UN Women Call for Proposals: United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women 2013

Deadline: 22 January 2014

The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) has announced the 2013 Call for Proposals for NGOs to apply for the United Nations Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. It is a leading global grant-making mechanism exclusively dedicated to addressing violence against women and girls in all its forms. It supports effective initiatives that demonstrate that violence against women and girls can be systematically addressed, reduced and, with persistence, eliminated.

The UN Trust Fund works in partnership with NGOs, governments and UN country teams to prevent violence against women and girls; expand the access of women and girl survivors of violence to services; and strengthen the implementation of laws, policies and action plans on violence against women and girls.

Programmes reaching  especially marginalized  and high‐risk populations  including the internally displaced, refugees, women living in  conflict, post‐conflict and transitional settings, and women  with  disabilities  will  receive  special  consideration.

Proposals should ideally reflect partnerships among civil society and government. Special attention will be paid to organizations with a  demonstrated record of working with  local women’s organizations, especially grassroots women’s organizations and networks. Proposals from more than one organization or entity as co‐applicants must clearly indicate which organization will take lead responsibility for project management and contractual obligations.

For large civil society organizations, governments and UN Country Teams, budget requests should be within the range of a minimum of US$ 300,000 to a maximum of US$ 1 million total for duration of two to three years.

For  small  civil  society  organizations,  especially  grassroots  women’s  organizations  and  youth‐led organizations, budget requests for a minimum of US$ 50,000 will also be considered.

Applicants are expected to submit proposals online in the form of a brief Concept Note. Concept Notes can be submitted in the following languages only: English, French and Spanish.

The deadline for submission of the Concept Note is 22 January 2014, 11:59pm New York Time (EST).

For more information, visit this link.


  1. Stephen Mnyawi says:

    I own a new established trustee organization, which is dealing with building capacities to rural women as nearly everyone of women in rural areas of Tanzania are suffering from income poverty. Therefore i am looking for funds to support these initiatives. The organization its operations are in Mwanza Tanzania.

  2. Sivalingam Santhrimathy says:

    We are the Local NGO In Sri Lanka.
    We work to women and children rights and developing work.
    And also we have to participate and in charge of the we can global net in sri lanka.
    We are expecting your support for the funds.
    Please guide to our Project Dealings.

    Thanking You.

  3. We are small NGO in Tanzania – known as Center Against Gender Based Violence, we are serving the victim of GBV and provide psychosocial support to perpetrators, is there any format of writing the concept note we would like to send the concept not. with thanks


  4. David Nartey says:

    We are NGO based in Ghana, We help develop the rural areas in the country and wishing to spread the whole of Africa. We giving Free ICT training to the deprieved in the communities as to train them become ICT professionals and also be self dependent and fight against social vices. We soliciting for your support.

    Thanks & regards.

    • Gamala Liutel says:

      Please find the relevant funding for your organization and apply.
      You can subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated regarding the latest funds.
      Thank you!

  5. Centre for Identification and Utilization of Talent and Skills (CIUTS) says:

    We are very happy for such opportunity for valuable women and girls. we are an organization in GHANA in one of the rural community trying to prepare our women and girls from violence. we are therefore asking you to come into our aid to support our women and girls.

    Thank you

    Eric Osei-Bonsu
    ( project manager)

  6. Hatibu Lugendo says:

    I would like to receive update on donors for NGO

  7. Dr.Ch.Prasada Rao says:

    Respected Sir,
    I Dr.Ch.Prasada Rao a Medical graduate(MBBS)worked in Medical and Health service more than 35 years in Govt.of.Andhra pradesh of INDIA,now Director of ASSET a social welfare organization, Registered with Andhra Pradesh Govt. of.INDIA under societies Act X X I of 1860 . Our orgnization working with the worlds poorest people to transform their lives, to promote Human Rights, Education, Health, Water, Sanitation,Environmental and Rehabilitation. Our target audience women,Children, Disabled and Old age people in rural remote coastal areas that area far away. Actually we are established Mobile Medical Hospital and Tribal Hostel for Girls, but these were not running continuously. So please extend your support to our service to vulnerable and impoverished in communities.
    God be with you
    Dr.Prasada Rao

  8. sagar n khatua says:

