DFID Grant for NGOs for Provision of Girls’ Education

The UK Department for International Development (DFID) is offering funding to support support NGOs, charities and the private sector who can find better ways to provide education opportunities to marginalised girls in the poorest countries in Africa and Asia under the UK’s Girls’ Education Challenge.

The aim of the UK’s Girls’ Education Challenge is to enable up to one million of the poorest girls in the world to enter and stay in school and receive an education which will transform their future.

The first round of funding will be open across nine priority countries: Afghanistan, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mozambique, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

Funding of up to £30 million will be awarded through a competitive process to NGOs, charities and private sector organisations (including consortia of organisations) who can demonstrate innovative ways of reaching marginalised girls. These are girls who have either had no access to education or have dropped out of school early and have received limited opportunities to learn.

Any successful application will need to demonstrate new ideas and cost effective approaches to reaching girls in the most difficult circumstances. Proposed projects should complement existing support to education in that country (including DFID bilateral support), have agreement from state authorities and demonstrate sustainability beyond the life of the Girls’ Education Challenge. Funding from the Girls’ Education Challenge will be awarded on the ability of organisations to deliver results for girls.

A second round of funding, called the Innovation Pilot Window, for smaller scale pilot programmes (up to £2 million) will be launched later this year. Details will be provided on this website by September 2012.

The Girls’ Education Challenge (GEC) has a two stage application process:

Concept note stage: The first step is the submission of the concept note form setting out the project idea being proposed for funding. The Fund Manager will assess eligibility and overall fit with GEC criteria, and then invite successful concept note applicants to move forward to the full application stage;

Full application stage: The full applications will be used by the Fund Manager and DFID to assess potential projects and select successful projects for funding.

The deadline to submit proposals for the first round is 8 June 2012. For more information, visit this link.


  1. Stanley Moffat says:

    This is good development for African Girl Child who is continuing suffering in education, health due to poverty. I hope Community Care Support Trust (CAST) will take this opportunity to apply for fund that would uplift the living standard of Malawian girl child.


    We are almost about to complete the concept notes for submission and for your perusal. In anticipation to address the much needed support for the marginalised girls in Sierra Leone.


    We are almost completing the Concept notes for submission and for your perusal.

  4. Hannah Koroma says:

    Finding it difficult to access the link.
    How can we apply – could not download format
    Please help

    Hannah Koroma
    National Coordinator
    Women Against Violence and Expoitation in Society


    Que Dieu vous benisse pour pouvoir songer aux filles marginalisees afin d’avoir acces aux etudes formelles et non formelles. Par exemple, ici en RD Congo il y a beaucoup de filles qui n’ont pas l’acces aux etudes faute des moyens financiers de leurs parents. En particulier, ici dans la province du Katanga, District du Tanganyika, Territoire de Kalemie nous avons peu des femmes qui ont des postes de responsabilite et meme qui postulent dans la deputation provinciale et nationale. Vraiment votre assistance sera un atout pour l’avenir de ces filles.

  6. Uncle Bob says:

    When does Zambia expect to be included in the group of countries to benefit from this category of DFID’s funding?

  7. Emanuel J.Buri says:

    Tanzania Student Achievement Organization (TanSAO)still believe in an old statement that when you educate one girl/woman you educate almost the whole society.
    When a women is empowered in any career or field they become a good example in term of leadership,accountability and transparency.
    Emanuel J.Buri
    Project manager
    Tanzania Student Achievement Organization (TanSAO)

  8. S.A.HAMID says:

    this is a good initiative but i pray it should be extended to GHANA

  9. Achieng Beatrice Nas says:

    This funding is fit for Rural Girl Child Mentorship Uganda (RGCM Uganda), a project under a grassroots NGO– Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE-Foundation), is a one on one girl-to-mentor project aimed at empowering Ugandan girls through financial assistance for continued education, shared knowledge and wisdom, and creative thinking. Each rural Ugandan girl is connected to a mentor who helps nurture their vision for a brighter future.
    PCE-Foundation is a national grassroots Not for Profit Organization operating under the legal instruments governing NGOs in Uganda. It is registered under REG NO: S.5914/9510, currently operating in Eastern Uganda.
    Today we have 40 rural girls matched with mentors from Australia, United Kingdom and the United States.

  10. Hannah Koroma says:

    We are an organisation working on both women and girl child rights your call for proposal is timely we are looking forward to sending you proposal to address teenage pregnance and retention of girls in school in rural communities.

