Canadian International Development Agency announces two calls for proposals

The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) rarely issues an international call for proposals, but when it does, it is unfortunately only for Canadian organizations working globally to apply for. Nevertheless, this is an important opportunity since all Canadian applicant organizations need to have local NGO partners in developing countries to submit projects for this opportunity. So if your organization is linked to a Canadian international NGO in your country, then you can propose to it as a local partner if it is submitting a project for these calls.

The calls have been made by the Partnerships with Canadian Branch (PWCB) of the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) under its Partners for Development Program.

  • Call for proposals: Partners for Development Program – Projects Under $2M
  • Call for proposals: Partners for Development Program – Projects $2M and Over

Call for proposals: Partners for Development Program – Projects Under $2M

The objective of this call is to support the international work of Canadian organizations that will contribute to Canada’s efforts to effectively reduce poverty through projects and programs that are sustainable, and have clear results that will make a difference in the lives of people in developing countries.

With this call, CIDA will also:

  • concentrate half of PWCB funding in CIDA’s countries of focus and half in other countries eligible for official development assistance and
  • align 80 percent of PWCB funding to CIDA’s priority themes.

This call will fund projects from Canadian organizations in partnership with organizations in developing counties. CIDA will contribute between $100,000 and $2 million to projects for a duration of up to five years.

The deadline for submissions is April 28, 2011 at 14:00 PST (Pacific Standard Time).

For more information, visit this link.

Call for proposals: Partners for Development Program – Projects $2M and Over

The objective of this call is to support the international work of Canadian organizations that will contribute to Canada’s efforts to effectively reduce poverty through projects and programs that are sustainable and have clear results that will make a difference in the lives of those in developing countries.

With this call, CIDA will also:

  • Concentrate half of PWCB funding in CIDA’s countries of focus and half in other countries eligible for official development assistance; and
  • Align 80 percent of PWCB funding to CIDA’s priority themes: increasing food security, securing the future of children and youth, and sustaining economic growth.

This call will fund projects from Canadian organizations in partnership with organizations in developing counties. CIDA will contribute $2 million and over to projects for a duration of up to five years.

The deadline for submissions is 14:00 PST (Pacific Standard Time), March 31, 2011.

For more information, visit this link.

Please note that only Canadian organizations can apply to these calls!


  1. Corinne Willock says:

    ChocoGuateMaya is a Guatemalan NGO that is working to form cooperatives amongst subsistent cacao farmers. Through their work they hope to encourage the continued practice of organic farming and ensure that cacao cooperatives receive fair trade prices in the European and North American markets for their product. ChocoGuateMaya is also trying to bring awareness to evidence indicating that the use of cacao originated in the Mayan areas of Central America. We are trying to find a like-minded Canadian NGO to form a partnership.

  2. Yagya Kumar B.K. says:

    Dalit Welfare Organization (DWO) is a member-based movement-oriented organization of Dalit activists, established to further the cause of Dalits. DWO is working to eliminate caste-based discrimination through 2 main approaches: advocacy and development programme.

    DWO’s vision is to achieve a justifiable society by eliminating caste-based discrimination. It aims to do this by creating opportunities for Dalits to access all sectors of policy making and implementation levels in order to protect and promote their rights, authority and dignity through economic, social, educational and political development by awareness raising, organizational building and empowerment

    The main objective of DWO is to empower Dalits to make them aware of their rights and hence improve their access to education, the nation’s resources and, at the same time, to run livelihood programs to uplift their poor economic condition. DWO believes that Dalits themselves are best placed to achieve this objective but is keen to include non-Dalits as part of the transformation process. As such, its activities focus on Dalits and non-Dalits and take place in all parts of Nepal.

    DWO’s central office is in Kathmandu and is currently staffed by 25 management and employees. DWO is present in 49 district chapters throughout Nepal and current membership is approximately 10,000. In addition to central programs and activities it currently has donor-funded programs in 7 districts. In addition, smaller locally funded programs are implemented in many more districts under local management

    DWO has a network of partner organizations and works closely with national and international organizations (especially in relation to human rights), non-government organizations, community groups/organizations and government organizations at all levels throughout the country.

    DWO is recognized as a big and experienced organization devoted to implementing donor supported Education, Children in Armed Conflict, Political governance, Community Empowerment Project, Media advocacy through Radio/TV programme and Dalit Recruitment projects, in partnership with INGOs.

    Since DWO’s establishment it has undergone many changes and, over the past 2 years, it has been following an OD process in partnership with VSO. DWO now has a clear 5-year strategy and a new Monitoring and Evaluation System is gradually being introduced. It has also developed and is implementing Finance, Personnel and IT policies. Throughout this change programme, which is strengthening DWO’s capacity, DWO members have shown courage, enthusiasm, commitment and a common bond.

    The General Assembly and a series of workshops organized by DWO have mandated DWO to fight against rights-based discrimination and social exclusion for the access of Dalits to economic activities, political and state structures and education in coordination with government, private and non-government institutions. DWO has also been urged to upgrade international linkages and enforce its advocacy programme through better selection and implementation of programs and strengthening of institutional capacity, sustainability, human resource development, networking, alliance building, partnerships and social marketing.

    The political situation and conflict with the Maoist insurgents has in recent years hindered the delivery of donor-driven programs in Nepal. It is clear that Dalits, along with other disadvantaged groups, have suffered. Similarly, the conflict and political situation have made clear strategic planning difficult. Confidence is now higher with the recent return to democracy and Maoist and government ceasefires.

    DWO’s previous experience in political governance

    Throughout its period of existence, DWO has successfully gained experience in the following major areas whilst carrying out activities related to political governance:

    • DWO was successful in ensuring that Dalit issues, priorities and plans were included in both the 9th and 10th five year plans by contributing ideas, opinions and valuable inputs throughout the planning process.

    • DWO has submitted alternative reports to the UN for the effective implementation of international agreements and treaties related to the elimination of all forms of racial and caste discrimination.

    • A DWO team has been involved in monitoring the Nepal government scholarship programme.

    • DWO has successfully accomplished a voting rights awareness campaigning during the mid-term poll of 2051, the local election of 2054 and the lower house election of 2056 in all five development regions.

    • Representatives of DWO were nominated for the District Child Welfare Board in Bardiya, Surkhet and Sunsari to work for the protection and promotion of child rights in collaboration with the Nepal Government.

    • Members of DWO participated in a hunger strike held in Bhadrakali, Kathmandu to demand the formation of the National Dalit Commission.

    • DWO has provided suggestions and lobbied the Council of Ministers, the National Planning Commission, the Minister of Finance and other relevant machinery of the Nepal Government to prepare and announce a Dalit friendly annual plan and budget.

