Foundation Ensemble’s Small Grants Fund

Foundation Ensemble’s Small Grants Fund provides funding in the areas of animal biodiversity, water and sanitation and sustainable development. However, nearly 50% of this fund is focused upon supporting projects related to biodiversity such as protecting species of animals that are under threat and/or about to become extinct.

Unlike Program Fund, the Small Grants Fund of the Foundation represents the 15% of its annual endowment and it has no geographical priorities (proposals can be submitted from around the world).

Small and medium-sized NGOs are especially encouraged to apply to this Fund, but they need to ensure that they do not fall in the category of what the Foundation does not fund. Please read carefully the previously funded projects under this Fund at the Foundation’s website before applying.

The maximum amount of money that will be invested per project by the Foundation is 30,000 €. The Foundation can  provide up to 50% of the total budget.

There are two separate application forms under this Fund. Projects relating to animal biodiversity have to use a different form and for other projects, the Small Grants form has to be used.

The deadline to submit proposals under the Small Grants Fund is 11 March 2011. For more information, visit this link.

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  1. Ravichandra.Dasari says:

    SHARPS(searching and Helping In All REHABILITATION purpose society)AND CARDS(Comprehensive Action for Rural Development Society)register under society registration act of 1860.Both organization are collectively working in rural areas.situational analysis,Konakanamitla,and Marripudi are back ward and remote areas in prakasam District of Andra pradesh of South INDIA.These areas are inadequate services from government and local Governing bodies.
    Heaver y Florencia contains in drinking water.
    Low literacy rate of rural people.
    Drinking system are not good.
    Open toilet systemes are stuated,Because the poverty of people to construct the toilets.
    Seasonal deceses are prevailing in these areas.
    The above causes there is need to motivate people and mobalise proper facilities through Government and local bodies.

  2. mintoosingh says:

    (Registered under societies Registration act XXI of 1860,
    Regn. No. s/65868)


    Head Office-
    F-201/6, KH.No. 660, Jaitpur Extn. Part-2, T.F. Amrot, Khadda Colony
    Badarpur, New Delhi-110044

    Educational Ways (E’Ways) N.G.O. is a national level N.G.O. established in 2006 and registered in 2009, working for the social and economically deprived families especially for children and women. Educational Ways (E’ Ways) N.G.O. promoting welfare services and education in slum areas, resettlement colonies and other places where families are not fully developed in term of economic status and their respective social status.
    Working area- All India
    To provides better education and awareness to every member of the society. To promotes, supports and empowers socially and economically exploited and deprived communities, families and Civil Societies and People. To endeavour to eradicate illiteracy
    Every member of the society should be well educated and well aware for their right and duties to build a society with economic and social equality. No one should suffer from poverty and illiteracy.

    • Education
    • Women-Empowerment
    • Awareness Programme
    • Health and Hygiene

    To match with the objectives we run several Programmes on education and welfare. These are:
     E’ Ways NFE Center with sponsorship Programme
     Brush-Up Brain Play School
     E’ Ways Women Polytechnic
     E’ Ways Computer & English speaking Institute
     E’ Ways Institute of E.T.T.
     E’ Ways Health & Hygiene Programme.
    We also arrange Consultancy and Training Programme for Children, Adolescents on various topics like learning techniques, motivation, personality development, Family life education, adolescence, HIV AIDS & STD/ISD, gender Discrimination and first Aid many more.

    To aware people we also arrange role-play, raily and campaigns in regular interval on various topics. These are important of education, Population, Pollution, Poverty and unemployment and many more.
    Note- For Consultancy & Training, Role-Play and other awareness activities contact us.
    We are planning to open play schools and E’ Ways NFE Center in ruler area where there is no source of education for the people of these area. We are trying to develop our network with Government and other NGO.
    old computers etc. whatever you like to give we will really thankful to you.

    (Founder & Director)
    To join us or further detail you should contact us on given particulars:
     MINTOO SINGH (Founder & Director)

     SANDEEP KUMAR (Executive Member)

     SHRIKANT (Executive Member)So we invite NGO’s to join us to be a part of social transformation for better tomorrow.

    HELP US:
    Please help us to fulfill our aims and objectives.

     You may also help us to give us your valuable time to work as a volunteer in the social work & teaching

     You may also help us to give your useless or semi-useful items related to education or office uses like books, copies, registers,

  3. dr arshad says:

    we are needy to funds.

  4. we the organization whats to work on human rights, education, democracy. Development, Health. we are registered under society act 1860 Pakistan. can we apply for project?

  5. Abasi Kazibwe Musisi says:

    Fuel From Wastes Research Center (FFWRC) is a community based initiative aiming at conserving the environment while supporting income generation for the communities from inputs that were hitherto perceived as garbage. It started in 1992 emerging from the need in Kampala Jellitone Suppliers Limited for an alternative fuel source after feeling the expenses and the scarcity of other fuel sources in its Coffee Roasting Section. The research center and briquette department are designed to co-exist with the former providing inputs to the latter whilst procuring from peasants for income generation and providing employment to many Ugandans.
    Mr. Abasi Kazibwe Musisi was the brain behind this initiative and he undertook extensive research for 10 Years (1992 – 2002). He ‘sold’ the idea to colleagues at the workplace and in the locality and FFWRC came in place. With assistance from DANIDA. Fuel from Wastes Research Center was later registered as an NGO in 2006 and the Registration Number S.5914/6792 by the National Board for Non Government Organizations with recommendations from:
    I. Ministry of energy and mineral Development
    II. Kampala City Council
    III. NEMA ( National Environment Management Authority)
    IV. Local Councils ( i.e. L.C I to L.C III )
    Over the years, the initiative has amalgamated many small scale and large scale suppliers who now amount to over 100. We intend to expand to other areas with growth.
    FFWRC Aims and Objectives
    1. To identify and establish links with sources of suitable biomasses more especially agricultural wastes for the production of quality fuel briquettes
    2. To analyze the burning characteristics ( i.e. calorific value, ash Content, burning time etc of each of individual biomass and mixed biomasses
    3. To design efficient Stoves for the usage of fuel briquettes
    4. To avail the information from research to all existing and intending fuel briquette manufacturers nationally and internationally
    5. To collaborate with other internal and external Energy Research Centers worldwide for modern technology Transfers
    6. To enhance decision making in resource allocation, based on scientific findings

    Can we also apply for funding to assist our farmers overcome poverty at the same time saving the enviromnent by reducing the pressure on the forests.