    Hannah Koroma
    National Coordinator
    Women Against Violence and Exploitation in Society

  11. HARON AGWENOYI says:

    Girls are among the best leaders for example, the current Speaker of the Parliament of the Republic of Uganda is a women, because she got good and quality Education, but can a poor girls in Okuru i.e one of the village in Otuke district also be a speaker of parliament like her? Yes if some good plan of supporting girls education like this has come, I feel so good to hear such funding.

  12. simonhelga says:

    Dear sir/Madam

    1am the program coordinator of Tanzania research education environmental care in Kilimanjaro Tanzania,we are providing education on various issues ,so i thank you DFID for this support because we have a plan to educate girls especially in MAASAI Area.
    Thanks with regards,
    simon helga

  13. Prof.Madhukar Sarwade says:

    We are working in slum and rural areas educational cause.free cost teaching 1st to 12 th boys and girls,and also teach computer courses.so need funding,and projects.Plz sir email me.

  14. JANUARY says:

    This is January from Tanzania, thanks DFID for the project this is helpful for girls especially those who are in need.In my country this will be help especially girls from pastoral areas who are usually shift with cattle’s looking for pastures.

  15. hHelping People-NGO says:

    Our organization would like to collaborate with your organization in achieving our goals. We will send you documents of our organization.


    Eric Abu Sesay
    Programme Manager
    Helping People-NGO
    Sierra Leone
    West Africa

  16. Pamela Nizeyimana says:

    I am from Uganda. I am a general secretary for a disability organisation. I wish to appreciate the work of DFID towards education of a girl child. Hope you will come to Uganda as its near Kenya, Tanzania and DR Congo for the same goal. More especially Education of a girl child with disability who is double marginalised

  17. John Oheneba-Acquah says:

    Dear DFID:
    I would say, “KUDOS”, for your unconditional interest in alleviating poverty in some parts of Africa, especially, in your effort to help the girl-child to get educated. But kindly extend it to Ghana.
    God bless you all.

  18. William Kibaalya says:

    Many thanks to DFID for this wonderful investment in girls; I am however a little bit skeptical about the emphasis put on girls these days given male chauvinism in Africa. Even when girls get the education, some end up getting married to uneducated or semi-literate men (boys left out under such a scheme) and these dominate the decision making. Meaning children from such relationships will still face difficulties of powerlessness. My suggestion is to balance the support, education for vulnerable children (boys and girls) for better impact.

  19. L.FRANCIS says:


    I’m the President & Managing director of “CREATIVE SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY” in Andhra Pradesh country INDIA in Krishna district.
    At our orphanage we taking care of 20 Orphans of which 7 are girls who needs education and support. Most of the children are poor & needy We thank DFID for this wonderful product.

    Thank you!

  20. Samson says:

    I am from Kenya, giving hand and Thanks to DFID for giving hand to needy girl education.

  21. Mary Chiwala Mutale says:

    I’m the executive director of Nsungeni Children’s Home bases in Southern Africa country Zambia in Kapiri Mposhi district.
    At our orphanage we taking care of 14 Orphans of which 7 are girls who needs education and support. Most of the children are on ART treatment. We thank DFID for this wonderful product.

    Thank you!

  22. Joseph D. HALAKE says:

    Thank you DFID for the initiative on GEC.
    providing funding opportunities for Education Access,improved completion rates for marginalized girls in the most innovative and sustainable programme is most welcome.

  23. Children are entitled to a free, quality basic education. This goal appears to be out of reach for many children from poor families in rural and slum areas in Africa. School attendance, especially for girls is far from universal, and many children drop out of school at class tender age before completing the required National educational system, thus, leading to early marriage/pregnancy, drug abuse, gang organization, child labor, immoral behavior and suicide. Most of this pupils come from poor backgrounds of whom, with high expectations and less acquired knowledge, expect to have continued with their education and done better in school but fail,due to lack of resources.
    The UK Department for International Development (DFID), has done a great thing for the people in Africa. Keep up the good job.

  24. Ruyonga Allan says:

    Thank you very much for supporting poor countries. Am only interested in protecting the girl child from defilers for sure we say we want them to go back to school but they are so much defiled and the law is not fair here in Africa. I have a list of eighty young girls aged 15 and 16 who have been defiled in the same yeah, same school and sometimes by same offender and the authorities are doing nothing now my question is where is the law and what girls are we taking back to school. However am trying to report the matter to other good Samaritans.
    Let us support the UK plan by living these innocent girls to have a chance to stay in school. Thank you very much

  25. Shah zaman Kakar says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    Integrated development for empowerment and assistance Pakistan to improve the life of people through education and eradicate the poverty through available resources in the entire country.IDEA pk is non profit organization was registered under societies registration act 1860. currently Balochistan is facing different issues. Due to tribal customs especially facing education problems. IDEA pk goals to provide better environment to the communities of tribal area in education sector.