    ‘Eastern Human Service Of Asian Region’ is the name of our trust. The basic propose of the trust is to make hygiene situation among helpless and needy people in our areas. we seek funds for propose.
    I would be grateful if an honourable donor could send me his/her desired fund against ‘Eastern Human Service Of Asian Region’ or Bank Account no.32633174787 (State Bank of India ,code-02a100)
    Our PAN(personal Account Number)-AAATE4382R.
    To the address given below.
    Eastern Human Service Of Asian Region,
    Via-Pattamundai,Dist.-,Kendrapara(ODISSA) INDIA.
    (sugar n khatua)
    The chairman

  9. We are a grass roots women’s organization working among the margilnalized sections of women and we thank you very much for the notification. We look forward to accessing the funding support.
    A. Kamila
    Trichy, Tamil Nadu. India

  10. Fidel Oluka says:

    Hi sir/madam,
    I am the programme coordinator of Omodoi Parents Association (OPA), a CBO operating in eastern region of Uganda. we work with majorly women groups , youth and other vulnerable categories of people ,majoring on the thematic area of sustainable livelihoods and also mainstreaming participatory democracy ,women rights and gender equality. we are grateful for the notification for call of proposals and we are looking forward on how to access adequate information for applying.

    shall be grateful for kind response.


    Fidel Oluka
    programme coordinator

  11. Muuyi shadrack says:

    Am a Kenya soldier forming Righteous skynet NGO group to protect women from gender based violence,sexual harassment ,disaster management,HIV aids affected and infected persons,poverty eradication.

  12. Poonusamimuthu says:

    Dear / Sir /Madam
    Greetings from SKY FOUNDATION is work with disability in rural area in TamilNadu at INDIA. We issues following disability rehabilitation and employment T

    Thank you

  13. Andrew B. Fornah says:

    I am grateful to learn about organization’s call for proposals. I am coordinator of a Non- governemntal organization (CoDALS-SL) Community Development And Literacy Skills based in the Tonkolili District Northern Sierra Leone.
    We implement programmes on:
    Adult Literacy and functional Literacy Skills and
    Women Empowerment
    We are soliciting funds to implement the above mentioned programmes. How do we apply for funding?

  14. Thomas Tembo says:

    Dear Collaborative partners,

    Its a joy to receive information concerning such opportunities and support to our vulnerable women.

    We are an organisation based in Zambia known as “Silent Voices” targeting young women exposed to unwanted pregnancies and couples with different marriage conflicts. This call perfectly fitsin our goal and strategies that have been put in place to end GBV.

    Please may we be availed a direct contact details and how best our concept paper can reach you.

    With great expectations.


    Thomas Tembo
    Project Cordinator

  15. Basemera Alice says:

    how can we apply for the grant, we have an NGO for youth, women and deaf girls.

  16. Rays Foundation Pakistan says:

    We greet you in the name of Allah almighty, ameen.
    Rays Foundation is an independent organization working for development programs for promoting of Human Rights, Educational Development, Health, Awareness & Advocacy, Environment Risk Reduction, Women Empowerment, Child Labor, Democratic Governance, Legal Education, Human & Institutional Development, Community Physical Infrastructure, Social Justice, Disaster Management, Gender & Development, Peace & Social Harmony, Credit & Enterprise Development, Monitoring Evaluation and Research, & Poverty Alleviation and improvement of quality of life of the poor.

    Guide us how can we apply fundings. We are based Lahore, Pakistan.

    Waiting for your kind guideline, Thanks.

  17. Initiative for Research Peace and Development- Uganda says:

    We are a newly registered NGO in Northern Uganda with our objectives to:
    a) Identify and deal with the root causes of hostility through the faucets of conflict transformation.
    b) Mitigate its effects among communities through promoting community-based projects in education, health, environment and agriculture.
    c) Research, document and propagate information on relevant issues and concerns affecting the vulnerable people and communities at large.
    d) To sensitize people on gender based violence
    e) Provide vulnerable people, such as women, youth, disabled persons and the elderly with contemporary job skills for self help and employment.
    f) Mobilize human, financial and other resources to support community initiatives and projects.
    g) Support important community participation in the promotion of good governance, democracy and human rights at the grassroots.
    Please help us registered into the system so that we can also lobby funds for our needy community of Northern Uganda

  18. Basemera Alice says:

    how can we apply for the fund we have an NGO in Uganda concerned with women, youth and deaf girls.