  3. Fabiao Sitoe says:

    Associacao dos Técnicos Agro-Prcuários (ATAP) is a non-profit, non-governmental association working in rural communities of Mozambique since 1997.

    ATAP work on Sustainable Agricultural/Livestock Development, Food Security and nutrition, HIV/AIDS, Gender,and Advocacy and Lobby.

    ATAP has a very good partnership with CIDA’s office in Maputo since 1990’s, and we will appreciate and be much interested to work alongside any Canadian NGO with same interests like ours to support rural communities in Mozambique.

    Please contact us.
    Thank You.

    Fabiao Sitoe

    Executive Director
    Associação dos Técnicos Agro-Pecuários
    Av. Milagre Mabote nº 664,P.O.Box 1872,
    Bairro da Malhangalene B, Maputo – Moçambique

  4. Chris Anaekwe, EHO says:

    While searching for NGO to collaborate with at this recent call for proposal. Please consider inviting our NGO, Evergreen habitat organization (EHO), Nigeria for such collaboration. EHO is a registered NGO based in Abuja, Nigeria/ It is a local environmental NGO that has the capacity to handle environmental degraded problems. We have had our supports from CIDA, UNDP, GEF Small grants program. For further information. Please contact, Chris Anaekwe, EHO President

    Thank you.

  5. Fundacion Sendero (Argentina) says:

    We are a NGO in Argentina working on different social activities with children and teenagers at risk. Our goal is to improve the family dynamic and create stronger bonds between the children and their families.
    We are seeking for a Canadian organization interested in a partnership with us.


    We are pleased to invite any Canadian NGO wishing to work with us here in Uganda. SAVE THE VULNERABLE CHILDREN-UGANDA” (SVCU) is non profit making indigenous NGO working to support all disadvantaged children in providing basic needs such as education, health care, justices, Economic empowerment. As our trademark says “WITHOUT YOU, NO TOMORROW”, we hope any support to vulnerable children will be an investment for future developments. We will be much interested to work alongside any Canadian NGO with same interests like ours to support vulnerable children in Uganda.

  7. IBRAHIM G. WOCHE says:

    Am working for Kenya Minority Rights and Development Forum, a non-profit making organization working with ethnic minorities and pastoralist communities in northern region Kenya.

    The main mission of the forum is to promote human rights and sustainable socio-economic development among the said target groups who are the most marginalized and disregarded vulnerable groups in Kenya.

    We are looking forward to partner with any interested organization from Canada who are willing to help and work with us to achieve the above mission of the forum.

    The forum works with and behalf of ethnic minorities, pastoralist, indigenous people's and other vulnerable groups in northern Kenya with due consideration to age, gender and other factors.

    for more information about our organizational profile, programs and achievements, we shall forward to your organization, only if and when it expressed willingness to work with us.

  8. Sabuli Alex says:

    The name of our organisation is called Community Partnership for Health and Development, we are a local Non-Governmental Organisation operating in the Northern Regions of Ghana. Among our areas of work is Water and Sanitation,Health Care Financing and others mostly in the rural communities.

    It will be appreciated if we could partner with you to help reduce poverty among the less priviladge in our rural communities.

  9. papa otino godfrey says:

    we are alocal registered community based organisation in uganda may you give us your email address and if we can be granted this opportunity to submit in our project proposals for your consideration

  10. Oluseyi Oderinde says:

    Life Cycle Charity Organization is a new NGO based in Nigeria,sub Sahara Africa.The organization's objective is to assist less privileged children,youths and adults in the areas of education,empowerment,health and awareness creation.The organization is run by visionary people with dedication and enthusiasm.We are looking for a Canadian organization to partner with for financial,moral,advisory and technical support considering the infancy of the organization.We would be glad to access support from CIDA.If otherwise we would appreciate your reply.Should you require additional information,do not hesitate to contact us.Thank you.

  11. Rev. Fr. Francis Une says:

    Care for the Child Organisation (CCO) is a not for profit organisation that works for the improvement of quality of lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) especially those children made orphans and or vulnerable as a result of HIV/AIDS.CCO provide such services as psychosocial support, food and nutrition, educational support, health care services, protection and care and economic streghtening to the caregivers of these OVC or to the older OVC as a sustainability strategy. The organisation is faced with the challenge of funding having experienced first hand the predicament of these OVC as regards to health, education, food and nutrition and shelter and care.

    We will therefore appreciate to be linked with a Canadian Organisation working in same or similar area as we do to enable us access resources through this call.


  12. Kofi Kyerematen says:

    Rural Development and Youth Association (RUDEYA) is an NGO based in Ghana. RUDEYA currently implements projects on poverty reduction ,food security and developing green enterprises for women,youth and marginalized people in rural and forest dependent communities where poverty is a major driver of deforestation and degradation of biodiversity.RUDEYA is looking for a Canadian organisation to partner, to access support from CIDA.

  13. Dear Sir Madam.






  14. Elisha Ng'onomo says:

    We are an NGO supporting water and sanitation in Zambia.The name of the organisation is Village Water Zambia (VWZ). We support an integrated approach to water and sanitation in rural communities and schools. In 2010 VWZ received a runner up award from the African Ministers Council on Water (AMCOW AfricaSan Awards) – which recognised VWZ’s achievements in supporting water and sanitation.

    Our objectives are:

    1. To increase access to sustainable potable water in rural coomunities and schools of Zambia through well construction.
    2. To improve sanitation and hygiene conditions in villages and schools through CLTS support and provision of integrated latrines in schools.
    3. To deepen behavioral changes with respect to proper hygiene associated with the safe handling of water, appropriate domestic water storage, waste disposal and handwashing.
    4. To ensure sustainability through formation of community management structures and pump maintenance networks.

    Over the last 3 years VWZ has assisted 325 communities with water, sanitation, health and hygiene education.

    We are ready to partner with any Canadian Orgainisation which would like to work in Zambia.

  15. Zaffar Ullah Baig says:

    Village and Women Organization Development Company (VWODC), Danyore, Gilgit, Pakistan is a federation of Village & Women Organizations (V/WOs) in Union Council, Danyore. The Organization works as an intermediary local support organization to ensure sustainable development through promoting collaboration and partnerships among all the key development partners in the region. The major functions of VWODC are as under:

    – Serve as a flexible catalyst organization to assist in the identification of opportunities to promote equitable and sustainable development projects and mobilize human, financial and social resources to enable local people to make full use of opportunities.

    – Develop local capacity in managerial and technical skills through participatory training programmes.

    – Help link the community organizations with government agencies, NGOs, donor agencies, financial institutions and private businesses to access services (extension, training, finance, marketing and so on) to support the local development.