  26. RATI DEVI says:

    i am rati devi.I want to opan a school for poor girls.i need your help….
    Please give me some fund….

  27. Rev Capt. Godwin Kumeto says:


  28. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am grateful for the funding opportunity for the girl child education, and I want to thank the UK development Agency for taking into account the need of a girl as priority. I happy to inform that I have been championing this for some time. I have nine daughters who school going and they need a helping. And on top of that I am a Director of primary school offering primary education to vulnerable and orphans at our School, Tom & and Margaret Carroll Memorial Education Center which was constructed by the assistance of Fields of Life, Ireland and we have 201 pupils of which 102 are girls and they need support and to have them accommodated at school by providing them a hostel. The school is southeast of Kampala in a rural area.
    Please, join me in fulfilling this dream.

  29. Justice Sumaili says:

    Educating a girl is foundamental to accesssing main key for development. We are living in poor countries where uneducated girls and future women are suffering in silence. Educating them will give capacity to fight for their better socio-economic and health wellbeing.

  30. Daudi N. Kobaai says:

    Thanks to DFID for giving hand to those who are struggling to uplift the lifes of the oppressed. I work with Iltareto Education Foundation, a NGO in kajiado-Kenya, whose main objective is to giving hope to the hopeless through education, giving a hand to the oppressed through education that gives one self realisation hence exercise personal rights. These are young girls whose parents/gurdians neglect them because of cultural values like female Genital Mutilation(FGM), Marrying off as young as 12years in exchange cows(dowry), not given priority in education, just to name a few. In this case we shall present our proposal so as to rescue these young innocent girls who also have their dreams of life.

  31. ogadenvolunteers says:

    we have number of ogaden refugee girls n kenya most of them are poor and orphans so they need education and we appreciate for every humanitarian


  32. Hellen Duku says:

    Hands of Grace Peace Orphan Gospel Choir South Sudan is registered non- profit making organizations established early this year under Reg no1,354 founded faithful christians to educate orphans and school dropout in south sudan due to different causes like.
    1. Local of scholastic materials; In the study where some drop out are interviewed, some of them said they lacked scholastic materials to support in their education. These scholastic materials includes writing books, mathematical sets, school uniforms, pens, soap and sanitary materials especially for the girls which has to be used during their menstrual period hence due to the same they drop out.
    2. Tuition fee: some of secondary school dropout which has been interviewed sighted lack of tuition fee forced them to be out of school, since some of the parents of some students do not have income generating activities, they failed to raised money to pay for their children tuition fees especially in secondary school, however it has partly also affected some pupils in primary schools.
    3. Lack of parental care; Due to the long civil war fought many lives where loss which has left some children without parent living them to be taken care of by either their relatives or friends, so they find it hard to support them in school since they themselves have their own children to care for, so these children whose parents had died end up dropping out from school. This factor has affected both students in secondary schools and primary school.
    4. Lack of school feeding programme; For healthy mine there has to be sufficient food for the students and pupils in school but however, it has never been the case especially in the school visited children end up being without breakfast and lunch which has made live so difficult for the pupils and students, Hence, drop to pressure not to contained hunger in the school has forced children to drop out from schools this is because one cannot stay in school right from morning up to evening hours without having some little in the stomach.
    5. Early Marriage: In study conducted, it was also find out that some students and pupils end up in early marriage hence dropping out from school, some of the marriage is either being forced by the parent or the girl being pregnanted from school.
    6. War
    7. Neglence of girls education, In South Sudan you will find that most of the parents don’t want their daught to go to school because they need them to stay at home for cooking ,going to bring water to the long distean kilmeter.
    8. Negative cultural practice of South Sudanese,Some of the culturarl in south sudan can not allown their daught to go to school.
    9. Poverty,most parnts are very poor and they can not get money to sponsor their girl in school.
    10. Peer/group influence.

    *To give education opportunity to the orphans and school dropouts.
    *To accommondation for orphanage/school.
    *To make them to become future leaders.
    *Spirtant development teaching.
    *To make them grow responsible citizens.
    *To make them sustainable and self -reliant.
    *To couselling both orphans and school dropout.
    *To teach the women about how to known family planing.
    *To share their spiritual life with outside world.

