NED Grants Program for the Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED) provides direct grants to NGOs working around the world in the field of human rights, an independent media, the rule of law and for the advancement of democratic goals.

Activist organizations in diverse situations, such as transitional countries where the goal is democratic consolidation, authoritarian countries where the goals are liberalization, and the protection of human rights are encouraged to apply for financial support.

Each year, NED makes more than 1,000 grants to support the projects of non-governmental groups abroad who are working for democratic goals in more than 90 countries.

The decisions to provide funding to applicant NGOs are made on quarterly basis by the NED Board of Directors. In addition to evaluating how a program fits within the Endowment’s overall priorities, the Board considers factors such as the urgency of a program, its relevance to specific needs and conditions in a particular country, and the democratic commitment and experience of the applicant.

The Endowment is especially interested in proposals that originate with local democratic groups. It is also interested in nonpartisan programs seeking to strengthen democratic values.

The next meeting of the NED Board of Directors for which NED is accepting proposals will be in January 2012 and all grant applications should be submitted by 7 October 2011 to be considered for approval at the January Board Meeting. For more information visit this link.

For unofficial guidance on how to write a proposal to apply for this funding opportunity, Click here.


  1. gabriel salee says:

    the promotion of human right activities is a great initiative that must be encourage as non governmental org. we are interested in working with NED to ensure that such exercise is adequately advance in Liberia. the name of our institution is the consortium for conflict management and prevention in Africa (CCOMPA)

  2. Imran Birhmani says:

    New youth organization Sathiabad Foundation working for the sustainable development is ready to accept this challenging project in this connection our work on the proposal is ongoing….

  3. Daniel T. Luka says:

    The main objective of Centre for Leadership & Environmental Development (CLED) is to Develop a new Cadre of leadership whose effectiveness, in honesty, courage, and humility can turn the society and have impact on the rest of Nigerians, restoring and rebuilding respect for authority, morality, the rule of law, integrity and human dignity. I highly commend this initiative.

    We look forward for a long term partnership with NED for Promotion of Human Rights and Democracy. We shall apply for the grant. Thanks

    Yours in Service to Humanity

    Daniel T. Luka

  4. Hussein Abdi says:

    Dear Sir/madan,

    Thanks for this grant, Towfiiq Women Assocaition is a women empowerment organization and worked women righs, this is very good chance, we shall apply this grant and write down the proposal.

    Project Coordinator
    Hussein Abdi

  5. K.A.Chandra says:


    Dear Sir/Madam

    Our Organization name is Center for Improved Rural Health and Environmental Protection (CIRHEP) registered under Society Act in 1994.CIRHEP is a non profitable organization.last 17 years we are working in Health and Environmental aspects among Dalit(Shedule caste) ,Women,farmers,children and Adolescent girls .Last year we sent a application for Women Rights for NED funds. But unfortunately we haven’t received the project fund . what is the prompt proposal for NED this time?..

    We are waiting for your suggestion.

    With kind regards
    South India

  6. Putri Gagaramusu says:

    we are from Tadulakota’ Foundation, organizations engaged in cultural and indigenous peoples in Central Sulawesi,Indonesia.We really need NED grants to make our next project about Indigenous people rights and need in here..Hope NED can help us to fight for their rights..
    Thank You

  7. We are in SriLanka. our forum has been started in 2009 .we doing human rights activities & basic rights of the plantation peoples such as voting rights, education development,rural development programs. how can we get funds from you. please send us details and application form. we shall apply for the grant??

  8. Mangcha Haokip says:

    Sir, The Hill People’s Development Council (HPDC) is a voluntary Organisation register under societies act, in the year 1993. Its aims and objectives are to develop the hilly tribal people. The organization working in the hill areas of Manipur State,India. We need your kind cooperation and helping hand to the HPDC to development the needy persons living in the remote and hilly areas of Manipur.I, therefore, humbly request your kindness to send application form for grant.
    Thanking you
    Yours sincerely
    Mr.Mangcha Haokip
    Secretary, HPDC

  9. biah yormah idriss says:

    MOPAADSL is a registered in sierra leone and highly interested in NED support.
    Biah Yormah idriss

  10. Centre for Development Communications-CDC says:

    Dear Madam/Sir
    My name is Fred Yiwombe, Executive Director for Centre for Development Communications-CDC; an educational media NGO registered with the laws of Malawi (Africa). We develop different radio program formats on democracy, governance and human rights while mainstreaming, gender, disability and HIV/AIDS issues. We will try our luck!!!

