Humanitarian Innovation Fund’s Small & Large Grants Call for Proposals

Humanitarian Innovation Fund’s call for proposals is to support organizations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative solutions to the challenges facing operational agencies in the delivery of effective humanitarian aid.

As innovation is taking prominence in international humanitarian system, it has high potential to bring about positive change. Humanitarian Innovation Fund is working to support humanitarian innovators to move creative ideas through innovation process, build partnerships, disseminate lessons learned and strengthen existing relations ships between humanitarian agencies, academics and those in the private sector engaged in innovation processes.

There are two grant types: Small grants facility for projects up to £20,000 for a period of 6 months and large grants for projects up to £150,000 for a period of 18 months.

The Fund encourages consortia applications that bring together a range of actors and draw a relevant diversity of knowledge, experience and expertise. The consortia should be led by either (a) a non-profit institution such as a non-governmental organization; (b) a public or governmental institution; (c) an academic or research institution.

Applicants that are not part of a consortium must be able to demonstrate that they can fully satisfy all requirements of both the ‘Lead Applicant’ and ‘Consortia requirements’. Single entity applicants must also demonstrate significant effort to engage with a broader audience/stakeholder community through their project implementation and dissemination plan.

The deadline to submit expression of interest for Large Grants is 17 March 2011. For more information, visit this link.


  1. Peter Zamhen Hangmi says:

    Hi, Humanitarian Innovation Fund’s Small & Large Grants Call for Proposals is a great visions for great achievement provided the ministry/programs goes deep to the grassroots people and their organization/ Institutions. (as a bottom-up systems).
    Many forget the importance of the margonalized folkks and end-up their program on midway, without SMART techs. We in ZICORD- and leading network of the Tribal Citizen Concern Committee, NOrth Eastern India (TRICONNEI) would like to join the Victory Voyage to build a world with social amity and free to live without fears and agony.
    Peter ZM Hangmi
    Secy. ZICORD and Convenor TRICONNEI, INDIA.

  2. Kajla Janakalyan Samity says:

    Dear Sir,
    We have few experience on protection & participation of child by establishing Child Resource center under the leadership of children. Due to financial crisis we unable to setting up the CRC not properly.
    If it’s possible to you for giving financial assistance under the small project fung?
    Kindly inform us to formulate the prosal.
    with best wishes,
    Swapan Panda

  3. Evelio Antonio de Sousa says:

    Our Organization working with young people who suffer in jail and we need a small project for the devalopment of backward areas of timor leste/Dili.

    Our programme is duly registered with the government of Timor leste. We work with the children with various detein in jail and police costody. We offer them psychosocial programa, special education, and cupacity building etc.

    We have a very serious challenge of having a donors for our programme.

    At the moment we look for funding for this program I have great hope that you will consider our challenges and assist our programme.

    Thank you in advance for your concern.

    Yours sincerely,

    Evelio Antonio de Sousa
    Deputy of Director NGO PRADET Timor Leste


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Receive our regards for all that you are doing for the disadvantaged people of the world.
    Seriani girl child is a registered cbo operating in Kenya
    with the main goal of supporting women and girl child who are most vulnerable to no access to education .

    This organization was started to empower women and the girl child to achieve education and their desirable goals.
    our main objectives is to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and home based care,empowering the girl child on social, moral, physical and educational rights;in the essence that the girl child has the right to socialize,not to be abused sexually,and not to be forced to early marriages and female genital mutilation(fgm)and more so the girl child has rights to pursue education to higher levels. This can not be achieved without involving the women who are the primary and the key role models to girl child.hence,our organization also empowers women to invest their time and interest to understand their rights and roles in the community.

    despite all this, we have the will to spearhead our objectives as an organization but we do have enough funds to support our activities.

    The organization therefore wishes to apply for some monetary support from your organization so that it can facilitate its operations and achieve its goals.In other words, we request you to help us financially.

    Best regards,

    Angela leakono,

    Seriani girl child development programme.

  5. We are are a small NGO in Cameroon and our major priority is empowering youths and students with knowledge of climate change and helping the vulnerable with education.How can we apply for funds?

  6. Shiraz Y Anass says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    Mobility Foundation is a indigenous non-governmental organization formed in 2004 with its office in Tamale Metropolis and project areas in Nanumba North and South, Yendi, Gushegu/ Karaga Districts in the northern region of Ghana. The members of organization observed through research that development intervention over the years failed to address the needs of persons with disabilities, women and children. The formation of the organization also necessitated by persons with disabilities, women and children need capacity building and training for sustainable development in their communities to improve their living standards

    For us, it’s about identifying areas where basic needs are not met or met insufficiently in areas such as; Water and sanitation, RHR and HIV/Aids awareness, Education, Human right, good governance, vocational training, Micro credit, tree planting and Volunteer’s exchange programs

    We interpret grassroots development work to mean: supporting Persons with disabilities, women and children to equipped them with the needed skills; knowledge and facilities to enable them break through the various cycle of poverty to improve their living Standard

    With the above information we want to know whether we can submit proposal on this call

    Thank you

    Shiraz Y Anass
    Executive Director


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We a a small NGO in Ghana working for rural children rights. We empower women through capacity development and entrepreneurship venture creation and micro credit programme under our AMEN FUND strategy. We would like to know if we are qualified and how we can submit a project.

