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PEP Accepting Proposals from Developing Country Researchers to Study Poverty

Under the 2010 Competition for Research Grants, the Poverty and Economic Policy (PEP) Research Network is requesting developing country researchers to submit proposals to undertake studies on poverty issues. There are grants available of up to CAN $50,000 to each project proposed. This funding includes support not only for carrying research but also “to participate in training workshops, PEP meetings, international conferences, study visits and other activities.” PEP is an international network of researchers from developing countries working to “influence national and international academic and policy debates on poverty issues.” It is jointed funded by AUSAID, IDRC and CIDA.

Proposals have been requested mostly from poor and developing countries and researchers should comprise of a team representing a proper gender balance, led by one senior researcher and the team comprising of junior members. The specific objectives of the program are to: “better understand the causes and consequences of poverty; propose pro-poor policies and programs; improve the measurement and monitoring of poverty; strengthen local research capacity on poverty issues; and develop new concepts and techniques for poverty analysis.”

The themes to be covered are Community Based Monitoring Systems (CBMS), Modeling and Policy Impact Analysis (MPIA), Policy Impact Evaluation Research Initiative (PIERI) and Poverty Monitoring, Measurement and Analysis (PMMA) but other interesting subjects can also be considered.

Proposal format and checklists are available at the PEP website. The deadline to submit proposals is 6 January 2010. For more information, visit this link.

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