World Connect Grants to Community Organizations

World Connect is accepting proposals from Peace Corps Volunteers and Community Organizations in Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mali, Morocco, Peru, Philippines and Rwanda.

The World Connect Grants are offered to Community Organizations who identify solutions to challenges affecting the health and wellbeing of women and children in their communities. Community Organizations submit grant applications in partnership with Peace Corps Volunteers to turn their good ideas into reality.

World Connect reviews, approves and funds projects twice a year with grant awards up to $2,500 for each WCG project. With the WCG Program, World Connect is creating a giving channel for mothers and other champions of women’s health and wellbeing through the support of Health Education, Nutrition, Reproductive Health, Health Services and HIV/AIDS Prevention projects. Grants go to changemakers in high need communities. The impact is direct, immediate and life changing.

The deadline to submit applications is 1 April 2011. For more information, visit this link.


  1. Mariska Bosch says:

    Good day

    We are a registered non-profit orginisation based in Heideveld,Cape Town, South Africa.

    We care for people living with HIV and Aids. We also have a free creche with +- 50 orphaned and vunrable children from all races and religion.

    We urgently need food and creche equipment to continue our work.


  2. J. Gammampila says:

    What about Sri Lanka? Do you accept proposals from Education and Research Institute to carry out awareness programms in rural developments.

    We are seeking partnership or we seek funding programme to serve our human community.

    Look forward to hear from you Sir,

    Thank you.

    GISM – Jacintha

  3. masika sarah says:

    This is a women group here in Kasese districk from the Western Part of Uganda.

    Our Organisation deals with capacity building and psych social support to women and chldren in need

    We read about your Organisation and we picked interested in it.

    We would like to know about your funding.

    Thank you so Much

    Vise C/hair person
    Masika Sarah

  4. is becoming increasing more difficult for Non-governmental organizations and Community based social workers in Namibia to apply and get grants from donor agencies. These donors prefer to give grants to government bodies and their agents and ignoring the social workers and civil societies


    I am Mr. MBENKUM ROLAND KIVEN; the Executive President of MILANOKUMBO SPORTS ACADEMY. It is a Development Non-Governmental Organization (DNGO). The aim of this organization is to use Sports in order to attain the Millennium development goals. We use sports in an innovative way to fight against HIV/AIDS, unwanted pregnancies, fight against crime and drug abuse which are very common in our region, fight against poverty, youth unemployment, protect the environmental and also use sports to give young people a chance in life. We equally scout for talents especially within the underprivileged and vulnerable groups in various sports to enable them develop the fullest of their potentials.

    Our head office is located in Mbveh in the city of Kumbo, Bui Division, North West Region, Cameroon, Central Africa with address at PO Box 94.

    Although a relatively young organization with far less resources, we have been able to achieve quite a lot through a series of projects and programmes benefiting hundreds of our target poor young boys and girls, groups and communities.

    This resounding success is owing to the indefatigable efforts and commitment of the staff, volunteers and a very dynamic and visionary Board of Directors.

    Our external project partners listed below have been very instrumental in the success.
    -HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE, an American NGO with whom we have collaborated in the area of training and capacity building and networking for the past 4 years.
    -The BFU-USA group, a USA based NGO which assists us in the area of operational cost and networking.
    – CHRISTIANS IN SPORTS, a UK based NGO with whom we collaborate in the area of training and logistics since 2010.
    -NFU-EU, a Europe based group with whom we are currently working in the area of networking and logistics.
    Locally we collaborate with:
    -SHUMAS |CAMEROON- -We collaborate with her in the area of organizational development, good governance, resourceful mobilization and sharing of idea and experiences.
    -SCIENCE FOR LIFE FOUNDATION-We collaborate with her in the area of research and development.
    -SYNERGY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT-We collaborate with her in the area of youth empowerment and gender.
    Other local collaborators include inter alia, Church organizations, Local councils, Government departments, traditional councils, Village development Associations, grassroots groups, etc.

    We hope to use sports to continue making an indelible mark in improving lives, reducing poverty and empowering people to exploit the fullest of their potentials without exerting too much pressure on our environment and at the same time enabling each and every one to reach their potentials irrespective of sex, social status or physical state.