  6. FR. FELIX F. KAUTA says:

    I am fr. felix kauta francis.
    I have founded a Community Based Organization for Children with various Disabilities in Ikinu – Kiambu – Kenya. The Organization is duly registered with the gorvenment of Kenya in 2008 under the name FR. FELIX F. KAUTA CHILDREN WITH DISABILITIES PROGRAMME – IKINU.

    At present we have a serious challenge of buying a permanent home for these children.
    The home (house) we have identified is sold at Kshs 3.5 million an equivalent of 38,044 euros.

    We have many other needs for these children such as medical, schools fees and home based care.

    It is my hope that your Organization will come to our assistance.
    Yours sincerely,

    Fr. Felix F. Kauta

  7. dharmendra prasad srivastva says:

    i am running a ngo,mahila evam bal kalyan sansthan off.357 civil lines sitapur[up] secretary,dharmendra asso,hasbeen working for 15 years in the field of edecation,heath,environmental and training prog ngo has 12a,8og ,fcra registration ,seeking foreign fund funds for social works please help my ngo to get funds thanking you

  8. liaqat ali khan says:

    Horizon Development Organization is an autonomous, not-for-profit, Non-Governmental, Non-Religious & Non-Political organization, working in the rural areas of D.I.Khan District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Initially HDO Started activities in 2008 from the donations of its members and other community segments.
    Horizon Development organization (HDO) created by efforts of a young Group of Professionals from Dera Ismail khan City. The organization is actively working for improving and uplifting the people quality of life, by developing a support mechanism that can ensure the provision of social guidance to the communities at the approachable level. It enable poor community to elevate their poverty and help to create the conditions under which the causes and effect of their poverty be mitigated in the future. HDO does this, by helping, planning and implementing long-term development programmes.
    HDO works for sustainable development, enabling communities to gain a degree of control over their future.
    We at HDO believe that poverty is a complex phenomenon that can be reduced through comprehensive and integrated programmes. Addressing the causes not just the symptoms of poverty, working simultaneously in the several sectors including health, education, agriculture, and income generation in the same communities.
    HDO is represented by the people who are committed to social, political and economic change of the poor and believe that the strengthening and empowerment of the poor is critical to the poverty alleviation.
    Horizon development Organization has a well-experienced implementation team in working areas of district D I Khan. It has done worked in district D I Khan on emergency relief response. The organization is successfully achieving aims and objectives of organization in collaboration/support of different partners. HDO is registered under Societies Act XXI of 1860 with joint stock companies and society, KPK. Peshawar on 6th day of September, 2010

  9. LOGANATHAN says:

    Respected sir we are one of the ngo at tamil nadu and pondicherry state. Started on oct 2006. Having 12AA and 80G. still now we are giving heartfully service to the peoples,who are living in a poor position.Our goal is to remove the poverty from the nation.Because of this aim,we are giving useful training programmes to youths(both gents and ladies)Now the are earning sufficient income in front of,we are expecting some funding sources to start a regular tranining centre for developing earning sources to,who are living income less position(including handicapped)Kindly help to our ngo.Name of the Ngo:Social Reform Charitable,v.o.c. street,Nagapattinam,tamilnadu,south india.Project off:vadakku vadam pokki street, vedaranyam,Tamilnadu,south india and No:24,ganapathy nagar, kottucherry post,karaikal-609609,puducherry state.Managing trustee:M.R.LOGANATHAN, Treasurer:D.L.Shanthi,and three trustees.

  10. CIvil Society Organisation for Peace of Sindh says:


    We are working for Peace, CONFLICT Resolution and Social Justice in SINDH. WE NEED YOUR MORAL AND TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE IN THESE FIELDS.

    waiting for your cooperation





  11. Tarun Saha says:

    We would like to know the deadline for submission of the proposal. Is it 11the March or it was 11th February.
    Tarun Saha

  12. dr sonali modi says:

    We are a small NGO in bhopal district of madhya pradesh. We intend to work on health ,education women & child well fare. We are registered NGO since 1991 but we do not have FCRA. Can we apply for Foundation Ensemble’s Small Grants Fund in Water and Sanitation Project. Are we eligible for it or not?

  13. Friends of Education Centre says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    First receive regards and best wishes for all that you are doing for the disadvantaged people of the world.
    Friends of Education Centre is a registered NGO operating in Kenya
    with the main goal of supporting needy, orphaned and vulnerable bright children to access education by offering scholarships to them.
    This organization started as a small group of educationists who were moving round the country motivating and advising children in primary schools on academic performance in national examinations. It is during
    our later visits to different parts of the country that we realized that, despite the good performance of most of the bright children in national examinations,
    there was a big challenge for most of them could not
    access secondary school education due to poverty level or lack of
    support from relatives because most of them came from
    either very poor backgrounds or were orphaned. This organization was then registered to help in addressing this need and save the innocent lives of the young ones.
    The organization therefore wishes to apply for some monetary support from your organization so that it can facilitate the scholarships of these needy children. To carry forward our ambitious projects, we request you to help us financially. Your support is welcome and it will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you for considering our letter and giving your precious time.
    Thank you in advance.
    Yours Faithfully,
    Howard Ogova,
    Friends of Education Centre.

  14. Baloch Wahid says:

    Dear sir,

    Balochistan is a province of pakistan, our CBO duraski social development society is working on women rights in Destt Awaran Balochistan, we want apply,can we?

  15. Pandurang.P.K says:

    We are at Kalpavriksha Education Foundation registered under society registration act 1960 and intended work on Education based projects there fore gradually we are working on it.
    we are organizing work shops, Seminars, camps and Trainings for the students and other general public on environment, health and Hygiene and other important aspects.
    recently we have started a training on “Organic composting & kitchen gardening method” for the house holds in Dharwad with the help of Individual supporters but we are in need of advanced strategies where we could make sure this with a effective project.
    therefore we are searching partners who can join with us in any other ways either by Sponsorship, funding or in whatever way they can help us.

    Please considered this request and do the need ful.