  11. Young African Development Action(YDA). says:

    Dear Madam/Sir.

    YDA is non profit making organization that is legally registered in both Somalia and Kenya, deals with different programs and therefore would like to apply for the grants.

    Many thanks.

  12. Erick chipwaya says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Dialogue international is a registered organization working towards improving vulnarable people`lives in Africa.Pls send as a call for proposals so that we can send ours for the funding to support the project(s).Thanks in Anticipation

    Regional Director

    Erick Chipwaya

  13. Cecily N.Mwangi says:

    My name is Cecily Mwangi , General Secretary of a Trade Union of Workers working in Hair and Beauty Salon. We represent workers in the Salon Sector ,where workers rights are violated.We are going to submit our proposal for funding.

  14. Malembo Makene says:

    BasicNeeds Tanzania is a non profit organization legally registered Tanzania as local organization with head office in UK. The organization promoting basic needs and rights of mentally ill people and their carers in poor communities through direct service delivery, advocacy and policy influence for recognition of mental health service. With your funding opportunity we are gland to present our proposal on behalf to the people we are serving. Kindly advice if we eligible to apply
    Thank you,
    Kind regards,
    Malembo Makene, Country programme Manager, BasicNeeds Tanzania

  15. Dalit Upliftment Society says:

    dear sir/Madam

    Our Orgaganization is Health and human right related Organization. In this Field 7 years of Experience. we work specially Migrants People, downtrodden society in Nepal. Can we apply??????

    Bir Bahadur Sunar
    Program Manager

  16. Anesly Y. Newman says:

    Eksath Lanka Welfare Foundation is a non profit, non political & social service organization; we are glad to present our proposal on behalf of the communities we are serving to.
    Hope to get your kind attention with our proposal in time.
    God bless all your endeavors and we wish success to all the grant seekers.
    Thank you,
    Kind regards,
    Anesly Y. Newman
    Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka.

  17. Edward Pakpahan says:


    Institute of Social Democrats is an organization that advocates for issues concerned with the poor, during the LSD had not received any donor support for funding their activities. We strive to raise the budget through public donations. Currently, our programs build capacity Power Workers’ Union to strengthen the bargaining position of workers from the company level to the level federation of districts and cities in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia through a program :

    1. SBSI management training aimed at improving the leadership capacity of trade unions at the enterprise level.
    2. Conducting research on the impact of wages on the welfare system workers
    3. Doing advocacy

    LSD has built a commitment of cooperation with Regional Coordinator of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia Prosperity Trade Union (KSBSI). We present e Kompotensi Institution Profiles and Social Democrats (LSD) as follows:
    Institute of Social Democrats (LSD) is a working group Institute for Christian Service Network (JKLPK) in Indonesia.
    Our Organization Data:
    1. Institution Name : Institute for Social Democrats
    2. Contact Person : Edward Pakpahan
    4. Issues Plan – Issues that will be done LSD in 1 to 3 years :
    4.1. Democratization and Civic Education Union
    4.2. Resistance Labor Contract and Out Sourcing
    4.3. Strengthening Economic Cooperation Labor through

    Vision: Strengthening the bargaining position of workers, and Enabling Trade Unions analyze policy – government policy affecting the welfare of workers

    Mission : Struggle and advocacy Azasy Human Rights, justice and the welfare of marginalized people

    Fields of activity in the last 3 years:
    1. Community Capacity Building and public advocate against the government policy of Medan Giving permission of the company Filling Station and Freight Bulk LPG in densely populated settlements.
    2. Strengthening the capacity of Trade Unions se Deliserdang districts unite in conception and policy analysis government policies on labor Deliserdang District

    Similarly, we submit this letter, we hope very large, can be accepted as a networking and assistance for activities as required labor.

