Project Funding for Grassroots NGOs working for Secure Land Access for the Poor

Facilitated by UN-HABITAT, the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) works “to contribute to poverty alleviation and the Millennium Development Goals through land reform, improved land management and security of tenure.” The Network under its Grassroots Mechanism has issued a call for proposals to provide project funding to initiatives working “for the scaling up of innovative, participatory approaches to improving the secure access of poor women and men to land.” This 2010 funding is provided by GLTN in partnership with Hakijamii Trust, Huairou Commision, International Land Coalition and Slum/Shack Dwellers International.

GLTN acknowledges the fact that many countries have policies and laws for providing access to land for poor women and men. But often these laws fail to get implemented due to lack of skills, resources and expertise. However, there are many civil society and grassroots organizations to fill these gaps. But their interventions are mostly limited to small and local-based initiatives. GLTN intends to provide project funding to these initiatives so that they can be scaled up for improving the secure access of poor women and men to land. Around US $35,000 would be provided in grants to such initiatives. Some of the basic characteristics of the project are “projects must be implemented by a civil society organization belonging to one of the GLTN Partners; the project should focus on improving access to land and/or tenure security; it should focus on addressing a failure of land-related policy implementation or failure to respect basic rights; the impact of the project should be pro-poor (i.e. the relative economic and political empowerment of the poor within society must be strengthened); the benefits of the project should not discriminate against women and marginalized; proposals are encouraged that promote the empowerment of women and marginalized groups; the approach or methodology used by the project should be based upon strong grassroots participation or self-mobilization as an essential element of the process….”

There is an application format available to write the complete proposal. The deadline to submit proposals is 1 December 2009. For more information, visit this link.