  16. Stephen Onekalit says:

    We are one of the NGO operating in northern part of the country of Uganda,in east Africa, Africa.
    The organisation is called Concerned Parents Association- Uganda (cpa-u)and is a child focused organisation that started in 1996 after the abduction of 139 school girls from one of the secondary school called Aboke high school by the rebels of the Lord Resistance Army then the parents of the children under captivity by then decided to form an umbrella organisation that started at the girl’s school i one of the district called Apach as an associaton of parents with a concern for the return of the abducted girls and protection of children affected by the war in that region(Nothern Uganda)
    .It started small in one district and over the years its operations have been expanding and currently it has covered ove ten districts with its liaison office in the capital of Kampala.Through the organisation’s advocacy efforts ,134 of the abducted girls returned ,four of the 139 were reported dead and 1 unaccounted for while in captivity.
    The organisation over the years developed strategic plans.
    In 2005-2009 it was developed in the context of he on going armed conflict.internal displacement and uncertanity about peace and security in Nothern Ugand. It largely focussed on,advocacy,peace building,livelihoods,child protection,capacity building and psycho-social support.This was developed by the time when people in Northern Uganda were still in the Internally Displaced Camps and the peace process between the government and the rebels was still actively on goingand the organisation was part of the team of the peace process that yielded some dividends as well as two other agreement.
    Currently though the final peace agreement has not yet been signed,there is relative peace and there are increased numbers of people returning to their natal homes from the IDP camps and there is increased demands for recovery-development interventions.

  17. Shubhadarshi Bhikkhu says:

    Subject: Request For Fund or Funding Guideline

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Greetings from the Jumchab Metta Foundation (JMF), Rangamati, Bangladesh!
    We would like to introduce regarding JMF that it is a voluntary and non-profitable social welfare organization, which was established in 1998 through the initative by a group of indigenous community people and registered with the Social Welfare Department of the Government of the people’s republic of Bangladesh. Its registration number is: Ranga/127/2000, dt.-31/01/2000.
    From the beginning JMF has implemented: 01. Computer Training Program; 02. Marshroom Training Program, 03. Orphan Based Education Program, 04. Non-formal Primary Education Program, 05. Food For Education Program, 06. HYSAWA in CHTs, 07. CHT-HYSAWA Fund Project in CHTs, 08. Integrated socio-economic development projects in CHTs etc. Sub-partners were Hill Research and Development Program(HRDP), Nabadiganta and Borgang. The previous donors were GoB, Danida, Brac and UN-Word Food Program etc. JMF’s all beneficiaries are indigenous community.
    JMF’s on going projects and activities are -(1)”Non-formal Primary Education Program, (2) Orphan Based Education Program through Kachalong Shishu Sadan and Goutomi Shishu Sadan. And other activities are: 01. Free Medical Camp, 02. Observation of Rural Women Day, 03. Observation of World Water Day, 04. Observation of International Human Right’s Day, 05. Observation of international women rights day etc. The Donor’s are Brac, UNDP and GoB etc. Here also all beneficiaries are indigenous.
    We would like to say on behalf of JMF that organization has a good excellent experience to implement any type of project and address to request you to have funding source or funding guideline from your well-established organization so that we may implement need based socio-economic development project for deprived local indigenous community people and orphan children. If any query about organization’s activities, pls contact us as below address.
    We are looking forward for your kind replying.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Shubhadarshi Bhikkhu Executive Director, Jumchab Metta Foundation,
    Parbattya Bhikkhu Council
    Rangamati Sadar-4500, PO Box-35, Rangamati Hill Tract, Bangladesh, Tel:

  18. Dear Sir,

    We are a small NGO in Ahemdabad district of Gujarat. We intend to work on Water and Sanitation. We are registered NGO since 1999 but we do not have FCRA. Can we apply for Foundation Ensemble’s Small Grants Fund in Water and Sanitation Project. Are we eligible for it or not?

  19. R.Innyasi,Director of RDO says:

    Rural Development Organization
    L.N.Colony, PERECHERLA – 522009. GUNTUR Dt, A.P. INDIA
    A Voluntary Organization Registered Under Societies Act of 1860 Reg.No.85/1990
    Foreign Contributions Regulation A ct 1976 F.C.R.A



    I am glad to write this to you and introducing our Organization, Rural Development Organization is a non-Profitable, Non-religious, Non Government Organization, registered in 1990, got Income Tax Exemption 12A, And also got registered under FCRA of 1976, has been striving hard for the Enlistment of the down-trodden and marginalized people of our state

    To strengthen the institutional capacity of the Indigenous women’s movement dialogue aimed at advancing Indigenous
    We are organizing several developmental Activities such as Income generation Programmers, youth and adults, Primary Education to children, Adult Education, Primary Health care, Emergency relief etc, since 19 years.

    We are happy that we came to know about and its human services for the benefit of the marginalized and down-trodden people through out the world. We request you to send your Grant Application and Guidelines as soon as possible.

    Hoping a positive and kind response from you we remain,

    Thanking you sir,
    With kind regards and best Wishes,

    Yours Sincerely,

    Mr.R.Innyasi, Director
    of Rural Development Organization

    RURAL DEVELOPMENT ORGANISATION (RDO) is a Non-Governmental Organisations based in District of Andhra Pradesh, India.


    Nevertheless the state Andhra Pradesh is being considered one of the pioneering states in the country, increasing poverty is the existing fact in the state. Despite the area is getting development, the majority of people are still remaining poor and dwelling in acute poverty. The opportunities or programmes meant for the poor and dwelling in acute poverty. The opportunities or programmes meant for the poor have not been reaching the real beneficiaries.

    Details of how the organization originated:
    When I was studying in B.A., Sociology, We came Perecherla to have a socio-economic survey of the area. Having seen the situation of Bonded labour, Child women workers and deprived segments. We Recognized to survey them and upliftment in terms of their development. With this basically intention, Rural Development Organisation formed with enthusiaticenthusiastic committed youngsters in 1989 and got registration in 1990.
    That was the main reason why RDO had come into existence in the year 1990. and organized several developmental activities, Primary Education to children, Income generation programmes for women and youth, Health Care, Identification of women. Motivation and formation of Self Help Groups, Inculcating the habit of the savings and credit, formation of women co-operatives, selection of income generation activities since last 19 years

    Rural Development Organization Registered under Indian Societies Registration Act XXX of 1860 with Registered No. 85/90, Dated 23rd March 1990. RDO has got permission to receive Foreign grants by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India as it was Registered under Foreign Contributions Regulation Act (FCRA) 1976 with Registration Number 010190195 Dt. April 15, 1999. and also registered u/s 12A Income Tax 1961.

