Grant Support for Social Inclusion and Social Protection of Informal Economy Workers and Vulnerable Groups…2

Under this 2009-2010 call for proposals, the European Commission is considering to provide grant support for actions relevant for providing social protection to informal economy workers and vulnerable groups. Earlier, the EC made financial allocations for evaluating social policies on social protection. During the current call, it is seeking to promote social protection as an important means for building capacities of informal economy workers and other vulnerable groups so that they are not only capable of managing risks but they are also able to overcome poverty.

The overall objective of the call is “to contribute to poverty reduction and to social inclusion for workers in the informal economy and vulnerable groups.” Specific objectives and expected results (not exhaustive) are:

  • “The development of sustainable initiatives (including capacity building of local communities) to strengthen social protection and employment at community level for workers in the informal economy and/or vulnerable groups as well as the dissemination and exchanges of related good practices at local, national or transnational level.
  • Cooperation and partnerships between non-state actors and government at local and national level are encouraged with a view to developing innovative, community-level schemes for social protection and employment for vulnerable groups and workers in the informal economy.”

Expected results:

  • Sharing and learning from best practices in community level initiatives in the field of social
  • protection and employment carried out;
  • Local communities capacities to identify needs of the informal workers and vulnerable groups
  • strengthened;
  • Sustainable social protection and employment in the community-level improved.”