Fundsforngos Small Grant: Submit Your Best Proposal and Win a Grant

Deadline: 30 November 2013

Fundsforngos is accepting entries for the “Great Proposals” Contest 2013. This contest is open for local NGOs, international organizations and networks. The contest is simple and quick to participate. You only need to fill out a small application form and submit any of your previous proposal that has led to a successful grant.

There are two prizes of $500 each which will be given to NGOs or networks who have successfully submitted proposals by developing country NGOs or networks and by international NGOs, organizations, or networks. In addition to the winners, ten organizations will be selected for receiving free participation in a Fundsforngos webinar of their choice.

The goal of the contest is to both showcase select proposals to Fundsforngos users – thereby sharing best practices – as well as increase awareness of Fundsforngos tools and services amongst NGOs around the world.

Only proposals that led to funding of $1000 or more in the last 5 years from a government agency, foundation, company, or other organization (e.g. the UN or EC) are eligible for submission.

For more information, visit this link.

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  1. Luhle Ndlovu says:

    Our NGO is very new, in the process of applying for funding from various donors. We are focused on children and youth headed households in South Africa and the empowerment of women. Our objectives are to provide support to the said target groups and empower them for the future through research and suitable programmes to bring about positive change.

  2. Felia Malola says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    How and where should I submit my proposal please

  3. Adamu Bashiru says:

    Our Ngo Dream Again is focus on transforming prisons in Nigeria from an institute of punishment to an Academy of change, by giving educational and entrepreneurship training for inmates in prison, how do i send my proposal, which email, thank you.

  4. NUNSI Empowerment Initiative is a new NGO focused on the empowerment of youths and women especially the young adolescent mothers. Empowering them in the areas of reproductive health and skill acquisition in my local community. So far, we have have been working on empowering these youths with reproductive health education in HIV/AIDS, life skills, leadership programmes, youth -friendly reproductive health eduction and skill acquisition programmes. We are seeking funding to enable the organization expand in the areas of skill acquisition to enable us procure machines for these young people to establish small businesses in their locality.
    We will very much appreciate it if help comes our way.

    Nnkechi(project Director, NUNSI Empowerment Initiative)

  5. Mafor Magdalene Asanganah says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I work for a small young women-led development organization called Teze Twin Mothers Association Mixed Farmers Group. We train and support widows and single adolescent mothers to overcome poverty through sustainable agriculture within communities around the North Region of Cameroon. Recently we we just complete a project on poverty alleviation among single adolescent mothers on rabbit farming (training and support) through the generous support grant from a US donor organization. We are writing to express our desire to apply for this grant opportunity.
    We will therefore appreciate any information that would lead us to submitting our proposal in wining the grant.



    hi,i just want to know on which email i can present or post my proposal for i to get your support?

  7. toni dahdah says:

    dear sir how can i get a small grant for my ngo private house of ageing ( the providence house )

  8. Dawit Gobena says:

    We are excited to hear about the opportunity of call for proposals, you provided and, we would like to learn more about the requirements of your a application form, so that we will, get ready to send you our proposal, as we are working on project plans for an Eco-sensitive and women centered bio-gas production activities, in the city suburbs of Addis Ababa (Ethiopia).

    We appreciate all your initiatives and your taking part in making the lives of many better,globally!


  9. Berhanu Girmay says:

    I need your concept note application form to summit the call for proposals.

  10. WAGABA ABDUL says:

    i am in Uganda working with Health Link Initiative Uganda (HLIU) which is a newly registered NGO majoring in health promotion around the country. i thank you for this opportunity but it only favor old NGOs with successful proposals. we would like to participate but we have never been considered for such an offer. what can we do because we don’t want to miss out thank you very much.

    • Lillian Oyama says:

      Hello, thank you so much for this great opportunity to apply for small grants. My NGO is called Second Chance Initiative based in Cross River State, Nigeria . We are working to empower women and address adolescent pregnancy in our society, resulting in school dropout, health risks, poverty, death, etc. kindly forward us a link to enable us apply. We have never had funding for our work, a friend of our NGO recommended your site. Please advice.
      Kind regards,
      Lillian Oyama

  11. hi there
    i really appreciate the humanitarian global link that you have established but really want to let you know that as i write down these comments somewhere in somalia women and children are dying every minutes from hunger, stavation, malnutrition, lack of clean water , well the list is endless. though we appreciate a great deal about the efforts been put by small ngo gratns for developing country like my counrty- we dont know who to contact and share our grieve with – the website small fund for ngos is not a fast solution to humanitarian crises because it usually takes time for you even to get the organisation that might give urgent assistance to your organisation. Honestly speaking the website is like sort business website whereby before you get help you have to spend much amount of money on browsing. am the consultant of women umbrella ngo based in mogadishu, somalia , engaged in humanitarian crises. the name of the ngo is called EASTAFRICA CONSORTIUM INTERNATIONAL, email:[email protected] Name of the chairlady- Mrs. ,KAHO ABSHIR DIRSHE.