    Thanks very much for your assistance.

    Matthew Nyannube Yosah
    Projects Manager

  8. dr arshad says:

    we are pakistan human rights.working on health,education,socialwork. we are looking for funds.

  9. Hakim John Aseri says:

    I’m grateful to learn about th e grant opportunity and is my hope sellection is done on merit inorder for beneficiaries to realise their need/potentials.

  10. kurashwa kudakwashe says:


  11. Rev.N.M.Lall says:

    we have many projects including womens’ empowerment. If you guide us to get the fund we are ready to send our project. Kindly help us to get it.
    Thanking you,
    Yours truly,

  12. ablaze for christ says:

    We will be very happy to get small grant to continue our support to needy in the rural communities of Ghana.
    Thank you
    Rev. Bismarck M. Ofori
    (Executive Director-Ablaze for Christ)

  13. Abdikani says:

    Hi thanks for your updating. Somalia youth & Student Association SYSA is a active youth organization.

    it works a humanitarians. we will apply the large grants as soon.

  14. Respected Madam /sir,
    your well aware that the valley of KANDAY is a very for flung, undeveloped and poor village consisting of 140 houses. The village is suited 32 km north from Khaplu Headquarter Ghanche and suited 132 km from Skardu Blatistan. Moreover the whole village was damaged due to the flood in past .Two time floods and land sliding the valley totally destroyed, so due to this we have lot of problems. Especially the school came underwater so our children’s suffered and can not continue the education process. During this time our organization (SUN VALLEY SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY KANDAY) continued its services for education. Where we have started primary level of education and we have upgraded this school as a middle school gradually. The school is running for both girls and boys. The land sliding and flood in my village has destroyed vallage and people become homeless,So people has shifted the safe place and there is not any primary school for both male and female,Our organization sending a resulation in your respect.
    So the people of this area trust on our organization and they tell us that our organization is only social organization which creates awareness in our area and implement of educational project of this area and needed to assign more projects in this area. keeping the opinion of the people we a started a vocational training institute without a specific building took by rent. We are giving training to the local woman’s and making them skillful members of our society. So more than 70 girls have trained and they are successful to managed their own expenses .We have appointed two female trainers to run the institution successfully.
    We have lot of problems to be solved on priority basis,
    Due to the financial problem we are not achieving /touching our goals.
    Therefore, it is kindly requested that please help us to give quality education to the children and vocational center of the remotest part of Pakistan. And make our organization as economically viable organization .
    Hoping and looking for the good response from you.

    sun valley social welfare society kanday Reg

  15. Rebecca Nakanwagi says:

    Dear Sir,/Madam

    This is to introduce to you our Organization Rubaga Division Disabled Association, a disabled peoples organization registered with Kampala City Council as a disabled women’s organization. It was founded by disabled women themselves in 2006 to address three major challenges affecting women with disabilities in Rubaga Division. The challenges are:
    – violation of human rights
    – communicable diseases
    – and unemployment among women with disabilities.

    This organization has a membership of three types of disabilities i.e. deaf, blind and people with physical disability.

    We are seeking partnership with you to help us address those challenges in our community so as to enjoy our full rights and dignities in our society.

    we will be very grateful if our request is honoured.

    My kind regards

    Rebecca Nakanwagi


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    First receive regards and best wishes for all that you are doing for the disadvantaged people of the world.

    Friends of Education Centre is a registered NGO operating in Kenya
    with the main goal of supporting needy, orphaned and vulnerable bright children to access education by offering scholarships to them.

    This organization started as a small group of educationists who were moving round the country motivating and advising children in primary schools on academic performance in national examinations.
    It is during our later visits to different parts of the country that we realized that, despite the good performance of most of the bright children in national examinations,
    there was a big challenge for most of them could not
    access secondary school education due to poverty level or lack of
    support from relatives because most of them came from
    either very poor backgrounds or were orphaned.

    This organization was then registered to help in addressing this need and save the innocent lives of the young ones.

    The organization therefore wishes to apply for some monetary support from your organization so that it can facilitate the scholarships of these needy children.
    To carry forward our ambitious projects, we request you to help us financially.

    Your support is welcome and it will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you for considering our letter and giving your precious time.

    Yours Faithfully,

    Howard Ogova,

    Friends of Education Centre

  17. Fischer Chiyanike says:

    We are Zimbabwe UN Association (ZUNA), and we are interested to apply for a small project. We are fully working with vulnerable communities in Zimbabwe;

  18. FR. FELIX F. KAUTA says:


    Our programme is duly registered with the government of Kenya. We work with the children with various disabilities. We offer them medical care, special education, home based care etc.

    At the moment we have 150 children with various disabilities and most of them are in various special schools and centers.

    We have a very serious challenge of having a permanent place for our programme.

    At the moment we rent an office and a home for children with severe disabilities.

    The home where these children are is sold at 3.5 million Kenyan shillings. It an equivalent of about 38,000 euros.

    I have great hope that you will consider our challenges and assist our programme.

    Thank you in advance for your concern.

    Yours sincerely,

    FR. Felix F. Kauta

  19. rural development & social service says:

    we need a small project for the development of backward areas of Hailakandi,Assam<INDIA