Gates Foundation’s Grants under Water, Sanitation & Hygiene for Reinventing the Toilet Challenge

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has issued a request for letters of inquiry for disbursing a set of new grants to support its Reinventing the Toilet Challenge (Round 2) under its Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Program. These grants are intended for exceptionally highly-qualified research groups interested in contributing to major advances in sanitation and hygiene in the developing world.

The Reinvent the Toilet Challenge is designed to prototype a means of dealing effectively and cost-efficiently with human waste for the 2 billion people on earth who currently lack access to safe and affordable sanitation.

Successful applicants will participate in the next phase of the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge: designing, prototyping and testing entirely stand-alone, self-contained, practical sanitation modules which intake bodily wastes and swiftly dispose of them without any incoming water piping, outgoing sewer piping or electric or gas utility services. These modules must intake all outputs of the serviced population – ultimately at single-residence scales – with minimal module footprints and assured biosafety. Thus, chemical and mechanical engineering approaches are preferred.

At present, the Foundation is soliciting letters of inquiry and capability declarations from groups, primarily in the academic sector and from for-profit organizations, who are well qualified to undertake R&D and execute pertinent program plans. Full proposals for grant awards are not being solicited at the present, but submission of proposals may be invited in the near future from those whose letters of inquiry and capability declarations are of extraordinary quality.

A single-page typed-or-printed letter of inquiry and capability declaration should be submitted no later than May 10th 2012 in order to be assured of consideration.

For more information, visit this link.


  1. Muhammad arif says:

    This is Director NGO working in the field WASH since several years in Khber pukhttokhwa and FATA which has been badly effected by insurgency and poverty.
    So this area extreeemly needs your kind atttention and our Devout volunteer Organization(DVO) wish to work with your prestigious organization.
    Ug-453 Deans Centre Peshawar cantt KPK Pakistan.

  2. Richardson Kyambadde says:

    ADUA a community based organization operating in hard-to-reach areas of Buvuma island district strives to render services to these neglected places. One of the major problems facing islanders is hygiene! People on islands are victim to water borne diseases brought be water pollutions. We therefore call upon potential funding agencies to partner with ADUA – Action for development in underserved areas in a bid to improve the lives of islanders.
    drafted by,
    Director ADUA

  3. tanue elvis says:

    OUR community is suffer for lack of water for sanitary use and other pupose. weplead for forigen help. our ngo is our for humanity workand also work with the world good will to norished freedom, right ,and other domocrative institution


    your sincerly


  4. Sarah Agyabeng says:

    Water accessibility in Nsuta a village in the Ashanti region of Ghana is a major problem hitting this small town, with a High School,a rural bank and a clinic,this acute water shortage causes students and the community as whole a lot of health problems since they have to rely on streams and other water bodies which in turn are not sanitized.i work with Dream Environment an NGO seeking for funds to support this worthy cause in providing portable water for this community and its environs.
    Your support will be an honor.Thank you.

  5. Byarugaba Anthony-Public Health says:

    Bufumira Islands friends of Families(BIFF)in Kalangala district Uganda East Africa uses the PHAST and CLTS approach(Participatory Hygiene and Sanitation and Community led total sanitation)respectively and constructs ECOSAN-ecological sanitation latrines so if granted, can solve the problem of open defecation amongst the fisher folks.

  6. Byarugaba Anthony-Public Health says:

    Water, sanitation and Hygiene is still a big problem especially in islands like Kalangala District Uganda. Bufumira Islands Friends of Families(BIFF)has good innovative strategies in solving localized community problems if granted because it is on the grass root where problems arise from.

  7. pastor George owich says:

    I wish to place arequest to be considered for provision of clean water and toilets to villagers in Kawiya village of Kochia location homabay county Nyanza province in kenya. The village has accute water shortage leading to serious suffering of alarge population of persons. The area has aschool and about 7 churches in its neighbourhood. Any intervention in this direction will highly be appreciated.

  8. Edington Elmo Gatsi says:

    Adventist Development Releif Authority (ADRA) Zimbabwe as an organisation is seriously into WASH programming in Zimbabwe, Southern Africa.We have done campaigns and projects in some schools and rural areas. We have and are drilling boreholes in rural schools and communities ensuring that the less previledged communities have safe drinking water and ablution facilities. Some schools where closed as a result of poor water and latrine facilities which are hazardous to the pupils’ health. We also managed to do a number of Fero-cement rain water harvesting tanks in line with safe water drinking facilities. The programming was being initiated by organisations like the Gates Foundation’s Grants under Water Sanitation & Hygiene. It is our hope to get an opportunity to be linked in this programming which has diverse developments associated with its development.

    We hope to hear from you at yuor earlest convenience.

