UN Women’s Project Inspire seeking Life-changing Idea

UN Women Singapore and MasterCard have started a joint initiative called “PROJECT INSPIRE: 5 Minutes to Change the World” to help you create a better world of opportunities for women and girls in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

The initiative is inviting submissions of life-changing ideas on how to make a difference. If you have an inspirational idea that can empower women, improve their livelihoods and change the world, then you can submit it here. If your idea gets selected, you can win US $25,000 to make it a reality.

The idea should be creative and should make a meaningful impact with the limited resources you have. It should be practical enough and must inspire others to do the same. It should be accessible, doable, measurable and sustainable. The idea should lead to the empowerment of disadvantaged women or girls through education, skills training, financial inclusion and social entrepreneurship.

Ideas should be submitted in form of a video running for a length of five minutes. Applicants sending the submissions should be 18-35 years old.

Besides the winner getting the $25,000 grant, there will be a special recognition to the Best Financial Literacy/ Livelihood proposal which will win a start-up grant of US$10,000. Finalists will get an opportunity to come to Singapore to present their inspiring idea to an expert judging panel. You will also attend a workshop on sustainable social entrepreneurship and presentation skills training.

Submissions are open from 8 March – 30 June 2011. For more information, visit this link.


  1. ochanya ekahinu says:

    this is a really good work helping women and ovc’s ,this will go a long way helping children education and empowering women through out the world and expecially in Benue state. keep it up.

  2. RITA MBAH says:

    Sir/Madam; do I need to fill an application form, if so, please can i have the form? Also, how does the video CD gets to you

    Rita from Cameroon

  3. RITA MBAH says:

    I really thank God Almighty for this brilliant idea to assist women in these areas of the world where the female child is still really vulnerable. i work in a faith-based organization in Cameroon,Africa.
    Here, activities are really being done in this area of helping women, but i think the failure comes from the fact that little is being done concerning the root causes to the problems faced: HIV/AIDS infection, single parenthood, family separation, lesser economic empowerment of women, etc.
    We can all agree that when faced with a withered tree or a tree that has bore bad fruits, leaching all resources on the branches, leaves, and fruits (being the effects of a problem), will bring out little and tentative results; but if the roots of the tree (being the causative agents of the problem) are well taken care of so that they can tap the resources for the well-being of the whole tree, will bring out a greater and sustainable outcome.
    i therefore wish that at the end of this contest, we will have a project that will first see to the root causes of the problems women face, before attaining to their effects

  4. Okullu Daniel says:

    I’m much impressed with your call for inspirational project ideas that will empower women so that they enjoy thier full rights, potential, ownership of resources and equal powers just like men despite thier sexual orientation and cultural/perceptional differences.

    I’m the Executive Director of a civil society organization called Development Path For Community Transformation (DEPCOT)and we, very much buy your call for the above proposal however we would like some detailed explaination on submission which you said must be in video form.

    Also, we request that you to help us get link with other development partnerers.

    we operate in Northen Uganda and our Vision is ‘an empowered society with improved quality of life’


  5. Abbi I.D says:

    Idea: Seeking gender justice at domestic level

    Thank you so much. Me – from USWO Organization (Minority rights and gender empowerment based organization in Somaliland); well, it would be great inspirational change to seek gender justice at domestic level, because there have been long missing rights and cultural legacy discrimination against the voiceless minority women in Somaliland as follows:

    1. Minority women/girls are double discriminated by majority clans and their own husbands;
    2. They don’t have the right to be educated, employed, nor do they have a proper health services for the vulnerability left by the discrimination;
    3. Have no the opportunity to address out their rights; because of, being illiterate and voiceless;
    4. They are internally displaced population and live in poverty;
    5. They are always trafficked for modern slavery, sexual/prostitute exploitation and human organ removal acts;

    As USWO organization, above mentioned issued would be eliminated through conducting inspirational attitude changes and issues as follows:

    1. Create income generation activities through vocational skill training centers; in order to, minimize poverty;
    2. Mobilize state authority, country law/decision-makers and legislations to review and address minority gender rights at national policy level to eliminate discriminatory norms against minority women; (including the role of human rights organizations/institutions at grass root level)
    3. Create education opportunities for them and;
    4. Detailed so and so on… ;

  6. Abbi I.D says:

    Idea: Seeking gender justice at domestic level

    Thank you so much. Me – from USWO Organization (Minority rights and gender empowerment based organization in Somaliland); well, it would be great inspirational change to seek gender justice at domestic level, because there have been long missing rights and cultural legacy discrimination against the voiceless minority women in Somaliland as follows:

    1. Minority women/girls are double discriminated by majority clans and their own husbands;
    2. They don’t have the right to be educated, employed, nor do they have a proper health services for the vulnerability left by the discrimination;
    3. Have no the opportunity to address out their rights; because of, being illiterate and voiceless;
    4. They are internally displaced population and live in poverty;
    5. They are always trafficked for modern slavery, sexual/prostitute exploitation and human organ removal acts;

    As USWO organization, above mentioned issued would be eliminated through conducting inspirational attitude changes and issues as follows:

    1. Create income generation activities through vocational skill training centers; in order to, minimize poverty;
    2. Mobilize state authority, country law/decision-makers and legislations to review and address minority gender rights at national policy level to eliminate discriminatory norms against minority women; (including the role of human rights organizations/institutions at grass root level)
    3. Create education opportunities for them and;
    4. Detailed so and so on… ;

  7. Well wishes to all of you because you are woking in Positive direction but as social work student (student because till death we are still learning)I focus on low/No cost development to make them self-dependent.

    thanks & Regards

  8. Really this is a great effort to make women empower. I have a idea but problem to form in video mode. I am from social sector working for last 8 years and have done master in social work from BHU (University). We can do empower to women and family to through low cast development. Family or women itself generate fund and they will work for better future.

