Stop TB Partnership: Call for TB REACH Wave 3 Proposals

The Stop TB Parnership’s TB REACH has announced that it is accepting proposals for the Wave 3 round of funding. It has received support from the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and UNITAD.

There will be two separate funding tracks under this program:

General Wave 3 Track: This funding track is open to applicants from 86 eligible countries. This track is for one-year projects for up to $US 1 million to improve TB case finding. Applicants can propose all types of innovative TB case finding interventions, however they are encouraged to focus on detecting TB in the following populations depending on the local epidemiologic context and setting: people living with HIV, children, miners, migrants, incarcerated persons and people with diabetes or COPD.

UNITAID Xpert Track: This funding track is open to applicants in 19 countries who wish to implement Xpert MTB/RIF scale up interventions using innovative approaches.

Except in three countries (Bangladesh, Indonesia and Pakistan) where there will be a specific focus on sustainable public-private partnership approaches using a social enterprise model that will be organized and supported by Interactive Research and Development (IRD) in collaboration with the national TB programme and applicants should consult IRD to develop their application, in the other 16 countries all approaches will be considered provided applications meet eligibility criteria and are accompanied by a letter of support from the national TB programme. Grants under the UNITAID Xpert Track are for two years and for up to $US 1 million. Proposals should focus on rolling out Xpert MTB/RIF technology to improve case finding. Applicants should note that for this funding track proposals may only allocate a maximum of US$ 1 of TB REACH funds for every US$ 1 of Xpert equipment and consumables proposed for use in a project over the entire two-year period.

The deadline for submitting proposals for Wave 3 is 17 September 2012. For more information, visit this link.


  1. patrick Ongom Komakeh says:

    Paidha orphans and vulnerable children organization (povco)has its head office in Paidha and some field offices in Nyapea Zeu and Atyak Sub County in Zombo District in North Western Uganda (East Africa)

    Povco works in areas, most significantly hit by the devastating AIDS epidemic since 2003. Although Uganda has been successful in cutting down the rate of HIV infection from 18% to 6%, the impact of the epidemic has devastated families and communities.

    POVCO of recent,parnered with AIDS Information Centre-Uganda to disseminate information about the preventin of Tuberculosis (TB)by distributing its brochures to the AIDS patients under the theme: Can a Person have TB and HIV ?

    This request to write a proposal therefore seeks to address the current state and need by building on the programs and project activities of implementing POVCO project.
    The goal of the proposed project is to increase client’s access to and utilization of HIV\AIDS comprehensive services package.

    Yours sincerely
    Patrick Ongom Komakech
    POVCO Executive Director

  2. Assan Emmanuel N.K says:

    Village and Cottage Development Association is a grass root ngo in Asikuma Odoben Brakwa in central region of Ghana.In our heath education in typical rural village we got a man who was suffering TB.upon on our advice we was able to sent him to hospital in Breman Asikuma. how can we benefit from this to reach the people who are also have the TB at the typical rural communities.Thank you, May God always bless you with funds for good works.

  3. Marylouise Siaguru says:

    There,s a lot of Defaulters in PNG who make situation tough to get TB under control. Goverment health workers don’t really care.
    Your idea to work with NGO is great.
    Keep in touch
    Concerned health Worker

  4. Samuel Dodoo says:

    This call is in the right direction in these times of the ravaging threat of TB in our country. We at Stop TB Ghana Partnership hope to take advantage of this call to prevent TB in our country

  5. michael nyamondo says:

    iwill reply soon

  6. Dr. Bamgboye M. Afolabi says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Thank you very much for this vial information. Is is possible for an NGO to collaborate with an Institution in writing a Wave-3 proposal? My NGO intends to do this and need all information and support. Despite the fact that DOT is followed strictly in the management of TB in Nigeria, still the disease is spreading. We would also like to include an Economic Evaluation of TB program in Nigeria for your consideration.

    Yours faithfully,
    Dr. Bamgboye M. Afolabi
    Chief Executive Director,
    Health, Environment and Developing Foundation (HEENDEF)