UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund 2014 now open!

Deadline: 15 April 2014

The UN-HABITAT’s Urban Youth Fund provides funding support to young people from developing countries to work towards advancing the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals and the Habitat agenda.

The Urban Youth Fund aims to assist youth-led organizations to develop and implement projects that will contribute to sustainable urbanization in the developing world. The fund further aims to document best practices from successful youth-led projects, and create greater awareness of the need for youth mainstreaming in development policies and strategies. Its aims are to:

  • Mobilize young people for better youth-related policy formulation;
  • Help governments, non-governmental, civil society and private sector organizations better understand and respond to youth concerns;
  • Support youth information networks;
  • Pilot and demonstrate new ideas on employment, governance, adequate shelter and secure tenure;
  • Share and exchange best practices;
  • Promote vocational training and credit mechanisms for entrepreneurship and employment;
  • Promote gender mainstreaming in all urban youth matters.

The Urban Youth Fund has an annual budget of USD 1 million allocated for grants to youth-led projects in the developing world. Grassroots initiatives and projects are eligible for grants up USD 25,000.

Applicant organizations must be led by young people aged 15-32 years. However, adults above the age of 32 years may still take part in the organization and youth-adult partnerships are highly encouraged.

Support is given to youth-led development projects involving young people actively creating a better future for themselves and their communities. These projects often take place at the grassroots level and are largely carried out by youth volunteers. Initiatives address a broad range of community needs such as employment, access to affordable housing and secure land tenure, safer cities and participation in decision-making. Youth-led Development gives young people valuable skills such as project management and teamwork, thus boosting their ability to acquire jobs and participate actively in society.

To apply for this funding opportunity, visit this link.

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    As we are a youth activist which is based in SCZ Somalia.
    we are in Somalia and we work at different areas youth, education,peace and livelihood programs, so we would like to have support for our programs.

    On the other hand.

    Now days, there is a huge displacement from South-regions of somalia. Those who displaced mostly are women and children. and they are desperate areas between Mogadishu and Afgoi.

    Please Could you help those people?


  2. I am a youth struglling with education. i started my BSc Informatics but dropped and i m working on opening my design firm and help other youths plus real and religious farming in Nyanza. i need the fund.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Cleon,
      Please check if you are eligible for the funding opportunity and begin with application process if you are.
      Click on the link we have provided at the bottom of the page (find line with ‘For more information…’) and proceed.
      We wish you good luck!

  3. immar alfreds says:

    Smart Education and Employment Consultants from United republic of Tanzania deal with helping the government to solve some unemployment and education problems by helping the graduates to get employed after graduating and helping the student who have finished one level of education to easily reach the next level to both failures and those who have done well in their examinations.
    Till now we have tried best to help 80 youths from different colleges and universities to get jobs from different companies and 92 students who thought they wont be able to get into school any more because of their failure, to get into school now and they keep on doing well. so if we get fund, we will do more and more to help solve that great problem in many African developing countries.

  4. Konyung Dominic says:

    TAYA is a youth association established with an aim to reduce the poor conditions of living and suffering of the ordinary people and inspired by the untapped energies and potential of the youth population for peace and unity of purpose. We are determined to mobilize, organize and empower them to engage in alternative productive activities that will unlock their potential for development of their communities.
    We are wishing for your support.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Konyung,
      Applying to the relevant funding opportunity is the only way of securing funds for your projects. Remember to visit the link we provide at the bottom of the article (find line beginning with ‘For more information…’ and click the link).
      Good Luck!

  5. md. khurshid alam says:

    i am a candidate of this fund to develop my organization.i wanna know details about the fund.i want to do something
    different with the help of youth generation.if u help to do my work i think i will be able to bring a part of young generation
    to a better position.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Md. Khurshid,
      Please visit the link we have provided at the bottom of the article (check for line beginning with ‘For more information…’) and apply if your organization meets eligibility criteria.
      Good Luck!

  6. Lule Tefeero says:

    Good Care Foundation is a youth led organization in Uganda which focuses on developing youth who are entrepreneurs, culturally sensitive and socially responsible through its core programs of capacity building for life skills, youth economic empowerment and HIV/AIDS mitigation. We are certain that this opportunity is of paramount importance to youth development. Please guide us on the application process.

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Lule,
      Please check the eligibility criteria. If the organization meets the criteria, visit the link we have provided at the bottom of the article (check for the line beginning with ‘For more information…’) and begin with the application as instructed in the guidelines.
      Good Luck!