  12. I’m a coordinator working on several projects for the community like hand made jewelry and models for fashion but I need help with workers and getting into an office also need help in getting more materials. I want to be able and hire employees for these projects so that there can be jobs offer to the people in the community like High school students, College students and entry level. I would like to complete a form to fill out.

  13. community development network says:

    Greetings from community development net work [ Uganda].
    CODEN is a community based organization which was started with objectives of fighting against HIV/ AIDS, Supporting orphans and other vulnerable children etc. it’s against this back ground that we request small funds to sensitize communities on prevention HIV/AIDS.

    We are grateful to cooperate with you.

    Charles .R.

  14. i am the founder of passion for my country organization(N.G.O) a Nigeria based N.G.O looking into, Nigerians and immigrants outside their nation territory and Nigeria women with prostitution finding a way to curtail the danger. all over the world. it is a small and upcoming N.G.O with no funding and no sponsor for now. i will say i am being partial. looking into 80 percent Nigerians situation abroad. due to my experience. i was once an illegal immigrant paved through the sea shore to Spain where 25 out of the 86 persons in my boat died. in 2009. please send me an email i really have passion to save my people dieing out there. this organization need to stand.

    thank you very much

    tommy ijenya
    lagos, Nigeria
    West Africa

  15. jean francis ssemanda says:

    I am the coordinator for this community project in Uganda and we rear pigs and we would like to acquire application form & funding.Will be pleased.

  16. Rangika Wickramage says:

    We,Sri Lanka Red Cross Society is working under seven principles and in four main core areas Health,Disaster Risk Reduction,Youth and Humanitarian values.we hope to have funding agencies with related grants since we would like to broaden our horizons instead of working only with our partner national societies.We have a island wide network with a strong volunteer base and we have the experience and the capacity of handling any scale of projects in the country.

  17. J Alexander Nyahn. Jr says:

    I’m the executive director of a Liberian local NGO called Community Health Education & Social Services (CHESS-Liberia). CHESS is specialized in preventive health services and human resource development. Over the years, CHESS had worked with UNHCR, UNICEF, ECHO, MOH/SW, Mental Initiative in community awareness raising and most importantly implementation of 6 medical emergency projects for UNHCR-Liberia from 2010-2012 for Ivorian refugees in Liberia.
    CHESS is in this light happy to request your honorable office to share with her the short and simple application form that will allow her partake in the proposal contest.

  18. Hello,

    NGO: Amis des étrangers au Togo: ADET would like you to help he’s personnel to work with United Nations.
    ADET is created in 1996 in Togo. We work for social development and sustainable development. Our field of activities is disable persons, older persons, migrants, indigenous peoples, youth, vulnerable women and children, poverty, agriculture, biodiversity, biotechnology, climate change, energy, tourism, health, education, technical cooperation, rural development, transport, peace, major groups. Our area of expertise is Togo, Africa and all world countries.

    We just have the special consultative status with ECOSOC in 2013, so we (36 persons) have to assist to the United Nations meetings

    We need your Aid to stand up for the sustainable world we want for post 2015 agenda.
    Thank you.

    Yours Sincerely

    The President of NGO: ADET

    Avenue Jean Paul II
    BP: 20123 Lomé- Togo

    • You are very welcome to enter our competition to win $500. Just follow the instructions and let us know if you have any problems.

      • lilian waswa says:

        am an employed young lady leading a young youth organization on poverty eradication projects at a grassroots level and am looking forward for support from donors to implement my activities

  19. Clement Ayuku Emmanuel says:

    We are working to help communities access clean water by protecting water sources in the rural areas of yei county in the republic of South Sudan,central equatorial state Juba.
    can we apply for this funding?

  20. Amader Swapna Foundation (human and animal welfare) says:


    Please send me details and project proposal application form.