    For example:

    Village- XYZ

    Total house hold- 950

    Step to generate fund:

    Step-1- One village level meeting will be organized and one people from each family will be medatory to attend the meeting.
    Step-2- Discussion points in the meeting
    • Development of women status,
    • Development of family status,
    • Employment to women,
    • Status of health, education and livelihood will be well.
    Step-3- We will select one director, one secretary and one treasurer, 7 people will be in decision making and monitoring the work.
    Step-4- Each family will collect 50 rupees ($1.21) every month.
    Step-5- Every month village will have 47,500 ($1158)
    Step-6- After 6 month village will have 285000 ($6951)
    Step-7- Whole family will select 100 families who don’t have source of income and listing will be in from of whole village.
    Step-8- Each 100 families will get 2,000 ($48) to buy goat or start small shop @ 5% interest.
    Step- 9- Village will distribute 2, 00,000 to 100 families.
    Step-10- Source of income for village is:
    a. Every month Rupees 50 from each family.
    b. 5% interest from 100 families.
    c. Donation if village has reach family.
    d. Bank Interest from bank of collected money.
    Step-11- Again next time village will select other 100 families for same process.

    Every time village will generate fund anf time to time selection of 100 families will be benefited.

  9. thanks for yoru helping for poor pepale in the world, so that we are in somalia so we need to get for international support, the heard offfice our oraganizaton is Hargeisa north west of somali regions

    thanks very much

  10. SON Chumchuon says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    We have the great honor would like to introduce you that the Khmer Kampuchea Krom for Human Rights and Development Association (KKKHRDA) is an independent, unexploited, non-profitable, and non-governmental agency. It was initially created by the groups of people with genuine willingness and national spirit who support human rights, democracy, and rule of law.

    Khmer Kampuchea Krom people live legally with the respects of basic rights and freedom, decent livelihoods, dignity, progress, and harmony.

    KKKHRDA’s mission is aimed at working with the Khmer Kampuchea Krom people through dissemination of knowledge, education and skills, establishment of community networks, intervention, and advocacy for human rights and democracy.

    The program is intended to promote community peace through the reduction of conflicts and discrimination, increase knowledge of human rights and relevant laws and provide skills to meet the people’s needs.

    KKKHRDA believes that:
    • All policies and projects are developed and implemented with gender equity and equality;
    • Both association and community are responsible for all forms of work, self-disciplined, and effectively flexible; and
    • Demonstrate firm commitment and genuine willingness in the implementation of its activities with high responsibility and effectiveness.

    Through this introduction, please may you kindly tell us do the NGOs in Cambodia have the eligibility to seek funding from the UN Women’s project.

    With Respectfully,

    SON Chumchuon
    Senior Program Coordinator

    Khmer Kampuchea Krom people and vulnerable youth
    live legally with the respects of basic rights and freedom,
    decent livelihoods, dignity, progress, and harmony.
    #67, Street 2011 (Borey Preynokor Community),
    Kouk Khleang Village,Phnom Penh Thmey, Commune, Sen Sok
    District, Phnom Penh.

  11. We are in developingcountries, our womenare suffering lot of problem.Between men and women are very big Gap. We will together fillup this gap otherwiseit will become very big gap.I am wondering how much time to take this gap fillup?

  12. Established a center to develop youth talents in slums could you direct our line of intrusion to seek support from you.

  13. omolade oladejo says:

    How do you apply for this,do i submit here and how,thanks.

  14. SEO, Nepal (Social Empowerment Organization) says:

    Dear, Sir/Madam
    Greeting from Nepal
    My name is Umesh Kumar Gupta, Director of SEO, Nepal (Social Empowerment Organization). SEO, Nepal (Social Empowerment Organization) is non profitable, non governmental and non political organization; it registered in District Administrative Office, Social welfare council and NGO federation. It is working for the preservation and protection of women rights, child rights and land rights of poor farmers and landless people, compelled to endure the atrocity of society and which are deprived from eccess to the governmental resources and services. This organization increase the awareness of it’s right holders related to their rights and enable them to claim for it by the government and society. Dalit, Indigenous people, women (specially women of muslim Community) and children, landless and poor people are the right holders of this organization.
    It is very necessary to work for against girls and child trafficking in Nepal. Because women are compelled to endure the women violation such as child marriage,verbel and one sided divorce system, burka system(As per muslim communty every women is born for the service of her husband, give birth to young one. She have no right to talk with any male person, so that just to save from other male persons eyes husband or chief person of the family force to women or girl for wear a cloth whereby, a whole body from head to toe can cover), girls trafficking, multi marriage system, domestic violence etc. in this country. All these violence take place because of lack of awareness, superstitious, and irrational thinking and of cource because of poverty. The core cause of girls and human traffacking is poverty and many women are burn in the greediness of dowry. According to the research 20000 to 25000 girls has been traffic every year.
    This organization belife that all these violistion can be terminate by conducting awareness programme amongst the society.
    In the beginning, this organization started to work collaborating with VDC (Village Development Committee) in the form of network, and then as per suggestion of different government agencies and civil society, we registered our organization. We have long experience of working for the excluded communities and we are success too.
    communities without poverty and injustice in which every person enjoys their right to a life with dignity.
    To empower poor and excluded people to eradicate poverty and injustice.
    To ensure poor and excluded people’s sustained livelihood and to enable them to lead a dignified life by securing rights.

    Our core achievements yet,
    Currently we are working in the 4 Village Development Committee of Banke district and we have a huge network in 5 district of the Nepal. The main achievement of this organization are given below
    • 2686 Muslim girls of Banke district began to go to the school and colleges.
    • Verbal divorce system is gradually reducing.
    • Women violence is gradually reducing from muslim from working area.
    • 122 women of muslim community are began to assist their husband in income generate.
    • According to the paraspur VDC (Village Development Committee)46.23 Percent muslim women are began to use contraceptives.
    • Landless people are continuing claiming for their rights to land.
    • 69 girls are saved and rescue from trafficking.
    • And many more.
    We hope you will kindly provide an opportunity to work with your reputed organization. If we’ll chanced to work with your organization, we will provide you complete satisfaction or return your fund back.
    Thank you
    Umesh Kumar Gupta
    SEO, Nepal (Social Empowerment Organization)

  15. John Watmelik says:

    Peace Project Management Services is a community based organisation that provide project management support to women groups in the selected districts in Papua New Guinea. As a community based organisation, it was pioneered by unversity graduates from the University of Papua New Guinea and led by one John Watmelik, who is a Monitoring and Evaluation Practitioner. He leads a team of graduates to train young men and women on their basic role in monitoring and evaluation of projects that have been allocated under their local government grants. Most of the youths do not know that there are funds available for them to utilise. Through the training they are given the planning and M&E tools to effectively and efficiently apply and implement a grant that has been given to them. The Peace Project Management Services is a non-government organisation that aims to play a liaison role between the community based organisations and their government or donor agencies.