  7. Jackson Patrick says:

    I need a sponsor for the publishing of my 1,000 pages books..it’s contents are history,religion,politics,prophecy and people..and it’s title The Policy of Heaven and Earth Politics (The Seven Books of the Prophet)

  8. Pustak chand says:


    I want to read the detail funding announcement such as project time frame, eligibility, application form and etc.

    Please kindly help,
    Pustak chand
    Concern center for rural youth, Rukum

  9. George Bahebe says:

    I really proud of the NGO called HIMISANTA-(Hifadhi Misitu Samaki na Nyuki Tanzania) it really dealing with youth development, but they have insufficient fund to run those development project , my request is if there is any possibilities to support them it will be profitable to the communities please help.

  10. Deus Simon says:

    I am a young person, here in Tanzania really need support and to uplift youth careers ,by building capacity to them especially on the category of Environmental engagement and the Natural resources ,perhaps i have one of the registered ngo dealing with the above mentioned activities , i need you support to fulfill my dreams

  11. afrifunduganda says:

    we are in Uganda and we help youth to get enough education and to empower those who come from poor families to start-up business in different areas, is there anyhow we can get help from you guys? and Wat do u need to support us?

  12. aponiki bibisha says:

    We deal in helping young boys and girls in Uganda get access to affordable education especially those from the slums.
    will I be able to get any funding from your organization?

  13. Andama Martin says:

    My Organization target among other the youth, Some of the challenges the youth face as individual and as a group include:

    1. Week structure (fragile). there is need for institutional Capacity building for the youth groups (training in group dynamics)
    2. Low or no participation in governance especially at Lower Local governance levels.
    3. Little budget for Youth by Central government

    1. Lack of start-up funds.
    2. Trainings majority of youth have are not Market Oriented.

    I would like you to support our Organization to build the Capacity of the youth.

  14. Byaruhanga Geofrey Ntare says:

    Dear sir, i wud like to be guided step by step on how to submit my application

  15. Hello,

    I already fill in the applicant registration and click summit, but I receive nothing in the email. I want to read the detail funding announcement such as project time frame, eligibility, application form and etc.

    Please kindly help,

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Bonna,
      There is also a link for the problem in the same page where you registered. Once you are in the page, please proceed with the instructions provided.
      Good Luck!

  16. Dudor David says:

    I am running program called Empowering Girls and Boys through education and sport’ for youth. I need fund to help them establish enterprise. Please help.

  17. Socheat HONG says:

    Chamroeun Prachnha Organization (CPO) works with its target beneficiaries (in particular youths, vulnerable women, children) to develop livelihood supported capacity in a number of disciplines.

  18. Martin dshow says:

    I am a youth leader of a development oriented group in Kenya where we lie more on entrepreneurship to address the high rate of unemployment. We look forward to working together to meet the MDG. Shalom

  19. wilberforce says:

    i can not access the application here…why? how can i go about it?

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Wilberforce,
      Please click the link on the bottom of the article (http://www.unhabitatyouthfund.org/Default.aspx) and begin the application process.
      You can’t access the application here because this is a portal which offers you numerous opportunities from around the globe and link to them for your ease. Application form and relevant materials are always the property of organization offering you the opportunity.
      Thanks and Good Luck!

  20. Mother and Child development organization(MCDO) Ethiopia is committed to salvation of humanity especially youths. we have planned to collect and train youth who drop out from school before completing levels of primary school as well as secondary school. Thanks ones again for helping us!

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Mihreteab,
      If your organization is seeking fund for the novel cause, please keep your eyes upon the opportunities we post daily and apply for the appropriate one.
      Good Luck!

  21. Imran Ali Kumbhar says:

    Hi I am Imran Ali Kumbhar . i from tando jam sindh pakistan we operate Non Registered Educational Youth Organization, we are working for make better education from basic level to universities level, we needs your financial support for we register our organization an international level . and we want work more for education .

    Regardz Imran ALi Kumbhar

  22. Moses Esemele says:

    i work with a a CBO in the slums of Nairobi on pushing the county government of Nairobi and the national government to deliver services to the slum people and improve their livelihoods. How do i apply?

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Moses,
      If your organization meets eligibility criteria for any funding opportunity posted on our portal, you must visit the link we provide on the bottom of each article (check for the line beginning with ‘For more information…’) and proceed with the application.
      Good Luck!

