True Colours Trust: Africa Small Grants Programme

The True Colours Trust’s Africa Small Grants Programme provides grants, of between £500 – £5,000, to organisations offering palliative services across the continent. This grants programme is administered by the African Palliative Care Association.

Support is provided for items which directly improve the patient experience and the standard of palliative care services. Priority is given to the following, in no particular order:

  • Equipment for patients (beds, wheelchairs etc)
  • Innovative projects for paediatric services (this could include purchasing toys)
  • Medicines
  • Capital improvement costs (such as adapting buildings to improve the patient experience)
  • Developing small palliative care projects

Since the inception of this programme in 2009, a total of 36 organisations in 11 African countries have been empowered to provide palliative care services for children, to purchase medicines and equipment, and to undertake accredited palliative care training. There are two calls for proposals a year, one in February whose deadline is 1st of March  and the second one in August whose deadline is 1st September.

For more information, visit this link.