    The Strategic rationale of the Peace Project Management Services is to promote quality life in a peaceful, safe and secure community. To this end, the people targeted by any donor program or government grants need to participate actively in the design, implementation and M&E of the project activities.

  16. Nigel Mbaya-ngia Fomumbod says:

    InterFaith Vision Foundation Cameroon (IVFCam) is an NGO in Cameroon with HQ in Bamenda Centre. IVFCam’s mission of developing the capacities and providing direct support for improved livelihood at the grassroots with target Widows, OVC and PLWHA, has changed the lives and reshaped the destiny of Widows and would be widows of over 243 local communities.
    From our baseline results and other sources, grassroots Widows and women in Cameroon and Africa, need liberation from Obnoxious traditional malpractices, stark illiteracy and ignorance, poverty and financial management and accessibility.
    Our \Grassroots Widows Support Program\ funded by Women World Day of Prayer and the AusAID, has recorded tremendous success in creating a better and sustainable world of opportunities for women and girls. the program which uses a Rights Based Approach, has as one of its major component an integrated Human Development. this allows for the empowerment women (Widows)to secure their rights and improve their livelihoods as the new grassroots Social Entrepreneurs.
    it will be an amazing Change for the women in Cameroon, Africa and the entire World if this loadable initiative is scaled up to touch other regions.

  17. Idiris Farah Muse says:

    We astablished organization called Africa Youth Development Association (AYODA) based In Borama Awdal Region somalia.This was founded as a Non-Governmental Organization in January 1st 2003, by a group of youth in Borama Awdal region Somaliland. AYODA works in collaboration with the Somaliland government, UN, international agencies, and local organizations. AYODA believes that the communities can create sustainable solutions for the problem that they encounter.

    AYODA members funded and established the Vocational training program in June, 2004, which provides different skill training to youth. The main objectives of this program are to empower the youth with skills to get employment opportunities and to improve the socio-economic status of low in-come returnee and IDPs families in Awdal region. VTP consists three pillars those are literacy and numeracy, Life skills & marketable skills. Such as office management/Computer, Ectricity, Electronic,Masonery,Audio-video,Plumping,carpentry,Alluminium metal work and tailoring Since the establishment of this program over 950 male and females have been trained in different skills.

    Idiris Farah Muse
    AYODA Education Project Manager

  18. CHENWI ELVIS FUH says:

    Dear Sir/Madame
    My proposal for PROJECTS that can INSPIRE/EMPOWER women;
    -projects that can INSPIRE & EMPOWER WOMEN must be oriented towards what the women are currently doing.women could be empowered in every domain of life that helps them throughout their livelihoods.For example if a woman is a farmer she needs to be empowered in that domain.Be it what ever domain in life women should be empowered in that focus to earn their livelihoods.
    -Women could as well be empowered through capacity building and trainings,after women must have acquired such skills,they could now be empowered to work and improve on their livelihoods AND MAKE THEIR IMPACT FELT IN THEIR COMMUNITIES in that SPECIFIC domain.

  19. M.Ibrahim Leghari says:

    We established a non profitable organization in the name of FATIMA WELFARE ORGANIZATION IN THE PART OF ASIA (Pakistan country) in connection with the spirit/aim of welfare of children, women,girls and poor families in the field of primary education, health and development of agriculture field to facilitate/accommodate families belonging to poor families.
    Waiting for your guidance and accommodation :

    M.Ibrahim Leghari
    Fatima Welfare Organization

  20. Anil Ingale, YUVA India says:

    Youth for Unity & Voluntary Action (YUVA), is a non-profit organization working with marginalized communities on human rights and empowerment from 1984. It works for the promotion of the social, economic, political and legal status of communities with special reference to women from marginalized, disadvantaged, unrepresented and under-represented communities, and for protection and promotion of their human rights.

    YUVA has been working with underprivileged and marginalized women, particularly from slum communities of cities, since its inception in 1984 in Maharashtra, India, with the aim of bringing about an improvement in the social, economic, political and legal status of women and girls.

    The organization’s efforts have been geared to facilitate an empowerment of women in communities, and simultaneously work at the policy level towards reforms in policies and laws with a gender perspective.

    Capacity building and awareness programmes on legal, health, gender, self help groups, support groups and group building with women in communities, aimed at making law and policies accessible to the marginalized women, have been an integral part of YUVA’s work from the initial stages.

    YUVA is running a community Video Unit (CVU) ‘Hamari Aawaz’ from last four years. Under this project we have achieved a lot of things at community level also at individual level. On bases of this we want to apply.

  21. Rural Widows Support Organization says:

    Rural Widows Support organization is intending to establish a Skill acquisition and Empowerment centre in Akwa Ibom State to enable us to provide a reliable source of livelihood to the poor widows in the rural community. We are passionately appealing to you to kindly contribute towards this project.

    We should be most grateful if this appeal is given your prompt attention and favorable consideration.

    We anticipate your usual co-operation.

    Alice Daniel
    National Co-ordinator.


    Rural Widows Support Organization is a non-governmental organization saddled with the responsibility of providing succor and sense of belonging to the disadvantaged widows and persons in the society through the provision of financial and material resources to the widows.

    It is a common knowledge that while some that lived in affluence have in stocks unbroken chains of wealth for themselves and their generation yet unborn while others have persistently lived in penury and wallowing in abject poverty trailing their very existence. However some persons and organizations are abundantly blessed hence it is imperative that we should show love and care to the hopeless as we are destined to be a blessing to others.