    Hands of Grace Peace Orphan Gospel choir is a project of children choir in juba south sudan .They are orphans who sing and dance to raise funds for their school fees, shelter, clother , shoe, and home for their care. It 85 team of children who are either orphans.
    We aim to construction of children’s villages, which provide a homely environment, where children are housed, clothed, feed, educated and spiritually discipled, with the intention to train and equip them as future leaders. The goal is to provide holistic, residential care for every child so that each one will become a responsible Christian and a productive citizen of South Sudan.

  33. Blastus Kahemela says:

    We are the Organisation known as TALADO dealing with various issues.
    We would like to know if you can have the projects with us.
    Blastus Kahemela.
    Executive and Legal officer.

  34. vernon silweya says:

    I really interesting in working with you to eliviating girls dicrimination in all sectors development of our natoin.my in malawi i need girls rural area to be educated if you go chitip,karonga and mzimba this areas girls to get education it so difficult

  35. girls in Ethiopia need your help, they lack the opportunity not the capacity

  36. vernon silweya says:

    I would like to ask you DFID for helping me in empowering young girls in my country malawi.likely orphanage really left out in africa and dep concern on astriken porvertness,major problem 12-20yers girls are forced into early marreges where by the fail to sustain in their lifes becouse educating aboy is to educate individual while educating agirl is to educating anation.so i need your suport please girls full dicrimineted and i want to work heard with heard also girls from age 8-20years atruggling from people harrasing them having sex with young ones.i will be looking forward for your reply

  37. Gizex Gizai says:

    We are working with the volnerable and marginalised girls and would like to pay for their secondary and college contribution fees

  38. Benadir Charity Council says:

    Benadir Charity Council is organization established by group of marginalised based in somalia are here intresting participation of this apportunity to enhace thus community whom are more suffering by luck of educaiton and did not get apportunity since civi war broke out the somalia country

  39. do this projct for pakistan and fata

  40. Eng. Shija Mlingwa says:

    Hello Kanu Majumder,
    Greetings from Eng. Shija of Arusha Tanzania, I work with a local NGO namely Community Based Health Care Council specialized on water sanitation and reproductive health. recently we were invited by Kilolo district in Iringa to see the possibility to establish water project to ward secondary school that recently built dormitory for girls, but still have a big challenge of water supply to boarding girls and school as a whole, where pupils use some of the class time to collect some water, thou even the collected water is from stream that has pollution potential.
    I feel this as a golden opportunity to respond to the community needs of helping girls reach they are goal.
    thanks in advance
    Eng. Shija Mlingwa
    CBHCC Coordinator

  41. Mr.Niaz Ahmed says:

    we are working in a very deprived area of Pakistan province Balochistan’s area awaran.Especially on child sponsorship ,here we need external support on urgent bases especially on the education of the girl.

    Thanks for your interest in such a deprived areas like Awaran.

    Niaz ahmed
    Program cooedinator
    Duraski Soacial Development Society,Awaran,Balochistan,Pakistan.

  42. Frank Chanda Bwelele says:

    Why have you leftout the vulnerable young girls that need your support support very very much from the poorest villages in zambia?

  43. Frank Chanda Bwelele says:

    When i received this notification about the call for proposal to stakeholders/NGOs/Charities providing educational support to girls in africa. I got very much interest because our office has no financial support to provide educational support to many young girls that need educational support right this moment.

    I just have a question for you as a donor if i may call you and if its fine with you.

    Why have you left out the vulnerable young girls that need that support from zambia?

  44. Please, our girls in mt. Elgon of western kenya require an urgent external assistance to get them quality education. The region is struggling to recover from a very complex internal conflict that saw young girls of 9 to 14years forced to motherhood as well as sexual abuses and all sorts of inhumane actions between 2006 and 2009. So far very little return to normalcy is noticed on the ground. We appreciate your concern and wish to appeal for your consideration to support our girl child education. Kindly advice us accordingly. ([email protected]) cell phone +254726438650.

  45. Jaendar Hasan says:

    We are one of the INGO/NGO (IHF/BMP) International Humanity Foundation/Bintang Merah Putih here in Medan Sumatra Island Indonesia want DFIG Grant for NGOs for Provision of Girls’ Education (TUNAS KARYA FOUNDATION) for Play Group,Primary School,Elementary School and High School,etc

  46. I Intersted and help of poor grils’education School & College Start to your NGO Support kindly replay me

    thanking you
    your faithfully
    Kanu Majumder