French Global Environment Facility’s Small-Scaled Initiatives Program

The French Global Environment Facility’s (FFEM) has announced a call for proposals strengthening the civil society contribution of Central and Western African countries, Madagascar to the conservation of the world Environment by funding local projects under the third round of the Small-Scaled Initiatives Program (SSIP) funding to NGOs.

This new phase, called SSIP.3, reaches the generals goals of protecting the world environment and strengthening the capacities of the civil society targeted on 5 focal regions.

From July 2011 to July 2013, about 40 projects will be funded by the program shared out among countries called “Focal Regions” (24 projects) and 16 projects in the “Non-Focal Regions”.

The countries in the Focal Regions in Western Africa (FRWA) are: Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, and in the Central Africa (FRCA) are: Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

Non-focal Regions: other countries of Western Africa and Central Africa and Madagascar.

Following organizations can apply:

  • NGOs from southern countries (at least 80% of projects), professional bodies, women and youth groups or associations. Priority is given to field based organizations. NGOs based outside the intervention area should specify their experience and involvement on the field
  • The international NGOs in partnership with NGOs that don’t have yet a legal status: these projects will be eligible if they contribute to the official recognition of the local NGO. The terms of the partnership between the international and local NGO should be stated in a formal agreement signed by the two parties. The empowerment of local organisations must be detailed and some easy-to-check indicators for this purpose must be developed

The recipients must have:

  • A legal status that allow them to receive a grant;
  • A confirmed field experience ;
  • A management of projects experience;
  • A solid knowledge of the field relevant to the project, on biodiversity conservation and/or on fight against climate change.

The deadline to submit pre-proposal forms is 15 January 2013 and to submit complete proposals is 20 April 2013. For more information, visit this link.