    Hello am asking for more information concerning the funding.. am based in Kampala Uganda,

  53. Please, let me know what the process are to apply for the said funding.

  54. Sammy Oleku says:

    We are an NGO in Kenya working among the Maasai women supporting rainwater harvesting. We are interested in applying for funds form DFID or any other donor who may be interested in supporting rainwater harvesting activities. Please keep us posted. Thanks