    Our mission is to draw the attention of the generality of the society, organizations, individuals, government and the world at large to the pathetic plight of the poor widows and to partner with the society and corporate organizations to provide financial, material resources and health care services to the disadvantage widows as well as promote humanitarian services.


    The objectives are as follows: To reach out to the poor and less priviledged widows in the society to provide charity services.

    To bring out the poor strong widows together and teach them handwork under the skills acquisition training and also empower them to survive with their helpless children.

    To collaborate with the similar vision to cater to the needs and interest of the needy, fatherless, orphan and less priviledged, and engage in charitable activities.

    Skills acquisition types are as follows:

    1. Pestry
    2. Fishery
    3. Poultry
    4. Tailoring
    5. Agriculture
    6. Soap/Detergent making
    7. catering
    8. Food processing

  22. Pragyan Mohanty says:

    Dear sir/madam,
    I run an NGO in the poorest(economically) state of INDIA namely ORISSA.Women in this part of the world really need support and assistance to liberate themselves.Due to dearth of funds i am not able to give shape to my ideas.My priority would be education and would include everything that would go towards making them self-reliant and confident.As the saying goes if you educate a boy you educate a single individual,if you educate a girl you educate an entire family(nation).
    Thanking you
    Pragyan mohanty(secretary),

  23. Naila Naz says:

    Dear Madam
    I hope this email would find you people in the best of your spirits. Reference to your call for the idea I in a high desire to toss a unique idea, to uplift socio-economic condition of women in our part of the world, to your court on the allocated time.
    Availing the opportunity I feel immensely pleased to introduce WWT (Wespak Welfare Trust)a fast growing social welfare platform which engulfs representatives from different walks of life as social activists. Our headquarter is located in Twin Cities and we are privileged by law to work anywhere in Pakistan. WWT has a special focus on women empowerment in the society. I, as a Finance Secretary WWT, hereby assure you that would find the idea marvelous and would assist us in executing our project for the up-gradation of women section of our targeted society. Your instructions would be very anticipated before the placement of the proposal.
    Last but above all I on behalf of my whole team appreciate your exclusive efforts to promote women and you would find WWT shoulder to shoulder with you in this noble cause.Looking forward to your instructions. Warm regards. Naila Naz (Finance Sec WWT)

  24. Alex Bwaluka says:

    i just came across the your website. i run youth organization by the name of Charity centre for children and youth development in the north-western province of Zambia.

    we would like to be part of the applicants because we are eligible to apply.

    Thank for your work of charity

  25. Dear Sir!

    My name is Kobra Dehqan one of the Afghan Women want to express my gratitude to all International Donors who are supporting all Afghan people and make their huge contribution to the prosperity of my country. I hope that in future your cooperation and support will improve the life of widows and orphans in Afghanistan. Thanks for your attitudes and warm feelings to all of us!!!!!!!!!

    My best regards,

    Kobra Dehqan

  26. Thanks for all your support projects which encourage and empower women all around the world to be strong and believe in bright future of themselves and their families as well.

    Thousands of thanks on behalf of all vulnerable Afghan women and children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Best regards,


  27. Zarina Nabotova says:

    Dear Sir!

    I am the Deputy of Poor Women Capacity Building NGO which is newly established in Afghanistan. The main focus of NGO is to increase the interest of women in all spheres of life such as: to promote of an easy access for women/children to basic education, to provide awareness-raising courses on human rights, to enhance female access to resources betters woman’s/children health,to enhance w omen’s income generating opportunities and organize themselves as an equal member of the society, and the rural development assistance. It should be mentioned that the long lasting war is highly effected on w omen’s/children life. Actually they faced with too many problems especially violence, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy and threat. They too disadvantage and vulnerable, therefore we hope that through your cooperation we will improve their life with any possible assistance and give them a chance to feel that there are too many people who are interested in their prosperities and happiness.

  28. Educational proposal
    Sun valley social welfare society kanday *Reg No R-6/2009

    Situated 132km from Skardu is Kandey. A beautiful village of Baltistan roughly 32 km north from the Ganchhe Headquarter Khaplu. Floods have ravaged the land twice in the past decade. But the people being as determined as any other when faced with a challenge banded together and helped create a new settlement within the humble span of a few years. It is estimated that 70% of the people have become residents of the said new village.

    Sun Valley Social Welfare Society is a community-based society focused entirely upon educating the people of the region. A Middle school, which is the main subject of this proposal. The society has also attempted to provide vocational education and counseling for the people here, especially those from the extremely low income. It is expected that through the providing of information and skills to the people here, poverty stricken individuals will learn the crafts to which they seem best suited and could then in turn help sustain a better quality of life. It would also seem pertinent to point out at this point that all those who are in need of financial assistance are given a waiver of the cost of admission to the established institutes. Also worth consideration is the fact that most of those granted employment are taken from the people of the village, and thus helps on two fronts.
    • By generating employment to those who are qualified, thus becoming a source of income for them and their dependants
    • By appealing to a general God given right of education, and making it a reality to the people of the area.

    Major obstacles have been sighted with the idea of funding and incentive. (UN Informational Letter #37-435) A serious problem exists in the rural villages of Malnesia of children dying from common illness and infections that are attributable to poor nutrition. Though high nutrition foods are available in the villages, it is apparent that mothers do not have an understanding of exactly what foods contain the most value for their children. (Ministry of Health, 1994) The most significant phase in the life of the young child is the schooling. Research has shown that the children of sound understanding will inevitably do better in his life and would become a valuable contributing member of the society.

    Goals and Objectives
    The major goal here is to create a primary School at the pioneer of kanday due to high population and the over flow of new students . The school administration is facing challenges, the demands of people for a new school is also immense in the village kanday. And the existing School, so that the children need not travel an amazing distance to the other available High School. The Project overall can be separated into specific objectives within the major set out endeavor.