  23. mbiakop sonia says:

    Community Empowerment Association (CEA) is a community based youth lead organization in Mundemba (Bakassi) south west Region Cameroon. we offer numerous empowerment activities which range from vocational training activities to school drop out that leads to self employment, provide access to affordable housing to the Bakassi Community. How do we apply?

    • Gamala Luitel says:

      Hello Mbiakop,
      Please visit the link on the bottom of the article (find the line beginning with ‘For more information…’). You need to register your organization first. Now you are on the way to apply.
      Good Luck!

  24. Marian Cudjoe says:

    TP Women International is an organization aimed at preventing teenage pregnancy in Ghana.. Teenage pregnancy has become very prevalent in Ghana and most especially in my community.

    Therefore, we will be most greatful if we can be sponsored by your respectful company.
    Thank you.

    Marian Cudjoe

  25. Gayius Akwewo says:

    i am with an Ngo that caters for the disabled, the orphans, the widows and the old i wish to ask help for you to support me .

  26. BWONYA LEONE says:

    Thank you very much, YOUTH PARTNERS INITIATIVE NETWORK is a young upcoming CBO in northern uganda(DOKOLO) but has never benefited from any funding yet has all the documents. In this case shall YPIN be eligible for your funding?

  27. Josephus Sankoh says:

    Am Josephus Sankoh the acting chiarman of Waterloo Street Youth Organization in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

    We need funding to mobilize youth in our surrounding to clean our area.

    As you know Sierra Leone is a far affected country and one of the poor countries in the world and we have lot of challenges as youth to keep our community clean, that have cause a lot of diseases to kill our people because we they don’t know how to take care of their environment.

    Please am asking for help so that our organization will be able to undertake the adventure to clean our community and teach our people how to clean and save them from killer diseases.


  28. our organization is newly established and women and psatoral Youth development organization, targeting youth and women empowerment, based in Ethiopia, pastoral part

  29. Dear sir,
    I’m from Kyrgyzstan.

    Оur NGO organized in the villages youth initiative groups. Can They take part in your competition?

    • Hi,

      If you want to apply first of fall you must read the article carefully then follow the link properly provided at the bottom of this article.

      Good luck!!

  30. Abshir Dido says:

    Kismayo Youth Mental Health Foundation

    In Kismayo town of Somalia has one of the world’s highest rates of youth mental illness with one in four people is affected

    Addressing youth mental illness is very low priority in Kismayo Lower Juba Somalia and so devastated by fighting and hunger, it has also been ignored by international agencies


    Psychologist Nurse

    Kismayo Youth Mental Health Foundation

  31. sinazo goodwin says:

    shalom.i am a youth minister who is committed to salvation of humanity especially youths.i have star ted a youth fellowship and need funding to support this program.we want to collect youths from the streets and clean them up for Christ,helping them discover their purpose in life.we also focus on the youths in the body of Christ ,giving them the platform to exhibit their gifts,skills and talents by the grace of GOD.

  32. elema kone says:

    are youth-led charitable, community-based preventive health care organizations from KENYA allowed to apply for the fund? Thanks.

  33. Harriet Kakonge says:

    Thanks for the support. Am a director of Home care for women and Youth organization basically emphasizing vocational skills among the youth. I would like to be sponsored in this noble cause though personally am above 32 but train the youth.
    We an NGO.

  34. CityGate Homes Foundation says:

    Our Foundation is currently running programs on Capacity Building and Youth Global Empowerment through Sports. There are numerous youths talented in football sports and others and these youths needs to be taken care of to remove them from the streets and to encourage them in life. How will this body of Un-habitat’s Urban Youth help the Foundation in assisting these program which is currently going on

    Anticipating for your quick responds, please.

    Community Development Officer
    CityGate Homes Foundation

  35. Maryektho James Peter says:

    We are youth from Nebbi District in Uganda. We train youth who drop out from school before completing levels of primary seven and senior four, which are the basic education levels. We are very impressed by this chance that may come our way, which is the way of the people we serve.
    What should we do to participate?

    • Hi,

      To apply you must read the article carefully and follow the instructions properly. You can also visit the link provided at the bottom of this article.


  36. Brenden Jeke says:

    Dear sir

    Kindly i would like to have the guideline application for youth in developing country for un-habitat urban youth

    Currently iam studying a diploma in youth development with commonwealth



  37. quratulain khalid says:

    i want to study furthur in ms. how can i get your help? i am needy student please