    – Pay particular attention to the opportunities and needs for involving women and the poorest in their own development within the social and cultural context.

    The overall objective of the Organization is:

    Poverty reduction, empowering women, strengthening gross-roots institutions (V/WOs) and environmental protection based on the principles – self-help, organization, saving promotion and skill development.

    Zaffar Ullah Baig

  16. Charles Sinetre (NAY says:

    We (NKHADZE ALIVE YOUTH ORGANIZATION – (NAYORG)are a youth NGO in Malawi Non profit making, working to empower local young people at the grassroots so to tame poverty at its earliest stage by engaging young people in socio economic activities. We empower youth with knowledge and skills,work in the area of education and healthy more especially in the area of HIV/AIDS. It is our wish to partner with Canadian Organizations for us to expand our programs to many parts of MALAWI.

  17. Wazir Zada says:

    I am Wazir Zada Kalash Manager of a Local Support Organization Ayun and Valleys Development Programme, Established by AKRSP with financial Support of CIDA Under its Institutional Development Programme.We are still supported by AKRASP under the same programme of CIDA. Our LSO has got independent status and have been working in partnership with different Donor Agencies. We have so for Implemented infrastructure Projects in Irrigation, Sanitation etc and wish to work direct with some NGO registered with CIDA. Detail about my organization is as follow



    Ayun valleys development Programme (AVDP) established with the help of the communities of Ayun UC based on the successful experience of village Organizations, Cluster Organizations in 2006 with an objective to be instrumental in the development of rural communities. It’s a Local Support Organization by aims at improving 4th living standard of the local communities in general by targeting poorest of the poor in particulars through intervention in social sector services and sustainable use of the local and natural resources.

    “AVDP” being an umbrella organization of all village-based institution (VBI’s) by civil society organization (CSO) at the valleys level feels it of significant importance to build the capacity of the people to enable them realize their aspiration for their own development.

    So for 101 village Organizations (52 Male Village organizations, 28 Women Organization and 21 Civil Society Organizations ) have registered with AVDP. These Organizations are the real source of AVDP. Through these organization AVDP Implement its Agenda to bring changes in the Area.

    Institutionally strong networking with each other and collaboration with govt. and private sector, on the basis of trust and mutually accountability in pursuit of socio-economic development and prosperity.
    Mission is to strengthen civil society organization to perform an affective role as a full partner with government and private sector in the Chitral socio-economic development.

    1. To improve Infrastructure, Health, Education, NRM, and Social Mobilization.

    Wazir Zada
    Manager Ayun and Kalasha Valleys Development Programme

  18. arsil hamid says:

    The AFTA Foundation is non government organization in west Sumatra-Indonesia.Food security, economic sustainability and sustainable utilization of nature is our concern. And for year 2011 we have prepared various activities continued from previous events, one of them is a farm community empowerment through organic farming. please kindly give us more information about this fellowship program, and others related document.

    thanks for your attention and help

  19. Vincent Awotwe-Pratt says:

    I am the Program Manager for Conservation Alliance, a regional environmental NGO with offices in Ghana, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire that worsk with strategic partners to empower communities to lead in biodiversity conservation and create opportunities for economic growth and improved human wellbeing. The regional office is in Accra, Ghana. Our focus is to bring together the people, organizations and resources necessary to ensure human development particularly in improving the wellbeing of communities and indigenous people, through conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources.

    We employ a number of tools to achieve our goal. These include education and awareness program, agriculture and food security, climate change and biodiversity conservation, eco-tourism and micro-finance, certification of commodities, farmer organization and training and partnership and governance, oil and mining biodiversity among others. As partners in development, we will be grateful to work with any Canadian organization (s) to implement a project that will promote economic development, ensure food security in the bread basket of the sub-region and ensure the well being of women, children and the vulnerable as spelled out in our gender policy statement.

  20. Juanito C. Enriquez, says:

    This is a very good opportunity for the developing countries to address the challenges in their own country. I am an Alumni of the Coady International Institute – St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada. I was there on September 29, 2010 to October 15, 2010 for a study program taking up the Course on "Certificate of Community-Based Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding", with my Professor, Dr Thomas Mark Turay of Sierra Leon, Africa, Doctor of Peace Studies. I graduated from my special course on October 15, 2010 and move to Vancouver, British Columbia for my public engagement from October 16 – 21, 2010 with the help of our partner organization, the CUSO-VSO, with Ms. Umeeda Switlo, Public Engagement officer, as my counterpart. I go around Vancouver for a tour on a Sunday, Oct. 17, 2010. I meet many organizations and individuals during the period of my engagements. In the afternoon of 18th October, I meet Mable Elmore, of Filipino Heritage, A member of the Legislature Assembly, British Columbia. We talk about governance and the Peace context of Mindanao, Philippines about the rebellion movement of the Moro people who has an ongoing peace talks with the Philippine government. In the evening of the same day, I had a meeting with the Indian Tribe, a "Sundance Tribe", with Reuben George as the Chieftain. They can be found in the North of Vancouver. It was a very great experienced for me because I joined their ritual, "the Sweating" sessions. A ball of red hot rocks with an average of 5 inches diameter will be taken from from a furnace and will be placed inside the closed tent numbering 5-6 pieces of red hot rocks!. I felt like burning inside the tent that the temp rose to as high as 80 degrees celsius. every session will take at least 15 minutes. I survived 4 sessions. The Sundance tribe accepted me as their special friend and part of the Tribe. They gave me a precious gift, the "RATTLE" that symbolizes their acceptance of me in the tribe. Chieftain Reuben George told me that the RATTLE will protect me from harm and it's medicinal. The following 2 consecutive nights in my hotel in Vancouver, the RATTLE made me a visions!. In the following days, I have had a meeting with the returned volunteers of CUSO-VSO for a for a peace consultation relative to the Moro problem in the Philippines. I also meet the organization, the "Peace it Together", with Reena Lazar, Executive Director. We exchanged information about the interfaith and inter-cultural dialogue for the youth. They have an ongoing program about the the dialogue among the Israelites-Palistinians-Canadians youth through a film making. I also shared about the dialogues we conducted with the Moros-Christians-Indigenous Peoples (IPs) youth through workshops on how they perceived peace?. I also meet the Indian Residential School Survivors Society, with Samaya Jardey, executive Director. We exchanged information about the hardships of the Tribe from the past and I also shared my experienced of working with the Lumad, the Indigenous People in our country called the "HIGAONON". I also meet the Filipino community for a peace consultation in Vancouver, in relation to the Peace problem in Mindanao. It was organized by the group of the Religious Protestants. We conducted a short workshop and a heated debate regarding the Moro problem because they also felt what the Filipinos feel living in our country. Recommendations during the consultations including those of the returned volunteers suggested to continue the peace talks between the rebels and the government but the government implement development programs to address poverty and other impending problems as a result of the conflict. Lastly, I visited the University of the Fraser Valley and conducted a lecture in a class of the Geography Department, Global Development Institute of my presentation about the peace problem in our country. Prof. Gary Fehr,PhD, said in his note,"thank you for taking the time to tell us your story. It is good to hear how important peace is to the development process from someone who is living it and not just reading about it." My study in Canada were funded by CIDA, CUSO-VSO and VSO Bahaginan in the philippines. In my post Canada study program, I continued my engagement in peace advocacy in my country, Philippines of working for in Mindanao. Some people say that peace is only an illusion. They are the people that can be viewed as spoilers because they can have gains in conflict. But for us peace loving people, peace is the hope of the humanity to exist by understanding and respect of each others' culture and faith. As we call it peace in diversity. Some other people in our place have too much expectations after my canada study. I should say to myself, how could I move effectively and efficiently, even I have all the knowledge from my study in Canada but have no resources to take actions. My actions towards peace is limited only indigenous resources. This funding opportunity is very great for us in developing countries especially in the conflict zones with high poverty incidence due to the impact of the conflict. It is my ambition to pay back the Canadian people of helping me in my study to strengthen my knowledge in peace advocacy in a form of services in line of my course. Thank you very much.