    Goal #1 – To increase the salaries of the teachers to retain them for educational purposes.
    Goal} 2 To establish a primary school at the pioneer of kanday.
    Goal }3 – To effectively use volunteers as a major factor in helping people to learn.
    Goal}4 – To hire a guard for the building, for security purposes.
    Goal}5 – To hire more teachers to distribute teaching portfolios, helping in a transition from a School to a High School. Also, project specific objectives would include hiring Female teachers to allow them to gain an income and to add to an overall atmosphere of learning at the campus.
    Goal}6 – To provided computers to the pupils so that they might be better acquainted with the modern era.
    Goal}7 – To provide a facility for the children to spend there leisure time to appeal to the children’s physical development.
    Goal}8 – To purchase chairs, blackboards and other essentials required to create an atmosphere of education

    • Building – small building for the Center is established for educational purposes.
    • Volunteers and teachers- Teachers are available. But due to scarcity of time, this resource also seems to be running out.
    • Personnel – To hire at least 2 more teachers to streamline the school to the path of making it a High School.
    • Facilities – Setting up of a facility for exercise for the children. The facility envisaged would be setting up a playground or something similar.
    • Equipment –
    Basic computers are required for the pupils.
    Chairs and desks
    Chairs and tables for classrooms
    Drafting table
    • Supplies – Paper, pencils, chalk, duplicating supplies, and materials preparation.
    • Budget –
    Regarding the budget, only an estimate can be given as to the requirement of funds needed to achieve our objective. We leave it to your good conscious as to how much you are capable of donating to our cause.
    • Personnel
    It is stated that teachers currently have an estimated salary of Rs. 3000/- per month. We seek to increase the munificent salaries by doubling them, providing an incentive for the teachers to teach in the subject High School.

    Project evaluation could be provided to you upon request. This would be responsibility of the head of the High School and consist of two different evaluative strategies – formative and summative.
    Formative Evaluation – Primarily qualitative in nature, the formative evaluation will be conducted through interviews and open-ended questionnaires. Student and teachers could be asked about the day-to-day operation of the Center, the topics covered in the volunteer training program, the attractiveness of the training materials, and other questions to provide feedback for the ongoing improvement of the operation of the Project. The Project Evaluator (if so chosen) will meet regularly with project staff to share findings from the formative evaluation effort. Periodic reports will be prepared that identify the major findings of the formative evaluation and how they have been used to improve Project operation.
    Summative Evaluation – Primarily quantitative in nature, the summative evaluation will begin with the establishment of baseline data at the beginning of the Project (using a random visits assessment any mechanism presented) and to assess the success of the project and then be conducted at 6 month intervals if requested.

  29. OGEMBO JEMIN says:

    Thanks for your best idea of transforming world through improving women lives.Indeed this involves five basic things to go by.
    1, Right; This involves rights to live from the moment of birth and to have the same weight as of a boy especially in Africa where I am.Every parent a life should and this knowledge hence changing the negative thought given to girl child.
    2,Education; For a woman to understand and know every right accorded her,education must be given in full as a boy is.In fact a woman without education can not spell the law protecting her right hence taking everything normal which is wrong.
    3,Base;Of course education stands as a base to move on but women should be provided with something to hold,I mean a hook not fish,so as to move on into deep seas to get larger catch.In this regard, women should be help financially and with ideas so as to be independent.
    4,Independence.Make african woman or girl to learn to be independence by giving them peace of mind to be able to express themselves not depending on their husbands so as to make final decision on matters that involves both in a family.A woman will never be independent if in everything,that is basic needs husbands provides and she is left to begging in order to make ends meet.Let them be empowered financially as a group or individuals with ideas that when effected can bring a smile to the whole family.
    5,Couple education.Women at times should have a forum where their husbands presence will allow both to know challenges and solutions or way out hence from such forums love and freedom will transform the family,community and eventually the world will be transformed.

    Indeed a woman is the center of a family and a society so if transformed from within,even from without the world will be.

    I work with Gongo community based organization in Homabay Distict in Kenya.Hope together we can transform a woman picture so as to transform the bigger picture of the world.
    Ogembo Jemin

  30. Annie Joseph says:

    Dear Team, I would like to know if you help single individuals widow who is old and uncared by her sons

    Annie Joseph

  31. Dear Sir/Madam
    I am Secretary of Hill People’s Development Council (HPDC) which is a non-profit making organisation working for the welfare of the hilly tribal people living in the remote areas of Indo-Myanmar borders of Manipur State, India. Since to day we are working for development of the areas we did not get any financial help from any organisation/Government. Now, I humble request the UN Women’s Project Inspire seeking Life Changing Idea to take up the HPDC as one of your partner in Manipur, India.
    With regards
    Mangcha Haokip
    Secretary, HPDC

  32. saviour deikumah says:

    yes, we at abusua foundation stand for the empowerment of young women, in ghana. our idea is to resolve the exclusion of women in property ownership and right. in some cultures in ghana, women it is a taboo, for women to own land,negotiate and freely acqiure property without the husband or any male accompany. women hardly inherent property except in the name of a male child. we wAnt to advocate for a legislation to empower women in this regard and reclaim their right to property.

  33. kasule ronald says:

    thanks. this is an opportunity for the young ones ie the youth to show that they can transform the lives of women in their communities.
    yours kasule ronald
    p.o box 80 seeta, mukono

  34. St. Daniel Orphans Support Organisation says:

    St. Daniel Orphans Support organisation is a fully registered CBO in Luweero district working on different issues in the community. We have been helping the widows scholastic materials giving them to their orphans, teaching them the sefl help skills. We believe that once we make partnership with you we will expand and help more people. Our mission is to work with the communities to improve their living conditions which will sustain them.
    .Please get back to us on the above email. GOD BLESS
    Director- St. Daniel.

  35. Phytobiotechnology Research Foundation work with womens groups in Cameroon.We are interested in submitting a proposal.
    Coordinator,PRF Cameroon

  36. Mrs. Naheed Akhtar says:

    Request for support.