  19. dr bais khan says:

    dear sir/
    i am the president welfare organisation batkool(WOB) registrar with social welfare deportment KPK (pakistan) under act 1961. over organization work in communities to promote human rights . Occupation , education, health, agriculture and water management to consumer. Environmental conservation and rehabilitation to victims of natural disasters.

    Our target audience is children, women, the disabled and the elderly. In marginal areas and rural areas that are far away. Which can not reach the right.

    – Empowering the community to self-sufficiency and quality of life.
    – To promote , support and improve the living standards of the community.
    – Rehabilitation of victims of natural disasters of flood and drought.
    – Promoting access rights.

    Activities to be undertaken in the rural areas:
    1 . The establishment of learning enters.
    2 . Managing water for consumption.
    3 . Their crops and livestock for sustenance.

    We have the need for cooperation with NGOs to promote and support the implementation of our restructured well.

  20. Basemera Alice says:

    we have an NGO in western Uganda Rwenzori region for women and youth and deaf girls. how can we apply for the funds.

  21. Basemera Alice says:

    we are an NGO called koogere foundation Uganda in western Uganda and in Rwenzori region we work to develop women and youth in rural community and deaf girls giving them skills.
    now how can we apply for the fund.
    thank you.

  22. Paul Omongin says:

    I am interested in developing a concept note for the grant. I work for A youth Organization. Is there a format for the concept or i come up with my own?

  23. B Z Rafisa says:

    sir / Madam

    We greet you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen

    South African Independent Council Of churches is an NPO working with:
    *Vulnerable Children
    *Child headed families

    How do we apply for funding ,we are based in South African ,Johannesburg

  24. Cyprien MANANGA says:

    We are an NGO, we work to developping the rural community. But We want to have grants or donors for our projects.

    Your organization is good for the activities. Thank you for your aid.

    Sincerly yours

    President of OCDL ongd

  25. Athit Amarin says:

    Organizations of Participation in the learning and development. Is a private non-profit .
    And works with government agencies, private sector, and communities to promote human rights . Occupation , education, health, agriculture and water management to consumer. Environmental conservation and rehabilitation to victims of natural disasters.

    Our target audience is children, women, the disabled and the elderly. In marginal areas and rural areas that are far away. Which can not reach the right.

    – Empowering the community to self-sufficiency and quality of life.
    – To promote , support and improve the living standards of the community.
    – Rehabilitation of victims of natural disasters of flood and drought.
    – Promoting access rights.

    Activities to be undertaken in the rural areas:
    1 . The establishment of learning centers.
    2 . Managing water for consumption.
    3 . Their crops and livestock for sustenance.

    We have the need for cooperation with NGOs to promote and support the implementation of our restructured well.

  26. I was work with the Catholic church organization in Tanzania under the Caritas,and our diocese is very new and I m a dealing with women,children, youth, How do i apply for the fund to you.

  27. BALUKU ERI says:

    How do i apply for the fund?
    We are an NGO in Uganda. We are concerned with youth Adolescents , children and women.

  28. Kedi Benard says:

    We are the youth in association at the grass root level.
    Are we also eligible for funding?

  29. Ramberg Child Survival Initiative says:

    Want to find out if we can equally apply since much of our work is focused on improving key household and community practices to enable the greatest impact on child survival, also, we empower women and other caregivers with knowledge and skills to improve their financial income, self help projects at community level. Basically, we work with rural communities.

  30. Maryektho James Peter says:

    What leaves me wondering is the way to get closer to some of these great chances, particularly for smaller organisations at the grass root level that have direct contact with problems of their people, but with small financial capacities, yet brilliant services at the disposals of the people. This is yet another great opportunity which may pass the right people and lend in the hands of tricky and wordy people who have a lot of pen work, when the local people are not really benefiting at all, oh my God!
    Ohterwise we would like to take part even if we are a small community based organisation, to save our girls from the cruelty of defilement at primary level of education, to see some transitioning to secondary and completing, because out of a population of 19575 people, if only five girls have managed to reach degree level, then something worth doing must be done, to also solve the problem of young parents, high dependency syndrome and ignorance, especially amongst the youth and women. This is why we are existing as an organisation, NEW GENERATION HERITAGE