  21. Umo Isu-Ikoh says:

    Peace Point Action(PPA) is a non-profit,non-governmental organization based in Calabar,Cross River State-Nigeria.We are relentless in fighting against HIV/AIDS in the Niger-Delta Region of Nigeria, stigmatization, gender inequality, corruption, poverty, environmental pollution, climate change, unemployment, violation of human Rights (human trafficking) and poor reproductive health/sexually transmitted infections. PPA is experts in IEC development and our area of specialization is to convey precise but detailed information to various target groups. PPA has always been in forefront in advocating for community participation in the HIV/AIDS intervention, Good Governance, Human trafficking, and Environmental services related intervention.

    We are seeking partnership with Canadian NGOs for enhancement of our community services.Please give us the possible link.

  22. ASWO organization says:

    our ngo is starting project on different things like health education, Women Empowerment and environment in 2011 so for that we need help, sehepo is working in Pakistan . We are working since 10 years it take part in flood victims of Pakistan .

    please give fund to that we should start our project easily. kindly send us the application forms.

    Tahir Ali


    ASWO Gilgit Baltistan pakistan

  23. luca m ole rikoyan says:

    Induat E Maa – Maasai Visions Organization is a Non Governmental organization working Pastoral Dry Lands Communities. We are currently working in Maasai dry lands communities of Longido district in Arusha region – noth Tanzania. We are working towards "Management of Dry Lands Ecosystem, Conservation of Resources and Community Adaptation to the Changing Environment". The apprach we are using to achieve our mission is in our practical fields of six main programs. These are:

    1.Community Education,

    2.Heath – indoors/sanitation and STDs,

    3.Water, Environment and Technology,

    4.Micro Economics/Micro Credits initiatives – women and youths,

    5.Livelihoods – Agriculture to mean livestock and crop cultivation improvement,

    6.Social and cultural justice.

    However, we dont have any partnership relations with any Canadian international NGO. We would therefore like to partner with any interested in our fields of operation. We wuld like to forward our proposals to you, but will highly appreciate your advice and support to secure funding as we are in a financial need to impliment the above programs.

    We hope to get you soonest possible reply.


    Luca M.Ole Rikoyian

    Director Induat E Maa – Maasai Visions Organization.

  24. Kassahun& Birhan says:

    We are an NGO based in Ethiopia addressing the highly disadvantaged parts of the society and the country. We are engaged in Education, Agriculture, Technology Transfer, Health and other community based projects. We can provide detail information for our prospective partners from Canada, who are interested in this call.

    Please contact us through our email.

  25. we are an organisation based in Lesotho, focused on Food Security. We would like to partner with any NGO from Canada to implement such project in Lesotho.

  26. Barr chinweuba onah says:

    Community centre for justice and health initiative (cc4jhi) is a not for profit, not partisan, not political NGO registered in Nigeria.our vision is to achieve an accessible and sustainable justice delivery system and an affordable healthy livelihood in africa. our core thematic areas includes but not limited to the following; legal aid services to the socially excluded and the maginalised people, promoting gender mainstreaming in local democracy and governance, promotion of human rights, equity and fair play,youth development, adolescents and sexuality, HIV/AID ovc services, disease control, environment and sanitation e.t.c.

    We are desirous of securing a reputable and integrity conscious organisation in Canada to partner with, not just for this project but for future relationship. TNX.


    we are not for profit, non partisan and charity organization with it head office in Kaduna, Nigeria. we came into existence as a result of passionate concern about the increasing spate of kidnapping, militancy, fraud, rape, armed robbery, rioting, political thuggery becoming so common amongst high number of Nigerian youths aged 20-45yrs. our vision is to try and reduce violence tendencies amongst children in Nigeria in the rural and urban centres using formal and informal approaches to educate and enlighten them with the message of love, patience and tolerance for peaceful coexistence, as they grow up with it.

    we are seeking for reputable Canadian NGOs can partner or collaborate our activities with, most especially on the proposal of CIDA.

  28. PAUL AGGREY SAAH says:

    Tecom foundatio is an organization located at Tarkwa in the western region of Ghana its main objectives are as follows

    women and children in development




    Human Right

    The foundation has instituted a project entitle survival for poor and needy. The foundation therefore ask for your partnership

  29. M. Babar Khan says:

    We are working in Murree, Pakistan since 1996 and would like to submit our proposal under this RFP. We don’t have any link with Canadian org., if any organization interested to work in Pakistan we would love to work together for uplift of vunreable community.


    we are not for profit, non partisan and charity organization with it head office in Kaduna, Nigeria. we came into existence as a result of passionate concern about the increasing spate of kidnapping, militancy, fraud, rape, armed robbery, rioting, political thuggery becoming so common amongst high number of Nigerian youths aged 20-45yrs. our vision is to try and reduce violence tendencies amongst children in Nigeria in the rural and ruban centres using formal and informal approaches to educate and enlighten them with the message of love,patience and tolerance for peaceful coexistence, as they grow up with it.

    we are seeking for reputable Canadian NGOs can partner or collaborate our activities with.