    Dear Sir

    Naheed welfare Foundations (NWF) a registered Foundation. Established in 2000 is an independent, democratic and non profit foundation having a 15 beds hospital in a commodious building which is the National resource base led by an educated, skilled and trained social workers. It works for the rehabilitation of physically disabled in particular but NWF has a vast field of services. It emerged with efforts of local women, parents of the disabled parsons in Mardan with main focus on Elimination of disabilities among women and children. NWF takes part in women empowerment activities, Naheed Welfare Foundation (NWF) is also enhancing technical skill, primary health care, reproductive health , child right, community awareness, capacity building support to the poor girls, widows, divorced, destitute and marginalized people. It actively takes part to help the people in plunder, earth quack, flood calamity or any other crisis. NWF has a close collaboration and attached network to local NGOs, CBOs.

    NWF has a residential area for indoor disabled patients and cruelly suffered women. To run the organization effectively it depends on membership fee, local donation and patients’ nominal charge which does not cover the expenses of the organization. Grants, assistance and training opportunity if provided will enable the organization to serve the humanity in a cordial manner. We would like to request for financial assistance which can help us in running the activities.

    You’re sincerely

    Mrs. Naheed Akhtar
    Naheed Welfare Foundation (N.W.F)
    Gulshan colony mosam korona Par hoti
    Mardan /Khyber pakhtoon khwa/ Pakistan.

  37. Robert Devanesan says:

    Dear Sir
    Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ
    We a Ngo working against Leprosy and HIV-aids and the victims suffered by this disease and for the discarded communities in our
    district Karur, Tamilnadu, India which is declared as more endemic area by the Government of India.
    About 360 Positive HIV patients Plus 530 Cured deformed leprosy patients are being under care and support programme.
    We are in need of more financial support to do more to these patients and to carry our removal of stigma and discriminination
    against these patients /bringing awareness and promote condom usage in this district.
    For your information we have worked under Tamilnadu Voluntary Health Association-Christian Aid-Elton John Aids Foundation for the past three years. We the Christian institution, who has moral support from the protestant church communities
    Our Needs: Financial assistance to continue the existing home for the school going children from the HIV Affected families and funds to continue our on going Awareness and social welfare activities to these deserved victims in our district.
    Pleas advice further in seeking assistance from your good office or through yours.
    As a brief note we enclose few photographs to have an opinion about our work here.
    On knowing from your side we will send needed details if u r in need.

    Prayer by Dressing POD CARE HIV-Background
    Local presbyter Our home children PLHA meetings

    Awareness creation Care & support Care & support Counseling
    Anticipating your early response by post or to this mail address

    Yours lovingly
    Robert Devanesan
    Managing Director

  38. Thanks for your comments . We will contact yuo very soon.

  39. Paul Nuwordu says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    As a humanitarian organization, Springs of Life Humanitarian Services is a registered ngo with Ghana Regitrar Generals Department with certificates to oprate. Apart from the health care needs of underpriviledge women in our rural communities, we also help them to be financially sound. We do these by empowering them to engage in income generating ventures like pot making, hand cloth weaving ( kente ) sewing, hairdressing,etc.
    Our basic problem is finance. We will be very grateful if your organization can accept us as partners to help these unfortunate women. We will send you our proposals without any delay if accepted to work with your organization.
    Many thanks with best regards.
    Yours truly,
    Paul Nuwordu
    ( Director )

  40. Monira Khatun Ruby says:

    Dear Madam

    This is to introduce to you our Organization Rural Establishment Organization(REO), a non profit making voluntary development organization.It was founded by some consciousness women themselves in 2002 to address development and protection of women”s rights and promotion their socio-economic condition of under privileged women. Our activities are:
    Prevention of violation of women human rights
    Poverty alleviation for women through skill development and consciousness raising program.

    We are seeking partnership with you to help our beneficiaries.
    we will be very grateful if you consider our request

    Monira Khatun Ruby
    Executive Director
    Rural Establishment Organization(REO)

  41. Centre for Economic and Leadership Development says:

    We appreciate the efforts of UN Women in addressing the age long traditions that have kept women at the background. It is indeed, a good initiative to have to introduce this opening in the first place. Changing the fortunes of women is changing the world. Lets give women their due. More of this is needed.

  42. Chu Ronaldgr says:

    Dear Organizers, I am Chu Ronald, partnering with Ethel Injeh, Hycenta Seng, Magdalene Mbong,Tanyi Justin, Tih Eugene and a host of media experts like Willston Mulluh from Cameroon, representing DATAMARK Group – South West Region, Cameroon. This is a very
    brilliant initiative for change agents to transform their communities and the world for mutual value creation. I’ll be submitting our proposal soon. You’ll here from us in a short while.

    Kind regards,

    CHU Ronald
    President/Chief Delgate
    Diamond Alliance to Transform and Advance Markets


    Empowering Women and Girls are the main key to solving the most challenging problems in the World.They can be inspired by the education.

  44. Rev. Fr. Francis Unegbu or Barr. Uju Efobi says:

    There is a saying that goes- educate a woman and you have educated a nation. Likewise empower a woman and you have empowered a nation. Women is the bedrock of every society for they are the trainers, the image makers and the society builders. The idea of focusing on this minority group is wonderful for it is going to be positively productive.
    We will apply.

  45. DEVA KARUNA says:

    SWARD, a social organisation managed by rural under privileged women in INDIA will apply for this project

  46. Can I do this project in team? Or it’s only for the individual?

  47. Eunice Simuli says:

    Hi, thank you for this very inviting idea.

    I work for KIMA ICIP, based in Western Kenya, East Africa.

    We would like to help 3000 Orhans and vulnerable children by paying their school fees and providing other schooling items. This will be the very first step in empowering them as it will help to develop and help them to get a sustainable income for their life in future. We have started a trust fund with the community and staff contributions. Could you assist us to boost it so that we are able to assist the orphans and vulnerable children achieve their education? Thank you.

    Eunice Simuli


    greetings to you sir,
    i am fine and doing well,hope same to you.here we are ready to run the womans project,so request you to send the details.thanking you.
    Rev.Manoj Digal(Director)

  49. Dear Respected….
    Could you please help us how to apply for the grants,

    As we are working inside the very poor and needy community of Slum to cut the roots of street kids, prostitution, drugs and many more evil dids, Since 5 years back, by educating, councelling, and also by giving awarness class among the youths, women, childrens, and family,

    Thank you!!!!

