Concept Paper Format and other Important Instructions under USAID’s Development Grants Program

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Concept paper format and other important instructions for NGOs submitting proposals to USAID’s Development Grants Program

Source: DGP – RFA – Request for Applications No. M/OAA/GRO/EGAS-DGP-10-001.

All Concept Papers must be:

  • A maximum of five (5) pages;
  • Typed, single space on letter size, not legal size, paper;
  • 12 font size;
  • Written in English and/or Spanish, French or Portuguese depending upon the language the Mission requests in its supplemental information (Appendix E);
  • Text must be in a recent Windows-compatible version of MS Word (version 2000 or later) or Adobe PDF format;
  • Spreadsheets may be in MS Excel (version 2000 or later) or a recent version of Lotus 1-2-3 or in tables that are compatible with MS Word.

The five-page maximum does not include the cover page or attachments. The attachments must be concise and not be a continuation of the requested five-page content.

Concept Paper Instructions

Concept Papers must respond to the Agency priorities and geographic focus and sector priorities of the RFA, as well as reflect the Mission’s supplemental priorities listed in Appendix E.

Important considerations for Concept Paper submission:

  • If you plan to submit a Concept Paper for more than one country, you must submit a separate Concept Paper for each country.
  • Only regional Missions may invite Concept Papers for more than one country if a regional Mission participates in the DGP.
  • Carefully review Appendix E to ensure a USAID Mission is both participating in the DGP, AND accepting applications for the sector relevant to your concept paper.
  • Applications that propose interventions specifically targeted at a particular community, which may have had no or limited experience with USAID funded programs, should emphasize the outreach and expected benefits to that population.
  • Applications that promote alliances with public and private partners should clearly state in the Concept paper how this will be managed.

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