  31. Winson Matthys says:

    Namakwa Development Foundation is a non profit South-Africa based organization register in terms of the NPO act 71 of 1997. The main aim of this organization to provide educational, food security, HIV/AIDS,victim empowerment programs to disadvantage, poor families and those in need. Food Security and social development for orphan and vulnerable children and women. Organization was found by poor christian women. We humbly ask international organizations to take our hand. We have not much resources

  32. Vincent mainga says:


    We are a national NGO registered and base in kenya working with the rural communities to address three thematic areas namely: improved livelihoods of the local community members through promoting intensive and modern agricultural systems and value addition. We do this by working in partnership with the government extension agents and community based organizations. Environmental conservation and restoration programmes and the third theme is capacity building. We would like to apply for CIDA funding and partner with Canadian organizations in running our programs. unfortunately there are no such in our region. Kindly is it possible for us to apply for this funding? Please advice. Vincent Mainga, Director of programmes Green Resources Initiative. Kenya

  33. Kondwani Nanchukwa says:

    Iam writting on behalf of the Foundation for Irrigation and Sustainable Development (FISD) a local non governmental organisation in Malawi that works in the area of

    1. Irrigation and Water Development (Irrigation, water and sanitation, water supply systems, Integrated Water Resources Management)

    2. Food and Nutrition Security

    3. Environmental Management-Climate Change Adaptation and Impact Mitigation

    4. Agribussiness Promotion among the vulnerable populations

    5. Youth and women empowerment through Agribussinesses

    6. Child Protection

    FISD ever worked with the Gender Equality Support Project of the CIDA and is interested to partner with any interested Canadian Organisation for these call for proposals.

  34. Raul Rivas says:

    I am writing in behalf of a 10,000 families who were resettled frm manila to the southrn part of Luzon , Philipines. The need is enormous. There is an active people's organization (Urban Poor Southville Assn.) who is taking the challenge to reduce poverty BUT HAVE NO CANADIAN agency partner. Maybe you can help.

    I know their plight, i helped them in developing their Logical Framework which we can share wen requested.

    Note: The resettlement is also threatened by the presence of a nearby dumpsite .

    "The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

  35. Tiberius Mutoro says:

    We are a registered non-governmental organization (FREND Africa)based in Wetern Kenya, Bungoma Central district,working with local communities in environment,sustainable agriculture,education as well as water and sanitation through mobilization of local resources, demonstration and empowering locals to achieve community development. We are looking forward to partner with any Canadian organization inline with our field of operation to make a difference in the lives of such communities globally.Thanks in advance.

  36. Samuel Njoroge Ngige says:

    INSPIRED COMMUNITY ACTION INTERNATIONAL (InCA-International) is a not for Profit- Non Governmental Organization registered in Kenya under the NGO Coordination act of 1990.The core mandate of InCA-INTERNATIONAL is to address drugs, Alcohol and substance abuse prevention, rehabilitation and HIV/AIDS risk reduction through an integrated community outreach model especially among the MARPS (Most at Risk Populations). InCA International is seeking deveolpment partners that can collaborate in implimenting the project briefly described below or any other area within the scope of our interest

    CONCEPT NOTE for Kuzuia Ukimwi, Ulevi na Mihandarati Project (Project KUUMI)


    Kuzuia Ukimwi Ulevi na Mihandarati is a Swahili term translated loosely to eradicate HIV/AIDS Alcoholism and drug Addiction. Project KUUMI aims at expanding the outreach program Currently under INCA International NGO in offering, an integrated HIV Risk reduction services through outreach and addiction Intensive outpatient rehabilitative services to Most at Risk Population (MARPs) of drug addicts, alcoholics and Commercial sex workers (CSWs) in Kenya’s central province rural peri-urban towns and slums. HIV/AIDS is still among the most important health challenges facing not only Kenya but also many developing countries in Sub Saharan Africa. The INCA International priority area of Provision of integrated HIV community outreach services for MARPs including sex workers and their clients, MSMs (Men having sex with men), IDUs (Injecting drug users), and alcohol related is within the overall and main objectives of global Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)

    Thank You,

    Samuel njoroge ngige

    InCA International Executive Director

  37. Shahiduzzaman says:

    News Network, a non-profit organisation of Bangladesh. most of its activities are related to media development. But it is also providing educational support to a most neglected community’s children. We have setup two elementary schools for them. Due to lack of funding we are facing lots of difficulties to run the schools smoothly. We will be happy if any Candia organization come forward to support the programme.

  38. Ayana Haile says:

    i am writing this on behalf of Green Schools Association to CIDA. Green schools Associational is a nonprofit nongovernmental organization that is registered and licensed to work on environmental issues at community level focusing on sustainable environmental Education, environmental health,plantation, afforestation and greening s in we are working at 5 project sites by members contribution and now we are seeking an assistance/support and any partners for effective implementation of our, if there is any chance of consideration ,please contact us through our email address.

    clean, green,conducive and safe environment for children of Ethiopia!


    Ayana Haile

    General manager

    Green schools Association 28298code1000

    Addis Ababa,Ethiopia


    We are a Non – Governmental organisation, in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.
    We are setting up a Peace Education Institute in this region ti arrest the restiveness of the Niger Delta youths, to allow sustainable development in this region.
    We are looking for any Credible Canadian NGO to work with in this regard.
    Please you can contact the Executive Director Joe Odiete

  40. Mutembuzi Joseph says:

    Am the Programs Director of Cope After Retirement Organisation Operating in Uganda. we fight poverty, promote good governance and promote entrepreneurship skills through the employees retirement planning approach. we would like to partner with a Canadian organisation that is interested in our idea. we can be contacted on our email

  41. Daniel Otieno O. says:

    We are a Non Governmental Organization working with the youth to alleviate poverty through education and innovative environmental conservation techniques in Kenya. We are looking forward to work with any organization and institution with the same vision and mission.

  42. Union of Non-Gorvenm says:

    Union of Non Governmental Organization is non profit organization working around in morogoro and Tanzania in Tanzania. We are real needy to support our beneficiaries including children and youth. The challenge is the linkage between UNGO and Canadian fellow.

    We hope Canadian fellow will link with us to support children and youth in our community mainly in the village.

  43. I am the director of a NGO in Kenya working to decrease the impact of HIV infection upon members of our society in central Kenya. We are also working on introduction of Village industries so as to alleviate poverty amongst the young people in our country.

    We don't know an Canadian organizations in our region so we are requesting any organization working around central Kenya to contact us if its possible to work with them.

    We can be contacted using our Email.

  44. gopal kumar says:

    We are Indian registered charity with legal FCRA registration facility. We are a good project partner of Swallows.Dk implementing women & Child development projects. We have keen interest in Rural Community development projects which includes human rights, child development, environmental activities, agriculture and Micro-credits. Any reputed Canadian agency may contact us for partnership with us to implement projects in South India (especially Tamil Nadu State). We are interested in this project.