    With regards

    Daniel from nepal

  50. Mtoto Wa Jua(child of the sun) says:

    The age limit is 18-35. I have a great idea that will change all of Africa for the better, but I am older than 35? can I still submit my proposal???

  51. Dr. Geetha says:

    We have been working with the 2000 female sex workers in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh, India for the past 5 Years. Our organization promoting behavior change communication and safety methods to empower these vulnerable women. Now these Women organized into groups to address their economic and social needs. In this connection We request you to kindly encourage us in supporting ans sustaining these women.


    Executive member

  52. Nyangoma Joan says:

    This is to introduce to you our organisation, Mbuya Kwaggalana Charity Group and to seek to be considered for Inspire Project.

    Mbuya Kwaggalana Charity Group is a women non-profit Community Based Organisation located in Mbuya II Zone 7, Nakawa Division, Kampala District, Uganda. This is an area that is largely slum. It is also a concentration area for people living with HIV/AIDS because of the exclusive services of Mbuya Reach Out HIV/AIDS programme in the area.

    The organisation was formed in March 2004 with the objective of improving the social economic quality of life of disadvantaged girls and women, advocating for and promoting their human rights, and promoting development of the community.

    The disadvantaged girls and women include school drop out girls, child mothers, women living with HIV/AIDS, widows, house maids, army veterans’ wives and widows, the elderly and the disabled.

    At inception, Mbuya Kwaggalana Charity Group started as a self-help group. The purpose was for the disadvantaged women to come together, be educated about their responsibility and role in improving their quality of life and pulling resources together to fight poverty.
    Over time as members increased, the group was challenged by various problems which most of the members faced such as:-

    i. HIV/AIDS prevalence and related domestic violence against women and girls
    ii. Elderly women and widows who look after AIDS orphans
    iii. Wives of violent, promiscuous, drunkard and irresponsible husbands who have abandoned their families and the women are responsible for all the family up keep
    iv. Girls who drop out of school and are redundant and therefore very vulnerable to contracting HIV/AIDS.
    v. Child mothers and crisis pregnancy girls (pregnant due to rape/defilement)

    Given the above scenario, the objectives of the organisation are the following in a period of 2 years. These are liable to review and evaluation and re-statement after this period.

    1 To empower disadvantaged women and girls socially and economically for improvement of their social/economic status as tools for mitigating the risk of vulnerability to contracting HIV./AIDS.
    2. To mobilise and sensitise the community about the plight of women living with HIV/AIDS
    3. To train disadvantaged women and girls out of school in vocational skills.
    4. To network with local, national and international NGOs and government ministries for purposes of building the capacity and advancing the cause of the organisation.

    Each of the 3 objectives (1-3) forms a project component on its own with relevant activities to the project.

    Currently the Group is engaged in mobilising and sensitising the community on the plight of disadvantaged women and girls living with HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, fight against stigma and new HIV/AIDS infections, proper management of HIV/AIDS and care and support for persons living with HIV/AIDS, widows and orphans.

    This was started under a community initiative project named “Women and Men against AIDS and Domestic Violence” which was formed in June 2007 following two cases of disadvantaged women living with HIV/AIDS Sarah Mbekeka and Susan Mudoola, who were rejected and stigmatised and died lonely and painful deaths in March and June 2007 respectively. These deceased women left 9 orphans to the care of Mbuya Kwaggalana charity Group, a responsibility that has proved next to impossible without financial support to the Group.

    It is in the premise of the foregoing that we are seeking join the Inspire Project for the good
    of our community.

    We look forward to your positive response to our request.

    Yours truly,

    Nyangoma Joan

  53. Rebecca Nakanwagi says:

    Dear Sir,/Madam

    This is to introduce to you our Organization Rubaga Division Disabled Association, a disabled peoples organization registered with Kampala City Council as a disabled women’s organization. It was founded by disabled women themselves in 2006 to address three major challenges affecting women with disabilities in Rubaga Division. The challenges are:
    – violation of human rights
    – communicable diseases
    – and unemployment among women with disabilities.

    This organization has a membership of three types of disabilities i.e. deaf, blind and people with physical disability.

    We are seeking partnership with you to help us address those challenges in our community so as to enjoy our full rights and dignities in our society.

    we will be very grateful if our request is honoured.

    My kind regards

    Rebecca Nakanwagi

  54. HASAN NOOR AHMED says:


  55. Fischer Chiyanike says:

    We, as the Zimbabwe United Nations Association, a peoples’ movement for the UN, working towards the emancipation of women, feel that this is a perfect initiative especially for our youth wing. We are going to apply in support of women’s liberation.

  56. Arum felix George Ojok says:

    its really great for the support you would like to give, but i normally compliant about the grass roots NGO who directly linked to the beneficiaries, i mean the local but they are not given chance to be part and partial of the projects. We have a registered local NGO operating in Northern Uganda, Apac District and we have been working for the rights of women right from 2001, and we have created a recommendable impacts. We would like to be part of this life changing idea, could you please let us have a application form and possibly the contact information.

  57. Ekuh Edmond says:

    I am Delegate of TABDOR PROGRESSIVE GROUP-CAMEROON. Our mission is to promote food security worldwide. We are into developing sustainable income generating projects especially for widows, women living with HIV/AID and orphans. Our activities are tiled towards empowering them financially, socially, morally and materially so that they can take care of themselves.
    We strongly belief that in the near future women instead of just owning 1% of the world’s property will own more that 50%.
    We are looking forward to submitting our proposal in the days ahead.
    Ekuh Edmond

  58. Some community based organisations have very good ideas for women can they be considered those located in fishing communities of lake victoria in uganda.

  59. Aryenyo Vick says:

    DEFI is a registered NGO that addresses the the fundamental issues of life among the the disadvantaged groups through right based approach, removing the impediments and living the folks to empower themselves.

    i think this would be a great opportunity if DEFI accesses this grant to build a vibrant society that responds positively to livelihood in a sustainable manner.