    “Removing the Agony of disabled, youth &women and creating better alternative employment and cultural transformation” is the basic principle and philosophy of the organization.





    NEW EXECUTIVE BODY as on date 31st October 2010
    Sl.No Name Designation Address Signature

    1. R.Innyasi President S/o Rayappa Sd/-R.Innyasi
    Guntur Dt. A.P

    2. K.Raja kumari Vice-president W/o K.nageswaraRao Sd/-K.Raja Kumari
    Guntur Dt.A.P

    3. P.Aruna Secretary Sd P.Aruna
    S/o Aronu
    Guntur. A.P

    4. R.H.Joseph Treasurer S/o.Thomas R. Sd/-Joseph
    Guntur Dt A.P

    5. G.Kalavathi EX.Member W/o G.Shekar Sd/-Kalavathi
    Guntur Dt. A.P

    6. S.Sumathi -do- W/o S.Raju Sd/-S.Sumathi
    Guntur Dt. A.P

    7 D.Vijaya Rani -do W/o D.Rama Rao Sd/- D.Vijayarani
    Guntur Dist, A.P


    1. Food, clothing activities for poor and down – trodden people.
    2. Social Development, Economic Development and political Development in the Dalit
    and other Back ward communities.
    3. Women Developmental Activities.
    4. Educational Activities for the children.
    5. Establishment of old age homes and sanitary facilities in rural areas.
    6. Conducting vocational training programme for youth.
    7. Medical and Health camps conducting in rural areas.
    8. Cultural programmes and Awareness programmes.


    1. Dalit Empowerment programme(DEP) Empowerment of Dalit Rural women through gathering consultations, get together and sharing their grievances like family issues, Sexual women’s exploitation land issues, Education &Health, Equal rights. 757 – 1000 Youth and Women’s EZE,GERMANY,
    Through SIDUR
    Hyderabad, INDIA.
    = 4,00,000
    2. Integrated child Development Project. Elimination of Child Labour Through Education. 300
    children’s CRY, Bangalore
    Karnataka State,
    = 3,50,000
    3. National Child Labour Project Education for working child and giving bright future for them. Quarry workers working in some industries which are Hazardous to their Health and career. 106 children’s National Child Labour Project(NCLP) New Delhi Govt.of.INDIA.
    = 4,20,000
    4. National Minorities Development & Finance Corporation(NMDFC) New Delhi. Income generating programme for women and their loan for SHG’s groups. 54 members NMDFC-NEW DELHI, INDIA.
    = 45,000

    5. Rashtriya Mahila Kosh.(RMK) Promote pro-poor eco friendly activities for the sustainable development of communities. 51 women’s RMK-New Delhi
    = 50,000
    6. National Education Group(NEG) Strengthen PrimaryEducation, Never Enrolled,Drpouts 1092 Children’s IGSSS,Germany through NEG,New Delhi, INDIA.
    = 2,94,000
    7.Swiss League of Catholic Women(SLCW) Sustainable Women Development Programme 360
    Womens SLCW, Switzerland.
    = 3,92,000

    All the Programmes either past or Present RDO have different follow-up Activities as follows.


    1. VOCATIONAL TRAINING – For those who completed vocational
    Training(sewing) and Leaflet making.
    Sewing machines have distributed and
    Productions units are established.

    2. SCHOOL FOR CHILD LABOUR – Education for child labour is being
    imparted and healthcare, Nutrition,
    cleanliness, hygiene etc. being taken care

    3. ADULT LITERACY PROGRAMME – The Neo-literates are using to perform
    each one teach one programme for their
    neighboring illiterates and establish
    Adult Education Centers.

    4. SELF HELP GROUPS – Getting loans from the Government
    under DWCRA, NABARD Schemes for
    establishing production units/Dairy
    farms etc. as per the potentiality.
    32 Self Help Groups are formed at
    Medikondur and Guntur Rural
    Mandals. 6 Sanghams are under
    The parents of the child labour are
    Members of saving Groups.

    5. SOCIAL HEALTH PROGRAMME – Regular supervision of the Health by
    Medical Practioners to have comprehen-
    Sive Health care, Procure, Personal
    Hygiene and to differentiate diagnosis.

    6. LEGAL AWARENESS AND – To provide Legal Aid to depressed
    WOMEN RIGHTS women and motivate them to know
    Their Rights.

    7. AIDS PROGRAMME – To eradicate AIDS with the help of
    Community without caste, creed, colour
    And religion.

    8. YOUTH AWARENESS -To know about the Role of youth in our

    9. WOMEN EMPOWERMENT – To Develop thinking power of women
    For their upliftment.

    Address of the Chief Functionary of the Organisation:

    Mr. R.Innyasi
    Rural Development Organisation (RDO)
    L.N.Colony, Perecherla – 522009,
    Medikondur (M), Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

  20. Lawrence Sarker says:

    Dear Sir,
    Creation Care Bangladesh Society(CCBS) is a non governmental organization dedicated to love and serve the environmental issues in Bangladesh.Global climate change has impacted so badly on this developing country as you already known most probably.The world most famous mangrove forest sunderban is situated in this country and Biodiversity of sunderban is at high risk because of global warming.we are so concerned about it.Our organization is very much interested to implement a project to save sunderbans biodiversity and looking for funding opportunity at this moment.If you kindly give us a small grant and we could start this project as soon as possible.
    Looking forward to get your kind response.
    Thanks and regards,
    Lawrence Sarker
    Creation Care Bangladesh Society(CCBS)