    Thank you,

  21. harrison paul says:

    Hi,as stated above harrison paul is my name a 300 level student of sociology in the university of maidugur.
    I run an ngo which I also call an igo which is an idea generating organization where lives are touched as peacefly the name the ngo goes by campaigns for peace in nigeria especialy in crisis prone areas such as maiduguri,yobe.josm
    We also sensitize the younger generation to grow with a positive mind be innovative,.
    As an igo we give out relief materials and on our own are working on computer software that can help the society.
    Finanly is alabout impacting the world with the investment of your personality.

  22. Anna Anatoli says:

    I am a Chairperson of an NGO called Attraction for Natural Environment Protection Organisation ANEPO base in Arusha North of Tanzania. W era engaged in sensitizing the communities on WASH and in using Bio Sand Filter to get safe and clean water in order to bring peace among families and society at large due to health hazards caused by contaminated water.
    We did gender sensitization in the society on the importance of safe and clean water and all what came out is women should provide that service but after our engagement in training the need to cooperate all genders agreed to use Bio Sand Filter as way to bring peace in providing safe and clean water. We are requesting for an application form for small grant.
    Thanking you

  23. shumaila jaffar says:

    dear sir..

    Al-Haya is an NGO in bahawalpur. I am the president of Al-Haya Welfare.
    we are the working for education and poor and old age your foundation help and guide our organization .. please help us
    thanks &Regards
    Shumaila jaffar
    Presidend Al-Haya Welfare & Development Organization Bahawalpur

  24. Berhanu Girmay says:

    Dear Sirs,
    I am from the association of Care for the Elders.
    So, I need the project proposal application form.

  25. pravin jha says:

    We are an NGO in Mumbai, India & we are looking out for fund to help the underprivileged people residing in slum. We are working for the betterment of their life & enhance their standard of living by providing the platform for education & help the to be placed for job.
    Please revert back to us if any individual or any organization can help us .

    Thanks & Regards
    Pravin jha
    President-Social Association for welfare & Awareness of slum guys

  26. Rosemary Khamati says:

    PEACE is an NGO working in Biong village of South Sudan to avail quality and holistic education to the children of South Sudan. We are aware that there are many South Sudanese out there who will return to the country when they are sure that there is quality education for their children. We believe that investing in the child of South Sudan is part of peace building in the communities. Please help us to achieve this goal.

  27. Abdirisaaq Sh Ali ahmef says:

    M y proposal is peace encouragement workshop held Nairobi for Somali community participating by youth women and elders too.the closing date November ,10/2013 sponsored by local community individual businessmen and Raysmedia the topics included peace tools,poems of peace encouragement,lectures of peace theories,the strategic project is to encourage youth participation in peace development fully,the operation management led by Somali development foundation there fore donors and international community we request to support us and participate our initiative peace development by morally and logistics as partner to funded us
    By Abdirisaaq Sh Ali Ahmed Somali development foundation

  28. Henry Tembani says:

    I am a representative of four fresh graduates from the University of Malawi (Chancellor College & Bunda College of Agriculture). We have initiated a project that is aimed at increasing rural household income which is currently as low as US $74/year, to increase animal protein intake which is the lowest in Africa (6 kg per capita on average which is well below 12 Kg per capta in Africa, reduce maternal mortality rate and child manourishment, and reduce school drop out rate. After hearing our ideas, the District Commisioner & office of livestock have agreed to work with us.we are currently in the registration process of the organisation.The proposal for the action is ready and can be sent to all interested funders or parteners who may be willing to work with us. Can you help me with contacts of possible funders so that I can send the proposal to them. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Warm Regards, Henry Tembani

  29. Vasant Sopanrao Bhosle says:

    We are working in rural area our organization help poor&old age person in many year so your foundation help &guide our organization please send more dollar

  30. wish to join your contest says:

    wishing to join your contest please do let me know on how to go about or the process

  31. SHAMEEM HUSAIN says:

    I want to draw attention that our ngo. Sharif gramudhyog vikas Kendra has been working for last 20 years in the field of education, service, of handicapped people, women’s empowerment and self employment our ngo. Self Help Group is making people aware about plans like out. how to be depend How to save money which are being run by the government in india Our ngo is recognised government of India tax commission Moradabad under section 12A, 80G which has the registration no. 80G/57/1/C.I.T/MBD-2001-02 and our ngo also has FCRA then FCRA registration under foreign contribution (regulation) Act 2010 registration no is 136600072
    Please do level best to do the charity. Our ngo will serve free of coast in the field of education, handicapped, service given empowerment, health and rural development. our ngo will do it level best in the field of people service with the help of charity give request you for your helping hand for the upliftment of BPL families.