European Commission Call for Proposals: Health and Rights

Deadline: 10 December 2013

The European Commission has issued a worldwide call for proposals under the ‘Investing in People’ programme which pursues a broad approach to development and poverty reduction, with the general aim of improving human and social development levels in partner countries in accordance with the United Nations Millennium Declaration and the Millennium Development Goals.

This call for proposalas is for ‘Promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights – universal access to reproductive health’ with the overall objective of contributing to poverty reduction and to improving the wellbeing of populations in developing countries through better reproductive health and informed family planning choices. The specific objective is to contribute to improved universal access to reproductive health, MDG 5.B, in developing countries which have the worst indicators.

Priority will be given to measures that clearly identify and target the most vulnerable people with the least access to reproductive health; and collaborate closely with the public sector in the country where the action takes place, including them as a partner,6 and support the implementation of public policy and capacity building designed to give better access to Sexual Reproductive Health (SRH).

Proposals which demonstrate the following aspects will be considered favourably:

  • promote comprehensive measures to increase tailored access to reproductive health at local, national or — where relevant — regional level;
  • add value and seek synergy with existing SRH measures and with other major health projects and initiatives in the country;
  • demonstrate alignment with national or subnational health policies, strategies and plans and include strategies on how to ensure country ownership and credible sustainability;
  • align with relevant national and international policies, such as the programme of action of the ICPD and its daughter agreements and support regional agreements in the domain, such as the Maputo Plan of Action and the Campaign for Accelerated Reduction of Maternal Mortality in Africa (CARMMA) in Africa. Furthermore, alignment with best practices and UN guidelines in the field of sexual and reproductive health will be valued;
  • strengthen local civil society organisations and local authorities (technical cooperation, capacity building, redistribution of grants).

This is a restricted call for proposals and only concept note has to be submitted initially. All applicants have to be registered at PADOR before applying for this opportunity.

Organizations based in developing countries can apply besides those from the European Union. For projects proposed in exclusively in the least developed countries, applicants from Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and United States may also apply.

For more information, visit this link.

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  1. Pastor Kenny Bisha Goma says:

    We are working with orphaned, vulnerable children and women to eradicate poverty here in Zambia so please give me more details so that we can apply for this grant

  2. blose mthandeni johannes says:

    i am a south African black male i’m so touched by the way people live in my country, yes our Government is trying all they can to help but its not enough, people are still living in unsanitary conditions and shacks and that has made me eager and willing to help these people so please give me guidance and extend a helping hand. thanking u in advance.

  3. Eduardo B. Braga says:

    I am from SUBANG Foundation, a grassroots registered NGO based here in Davao Oriental, Philippines which seeks to improve the well-being of poor and vulnerable upland farmers, especially women and children for 11 years. We are offering our services and intervention focused on agriculture, environment and education of children. We are assisting some community-based people organizations in uplifting their household income through organic farming to eradicate poverty. Currently, our foundation is operating in 3 municipalities in the province of Davao Oriental. However, we are getting more challenges as we need more help in order to be able to assist more to attain the minimum education as this will go along the way in creating a productive society from the vulnerable people. Due to limited financial resources, we look for some financial support and we look forward in seeking funding grant support from any interested intitution to improve the life of poor and most especially the vulnerable upland farmers here in the Philippines.

  4. Vasant Sopanrao Bhosle says:

    Our organization are working in rural development area those person who are living in critical condition like old age Home we are helping them many year but today we wants your guide &help please help us

  5. JESCA KAKA says:

    I am kenyan and would like to take an initiative to create awareness on the dangers of holding cultural beliefs and practices in Siaya county. We are planning to undertake several activities such as trainings, campaigns, awareness creation among others.Please advice me on how to go about this. Thank you