    So the letter was delivered, said thank you for your attention.


    Edward Pakpahan
    Director Eksekutiv

  18. Damietta Peace Initiative says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Peace and all good!
    We are a Faith Based Organization (The Damietta Peace Initiative)that promotes Human Rights through peace building at grass-root levels using Non-Violence mechanism. We appreaciate NED’s call for proposal and we we will submitting one for your approval.
    Thanking you in advance.

    Sincerely yours,
    Munyao, P. M.
    Programme Manager

  19. R/SIR, am a lawyer and human right activist since year 1979 against the martial law regime of general zia till 1988, thereafter also strived for the restoration of independent judiciary, supremacy of law, freedom of press n again revival of democracy similarly, got registered an N.G.O namely allahtohar welfare organization, nowadays we collected data from central prison where apprx, 109 youthful offenders n 26 women are confined in various offenses.

  20. Maurice BEUKAM K says:

    Our association Love Family and Development is greatly interested by this project especially at this particular time in our country Cameroon

  21. Margaret Ntakalimaze says:

    Thank you so much for the innitiative in regards for the promotion of Human Rights and Democracy world wide. Uganda Women and Children organisation (UWCO)based in Uganda is grateful to submit our project proposal for the said grant. UWCO aims at producing sustainable improvement in the lives of vulnerable children and women in Uganda. We are rooted in the community and operate with community in put, involvement, investment and embracing the community as an integral of their services. This ensures peace,justice and a democratic way of good governance and observance of human rights.

    Thank you so much for your support services.

    With kind regards,

    Margaret Ntakalimaze
    Executive Director-UWCO

  22. Rev. Emmanuel Biguri Mfitumukiza says:

    Kisoro District NGO/CBO Forum is a Regional Civil Society Organisations net work whose Mission is to Strengthen the Capacity of the Civil Society Organisations to address their core Institutional mandate is privileged to have the opportunity to apply for funds to implement a Human Rights and Democratic Governance through institutional development of the NGos network targeting 1.8 millions in Uganda. Our 10 years work in the same sector provides us opportunity to increase our push for democratic reforms and human rights observance.

  23. LUCIA MAMBURE says:

    NED provides a window of opportunities to the rest of the world and a lifeline to millions of people particularly the marginalized in Sub Sahara Africa where I am. COA represents women whose children have physical or mental disabilities in Zimbabwe. Thousands of them are eligible to participate in developmental programs but are hold back. Through support groups and empowerment projects they can reclaim their lost pride. We are geared to make use of the call for proposals if any arises in this thematic area.

  24. Niaz Muhammad Saqib says:

    PCSF (peace cultural and social services foundation) is an indigenous, non-profitable and nongovernmental organization which has been newly established to distinctly contribute to the sustainable development agenda through working in areas of stabilization of peace and stability in Afghanistan through conducting public awareness, Capacity building trainings, Seminars and workshops on essence and advantages of peace. Moreover, PCSF is intend to work in the field of rule of law, human rights, conducting the Intervention and prevention programs on drugs and struggles on establishing the treatment centers for drug addicted people, Prevention of underage children of doing hard works and struggle against any kinds of violence. So the PCSF is interested to develop and submit its proposal to your esteemed organization soon.
    We are looking forward to you positive response.
    Niaz Muhammad Saqib
    Director of peace foundation in Afghanistan

  25. hasan noor ahmed says:

    Biland Awdal Organization NGO is apply this grant and we are submitting proposal project hasan noor ahmed chairman biland awdal organziation somaliland

  26. I am from Daryeel Bulsho Baahan (DBB) a local non-governmental and non-profit organization based in Somalia. We are committed to work on food security, water infrastructure, health care, nutrition and education. We would like to have chance to be part in this program and we work for positive people in our involved regions and districts. Many years from our trust is established there are so many helpful works to relief as emergence since the country in humanitarian crisis, drought and conflicts. People who are getting benefited with our services please give us a chance to serve them in better way waiting for your response.