  45. Adam Siwingwa says:

    MIICO is a non governmental organization which is based in Mbeya region, Tanzania. for the past 10 years we have been working with small holder farmers in the southern highlands of Tanzania to promote agricultural production, food security and entrepreneurship. we would like to partner with any Canadian organization which is interested to work in this country on themes mentioned above.

    Thank you.
    Adam Siwingwa
    Executive Director

  46. MS Amna Khan says:

    We have been running a Govt Regd NGO "SCEWA" since 1990 and would like to submit our proposal directly to CIDA because we don't have any link with Canadian org except previous correspondence with CIDA.

  47. Dave Williams says:

    I volunteer for a Peace Building NGO, Peace & Community Action here in Sri Lanka. The organisation is small but national and employs local staff from Tamil, Sinhalese, and Muslim communities. We work primarily in the East and South in villages and Divisions where there is a history of ongoing ehnic conflict and violence, community breakdown, and poverty due to loss of livelihoods during the 26 year civil war here. We also work with recently released ex LTTE combatants including child soldiers and their families, helping them secure livelihood skills and helping them integrate back into their communities. Recent funders include the EC (Human Rights)and UNICEF (establishing a community based Child Protection network).
    Our practice embodies a non-violent appproach to transform conflict and secure human rights through the development of the capacity of communities to participate fully in democratic decion making in their communities and local area together with strengthening their ability to work with others to problem solve the issues that affect their communities and that of their ethnically different neighbours, and improve their livelihooods. Activities includes ongoing conflict analyses, CBO & local CSO support and development, community workshops and peace coaching with key community members, and livelihood programmes eg training in use of paddy cultivating machinery etc.
    We are partcularly interested in supporting impoverished and disempowered women headed families of dead and missing LTTE combatants who find themselves unsupported by the state following the victory of the Sri Lankan Army over the LTTE.

  48. Deborah Fairbanks says:

    Fellow Canadians, hear this. Feed the Hungry San Miguel, Inc., a non-profit registered in Texas, USA, and its affiliate organization, Feed the Hungry A.C. a non-profit association civil registered in Mexico, is a unique model for feeding disadvantaged hungry school children in the 593 square mile area of the municipality of San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. By building kitchens at schools in urban and rural areas, employing local women and training them as cooks, and by teaching the children, the parents and the teachers how to make good nutrition food choices, Feed the Hungry reaches deep into the communities it serves to help alleviate food scarcity and to improve malnutrition in children and their families. Partnering with a local association, it funds the bio-intensive family backyard gardens program which is adding self-esteem, community cooperation, vegetables to the sparse diet, and the hope of food self-sufficiency. Marginalized and disadvantaged Mexican communities suffering unemployment levels as high as 88% and more, illiteracy rates of 72% and higher, are desperate for potable water, sufficient food to meet their needs, for means of employment and income and for education.
    One hot nutritious meal served every school day to kindergarten, elementary grades 1 to 6 students, and secundaria grades 7, 8 and 9 students is helping to alleviate hunger, to improve malnutrition and diseases and to increase registration, attendance and scholastic performance of children in San Miguel de Allende. Keeping children in school past grade 3 in poverty stricken areas of Mexico is an achievement.
    Canadian non-profits who have a compatible mission to feed the hungry and improve the quality of life and future opportunities for children are invited to please contact me
    I remain, at your service,
    Deborah Fairbanks, Director of Communications, Feed the Hungry San Miguel, Inc. and Feed the Hungry A.C.

  49. Harish Sadani says:

    Hi! I am Harish Sadani from India, spearheading a men's movement through Men Against Violence & Abuse (MAVA) — that explores the role of men as ‘partners’ in preventing gender-based violence against women by engaging men. For the past 4 years, MAVA has been passionately working with a sizeable number of male youths (of 16 to 20 years) in 2 districts – Pune and Mumbai, on issues surrounding masculinity, sexual health and gender-sensitive behavior using varied innovative media. This pioneering initiative of MAVA, only of its kind in India, with tremendous encouragement by Universities, grassroots voluntary organizations and women’s groups, is been gradually being up-scaled to 2 other districts of the state and we are looking for a partner organization in Canada to collaborate and run the initiative.

  50. Joshua Chiamba says:

    I am the director of Rural Development Centre (RUDEC).We are a non profit organisation in Cameroon that was registered in 2006 as a Common Initiative Group.

    We are working with underprivileged children who are orphans and carry many developmental projects that are all to benefit the youth,women,elderly and community as a whole.

    We are requesting organisations working in our areas of work to partner with us.We will also like to exchange volunteering skills with our organisation.


    Let me use this esteemed forum to reach out to Canadian organisations who wish to build capacity of Disabled People Organisations and establish income generating activities for persons with disabilities in Ondo State, Nigeria to please link up with me through my email address provided here.Our NGO is working with the poorest among persons with disabilities in Ondo State Nigeria.We do not discriminate between sexes as we have wings for women and men with disabilities. We also provide care and supports for orphans and vulnerable children with disabilities and widows with disabilities. Other development partners worldwide are equally invited through this forum to partner with us.

  52. Rosemary Hua says:

    First Step Action for children is a community based and child focused organization in Nigeria; we work for the holistic development of the Nigerian child. We have carried out several child focused activities which in cooperate the principles of the Convention of the right of the child, such as providing comprehensive care for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), and establishing community based Early child care centers and improve household care for young children that looks at the rights of young children. we have also worked on improved child health through nutritional assessment of young children and their feeding

    The main aim of the organization is to promote the recognition and acceptance of the rights of women and children and ensure that children have the best possible prospects for survival, development, protection and participation.

    we seek for partnership to work on food security that will secure the future of children and youth

  53. Adefemi Sharaf says:

    Eminent Charitable & Humanitarian Foundation is one of the leading organizations in the South West Nigeria, we work to eradicate poverty and diseases with special reference to Malaria, HIV, TB, Diarhea and others related.

    We would like to know how it would be possible for our management to establish rapour with your darling management.


    Adefemi Sharaf

    Executive Director and Osun State Chairman for

    Civil Society Organizations Working on Malaria Immunization and Nutrition.

  54. hager yilma says:

    We have a local NGo in Ethiopia called Vission Ethiopia Social based Service offering association working in Hiv aids prevention,Food security and and poverty allevationin benshangul and Amhara Region.We are currently seeking A canadian partner to work with our organization.

  55. Danjuma Abdullahi says:

    Ummah Support Intiative(USI) is a Faith-Based Orgabization(FBO) registered with the Government of Nigeria. USI has collaborated with Government, local and International NGOs towards reducing the suffering of Children especially Orphans and Vulnerable Children(OVC) in Nigeria.
    Our major support was from United Stated Agency for International Development (USAID)where USI implemented a project titled AIDS IMPACT MITIGATION(AIM) with Technical Assistance(TA) from Winrock International since 2006- 2010. This project reached 1,850 Children and 980 women as caregivers.

