Grant Support for Social Inclusion and Social Protection of Informal Economy Workers and Vulnerable Groups…3

Proposals can be submitted under this call for proposals to the EC for projects addressing the social protection needs of the informal workers and most vulnerable groups such as elderly people, people with disabilities, children, ethnic minorities, and migrants. Proposal guidelines list out some actions or activities (not exhaustive) that can be proposed in the project:

  • “Collection, exchange, transfer and dissemination of good practice concerning community-level interventions for the social inclusion of workers in the informal economy and vulnerable groups at local, national or transnational level;
  • Capacity-building activities for local communities, including support to organisations of informal workers to address needs and challenges of informal workers’ access to better and more productive employment;
  • Development and implementation of integrated packages of policy responses at community level for vulnerable groups and workers in the informal economy. These may include activities in diverse fields such as financial services (capacity building for the development of micro-insurance, credits, savings), business development services, social services (health care; child care; community based rehabilitation), occupational safety and health, sub-sector development and vocational training;
  • Innovative activities aiming to extend social protection coverage in a sustainable manner (such as developing linkages between statutory social security schemes and community based social protection mechanisms);
    Development of mechanisms to extend social protection to groups that are difficult to cover due to their specific characteristics.”



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