Concept Paper Format and Submission for USAID’s Development Grants Program

NGOs submitting concept papers under USAID’s Development Grants Program should follow these guidelines:

Source: DGP – RFA – Request for Applications No. M/OAA/GRO/EGAS-DGP-10-001.

“Concept Papers must include the following three (3) components. Please organize the concept paper according to the outline below.

a. Cover Page

  2. Name and address of organization;
  3. Contact person (lead contact name; telephone number, fax and e-mail Information);
  4. Title of proposed program; country and sector(s) being proposed; total dollar amount of funds requested for the three-year period;
  5. Identify applying organization as a registered U.S. PVO or a LNGO;
  6. Names of other organizations or donors to whom you are submitting the application and/or which are funding the proposed activities; and
  7. Signature, name and title of the authorized representative of the applicant.

b. Technical Instructions (5 pages maximum)

The Concept paper must include:

  1. Situational analysis: a brief background on the specific development challenge/ opportunity and needs to be addressed by the proposal (include description of the target population);
  2. Statement of the goals and objectives and how objectives relate to specific challenges/ opportunities in the country and sector(s);
  3. How achieving the objectives of the proposed activities will support accomplishment of USAID Mission’s strategic goals and contribute to Agency priorities in food security, global climate change, and the President’s Global Engagement Initiative;
  4. Method(s) of approach, highlighting any innovations to be employed (include gender focus);
  5. Anticipated results and indicative measures to monitor and evaluate results;
  6. Role of proposed partners (NGOs and/or alliances with private businesses) as well as amount and source of cost share contribution in cash or in kind, by Applicant; (See Section 5, Part B 7 for additional information on Cost Share criteria).
  7. Brief statement as to why the proposed activities are technically and financially feasible;
  8. Proposed budget including type of budget support requested from USAID disaggregated by Direct, program costs4 as well as Indirect costs5);
  9. How the proposed activities will be sustained after the grant ends; and
  10. Cost Share: Submit information indicating the financial and/or in-kind resources to be leveraged. A cost-share or match from non-government sources of 10% or more for LNGOs is required. A cost share of 15% or more is required for U.S. PVOs. Submit a written commitment by other organizations, donors or individuals.

c. Attachments (includes past performance, institutional capabilities, and supporting information) (No page limit; but be concise)

  1. Statement of USAID assistance received during the preceding five year period; a brief description of activities, donor(s) and amount of support.

Organizations that did not receive funds during the preceding five-year period must state this fact;

  1. Concise description of the Applicant’s development experience including project descriptions, results and evaluations;
  2. A brief statement of the history of the organization; its primary development focus, capabilities and challenges;
  3. An organizational chart of the Applicant organization;
  4. Proposed staff roles and responsibilities; and
  5. Three-year work plan.”

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