    Our major focus is in rural communities where we provide children with Health and Education with appreaciable support from communites in Design and Implementation of Projects.

    USI, will be interested to partner with an NGO in Canada with similar interest in implementing projects that will help our communities.
    USI has the capacity to facilitate with National Plannning Commission of Nigeria to invite any interested partner to Nigeria for purpose of implementing projects through partnership.


    Danjuma Abdullahi
    Project Manager

  56. Village Exchange Gha says:

    Village Exchange Ghana is operating in rural Ghana, one of CIDA's country of focus. Our target group is vulnerable women under 26, and more specifically teenage mothers.
    Our specific objective is to expand our Lady Volta Batik Centre in order to help a larger number of young women in precarious situations.
    – Overall objectives:
    1)Fight against poverty (MDG 1): to empower young women in precarious situations by promoting their financial independence through education and work
    2)Empower Women (MDG 3). Providing teenage mothers with the skills they need to achieve financial independence as well as targeted reproductive health services and life skills education, the Lady Volta Batik Centre helps young women to build a life based on self-esteem
    3)Reduce child mortality and improve maternal health (MDG 4 & 5). As Implementing Partner of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), VEG is committed to improve Reproductive and Sexual Health (RSH) in the Volta Region of Ghana. The organization provides targeted services, life skills education and counseling to its employees, and in particular, those working for the Lady Volta Batik project, to the community and to surrounding villages. The aim is to reduce the number of teenage pregnancies in communities of the Volta Region by promoting responsible sexual behaviors. This action, in turn, contributes to the reduction of child mortality, as it is well known that more educated women are more able to protect the health of their children. VEG contributes also to the improvement of maternal health through counseling sessions focused on safe sex and self-esteem. Helping adolescent girls to avoid early and unwanted pregnancies contributes to protect their health and fight maternal death.
    5)The development of the Lady Volta Batik Centre will contribute to the sustainability of VEG’s RSH project in bringing funds to the organization and reducing its dependence upon donor funding.

  57. Pastor(Brig) Sunday says:

    I am a Nigerian development worker, I will love to partner as co-implementer with any Canadian Organization to carry out this project if I get to know any lucky Implementer.

    My NGO is God's Manifestation Orphans and Widows Organization, a non partisan, non profit and non governmental organization (NGO) register with Ministry of women Affair (MOWA), Cross River State Agency on Control of AIDS (CRSACA) and Interfaith Coalition.

    I am working with Widows and Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC). 362 OVC and 121 Widows. I will love to be part of the project.


    Yours Sincerely

    Pastor (Brig) Sunday Joshua Eminue

    President: God's Manifestation Orphans and Widows Organization (GMOWO Single Ladies Club)

    Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria

  58. VESH Inititiative is a not for profit organization based in Vihiga County of VESH Initiative is a non-partisan, non-religious development organization working in Vihiga County western region in Kenya since 2008 to end injustices and poverty. VESH Initiative focuses on the promotion and defence of economic, social, cultural, civil and political human rights.

    Our core purpose is capacity building of communities and institutions at the grass root level for holistic sustainable development. This is through information sharing, building strategic linkages and gender mainstreaming to achieve credible workings systems. In our approach people are central. We believe the greater citizenry have the power to collectively drive their own development agenda.

    We value strategic partnerships with state offices, local authorities, religious institutions, development groups (women, youth, people with disabilities e.t.c.) at the grass root. In view of this we would like to partner with CIDA Kenya to ensure a wider reach out in project implementation for the citizens of western region of Kenya

  59. Akinbohun Babatunde says:

    We are the CENTER FOR PEACE EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT located in the north west region of Nigeria TARABA STATE,.Our organization is into areas of HIV/AIDS prevention,community strengthening and socio-economic development.

    The organization have successfully completed projects with USAIDS, E.U on HIV/AIDS/Abstinence e.t.c We have also rounded up a mobilization exercise on Malaria prevention and cure using the preferred Arthemether Lumefantrine combination of drugs and Long Lasting insecticide treated Net. We also carried out projects on Cholera prevention with the use of water guard.All this projects were effected with self sponsoring by the organization.

    So therefore, We will like to have a partnership an Canadian organization operating programs of our kind in order to participate in ongoing call for proposal.

    Yours in Fight Against HIV/AIDS

    Project Manager
    Akinbohun Babatunde

  60. Kevins F W says:

    We need any Canadian NGO to partner with us at CHILDHELP SIERRA LEONE in Sierra Leone, West Africa. waiting for any who is capable.

  61. Daniel Ebba Gurmu says:

    I am a PhD student in the University of Addis Ababa in the field of Environment, water and development with a research proposal of environment and demographic implication of small scale irrigation in Ethiopia. Though the current announcement mostly related with NGOs and/or partners, I am also in need of assistance to successfully complete the program and come up with problem solving research findings. If you are voluntary to do so I am happy to attach all the necessary documents very soon.

  62. Emmanuel Makongoro says:

    Green Hope is a registered non-profit, non-governmental organisation with no political of religious affiliations. Green hope is an equal opportunity organisation working to reinforce local community capacities in striving forth cultural as well as socio-economic development.

    Green Hope has been on the ground since year 2001, We work with local communities in the areas of Health, Education, Youth economic empowerment, Environmental conservation, Care and support for Most Vulnerable Children as well as Home Based Care for People Living with HIV/AIDS in Arusha and Mwanza regions of Tanzania.

    We work with various Canadian based institutions and cooperation as their on the ground partners, any Canadian Institution based in Tanzania and interested to explore the opportunity of funding with us for this particular call should feel feel to contact us. Thanx, Emmanuel Makongoro –PROGRAMME COORDINATOR.

  63. Bwalo Initiative says:

    bwalo Initiative is a social-economic and humaniterian organization that is not for profit making,working in Malawi.The organization has a Family reintegration programme for the displaced children those living and begging on the streets of Malawi.The organization would like to re-unity and reintegrate these children back to their families in the communities in Malawi.This programme is long term where will look into the affairs of these displaced children rehabilitate into their communities in Malawi.Therefore organization is looking for Canadian International development organizations that can link with us on issues of child protection.

  64. Timothy kiprono says:

    Kenya Indigenous Communities Development Organization – KEI-Codeo is a none profit CBO operating in a larger North-rift region of Rift valley province of kenya. The organization is note yet registered NGO but we have the capacity and interest to implement the CIDA programmes, can you please link us with CIDA partners in Kenya?