  21. Dr. Tapas Kumar Ray says:

    SEVAC ( Sane and Enthusiast Volunteers’ Association of Calcutta ) has been working in the area of mental health and human rights in India for last two decades . It is evident that across the globe the persons with mental illness are one of the most vulnerable groups from the view point of human rights violations. India is no exception. Precisely due to the pitiable inadequacies of the mental health care delivery system a large number of people with mental illness remain uncared and untreated and live in an utter deplorable condition . Human Rights Violations often take place in varied forms in their living situation. Hence SEVAC has been implementing a comprehensive project putting emphasis on the human rights promotion of the persons with mental illness. The salient objectives of this project are to run:
    • A MODEL Crisis Intervention Centre –cum-Rehabilitation Centre for extending quality care rehabilitation facilities to the persons suffering from major psychiatric illness
    • Out Patients’ Departments for developing access of the persons with mental illness to the mental health care delivery system
    • Outreach Wing to extend psychiatric service to the persons with mental illness who languish in different correctional and custodial institutions.
    • Training programme to bring the Judicial Officers , Police Officers and the Official of the Custodial Institutes who often work as the frontline respondents of the persons with mental illness under the purview of Mental Health & Human Rights Education
    In this context it is noteworthy that the Members of the SEVAC team have been able to establish an obvious correlation between mental illness and human rights violations . Hence SEVAC has initiated an effective advocacy both at the national and international level for addressing ALL MENTAL HEALLTH ISSUES AS HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUES.
    The National Human Rights Commission of India and stalwart Human Rights Activist of the country including Hon’ble Justice Ranganth Misra, Hon’ble Justice Dr. V. S. Malimath, Hon’ble Justice Dr. Shivraj V. Patil, Hon’ble Justice C. Mookerjee, Dr. G.V.G Krishnamurty have extended their support and assistance for furthering SEVAC’s activities.
    SEVAC is a voting member organization of the WFMH ( World Federation for Mental Health ) . Now the ICCD ( International Centre for Club House Development ) has accorded its affiliation to SEVAC to run a Clubhouse which has been named as SEVAC Club House of India ( modeled after Fountain House, New York) . Thus the Clubhouse Movement which aims at meaningful rehabilitation and dignified life has been initiated for the first time in Indian subcontinent.
    But due the budgetary constraints it has very difficult to run the show. Hence SEVAC needs support to continue its arduous task uninterruptedly for the cause of the persons with mental illness. PLEASE BE WITH US.
    Dr. Tapas Kumar Ray
    Founder Secretary, SEVAC

  22. Respected sir
    Our organization *SUN VALLEY WELFARE SOCIETY KANDAY Reg* We are running this NGO at the remotest part of Pakistan and bottom of Mashabroom mountain,. The village is suited 32 km north from Khaplu Headquarter Ghanche and suited 132 km from Skardu Blatistan. Moreover the whole village was damaged due to the flood in past .Two time floods and land sliding the valley totally destroyed, so due to this we have lot of problems. Especially the school came underwater so our children’s suffered and can not continue the education process. During this time our organization (SUN VALLEY SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY KANDAY) continued its services for education. Where we have started primary level of education and we have upgraded this school as a middle school gradually. The school is running for both girls and boys.
    So the people of this area trust on our organization and they tell us that our organization is only social organization which creates awareness in our area and implement of educational project of this area and needed to assign more projects in this area. keeping the opinion of the people we a started a vocational training institute without a specific building took by rent. We are giving training to the local woman’s and making them skillful members of our society. So more than 70 girls have trained and they are successful to managed their own expenses .We have appointed two female trainers to run the institution successfully.
    After the horrible flood and land sliding in my area last year. The people become homeless, and wondering till now,Almost 60% of public have been shifted the new safe place, There is not any primary school for both boys and girls, health problem especially woman’s. There is no drinking water women use to go for 2 km to bring water in a dram.
    We have lot of problems to be solved on priority basis,
    1 To build a primary school in new village
    2 To arrange transport facility for man and woman’s in the area.
    3 To build a vocational center
    4 To arrange water supply for the villagers and also watering to the fields etc,
    Due to the financial problem we are not achieving /touching our goals. There fore it is highly requested kindly help us to achive our goals And make our organization as economically viable organization..
    Hoping and looking for the good response from you.
    President *svswsk*

  23. Sayyad Raufahemad says:

    SWADES is non profit Organization working from 2008. in Latur District Maharashtra (India). Formally registered in 18th March 2010. The organization however existed informally several years before its registration, serving the poor, marginalized, depressed and HIV infected people of the rural and urban parts of Latur city. SWADES is registered under the Indian Society’s Registration Act and the Mumbai Public Trust Act. The organization has been involved in community development activities since 2008. With the support of Trust board members, it started its first awareness and training program for youth in Pune. SWADES is actively working on children (Health and education).SWADES is also involved National days like World AIDS day, World TB day World women’s day and World Human rights day. SWADES is also engaged in spreading sexual and health education in the slum area for youth and adolescents. Parents of the above target population are also involved in this program. SWADES is routinely invited by various social groups from the slums to conduct programs for adolescents on sexual health and HIV/AIDS.

    SWADES is working independently in Pune and Latur District. There is no support from any government and private funding agency. Need funds for achieving aims and objectives of the organization.

    Our Vision:-
     To establish care and support program for infected and affected people and children by HIV/AIDS.
     To conduct the awareness program on deadly diseases like HIV/AIDS, T.B., Cancer, Swine Flu, Malaria, Maternity death and health and hygiene.
     To educate the adolescent and youth group on sex and sexuality.
     To open vocational training center for the economically backward people for to take them in the main stream of the society.

  24. Felix Abawaqg says:

    Application for grants



  26. kaleemullahkhan says:

    I need donation of Furniture/Sc lab/Computer lab/Library/Knitting machines for my school which is working in very poor flood affected area where people donot afford fees and females are the most neglected section.
    Ex.Chief Technician Kalimullah.
    Islamic Oxford school .
    Mochh Mianwali Pakistan

  27. Sothing Sankhro says:

    Dear Sir,
    Greetings to you all. SPARSH INDIA MISSION are involved in supporting the education of the needy in India an also providing medical help and aid to people suffering from AIDS. We have started Sparsh India Mission newly at Kolkata India and looking for your support/Fund for our project. Sparsh India Mission is established to encourage, assist and support the cause of Relief of Poverty or Distress; Education; Medical Relief, Community Development without distinction to caste, creed, colour, community or gender. working West Bengal State and North East India.
    After much deliberations and survey, we have come up with a project, which is very much needed in Manipur due to having the second largest population of AIDS & HIV patients in India. Consideration and support.

