World Bank and SVRI announce new grants of up to US $150,000

Deadline: 9 December 2015

The World Bank Group and Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) have jointly announced a new funding opportunity aimed at preventing gender-based violence in low and middle income countries. Grants of up to US $150,000 are available to fund innovations to prevent gender-based violence (GBV)—a severe and neglected problem affecting more than one in three women worldwide and a major challenge for global development.

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The competition is sponsored by the World Bank Group and by an anonymous donor in honor of victims of gender-based violence around the world, and in memory of Hannah Graham, who grew up in the Washington, DC region, where the Bank Group is headquartered, and was a second-year college student at the University of Virginia when she died in 2014.

Applications for support under this grant should be affiliated with a recognized, legally
constituted research institution or non-government organization with existing research or
programming capacity.

Types of projects that may be supported through this call for proposals include:

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  • Piloting, adaptation, testing and/or scale up of new or promising interventions, including formative research that will contribute to the design of GBV prevention interventions, and projects on the creative uses of Information and Communications
  • Technology (ICT) and social media campaigns to challenge social norms that promote and accept the use of violence.
  • Self-contained research projects that are either stand alone or fit within a larger project which will build on, or support primary prevention of GBV, including formative research studies, pilot or feasibility studies.
  • Costing studies on promising/effective GBV interventions to assess value for money.
  • Adding a new component/arm to an already funded intervention that can provide additional insight into the effectiveness of intervention components.
  • Projects to disseminate promising research findings including those with creative uses of ICT to advance the effective translation of research findings into policy and practice (increase research uptake and bridge the gap between researchers and program officers).
  • Secondary analysis of existing data
  • Studies to better understand the mechanisms and pathways of change of effective GBV prevention interventions

For more information, visit this link.


  1. I’m from Yemen working with NGO and development in the field of youth and the family wanted to get funding for a research project on violence against gender

  2. Avatar Hello, Am ayouth leader and ihave confirmed that my county government is not supportive to youth/women programs. I had a chance ro attend several workshops of Fida kenya about human rights, matrimonial property, domestic violence and leadership which had says

    Hello, am a Fida kenya watch group member from busiacounty, but have learned that my county government is not supportive to youth and women programs. therefore I need your support to I ensure that civic education among the youths and women is successful, thanks Stephen Bunyasi from Kenya.

  3. Avatar EDWARD NYINGE says

    I indeed appreciate the world bank is working towards towards supporting more countries through banks and NGOs.Its my privillage
    that we as young people we can benefit from various programs that are being put into place eg supporting community nursing scholarship in Kenya. Thank you and big up

  4. Avatar Dominic Konyung says

    Hello! I am working for an organization known as Compass. Compass is a not for profit none governmental organization. COMPASS developed from a wall magazine at South Sudan Students Association (SOSSA) office and club in 1993 in Cairo, Egypt. It grew into socio-economic awareness center for Sudanese in Egypt in 1995. And In 1996, Ford Foundation Middle East funded Compass activities to publish its magazine. COMPASS was reestablished in South Sudan and registered with the SRRA on May 24 2004 and renewed registration on 4th June 2010 and 27th -Nov -2014 with South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission as NNGO.

    It is worth mentioning that the longest conflict in Africa which has ended with signing of CPA crippled & weaken the developmental effort in south Sudan and making availability, accessibility and sustainability of basic socio-economic services and peace difficult in our constituency and this is COMPASS call. COMPASS NNGO worked with local government authorities departments or line ministries, and international partners to equip communities, business, and CBO with the tools, knowledge and connections they need to break the cycle of poverty and guide communities for their own development.

    Currently COMPASS is focusing on facilitating transformation of community attitudes, behaviors and practices to fit the ever-changing livelihood strategies and contributing in improving health and restoring peace and harmony for improved quality of life.

    COMPASS envisions a prosperous and ensures peaceful co-exist among the people of South Sudan and our mission is to restore a sense of direction and reduce poverty in South Sudan through capacity building sensitization and service provision. Therefore, we will appreciate working with your organization in any way necessary for the community to take the greatest role in the global society.

    So with this effect, it will be my humble to request that you support our programme to fight to reduced GBV through campaigns to challenge social norms that promote and accept the use of violence.

  5. Avatar Rajesh Karunarathna says

    I’m Rajesh Karunarathna working as a bank manager in Srilanka. We have planned to start a new diary farm in a high rural area in Nikaweratiya. By starting this project we hope to develop roads, electricity, and specifically we hope to increase their income level by giving job opportunities for the villagers in the proposed farm..(apro. 50 direct & 100 indirect jobs).. Total estimated cost will be RS.400,000,000/- & we are kindly requesting donors for donating us for this humanity project.. Want more details pls contact me via my email address.. Thankyou very much.