    We are committed and determined to an empowered society both socially, economically and politically, let us find a common ground on working together

  65. Peac Kankwatsa says:

    I work for the National Agricultural Research Organisation, but based at a Zonal Agriculture Research and Development Institute. The zonal instituts are expected to identify needs of the farmers, develop appropriate technologies and disseminate them using strategies that ensure acceptance, adoption, utilitization to improve livelihood and development. Canadian Research Institutes and NGO that are interested in developing agriculture production for food / nutrition security and income generation, NRM and livelihood improvement are welcome.


    We are a Kenyan registered NGO working in the education sector.We work in Northern Kenya.There is a lot we can do to improve education standards in this region.We therefore invite our dear Canadian NGO who would like to partener with us so that we can access this support from CIDA.

    Thank you.

  67. Mrs.Shanthi Thomas says:

    We are Indian registered charity with legal FCRA registration facility. We are good project partners of 'Associated Country Women of the World (ACWW, London and also ' Women's World Day of Prayer German Committee, Germnay' implementing women & Child development projects. We are keen interest in Rural Community development projects which includes Agriculture, community health, human rights, child development, Environment and Micro-credits. Any reputed Canadian agency may contact us for partnership with us to implement projects in South India (Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu States). We are interested in this project.

  68. Philomena Anokwu says:

    We are known as CENTRE FOR HOSPITAL AND HEALTH SERVICES IMPROVEMENT. NGO registered in Nigeria. We facilitate access to healthcare interventions for disadvantaged persons, victims of HIV and AIDS and Orphan and Vulnerable children and people living in poverty in rural communities. We create platforms for community care and support. We have plan to enroll these disadvantaged people into the National Health Insurance Scheme so that they will permanently access health care without fuerther financial restrictions but we need funds to accomplish the plan.

    Kindly link our organization to any Canadian organization working on health issues in Nigeria who can partner with us so as to be eligible to apply.

    Thank you.

    Philomena Anokwu

    National Coordinator

  69. Jenny Bornman says:

    We are in a deep rural area in South Africa 95% of the community is unemployed
    We are a register NPO and we are sustainable
    Coul you please help us with funding

  70. Fodreck Nyongani says:

    I work for the Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM) of Mangochi Diocese. We are interested in this call for proposals and any well meaning Canadian organization is welcome to partner with us.


    Our organization is the national coalition of all NGOs/CBOs/FBOs working in the area of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in Nigeria.

    We have great need in our state in the sense that the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs in 2009, declared Imo as the state with the second largest OVC population in Nigeria at 4.5 million. It is a desperate case; yet we are undaunted and are working hard but for the paucity of our funds.

    It is our wish that Canadian organizations create a partnership with us and to assess the funds called for. We can achieve a major success in the development of Africa together.

    Please contact us on [email protected]

  72. AbdulaI D. Swaray says:

    Our organisation is a child Focused National NGO operating in Sierra Leone. We will like to partner with any reputable Canadian organisation that will be submitting proposal for this call. Interested Partners can contact us.

  73. Galiwango Bukko says:

    I work with an organisation that operates in the lake victoria islands on the Ugandan side in a district called Kalangala which is made up of 84 islands.We are working in the area of food security,Environment, HIV/Aids using the rights based approach.We are ready to work but our greatest challenge for now funds to continue with these programmes.

  74. MMEKA CHUMA .J. ESQ. says:

    The Cona Anosike Support Foundation (CONASUF) Inc. is a Nigerian NGO. We are mainly involved with the upliftment of the lives of less privileged, abused, orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria. We provide beneficiaries with psychosocial, education, health, and economic strengthening support. We have been in operation for 15 years and have touched many lives positively.

    We are interested in partnering with Canadian NGOs with similar visions as ours and even the CIDA in Nigeria to bring assistance to these poor helpless young ones under this call.

  75. Danjuma Abdullahi says:

    Ummah Support Initiative(USI) is a Non-Governmental Oraginization(NGO) working in rural communties in Nigeria on areas of health and education. USI serve communities with vulnerable populations such Orphans and Vulnerable Children and people living with HIV/AIDs. USI usually partner with Goverment and Non-Governmental Organization Nigeria. We had partnered with Winrock International based in United States and Center for Population and Development Activties(CEDPA) all the collobiration with support from United State Agency for International Development(USAID). Considering the role of this project, we will like to partner with any interested Organization in Candana to enable us our of srving the communities.


    Danjuma Abdullahi
    Project Manager (USI)

  76. Constance Mogale says:

    Land Access Movement of South Africa is a federation of landless communities who advocates for land rights and access. The founders where rural communities who leave in the former homelands and were forcibly removed, Over time LAMOSA established itself as an organization that dared to challenge post apartheid gender discrimination and inheritance rights to land and natural resources, farm evictions and exploitation of Farm Workers, tenants and dwellers. Most importantly LAMOSA played an important role in continuous policy dialogues on the History of land reform, which raised awareness amongst the ignorant members of the society, especially the youth.

    We would like to be connected to any Canadian organization sharing similar objectives si that we can be able to access resources through this call

  77. Gebre Gelana Gudisa says:

    Organization- Arba Minch University College of medicine and health science.we want to GIVE training on ART for the students as well as for staffs.but we do not have money.if there is any organization who volunteer to help us we are ready to so.Thank you!

  78. Elphas Were says:

    Kenya economic youth network is a youth based organization based in Western region of Kenya particularly Kakamega county. We are engaged in community empowerment on economic, social and governance with networks not only in western but also nyanza and part of rift valley. We would like to apply and partner up with Canadian organizations in running our programs unfortunately there are no such in our region. Kindly is possible for us to apply these funding? Please advice.

  79. Lembulung M. Ole Kos says:

    Our organization is a small NGO registered in Tanzania mainly working with pastoralists in Manyara region. Our main areas of interest are education, land and natural resources rights and management and community health.

    we would be happy to consider partnership with Canadian organizations with more or less the same interests as us in accessing funding under this call.

  80. mujeeb-ud-din says:

    i m interested in this programe

  81. Henry Julius says:

    The name of my Organisation is Nenbuima Community Development Organisation. It is a local NGO and has been in operation for the past six years in Sierra Leone West Africa. We are enbacked on Agriculture which is food security that is responsible for the development of every nation, children deveolpment throught education and ofcourse youth empowerment of self employment in the various commnuities.Our main problem is fund to emable us operate very well and even expand our work aera.

    We could like to be a part to your Organisation for further development and sustainability. In that light, we promed to comply with all your rules and regulations

  82. Sute Mwakasungula says:

    We are a non-governmental organisation that strives to uplift the livelihoods of the poor in Malawi. We do this through livestock, water and sanitation and climate change interventions. Unfortunately we have few Canadian NGOs in the country that we can work with, if there are any interested institutions we are ready to week.