    We are therefore writing you as to what further information/details we could send to you to gain consideration for any possible collaboration for our projects.

    Thank you for the time taken to read our request while we hope to receive application forms for this proposal.

    Mbenkum Roland Kiven
    Executive President

  6. Hieng Sovannara says:

    Dear Sir or Madam

    I have an honor to inform you that, the NGO namely Rehabilitate the Children and Youth for Cambodian Development (RCYCD) it located in Battambang province , Kingdom of Cambodian.
    working on social work by rehabilitate the children and youth in drug use in community. The main activities are below:
    1-Financing provide for poor children and youth for transfer to rehabilitate center
    2-Financing provide for transfer the children and youth to school or university or and vocational training center.
    3-Community Development by provide finance and agriculture inputs for poor families
    4-Water supply and latrine provide to poor families in community

    I hop that activities of it NGO is the social work for improve the health and food for children and youth live in drug, HIV/AID in the poor family in communities in Cambodia Country.

    I hope you will consider my concept for funding provide for implementation of the activities mention above.

    With the best regards,

    Hieng Sovannara, NGO Director

  7. JOHN KAKANDE says:

    Hello friends,
    Great to hear such opportunities to verious countries as at the list.
    We thank you all for taking care of our needy communities in the world. Let everything progress within a humble spirit of God. Am a Ugandan working with a community based organization called HOPEFUL-UGANDA. Our mision is to promote community self sustenence and transformation of human culture and en hance empowerment.
    We deal with Orphans and vulnerable children (OVC), People living postively with HIV/AIDS and the Youth in school and out of school. May please help us and extend this grant to also our contry Uganda and become eligible.
    Best regards.
    John Kakande.







  9. Sanjoy Khanikar says:

    Please send to us its application forms.

    Sanjoy Khanikar,
    Chief Executive,
    Rainforest Action Group.

  10. Mangcha Haokip says:

    The Hill People’s Development Council (HPDC) is an NGO established in 1993 for upliftment of Tribal people living in the hilly and remote areas of Manipur State, India. The HPDC take up some programmes from our own contributions. We are in searching for partner and parent organisation for helping financial support for some better projects for the welfare of the Tribals.
    Mangcha Haokip
    Secretary, HPDC

  11. lennox barasa says:

    working orphans & widows can you please link us to other donors. from kenya

  12. lennox barasa says:

    we are an organization working for orphans and widows, now that you dont work in kenya can you link us to other donors who will support us please.

  13. Gabriel Ken Malek says:

    What about South Sudan? Do you normal accept a proposal in that region. We really need your hands in our new state Development,we lack so many things which need help from the worldwises e,g School,Santations,hospital and Water.We will appreciate whoever do that help for us.


    Gabriel Ken
    Executive Director
    Youth for Education in Sudan (Y.E.S)

  14. Didas Nzigamasabo says:

    Taaluma women group is a Tanzania NGO working for women and youth on econimic,education and health impowering at community level.
    this year we are 25yrs old and we would like to cary out impact evaluation .
    would you be able to support us and establishment of training centre.
    we applitiate for your work and support to community

  15. I m so thankful to Lord Jesus Christ for all blessing and wonder gift which He give me and our Organization World Vision in Progress Foundation.

    Let me introduce myself and our organization which is working in Pakistan, i m simon and i m project director of this education project – it’s so hard to work in this sort of sector where the Muslim community is so fanatic and don’t care for human race.

    We are a social organization working as a Foundation, mostly in Asia. Our target area is the Islamic countries where Christians and other religious minorities are living as an oppressed class. We are a non-profit non-political organization.
    We were established in 2009 by volunteers in order to help victims of discrimination and natural disasters.
    This WVIPF (World Vision in Progress Foundation) is the vision of Mr. Farrukh Harrison to develop the Christian Nation / other Nations, to make them Educate, Awareness, Equalities Right, Helping Blasphemy Law victims and Discrimination.
    As you know we are in minority in Pakistan and it’s so tough to fulfill these tasks without the help and support.