  31. vincent mwachi says:

    please help us to register for call for proposal on demoratic police and gender on women/ children,we are new ly registered organ in east and central africa working on humanrightse and peace and conflict resolutions among others


    This project is designed to promote economic linkages between the fishing communities in Terekeka County and Juba County’s growing urban population centred on Juba town. It will support small scale men and women fishers, fish processors, distributors and traders targeting a total of 1000 men and women whose livelihoods are tied to the fish value chain with an overall objective of ‘improved food security situation among fishing communities in Terekeka County and consumers in Juba town of Central Equatoria State (CES). The project will achieve this by organising 800 women, men and youth who are currently operating from fishing camps that are scattered along the Nile River and the adjacent lakes of Terekeka. The fishers will achieve increased fish outputs and sales margins as the results of enhanced skills, improved technologies for fishing and fish processing and preservation. They will be empowered to access an enlarged market through mutual self-help associations and more efficient networking with intermediaries and end-users in Juba. To complement the producers, the project will support up to 200 fish transporters, wholesalers, retailers and prepared-food sellers who are operating in the Juba food markets, to also improve their incomes through higher sales volumes and more hygienic and customer-friendly outlets. By building the capacity of public service and regulatory and revenues of fisheries departments of CES MARF, the external bottlenecks in the markets will be removed, while at the same time the extension services, M&E, accountability and regulatory functions will be raised to higher standards.
    The broader impact of this initiative to the population of the two Counties, Central Equatoria State and South Sudan in general is:
    • To establish new benchmarks for food security strategies and policies mediated by Multi-stakeholder Platforms through broader dissemination of successful practices to decision-makers;
    • Government responsiveness in delivering public services and resources to networks of mutual self-help organizations and sustainable stewardship of natural fish resources
    • Solidarity and reciprocity among producers and traders for win-win livelihood outcomes
    • Improvements in productivity, markets and sanitary standards in the fisheries sector to exert supply-side pressures on fish prices and prevention of disease toward greater food security and nutritional status of the urban consumer.

    The proposed action has been designed and will be implemented by a consortium consisting of COMPASS as the lead agency and NESTAID, a national NGO, as an implementing partner. Associate members shall include: the County Local Authorities (LAs) of MARF-CES of Terekeka and Juba. The results areas, around which activities will be organised are:

    Submit by John Nyikun William

  33. Mr Numfor Yedy Che says:

    We a Community based Organisation, dealing and addressing special issue of women, girls and youth, that lets to skills empowerment through Craft and ICT, in the BAKASSI peninsular of Cameroon, Please can Our Organization apply,

  34. asma noureen says:

    i want to astablish an ngo for women rights in my country.can u help me?

    • Balla Jayanna says:

      Yes my dear friend, Please let me know the need and its background of socio-economic,political and cultural standard of the people that you want to working with. Based on which we can try to make a power point project report for support seeking.

      Thanks & regards,

      Balla Jayanna,
      Project Director.

  35. bologo mmboniseni robert says:

    hi, am looking for a women grant for vhudi vhudele envitonmental awareness and job creation project which is working on waste and greening of environment and conserving natural resources in Limpopo RSAat Thohoyandou area please register us from your funding and we need your grant to help us implementing our project

  36. Mahmuda Begum Shelly..(ED) says:

    At first Thanking for this new Information…and hope, I’v to submeet about ”End violence Aginst Women 2013” Manab Pragati Sangha” in Bangladesh,work with enthusiastically Women movement seance 1999 year ago….basically we workd protection Rap..Acid..Trafficking.. and Family law and DV law2010.., National women policy..Gander,Feminism,Masculinity and Patriarchy with advocacy….will my Co oparetive Qalifi….?

  37. shamantha D.S says:

    Thanks for sending details… But, we are in to development media activities… We would like to apply, are we eligible to apply?


  38. Thanks for sending new information to me. It would be pleasure if climate change related proposals are also uploaded here .

  39. Maserole Annah Kgomo says:

    I am a newly established Co-Operative in South Africa, dealing and addressing the issue of voilence against women, girls and youth, may I please apply, will my Co-Operative qualify?

    Ms M A Kgomo
    South Africa