    Edington Gatsi
    Marketing officer

  9. P R Chandol says:

    I live in Delhi, the capital of India. This city is situated at the bank of ‘yamuna river’. Once this river used to flow with clean water coming from Himalaya Hills, but now it is flowing with dirty drainage water coming from urban area of Delhi city. There may be many more rivers like this in the world. Can you help such programmes which could work to make such rivers clean to make them in their original shape.

  10. jyoti damle says:

    Dear sir,
    I m jyoti damle,i m already work with school sanition,
    I m interested for work with you,
    My organisation biggest in chhattishgarh,india
    number of employee in my organisation 350 people,

    ple contact for any work

    amit agrahari

  11. This is a great initiative by Bill Gates Foundation. We work in the Coast of Kenya with a population of nearly 3million people. Majority of the population lack water, sanitation and hygiene facilities and we will greatly appreciate local organisations supported to bridge this gap.

  12. L.FRANCIS says:

    Dear sir/Madam
    I Francis have voluntary organization called as “CREATIVE SOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY”
    We are dedicated to serve the downtrodden poor people. Mainly we are doing our works in rural areas.
    We uplift their livelihood to aware then in all aspects to provide children education to aware health provide medicines. Mainly we formation of self-help groups and Mahila groups for there sake of finical assistant we run the orphan children homes, HIV/AIDS awareness programs to provide some support to the victims . we conducting AID’s awareness camps water and sanitation, Water monitoring, water quality and surveillance ,child rehabilitation programs.
    We have sufficient infrastructure facilities with our organization running the program successfully.
    Hence I request you to kindly give us an opportunity to serve the poor people you also to serve the partner of this programs and we seek your financial support.

    Hence we request you sir, please consider our proposal for which act of kindness, I shall ever grateful to you.
    Our address
    Door.Number :47-1-24
    Lurdhu Nagar, Gunadala, Vijayawada
    Krishna dt, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.

  13. Madhav sharma says:

    This is one of a major problem in developing nation. We are working on health and hygiene problem in rural and tribal state of India . But due to lack of proper management system of state government.people in rural area are not getting proper facilities for the same. If foundation like your help through local organisation than affected people will get more benifit .

  14. Mr. Lamin Saidybah says:

    I worked with more than seventy nine women groups in three of the five regions of the Gambia and our organisation Women Advancement and Child Care (WACC) works in the field of General Agriculture, Early Childhood Education and Development (ECD), Functional Women Adult Literacy, Advocacy in different fields such as HIV/AIDs, breast Feeding, Good governance, hygiene and sanitation among others for the growing number of people within our operations. We wanted to take part in the provision of proper hygiene and good sanitation for the people of our operational area.

  15. Ark A.C Goffin says:

    This is a very interesting and pertinent issue. My main concern is with people with disabilities both children and adults especially with physical disabilities who have to crawl to the available latrines( if any). I am physically disabled myself due to polio and am talking from experience. I wish I could have something to do ta assist school-going children with disabilities here in Uganda.

  16. asif hassan says:

    we are want to provide toilet facilities to every hose in our area wan bhachran mianwali pakistan.
    in our drinking water is big problem .
    welfare rural support organization registerd under society act 1860.
    it work for poor perviously 3 years in differnt fields.
    if you issue a grant for drinking water and toilet it is a bleesing in our area.


    Kindly join our Sanitation Campaigns in Luweero Triangle region
    Your postive response is appreciated

    Bissaso charles

  18. Jaendar Hasan says:

    We are the Poverty Reduction Family Support want Gates Foundation’s Grants under Water Sanitation & Hygiene for Reinfenting the Toilet Challenge

  19. Mr Kinastine says:

    One of the most common places where people in the rural areas in Africa easily contract deadly disease especially children within walking age of 5years and above is at the pit toilets or lantrine which are often poorly constructed. this lantrine got flooded during rainny seasons and spread around communities attracting mosquitoes that bites children and infect them with malaria. Therefore a well constructed lantrines with a proper drainage system will eliminates the spreads of malaria by mosquitoes.disinfedcting water and drainage system will purify community drinking water and restore good health to the inhabitants.

  20. Innocent Kalinda says:

    This project is very viable and must be implemented in order to serve many lives form water borne diseases.My community we serve as a charity has a lot of problems in this matter and would be happy if i can take part in the training.
    Africa suffers form acute water and sanitations issues and i recomend Bill gates for the support to such countries as zambia who dearly need these services and facilities.
    Thanks .


  21. The subject’s interesting,i have been thinking about toilets for the community i live in.There’s an area where i live which has a dire need for a toilet system that will help them.When i took a walk there,i realized one toilet was demolished.This now means if for example 20 families were using that facility,20 families have nowhere to relieve themselves or bath.Unfortunately i can’t access this page on my mobile,will have to visit an internet cafe

  22. this is a very comprehensive projects for people especially for Africa thanks alots