  6. Greetings, We are Adolescent Reproductive Health Zone(ARHZ) in Thailand. ARHZ is a network of 6 community based organization in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Our aiming is to improve reproductive health of the Burmese population through education and training, increasing the capacity of community based members to provide reproductive health education, prevention of sexually transmitted infections and unintended pregnancy among you people aged 12-25, and distributing family contraceptive supplies. We would like to take the opportunity to submit our proposal .Please can I get full application form to submit the proposal?
    Best regards,
    ARHZ Teams

  7. Greetings.We are LAKE VICTORIA BASED SAVE LIFE ORGANIZATION (LAVBSALO) alocal national non profit organization based in LAKE VICTORIA Uganda. We support through training and social rehabilitation. how can we get help

  8. I am Ethiopian working a Health Coordinator of one NGO in West Ethiopia. We are providing diffrent Health activities Family planning, MCH, Reporductive Health , sanitaion and Careing of the Sick patients. We have very good experiance in provision of quality haelth care in West Ethiopia. Community appricaite the services but we are in resoucres scaricty . When I read your call of proposal for ‘Promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights – universal access to reproductive health’ with the overall access to reproductive health’ with the overall objective of contributing to poverty reduction and to improving the wellbeing of populations in developing countries through better reproductive health and informed family planning choices.

    My orgainazation do have very good experiance in this work ; We provide diffrent Health acivities for the rural needy communities through 14 Health Institutions.

    To your call my orginaztion do fit very well.

    Please can I get full application form to submit the propsal?

    Thanking you

    Markos Aboma
    From Ethiopia

  9. i am pakistani ngos working for green plantation in areas i am from pakistan and belongs to poor people where their yearly income of people is less the 3 dollars per day. kindly help us to eradicate the disease through green revolution.i can send u photos of my plants on demand of you. thanks

  10. Nidaan NGO says:

    we are a registered group in Assam, India involved in the medico-social support for the poor & needy people of the region, research activities etc etc. We shall be happy to receive technical, financial and any other support from any donor.

  11. Joseph A.B says:

    Dear sir/madam, From MIWEP ORG. We are an organisation based in mid- western Uganda kagadi town kibaale district. We would like to launch a project on people with disabilities righs to reproductive health and poverty alliviation program in four districts namely Hoima, Masindi, kibaale and kyenjojo. May you give us finance support to support this project. Thank you.

  12. STEPHEN EGUMA says:

    Greetings.We are Uganda Society for Disabled Children (USDC) alocal national non profit organization based in Uganda. We support disabled children through medical and social rehabilitation.we do these in partnership with Able Child Africa UK based Charity organization,Bread for the World,Lillian Foundation, DFID and many other development partners. how can we extend this partnership with fundingsforngos.


  13. Jadi Madhavarao says:

    Dear Sir/Madm, we are creating an asylum for abandoned and destitute children. Now we are facing lot of difficulties to complete the new building due to lack of construction materials(cement,sand,bricks,daily wages for labour etc.,) and also funds. Please be a part of this noble cause for destitute and orphaned children. For more details

  14. Habel Mwakio says:

    how much does it cost to enroll for the training.
    How can i apply a concept note?

  15. MINNIE KAIVEPA says:

    I am the coordinator of a NGO here in PNG and I am committed to helping my unfortunate local people to alliviate from poverty, please assist me to meet fundingsforngos proposals, thank you.

  16. Voiceof Grace Foundation says:

    it a great pleasure, i must say. Hence, this offers us the opportunity to address long standing problems in HIV/AIDS/STIs as sexual reproductive health problems. we look forward to being part of this great call

  17. iam current in nairobi kenya looking for humanterian fund in my community in somalia there realy have diagnises problem, if you have support please support me

  18. Ingbian Sarah N. says:

    I have worked with NGOs before but I did not know that opportunities abound for people who are in development work like what Iam seing on the web these days. My worry is how can we make meaningful citizens in developing countries to truely see this challenge and wake up to fight the cause. My NGO is a new one but Iam making frantic efforts to sail through all the requirements to sieze this oppurtunity and bring health and development to my community by God’s grace.


    I am Saturday Gregory the director of “The light of the world international organization”, looking for funding for my organization project.