  60. puffray mukwaya says:

    African rural women are trapped in a cycle of poverty and yet continue to look out for this world through their adaptive resilience and care to feed their families, they are dogmatically suppressed by the notion of culture norms set by their ancestors and preferred by men who own everything the woman works for. The solution is not to alter the culture but build on this ability to make them own and enjoy the benefits of what they work for.

  61. NDAWULA DAVID says:

    I greet you in the name of our loving Lord Jesus Christ. I really appreciate the noble services you are rendering in the world. I wish to introduce SAFIN ( SUPPORT AFRICAN FAMILIES IN NEED) a community based organisation working in Uganda ,East Africa.

    SUPPORT AFRICAN FAMILIES IN NEED (SAFIN) was initiated in 2009 as a

    Civil society organization, registered as a community based organization (CBO) in 2010 with the ministry of Gender, Labour and community Development Mukono District Reg.No.MKN/CBO/616/2010. and registered as an NGO with the Ministry of internal affairs Kampala in 2011.

    The mandatory registration was to cater for the affected and infected with HIV/AIDS, fight against poverty, illiteracy and ignorance, advocate for the rights of the women, youth and elderly in our local communities. Generally the overall objective of the organization is to cater for all family members in our societies irrespective of their religion, gender, tribe, status, political affiliation among others. Critically the programme addresses issues concerning, the youth, women, OVCs whose parents were wiped out by the AIDS scourge, the Elderly who are marginalized, the needy, the PLWHAs.

    We are carrying out HIV/AIDS Education in the communities especially Voluntary counseling and testing, we offer social support to the OVCs especially by providing them with scholastic materials, blankets, mattresses.
    Im interested to find out how we we can be considered for funding
    I will be greatfull if replied

  62. Hajarat Suleiman says:

    There is the need to increase positive pregnant women and their families’ access to PMTCT services, care and support services in order to promote positive women’s health and rights through mobilization, enlightenment and referrals about where to access these services, support these women and their families to adhere to treatment regimen, and strengthen community structures to protect their human rights.

  63. Leav Roeun says:

    The world said that .
    I am Ms Chy Lay Cheat and Ms Em Sony. We are working in Human Inborn Freedom, a local organization in Cambodia. We think that < Women will represent really 95% of world rich if women participate their skill training on Rice-Seed's Production.

  64. paul kitobo says:

    Bumatofu hand of grace is a non profit organisation helping orphans and vulnerable children,is it possible for us also to apply,if it is so send us a form and fill.

  65. Sirsendu Das says:

    We are a registered but grass root lebel ngo. We are working at jalpaiguri district in West Bengal,which is a tribel & tea garden based area. There have lots of women those are working in tea gardens or may be retired. But they are not getting any facilities from tea gardens or from government in their working life or in retired life.So if we get this type of fund then we can bring a changes or give some facilities to make their life better.

    Thanking you.

    yours faithfully

    Sirsendu Das
    Jalpaiguri Sintinaz Foundation

  66. Nature Uchenna says:

    will be submitting

  67. Rev.N.M.Lall says:

    We would like to help all the widows by giving a small grant and help to develope and to help them to get a sustainable income for their life. If it is possible help us to get the fund amount to help many widows.

    Mrs. salakshi P.
    secretary of Eternity Charitable Trust.

  68. Respected,

    As your well aware of the fact that kanday valley is very far flung, undevelopment , and poor village consisting 140 houses. This village is suited 132 km from Skardu and 32 km from the North village of Khaplu Headquarter . Morever the whole village was damaged due to the horrible flood in past and also annihilation due to the last flood. The village was totally destroyed , Especially The school was uunder water . During this time our organization* Sun valley social welfare society kanday continued its services for education. Where we have started primary level of education and we have upgraded this school as a middle school gradually. The school is running for both girls and boys. So the people of this area trust on our organization and they tell us that our organization is only social organization which creates awareness in our area and implement of educational project of this area and needed to assign more projects in this area. Keeping the opinion of the people we a started a vocational training institute without a specific building took by rent. We are giving training to the local woman’s and making them skillful members of our society. So more than 150 girls have trained and they are successful to managed their own expenses .We have appointed two female trainers to run the institution successfully.
    We have lot of problems to be solved on priority basis,
    1, After the flood 50% of people have shifted pioneer and there is not any primary school. Our organization is considering to establish/Build a primary school at new settlement of kanday..
    2. To build a vocational enter because the existing center is taken by rent.
    2,As our area is situated in three divided places and old kanday is situated in middle of kanday and hushe. So the student’s getting admission in our school facing transportation problems because due the flood there is no more building to live.
    3.To run the both institution *School and vocational center* we need a permanent solution for the monthly salaries of teachers and trainers. To arrange the staff salaries we are facing many problems.
    4.To up grade the middle school into High school we need more teachers to hire.
    5.By virtue of economic pressure we are in trouble to run these institutions.
    6. At the new settlement there is lack of water for drinking. So we need a project for drinking water to the public.
    Due to the financial problem we are not achieving /touching our goals.
    Therefore, it is kindly requested that please help us to give quality education to the children and vocational center of the remotest part of Pakistan. And make our organization as economically viable organization.
    We have lot of expectation and anticipation for you, please consider our these problems sympathetically.
    Our future Plans
    1 upgrading the sun valley middle school to High school.
    2 Establishment a primary school at new settlement of kanday where 50% of people living
    3 Transport facility for women.
    4 Making efforts to make more effective the sun valley society.
    Hoping and looking for the good response from you.
    The organization have their own Joint account.

    Your truly


    Chairman |
    Reg No Govt no 6/2009

  69. Abd-Elrahman says:

    Although it is nice to encurage young people to propose their changing ideas, more benifites could be gained if small National NGOs are given the chance to submit their proposals for the same.

  70. Roseline Egbo says:

    A lot of women really need liberation. To inspire and empower women will bring much positive changes in their lives.