    Yours sincerely,
    Sothing Sankhro

  28. Joisman Tanduru says:


    I’m from the foundation of education of the people (YPR) in Indonesia precisely in the central province of preserving, I am very interested in your financing program, can we access the funding you, we move on empowering communities to organize farmers, fishermen and indigenous peoples in the fight for the rights of governance over control over the investment and development that does not consider the balance of environmental and management rights of the people …

    when can we will submit a proposal within the next few days, with the target group in a traditional fishing area of governance has been reduced by development and huge investment influx which then threatens the sustainability of marine resources, ecosystems and traditional fishing economy …

    Best Regards,

    Joisman. T

  29. Gabriel Gore says:

    We are a national not-for profit organization committed to the fight against poverty in Southern Sudan and working in the area of Water Resources Development and Mangement (water and sanitation.Urban sauth sudan lack safe drinking water. The 25 years of the longest civil war broke down every fabric of the country infrastructures and deteriorated it precarious humanitarian situations that rendered most of the population extremely vulnerable.
    In southern sudan people are lacking safe water even the better managemnt of water for agricultural puposes. Thus our organization is providing the professional Technical sevices and training on:
    1. Water for rural communities Lessons learnt from diffirent pilot projects.

    2. Water supply by rural builders Procedures for being rural contractors.

    3. Water surveys and designs Survey, design and cost of water projects.
    4. Water from rock outcrops Rock catchment tanks, masonry and earth dams.

    5. Water from dry riverbeds Wells, subsurface dams, weirs and sand dams.
    6. Water from roads Rainwater harvesting from roads.

    7. Water from small dams Ponds and small earth dams built manually.

    8. Water from roofs Various types of roof catchments for domestic use.
    9. Water for irrigation.

    Hopefully, you will consider our request as people just came from war and willing to participate on redevelopment of new sudan after independent.

    With best regards,,

    Eng.Gabriel Fonsiano Jada Gore
    IWSED,Institute for Water and Sanitation and Environmental Development. Tel.0912860797
    Southern Sudan, Juba, Sudan.

  30. Maqbool Ahmed Soomro says:

    I am from a small ngos working in khairpur a famous city of Pakistan. our organization works on health and education, under the help of our org: a school for poor students and a dispensary for the poor patients is running. now we want to fund to develop more health and education and give relief to poor students as well as patients, we also want to establish a library for the students of area…… So plz help us….

  31. Annie M. Sandalo says:

    I am from an NGO in the Philippines and we are into organizing informal communities especially those residing in danger zones towards securing their land tenures. And if relocated, the organized associations work as a community in continuing to improve their areas especially their drainages and roads. Other basic needs such as community water and electricity have to be attended too. Can the Foundation Ensemble’s Small Grants Fund be of help? Thank you very much.


  32. Palosa Welfare Organization, Palosa Sar Karak Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan is registered with directorate of Social Welfare Peshawar is newly developed organization. It works over developing living standard of the people of union council Palosa Sar by providing support to community people in educational, health, infrastructure etc. by mobilizing people to help themselves and others. Provision of community support especially in the areas where there is risk of destabilization like in case of emergency/accidents/death cases one has to arrange huge money, if is supported then he may be protected from destabilization. Currently we depends over membership fee, donation. If has some grant for our organization or some trainings opportunities like this for improving developmental skills of our individuals, will enable us for better performing the noble cause.

  33. kidane mehret students` self help association says:

    our organization named kidane mehret students self help association is a registered resident charity based in ethiopia.i established to serve the development of its targets,mainly childre and the youth through providing training,education,and health services.
    hoping getting quick response from your prestigious organization,please let us know if we could able to submit the proposal for possible funding.
    tedla mohammed
    resource mobilizing officer

  34. Bagungu Community Organization (BACA)is a civil Society community organization registed in Uganda.Its area of operation is in the rift valley of the lake Albert region western Uganda.
    The organizations main objective is to fight for the disadvantaged ie the disabled the children and the women so as to improve their wellfare for better living stardands .
    One of the aspect we look at is good sanitation and good drinking water since many of them do not have latrines and clean drinking water(Tap Water).We do alot of sensitization to the community so to improve on sanitation by encoraging them to dig latrine in thier Home steds and to boil water before drinking it so as they dont catch deseases like bilhazia which is very rampat in the region.

    The Organization has a bank Accouunt and and Secretariate the over sees day to running of the organization.
    We therefore with to know wether we are legible for the grant so as we come up with a concept note for the grant.

    A.G .Tinka

  35. Byarufu A.M. Robert says:

    30th January 2011
    Support Association for Children with Disabilities (SACD)
    A Community Based Association (CBO) and a non-profit organisation founded in 2001 in Buliisa District, Albertine Region in Uganda. SACD is an association founded by parents of children with disabilities and individuals who are willing to help in improving the social welfare of vulnerable children and those affected with the AIDS scourge.
    The area has extremely hot climatic conditions with poor natural vegetation (scattered shrubs) hence scarcity of firewood. In the West there is Lake Albert and in the East there is Bugungu Game Reserve joined to Murchision Falls National Park. Both aquatic and wild lives are threatened with extinctions hence need for conservation interventions. There is poor hygienic and sanitation facilitations which explains the rampant cholera outbreak during rainy seasons.
    SACD is engaged in income generating activities such as goat rearing, bee keeping and agro-forestry. SACD has got 220 hectares with a future plan to start up an artificial forest which will be used for nature conservation as well as be able to meet local needs for biodiversity (firewood and building materials). The proceeds thereof will be used to improve the social welfare of the vulnerable children.
    We would be very grateful if you can avail us with an application form to request for funding.
    Yours faithfully,
    Byarufu A.M. Robert
    Chairperson/CEO SACD

  36. Child Alive Ministry says:

    The primary objective of Child Alive Ministry is evangelism and to bring Christianity to its meaningful sense to under privileged youths by:
    • providing food and shelter
    • provide spiritual needs
    • Mobilize strategies of obtaining school fees and other school requirements
    • Provide them with training skills in poultry, block making, carpentry, and tailoring and crop production.
    We would be grateful if help us achieve our vision for the youths in Eastern Province of Zambia

  37. T.Rajasekhar says:

    Integrated Rural Development Society is a registered organization and it has registered under foreign contribution(Regulation) act by, minister of home affairs,Govt.of India, New Delhi.Since our organization has involved in the development programs.Funded by the donor agencies from abroad.We have implemented number of programs in our project area. Hence we need your support and co-operation regarding development support for development of the target people and we wants to know more details about your programmed activities.Because we are Planning to submit a project proposal in the coming days. Our Priorities are indigenous people. So we are requesting you to send the following information, Programme guidelines, funding application etc.
    Please keep our name in your Mailing list.Kindly send the above mentioned early to my address or to my email address.

