Beyond Sport Awards 2011: Using Sports to create positive social change

Beyond Sport is a global organization that promotes, develops and funds the use of sport to create positive social change across the world. There are three primary ways of doing this: Beyond Sport Awards, Beyond Sport Summit and Beyond Sport World.

Currently, the Beyond Sport Awards is accepting entries under 12 categories covering the entire sporting spectrum of health, social inclusion, corporate and social responsibility, and philanthropy.

Shortlisted entries for these awards receive a free invitation to the Beyond Sport Summit 2011 in Cape Town, South Africa; flights to and accommodation during the Summit; access to Beyond Sport’s global network of international sports organizations, company leaders, and influential political figures; and opportunities for business mentoring and to become members of the most influential group of social entrepreneurs ever assembled around sport.

The winners of the six Beyond Sport Community Awards will receive a minimum of $15,000 funding each and a package of substantial business support to enable them to move forward and become fully sustainable in the future.

Any project or initiative wishing to enter the Beyond Sport Awards must live up to the four basic principles of the Beyond Sport mission: Model, Impact, Sustainability and Replication.

The categories of awards are:

1. Community Awards for not-for-profits, NGOs, IGOs, charitable or small social entrepreneurial organisations: Best New Project, UNICEF Sport for Education Award, Sport for Health Award, Best Project for Social Inclusion and Sport for Conflict Resolution Award.

2. Environment Award for independent projects, federations, companies, government agencies, and rights holders alike. A relevant entry can be for any kind of activity that addresses environmental issues – i.e. events, campaigns, stand-alone projects, policies that resulted in an environmental improvement. The award under this category is the Sport for Environment Award.

3. Corporate and Federation Awards for corporations, businesses, sport governing bodies, official rights-holders, professional sports teams, federations, large social enterprises, or non-profits looking to nominate a corporate partner. The awards under this category are Sport Team of the Year, Sport Federation or Governing Body of the Year and the Corporate of the Year.

4. Judges’ Awards: There will also be a number of Judges’ Awards.

The deadline to submit entries is March 15, 2011. For more information, visit this link.


  1. The intention of this proposal is to seek assistance and ideas. We are willing to work under Joint venture banners to succeed in the project.

    We are embarking on an ambitious project of expanding free sports training
    Operations for kids and neglected youth in the Rural Areas of Tamil Nadu (INDIA) to deviate them from evil practices and give them the joy of sportsmanship.

    We are a non-profit organization; we depend on goodwill and assistance to achieve this noble dream.

    We have some wonderful technical Sports students in the [TRAINING PROGRAM] at
    [DEVSPORTS ACADEMY] who are training to become India’s most highly skilled and motivated workers. I am so proud of my students.

    I hope that we can count on your support of our students in this opportunity. Please give your feedback on this request, and to find out any steps necessary to proceed. We have got an approval u/s.80 G of the IT Act 1961.

    I hope you will be able to be a part of this effort to improve one of our neighborhood’s most valuable assets.

    I look forward to answering any questions you may have. In the meantime, best of luck with your business. I look forward to speaking with you in the coming days.

    For more details about the Dev Sports Academy trust please


    D.Ananda Kumar B.A., M.P, Ed,
    Founder of Dev sports Academy


    biland awdal organization ngo is apply this award hasan noor ahmed chairman bao somalia

  3. Neil Lewis says:

    I am the founder and coach for the S.W.A.T. Badminton Club located in Kingston Jamaica. We have recently partnered with the Y.M.C.A. Jamaica chapter. Together we are working with the inner-city, troubled, and disabled boys and girls from all spheres of the society to provide a learning center in order to improve the literacy standard and offer a chance to these youngster to succeed in life through sports and education. At the moment, we have several disciplines ie, karate, badminton and swimming along with crafts making, computer studies and repairs, barber shop and wood work. We are in desperate need of some funding to support this program and would appreciate some advice/ direction to how and where we can achieve our goals.



  5. jeyamwomentrust says:


  6. Fischer Chiyanike says:

    We are much interested in this programme since we are fully involved in Sports for Peace and Development for young people in Zimbabwe. We are Zimbabwe UN Association which is a people’s movement for the UN in Zimbabwe.

  7. My name is Wor Yusuf, the Team Leader for a local Ugandan Rural Agency for Community Development(RACOD).Thanks you ever so much for your site information. We had spent years on end looking for such an opportunity.

    The overall objective of RACOD is to create an enabling environment for disadvanteged groups within communities in the West Budama County of the eastern Uganda District called Tororo to be self-dependent, contribute to the development of the area and be an active participant in the development effort of the country.

    We look forwards to continued networking with Beyond Sports to create positive social change in our community.


    Donyo Integrated Sports Centre (DISC):

    Ol Donyo (means ‘a mountain of the buffalo’) a dusty rural town located 85km north of Nairobi at the base of 8,000 ft. Mount Kilimambogo, is home to the Donyo Integrated Sports Centre (DISC) a Gnu Foundation funded youth sports center established to provide opportunities for local youth through sporting activities and career vocational training. The program, originally centered around boxing and physical training programs for boys and young men, has been expanded to include remedial educational and micro-enterprise programs for both young men and women.

    The DISC Ladies Alive program is a livelihood program born out of concern related to emerging teenage pregnancy and early ‘marriages’ that usually don’t work making the girls in Donyo both culturally and economically vulnerable. The program is intended to build on the existing micro finance, and micro–agriculture that exist in this community – to provide economic opportunities for the guardians of youth enrolled in the DISC programs and the older youth themselves.

    We are very grateful to learn about your organization and have realized together we shall work for the common goal of beyond sports which we advocate.

    Project coordinator

  9. Neftaly Malatjie says:

    Thank you for the contribution

    We have received funding from American Embassy

    Keep it up and dig more in South Africa

    You are making us aware and also a good diary for our organizations


  10. I am interested to hear more on the sports sponsorship

  11. Matsyetsye Emmanuel says:

    Iam Matsyetsye Emmanuel 51, an entrepreneur having started a Table Tennis Club beyond the playing of the game. I set a goal to build a generation of talented young, competitive and disciplined all round Table Tennis players able to play, coach, administer and become future sponsors and or busies men in the sport with both life and sporting skills. My works are summarised in a web page and Swedish Development Agency publications about Mbale Tigers Table Tennis Club that has been funded since 2005.
    Mbale Tigers Table Tennis Club has been running a Project code named LaupaLuning Table Tennis Project (LLTTP)with success stories of Children achieving professional Table Tennis Playing standards qualifying to play for Uganda at Commonwealth Games 2006 for Uganda, Commonwealth Youth Games 2010 in India, All Africa Games in Algeria, Africa Youth Games in Morroco and Senior African Championships in Cameroon.!!!
    Also combined with life skills based on the millennium development Goals on HIV/AIDS, Leadership, Human Rights, Gender, Education, Fight against Poverty.
    Above all pursued the ITTF development goals of fighting Drug abuse, Poverty, HIV/AIDS using the Table Tennis Ball.
    Today more than 20 children study on scholarships in Primary and Secondary schools and also Kampala International University.
    The Parents of the children have started a social security project in form of a savings and Credit Society generating small income from small businesses saving and lending aimed at fighting poverty at household level
    Matsyetsye Emmanuel
    Executive Director and Founder Mbale Tigers Table Tennis Club

  12. padmore Quansah says:

    this is a very helpful site especially to my organisation LAMP FOR FUTURE LIFE and other grassroots organisations who need networking.
    Thank you.

  13. Vincent Nyoni says:

    this is a very helpful site especially for grassroots organisations who need international networking