EC Call for Proposals on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights…3

“Specific objective 2: Improve access to SRH services and services for victims of abuse and rape in fragile states
Applications under specific objective 2 must contribute to achieving one or both of the two expected results below:

2.1. Existing SRH services are improved or, when such services are absent, SRH services are provided
2.2. Services and counselling are provided for victims of abuse and rape; their reintegration into society and social acceptance are supported

Activities under specific objective 2 can include but are not limited to:

  • Actions aiming to reinforce provision and quality of family planning and maternal health care services (e.g. ante- and postnatal care, assisted deliveries, emergency obstetric and medical care, provision of commodities, sexual education and counselling on safe sexual behaviour, HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) etc.), training of health care providers; psychological support to victims of rape and, where relevant, to their close relatives, medical care, social services, income generation activities, referral to legal assistance, relevant advocacy targeted to decision makers, awareness raising among key populations such as military, police and ex-soldiers.

All activities under both specific objectives should contribute to achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of promoting gender equality (goal 3), improving maternal health (goal 5); and preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS (goal 6); and promote a holistic approach to sexual and reproductive health and rights and be in line with the principles agreed at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) and the ICPD+5 Programme of Action, including safe motherhood and universal access to a comprehensive range of safe and reliable reproductive and sexual health care services, supplies, education and information, including on all kinds of family planning methods; and include the needs of disadvantaged and vulnerable groups. Actions targeting victims of rape and abuse should contribute to the relevant principles of UN Resolutions on women and peace and security 1325 and 1820.”