    With Regards:-
    T.Raja Sekhar.

    T.Raja Sekhar,
    IRDS Society,
    Flat No:-44/86-F4,
    Prakash Nagar,
    A.P (INDIA).

  38. hi
    Is this fund is for pakistan also because i hvnt seen anywhere

  39. Institute for Women Development Chitral (IWDC), Northern Pakistan
    The project envisages setting up of an art and handicraft development & training centre for women in Jughoor Centre and widely delivers its services in Chitral and giving benefit and opportunity to the entire deprived and deserving areas and persons in Chitral. The centre will train the women in the art of embroidery, knitting, rug making and other traditional Chitrali/indigenous crafts.
    The centre will also provide out-let facilities for the products through its own showroom as well as shop and NGOs sharing. Ultimate aim of the centre is to empower the women folk by making them more productive and economically independent. Initially the centre will be run on non profit basis, but ultimately it will become a sustainable and commercially viable organization. The vision is converting it into a Home Economic Institution with diverse relevant curriculum designed for the women of the area.
    The poorest and the have not will be provided skill/training as well as Hostel Facilities, at the completion of training they will be given machines/aids to earn their livelihood and further train the deserving women folk in their areas.
    The centre will be run by a board headed by a chairman. Day to day affairs of the centre will be looked-after by a manager, assisted by other officials. The centre will employ suitable number of instructors for various crafts and arts and offer salaries for them.
    * banked as endowment fund Rs 60000/-
    * Furniture for Rs 30,000
    * Machinery for Rs 70,000
    * Raw Materials Rs 30,000
    Infrastructure has already been developed by borrowing funds on loan.
    The organization has its own bank account at the Khyber bank Chitral under A/C No. 10459-2 (Named Halful Fuzul Women CCB Jughoor (¬Chitral)
    The organization offers courses in the following areas:
    Embroidery, Sewing, Frame Skill, Knitting, Hand Knitting, Carpet/rug making, Fashion Designing, Cushion Making, Ladies and Children suits, Ladies/Children Bags, , Art and Craft, Mobile Cover, Tissue Box, Pillows Designing, Bed Sheets, Social Mobilization, Patch Work/ Flower Work and Bridal/ Ceremonial Clothing/Dress Making(Designing, Cutting and Sewing), Clay Work
    At present we have established our infrastructure and working on self sacrification, volunteer and mission basis. But to get sustainable working condition and to put the community and stake holders on economic generating process and to get the objectives achieved the following needs are prioritized from the helping hands to enable us to proceed further towards sustainability and Institutionalization.
    1. Vehicle for marketing, pick and drop facilities, transportation and logistic support
    2. Funds for the salary of two Resource Persons 10,000x12x2= 2,40000/-
    3. Grants for rent of the centre/building/class rooms
    4. Machinery: (Sewing Machines, Knitting Machines, Zigzag Machines, over lock and computers et cetera
    5. Raw Materials for productions
    6. Funds required for exposure tour/Training of the resource persons
    7. Hostel facilities for trainees and needy candidates
    8. Kits for poor, deprived and disadvantaged candidates on completion of their three prong courses.
    we focus the unprivileged and deprived segments of community. Provide FREE admission and materials and facilities. We classified SHORT, MEDIUM and LONG TERM skill development COURSES for the candidates. Special services are offered to the candidates of the OUT REACH areas. We offer SPECIAL KIT to earn livelihood and further IMPART skills to the local areas’ candidates. Hostel facility is also offered which facilitate socialize and learning in the institutionalized environment.
    Detailed SOP can be offered about the organization to any one on demand, and interested in IWDC projects in Chitral.

    Contact Person: Shamsur Nazar Fatimi Facilitator
    Professor Government Degree College Chitral

  40. solomon Workar says:

    God Loves you Sir/Madam:
    We are a national not-for profit organization committed to the fight against poverty in Liberia and working in the area of Agriculture,income generation,Heath,education,good governance,Human rights and water and sanitation.Urban Liberians lack safe drinking water. The 14years of civil war broke down every fabric of the country infrastructures and deteriorated it precarious humanitarian situations that rendered most of the population extremely vulnerable. Even though Liberia is progressing well in its recovery but the need for safe drinking water is dire and tremendous for urban communities.The Liberia water and sewer Cooperation does not currently have the capacity supplies households water.Many of its water supply pipes has been damaged and many of the urban slums lacks safe drinking water.Paradoxically, these communities fetch ruining water for drinking. During dry season, water is not been drawn again from the hydro and people thirstily await 1-2 days for transported water to be bought for drinking.There is a need for a community reservoir for safe drinking water.
    We will appreciate if you could consider working with us to provide safe drinking to the slum communities.

    We look up to hear from you at your early as possible

    Best Regards,

    Solomon Workar
    Projects Officers
    Exit Poverty Liberia

  41. Stella Akemo says:

    Dear Ms, We are a womens development organisation operating in the name of self empowerment action group (sea), we have challenges in the production of food on a sustainable way and are seeking to support women previously affected by the Lords Resistance Army rebels war in Teso. Can we apply for a grant to provide women with traditinal crop seeds and modern environmentally concious agro production methods.


    Stella Akemo

  42. thanks for the knowledge.please sent me letters or invitations to youth conferences or any conferences on HIV/AIDS.


  43. Basu Bandu Rural Development Association (BRUDA) says:

    I first of thank you for the wonderful work you are rendering to the community, may God bless you.
    We have filled the small grant form and we received a message that: This an automated response. Your message has been received. We remind you that this email box is dedicated to receive proposals eligible to our small grants fund.Now are we not eligible who are in African/poor/ areas?

  44. Onegi P Jenaro says:

    West Nile Private Sector Development Promotion Centre is (WENIPS)promotes private sector led development and acts as a hub for public-private dialogue. Operating in 8 districts of West Nile, we provide core services of business development (including appropriate technology and technical skills transfers especially to small holder farmers)and microfinance to the active poor rural and urban areas in West Nile. Are we eligible to apply?

  45. Jayalath Menike says:

    We are a environmental sound NGO working for rural communities and special attention to female headed house holds and girls in Sri Lanka.
    i) Natural Resource management /conservation.
    II)Organic home garden development.
    III)Introduced Income Generation Activities through natural
    resources management.
    Community of the area have identified Bee Keeping/ conservation is useful program for them.
    So we would like to apply your small grant funds for the program.Can I know are we eligible to apply for funds.


