A List of Open Grants on Environmental Conservation and Climate Change

As climate change issues have occupied the global stage, many large and small donor agencies have now started increasingly focused upon providing grants for environmental conservation and promotion. There are several funding opportunities for NGOs working in the area of environment, conservation and climate change. Many of these funding opportunities have a strong focus on innovation i.e. if you have an innovative project that not only addresses issues related to environment and climate change, but also involves socio-economic development of communities in the same context.

We have compiled a list of open grant opportunities below that are available to organizations globally including for those based in developing countries. Click on the links below to know more:


  1. Avatar Evelyn Rodriguez - Cacatian says

    I have written a book entitled “Applications of Basic Economic Concepts to Mitigate Climate Change”. This book discusses the justifications why applications of these concepts is considered as the most appropriate, effective, immediate, massive and encompassing climate change mitigation. Several theories and formulae such as “The Rodriguez’s Web-like Cycle Theory on Environmental Destructions” which states the sources, pattern and the worsening of the extent of destructions (which could also be related to the worsening of the impacts of climate change), “The Cacatian’s Trade-Off Theory on Sustainable Development and Curbing Man’s Demand to Basic Needs” supported with a graphical presentation, “The Cacatian’s Theory on Wastes Generation” and “The Cacatian’s Theory on the Total Quantity of Wastes that A Product Generates”. This book also contains a formula known as “The Cacatian’s Formula for the Estimation of the Extent of Environmental Destructions that A Product Causes”.
    I would like to disseminate these information to the global community.

  2. Avatar annor douglas says

    pls give list of the funding list for climate change,women empowerment
    I need funding bodies working for micro finance