SIDA grants opportunity under Innovations against Poverty program

Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) works according to directives of the Swedish Parliament and Government to reduce poverty in the world. The overall goal of Swedish development cooperation is to contribute to making it possible for poor people to improve their living conditions.

Innovations Against Poverty (IAP) is an initiative by the Sida, to support businesses to develop services, products and processes that will benefit people living in poverty. The IAP is designed for companies based in, or operating in a poor country.

Financial and Funding Assistance

The programme will function as a risk sharing mechanism for sustainable business ventures (commercial companies or market oriented organisations), which have strong potential impact on poverty reduction.

Companies are invited to apply for grants twice a year. There will be two parallel application processes; one for small grants (under € 20,000) and one for large. The expectation is that over three years, about 60 grants will be awarded to companies. As a third option, the IAP programme can link companies and their financiers to Sida’s Guarantees programme, through which Sida offers guarantees for reducing risks for ventures with a strong developmental dimension.

For any company based in EU the sum of the grant amount requested from IAP plus any other governmental support during the latest three-year period may not exceed € 200,000

Who and what IAP supports

The criteria listed below define the ‘challenge’ to the private sector to bring innovative and sustainable business propositions to the IAP for support. For a company to be eligible, the proposed project must satisfy all the eligibility criteria. This does not mean that the project will be automatically funded, as the applicants will compete with each other when the number of applicants exceeds funds available. The assessment of whether a specific project and company meet the criteria is done through a thorough selection process and Sida makes the final decision.

Eligibility criteria

Commercially driven 1. Clear commercial driver and potential for commercial viability2. Potential to reach scale3. Managed by a company or a market oriented organisation
Development effects 4. Poor people benefit (income, products, environment, opportunities, gender equality)5. Avoid negative effects (environmental, market distortion)
Cost sharing commitments 6. Clearly defined elements of cost-sharing (With the company itself providing at a minimum 50% – which should not come from other public financing)
Innovative 7. Innovative; going beyond what exists now, in terms of the product/service, the delivery mechanism/business model and/or market reach
Additionality 8. Project would not take place at the same scale or have the same development impact without IAP funding

Deadline for submitting the application for this phase of granting is November 25, 2011

For more information and details, you can download this document or visit link on IAP.

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  1. I thank the organiser of this fund, I hope it will help to fight poverty in many countries
    I’m running a youth entrepreneurship and leadership program here in DR Congo with a youth organisation named AJVDC asbl ASSOCIATION DE JEUNES VISIONNAIRES POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT DU CONGO a non for profit organisation.
    We will happy to get this opportunity. We are open for a strong Network with other youth organisation around the world ,
    Goma, DRC

  2. Farzana says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am working in NGO in Bangladesh. You Know that Bangladesh is a developing country. Poverty is one of the major concern in our country. Our organization is working on this issue since 1984. We have been working with many international organization such Save the children-UK, Concern Worldwide, SIMAVI,UNICEF etc.Our organization mainly work in the south-west region in Bangladesh which is mainly disaster prone area. So,Poverty is the major concern of this area because of various disaster like cyclone, flood etc. So, would it be possible to have fund from SIDA ? Can we apply for SIDA grants on this issue?

  3. Hemanthi Goonasekera says:

    Please go to the SIDA Web site and apply for the grant. There will be no response for your comments/questions in this page

  4. K.Karthik. says:

    Hi, it seems intresting learning process about man and matters.

  5. Riverkids Foundation says:

    I am Mr. Chheang Phea, working at Riverkids Foundation is non-governmental Charity organization based in Cambodia. Our vision and goals to serve vulnerable children and family in slum community. Our existing program are education, generation income, social work, and health care to clients.

    As about state, It is possible to your grand support. Please send me fruther details of the information as above mail address.

    Thank you and regard

    Mr. Chheang Phea
    Senior Assistant of Executive Director
    Riverkids Foundation, Cambodia

  6. Sr Hellen Lamunu says:

    Dear Sir,
    Thank you very much for concern for poor people am working in northern Uganda with war affected women in skill training for selfreliance. Is it possible for us to apply? This SIDA grant can eradicate poverty in the community.

    Sr Hellen Lamunu,

    from northern Uganda.