  46. Samajee Behbood Rabita Council (SBRC) is a united platform of the CBOs of District Swabi, established in January 1994 with a prime mandate of community development. SBRC has always made efforts to encourage the emergence and formation of new CBOs in the area and strengthen the capacity of the pre-merged ones. Its members CBOs comprises of male and female organizations.

  47. Pho Chandara says:

    Institute of Social Development (ISD),its main office base in Battambang Province, Cambodia, we intent to promote Cambodian people living in rural area to access water hygiene through providing water and sanitation seminar, water filters, latrines, well and pond building, so we hope that your foundation will give opportunity to our organization and improve Cambodian healthy.
    Pho Chandara

  48. Timothy Kpeh says:

    The United Youth for Peace, Education, Transparency & Development in Liberia is working in the area of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in the most affected communities in Liberia, we believe with your support, the people of Liberia will benefit from this opportunity. According to the Liberia Poverty Reduction Strategy, only 25% of Liberians have assess to safe drinking water and just 14% have assess to safe sanitation and only one in 5 Liberians practice good hygiene behavior like washing hands before eating. Please send us a copy of the project proposal.

  49. Emmanuel Anyah says:

    We are NGO in Ghana registered under the laws . Our profile are as follows:
    Aims and Objective: To empower the less privileged for socio-economic development through
    i. Skill training/Technical support/financial support
    ii. We support Women, Youth, and Vulnerable people for income generating activity through innovative means.
    We want to provide 10 motor tricycle for some community youth for waste collection.
    Emmanuel K. Anyah
    Executive Director

  50. Dear all i am Darius from Uganda at Lake Bunyonyi and my major reason to why i am writing here this is to introduce to you the Orphanage Organization that is still small basically here at Lake Bunyonyi so we need sponsors of these needy and Orphaned Children but even me who is writing this i am still a student but i am the one now responsible for the Orphans as their sponsor who was looking for their school fees gave up the ghost and so i was not happy to see them remain at home without going to school so any help is welcome.

  51. Mohammed Abdullahi says:

    Association Social and Environment Development(ASED) is a C B O who base in Yobe State Nigeria, we are into development work which include provision of clean drinking water and sanitation,promoting fish farming activities and environmental protection through planting of trees.
    Other activities incjude use of alternative source of energy.
    Therefore would be glad if you can consider our organization to access some funding toward our activities.

  52. kalimullah says:

    I need donation of furniture/science lab/computer lab for my school located in very backward rural area of distt mianwali badly affected by flood. Islamic oxford school mochh mianwali Pakistan

  53. Sothing Sankhro says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Sothing and we are involved in supporting the education of the needy in India an also providing medical help and aid to people suffering from AIDS. We have started Sparsh India Mission newly at Kolkata India and looking for your support/Fund for our project.

    After much deliberations and survey, we have come up with a project, which is very much needed in Manipur due to having the second largest population of AIDS & HIV patients in India. Consideration and support.
    Please find the details Attachment.

    Yours sincerely,
    Sothing Sankhro
    President: Sparsh India Mission, Kolkata.

  54. International Centre for networking and Advancement Foundation says:

    ICNA Foundation would love apply for water grant for koroduma community in Abuja. ICNAI(International centre for networking and Advancement Foundation; Initiative) partnered with BOHA for a ‘community empowerment project’ in Koroduma community which is 1km from Asokoro in Abuja, Nigeria on the 31st of December 2010. The community is in abject poverty and among others is in dire need of portable drinking water. We would very much appreciate it if considered for a grant to provide water in the said community.


    Executive Programme Director
    Irene Uhunmwangho

  55. JOHN MASUWA says:

    We are agroup of PLHIV/AIDS formed this C.B.O. in january 2005 and affiliated to Network of Zambian People Living with HIV/AIDS(NZP+) and registered under registra of Societies of Zambia,and i am a Coordinator for the organization.Our question is,are we eligible to apply for Water&Sanitation project?

  56. Asif Shahzad says:

    Greetings from Umeed Drugs Rehabilitation Centre Attock
    The Project of Umeed Development Organization. (Regd)-Pakistan!

    Umeed Development Organization Society is humanitarian organization working in Southern Punjab-Pakistan with grass root communities. This organization came into being in 2007 and registered in 2010, our focus is entire human development. To materialize this we have initiated different programs.

    We are mainly working for the rehabilitation of drug addicts to give hope by providing residential care center that enables the drug addicts to be rehabilitated in a safe and competent environment to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.
    However, to care for the victims by providing a hope for rehabilitation, a group of devoted people joined hands and formed the Umeed Drugs Rehabilitation Centre (UDRC). Umeed is an Urdu word, which means “HOPE.” It is therefore the UDRC is the home for addicts for awareness and hope for life.

    We have started this project initially with ten beds. We borrowed some commodities to run this program with 2 male doctors and 1 lady doctor with the main theme counselling Medical detoxification, Partial hospitalization and treatment.

    Sir we are running this centre by our own efforts without any support. We are still searching donors for our project. Our Mission is to give hope by providing residential care center that enables the drug addicts to be rehabilitated in a safe and competent environment. We provide opportunities to our patients to develop physically, mentally, emotionally and socially.

    Hopefully, you will consider our request.

    Thanking you in anticipation.

    Sincerely Yours,
    Asif Shahzad

  57. shambhu Charmakar says:

    We are from Nepal and working for the conservation of biodiversity and the improvement of livelihoods across South Asia. we are interested to submit the proposal in your small grant fund. What is the detail requirement. could you let us know.


  58. We are NGO in Mizoram, India. Our prrofile are as follows:
    Aims and Objective: To promote –
    i. Community Health and Development
    ii. Prevention & Awareness, Support & Care of Drug Addict, HIV/AIDS, and People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA).
    iii. Welfare and Upliftment of Children, Women, Youth, Elderly, and Vulnerable people. And to promote Vocational/Skill Training and Income Generation Program.
    iv. Industrial and Agricultural Development for and in rural area.
    Here in Mizoram there are many Medicinal Plant which needs consereve. So, eventhough we are not Environmental NGO, can we apply for the Project. We do not have FCRA, and we are register at Government of Mizoram in 2006.