EC Call for Proposals: NGO, Civil Society, Local Authorities Capacity-building

The European Commission has issued a Call for Proposals for NGOs around the world under its “Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in Development.” The thematic objective of the Programme is to build the capacities of NGOs and the local authorities so that they can work efficiently with local communities, raise public awareness of developmental issues, promote education, organize anti-poverty efforts and increase dialogue, participation and cooperation between international development organizations, countries and other actors. The specific objectives of the support are to improve the capacity of NOGs so that they can effectively participate in local, national and international decision-making processes, improve linkages and partnerships with North-South and South-South organizations and local authorities. NGOs are expected to increased their roles in advocacy, innovative service delivery and interaction and exchanges between State and non-State actors.

Generally, grant support is given to NGOs (including international organizations) in partner countries. The partner countries are listed in the grant documents available at the link given below. However, most of the Least Developing and Developing Countries qualify for this support. Actions proposed by the applying organizations should be directly relevant to capacity building of the civil society. The maximum and minimum limits of the grant are €500,000 and €4,000,000. Applicants need to justify third party or self-contribution of at least 10% of the total costs.

Initially, the EC will accept only concept notes. It is also mandatory for applying organizations to get themselves registered at the PADOR system (Potential Applicant Data On-Line Registration). If NGOs fail to register themselves here during the stipulated time, they can inform this to the EC and continue applying for the grant. If the concept notes have been approved, detailed proposals will be requested. More information on the format of concept note and other details, including grant documents are available at this link. The last date for submitting concept notes is 9 February 2009.

Applications can only be sent by mail to the address given below:

European Commission
EuropeAid Cooperation Office
Unit F/4 – Finance, Contracts and Audit for Thematic Budget Lines
Call for Proposals Sector
Office: L 41 – 03/154
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium