The Stockholm Challenge Awards 2010

The Stockholm Challenge is a pioneer in promoting the use of ICT tools and technologies for the development of people and society. The Challenge, now owned by the Royal Institute of Technology (RIT) and mainly sponsored by SIDA, Ericsson and the City of Stockholm, helps “counteract social and economic disadvantage, wherever it occurs, by promoting the use of ICT for development. It is mostly targeted towards developing regions and community or social sectors such as gender equality and minorities with the greatest needs.

Projects can be submitted in the following categories, considering the most significant areas of social and economic life. These categories have been selected to match the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDG). The categories are:

If your project or organization is using ICT applications to improve the conditions of the people in the above mentioned categories, you can apply for these awards. The entry rules of this competition are:

  • All submissions must be made in English and on line, using the entry form.
  • All competing projects must be fully implemented, or piloted in a realistic setting, for at least three months before the closing date for entries. Plans, draft concepts or ideas are not eligible. The jury will only evaluate and compare projects that can show measurable outcomes and impact.
  • All indicated fields of the entry form must be filled out or the jury will not evaluate your project.
  • Each project may enter only one category.
  • Participants must illustrate how their use of ICT improves traditional services and/or products, or creates new ones that are beneficial for human and social development.
  • Be verifiable, i.e. able to present credible references from independent third parties.
  • Refrain from promoting religious, political or other personal beliefs.
  • Previous winning projects of the Stockholm Challenge Award cannot participate again.

The deadline to submit entries is 1 August 2010. For more information, visit this link.

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