    Thanking you

    Yours sincerely,


  27. Muhammad Azam Farooq says:

    Women Education Development, a civil society organization, working in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan shall apply for the grant. Regards

  28. George Darlington Hashaka says:

    Promotion of Democracy,Good Governance and Human Rights is key to realization of sustainable peace in the world,as the author of Uganda Peace Foundation an organization established to promote peace in Uganda and the entire world I highly commend this initiative.

    I look forward for a serious long term partnership with NED for promotion of peace in the world.

    George Darlington Hashaka
    Founder Executive Chairman
    Uganda Peace Foundation

  29. Bassey Fidelis says:

    UNITED PATRIOTIC YOUTH ORGANIZATION NIGERIA (UPYON) is a non –governmental, non-profit, non-religious organization that was formed as an umbrella for crusade against violence amongst our youth.
    UPYON is an ambassador for peace initiative that is formed to preach and sensitize the youth the needs for peace and zero violence, tribalism, ethnics and nepotism in Nigeria.
    We hereby apply for sponsorship through your organization to enable the organization (UPYON) acquire a piece of land in Calabar, Cross River State capital to build its operational office and also a secretariat/ annex in Abuja the Federal Capital Territory where the organization is presently operating.
    The organization also needs some vehicles to aid the movement and campaign activities of the organization in spreading the campaign against violence and other related vices to various parts of the country to sensitize the youth against bombings and other attack which has become the order of the day.
    We shall be grateful if our assistance is considered. Thanks.

    Yours faithfully,
    Bassey Fidelis.
    P .R.O

  30. Nou'el Kihoza says:

    This call for proposal is timely for us as we are in the process of getting a brand new constitution of United Republic of Tanzania. Many CSOs in our place (Mwanza) are not fully playing their part in this process. We (EDFO) will put up a proposal on Strengthening them to be able to fully participate as well as community members looking forward for the forthcoming (improved democratic) general elections.

    Thanking you for your support in promoting democracy!

    With profound regards,

    Nou’el Kihoza

  31. Ashok K Chinara says:

    we get the call proposal project from NED and we are please to submit our project proposal for the said grant,please remember our organisation named ORGANISATION FOR RURAL RECONSTRUCTION AND SOCIAL SERVICE ACTION, Odisha, India.

  32. Rural developement programme Dera Ghazi Khan Punjab Province of Pakistan is interested in the NED call for proposal, we will develop the proposal
    please keep in remember our NGO Organization name “Rural Developement Programme of Pakistan . Thank you.
    Rahber Ali
    Rural developement Programme
    Dera Ghazi Khan
    Punjab province

  33. Samson Mande says:

    This is a very intresting. The Uganda civil society and intelligentia need this help to organise a serious lobby for a peacefull transition to democracy fromthe 25 years authoritarin ruleofone state party and one man- General Yoweri Museveni a liberator turned dictator.

  34. Abubakari Hindu says:

    Very interesting and remarkable idea. Association for Women Empowerment (AFWE)will apply on behalf of the allege witch camp at KPATINGA.

  35. China League for Freedom and Peace says:

    Our mission is to create ideas that deepen and advance our understanding of Freedom and Peace and with those ideas to develop innovative, forge new initiatives, and pursue far-reaching strategies to promote democratic political construction .Call awakening the consciousness of human rights, protecting women rights, trying to create a society that there is no discrimination and everyone is equal, promoting the development of human rights course.

  36. Hassan H. Feika says:

    Peace and Reconciliation Movement sierra Leone is interested in the NED call for proposal, we will develop the proposal.



    Hassan H.Feika
    Executive Director, PRM SL

  37. Khupkam vaiphei says:

    Dear respected Sir/Madam

    As we get the call proposal project from NED we are please to submit our project proposal for the said grant, please keep in remember our NGO Organization name “ENGEDI FOUNDATION” Manipur-India. Thank you.

    Your sincerely
    Khupkam vaiphei.

  38. Justin Murithi Mura says:

    Quite impressive.on behalf of BSTR-Trust we shall apply for the grant