  7. Ranjith Wickramasinghe says:

    Dear Respective Sir/Madam,

    I’m Chairmen of the Sri lanka Civil Society Organization.We Work with Children,Women,Disabled Families.Our Activity Based to Poor Village and vulnerable group.

    We Like To join With You.Pls send details.


  8. I’m conducting a small charity in our village, Sri Lanka.
    We hope to develop our organization’s web team and do business in our province.
    already we are doing some works can we have this fund for developing our web team?

  9. David Gabe says:

    NDOP HANDICRAFT ASSOCIATION{NDOPCRAFT}is Non-Governmental,Apolitical and Not for Profit Making,Fair Trade Association based in Cameroon.The main objective of NDOPCRAFT ,is to Improve the Welbeing and Safeguard the Livelihood of marginalised Artisans and Farmers through FAIR TRADE.Whereby producers within the informal sector receive just reward for their efforts and products.
    By providing professional and non exploitative services between producer partners and formal market structures.

    Support and securing of the organisation structure and the economical situation of producers ,especially women.
    Development and realization of new management and marketing techniques based on ICT Technology to accelerate sustainable development in rural communities throughout Cameroon.
    Creation and support of incomes for producers.
    Creation of jobs in rural areas to combat rural exodus.
    Self-reliance development {do-it your-self}
    TO support the economic situation of Women.
    To collaborate with other related organisations and institutions working towards the improvement of peoples
    To cooperate with organizations and institutions for the prevention of HIV/AIDS.
    To practice environmental protection and apply ecological principles in producing and marketing.
    To respect sound ethical values of commercial practice and abide by the principles of FAIR TRADE .

    Fair trade therefore present us with the opportunity to broaden and expand our network for the purposes of presenting our culture,people, ideas and products ,.Music Instruments ,baskets ,mask ,household articles ,stools ,gifts ,coffee ,cocoa ,foodstuff,Voacanga ,etc

    .Learning alternative ways of doing things ,making new alliances and to strengthen existing ones.Forming part of a world -wide process,that will impact on all our lives in making poverty history.

    Our Association will be grateful to receive a grant from SIDA to enable meet our objectives.


    Best regards
    Mr David Gabe

  10. vilson bejko says:

    Dear Representatives of SIDA,
    I am from Albania.
    I own a small Printing House.
    I need to expand my business in order to survive.For this reason I need to buy a Line of Automatic Exercise Notebook Making Machine which costs about US$ 300,000.00.
    I hope you will help me.
    Vilson Bejko,Albania

  11. khaihao Haokip says:

    I am working in rural upliftment in NGO sector, could it be applicable to support from your SIDA grant apportunities.

    Thanking you


    Dear all,
    I will be very happy if those of us in the third world countries like Ghana,West African countries.

  13. Razaullah Khan says:

    Legends soceity is non government organizaton (Quetta, Balochistan, Pakistan Based. LS is implementing partner of Various internatinal organizations, like UNHCR, USAID etc. Legends Society is running detox center funded by UNHCR and also on cmmercial basis.

  14. EDI ARIADI says:

    thank you very much for yours information

    edi ariadi

  15. DRAPARI says:

    As one time beneficiary of SIDA with Makerere University,I am very happy with such innovative Ideas from SIDA to help reduce poverty. After my encounter with SIDA in 2007, I worked hard to mobilize the local people and we formed RIKI DEVELOPMENT INITIATORS’ ASSOCIATION (RiDIA) to fight poverty in Riki Village. However, we have not managed to get support from any organization especiaaly capacity building of our Association and also financial support to enable us meet some of the costs in our plans. Is it possible for SIDA to help us to train our Members and also fund a small project for us?

  16. Louis Joseph RAJOHNSON says:

    Is it possible to write the proposal in french?

  17. ABC Organization says:

    The work of SIDA is tremendously great and its impact is everlasting.

    Agency for Basic Community Development
    274 (A), Room (7/8) Pyay Road, Sanchaung P.O. 11111,
    Yangon, MYANMAR.

  18. sr. zaida villareal,osa says:

    Our community wanted to start a small business that will be benefited our members especially the out of school youth who wanted to pursue college studies.We work out a feasibility study on putting a small business in baking “bakery in our municipality”.”HOUSE OF BREAD”.
    In line with this, would it be possible that we could avail also if we can submit also a project proposal for our small entrepeneur in our community?

    Sr. Zaida Villareal,OSA
    Manila Philippines