    1. Problem Statement

    Problems are start when the society is uneducated / un civilized, The Education Program is the reasonable and responsible step for developing the educated generation, education will help us to decline the ratio of extremism and fundamental ideology.

    2. Rationale or Justification for implementing the Project

    The Education Program develops and executes education programs is the basic step to develop the human race.
    Develop and execute education programs, also for health information medical facilities, WVIPF organization organize different seminar / workshop / get to gather where we shown the rule of education.
    • Manage the content development of selected education programs, including the design, editing and delivery of supporting educational tools;
    • In collaboration with the Certification Program and build the school in uncivilized sector to save the future for our next generation;
    • Evaluate and report on the success of the education programs.

    3. Goal & Objectives

    • To indoctrinate the student in truth. This should be the ultimate goal for the entire training of our children. It is a general goal but must be remembered in the maze of work associated with teaching. If we miss this goal, we have failed.
    • To develop moral responsibility. Moral responsibility is the ability to discern right from wrong with the compulsion or conviction to choose right. Students must be taught what is right and also must be helped to appreciate the satisfaction and lasting rewards of doing right.
    • To develop in the student a sense of right in relation to the surrounding world. This involves helping him to be aware of the world and its ways that affect him, without developing a craving for becoming a part of its system. Our aim should be to prepare him to live as a stranger and pilgrim. This means avoiding suggestion about a student’s future that would place him in occupations we only consider to safe new age group.
    • To develop physical and mental disciplines. A person undisciplined physically is usually undisciplined mentally. We should insist upon physical neatness and orderly work. We should help the students to discipline themselves to view difficult assignments as a challenge and to persevere to completion.
    • To teach the process of orderly thinking. School studies can provide excellent training in understanding how to relate facts one to another. Doing it in natural things will assist in spiritual understanding. Math and its related subjects are valuable for this.
    We are building the one school where education is free for the all nations –from education we can make change our new generation, which will be aware in human rights and not narrow mind nation.

    Here is this link you can see and be the part of that school project

    i m living in Holland’s, and part of their donation program because I m also from Pakistan, I know it’s so hard to a social work. We the world vision in Progress need your support in prays and also in love gift in the shape of money because we strongly need little help and every small help will change the situation in Pakistan, so be a part of this changing in Pakistan.
    This is the link of our web site

    I shall be thankful to you if you write me back and reply me with your kind words

    Thanking you


  16. Guttabingi Kevina says:

    we are unfortunate to learn that your programms dont target Uganda.waiting to hear from you.

  17. Mesfin Afework says:

    Dear sir,

    I am an exectuve director for Medhine Tewulide Dirijit (MTD) meaning Hope for the Generation Organization (HTGO), a local non-governmental organization established in September 16, 2001 by like minded professionals in psychology and education to help the vulnerable groups by HIV/AIDS and other diseases. We are committed to work with similar organizations around the globe to make a difference. We are currently working in Hawassa city and its surroundings in Ethiopia. So, we are happy to work with your esteemed organization as a partnership to further help the vulnerable groups in our resource scares areas. Thank you in advance for the support you provide us. Please contact me via the email i posted above.

    Mesfin Afework
    Executive Director
    Hope for the Generation Organization (HTGO)

  18. Gideon Adeola Olasunkanmi says:

    The establishment of a Movie, Media arts & Music empowerment-skills building center for the less privileged youths.
    PRESENTED BY: Africa Youth Empowerment and Development Network Center (AYEDNC)
    LOCATION: Lagos Nigeria
    Gideon Adeola Olasunkanmi : Position: Executive Director.
    Africa Youth Empowerment and Development Network Center (AYEDNC) is an organization of professional performing artists and trainers. During their training, interactions, excursions and discourses with various audiences and colleagues they undertook several surveys on the progress, productivity and sustainability of the Movie media and Music Industry in Nigeria. Their assessment was made by observing, examining and relating the trend of the fast growing and competitive global Movie media and Music industry vis-à-vis the capacity( knowledge, skills, exposure,) and expertise, of Nigerian performing artists. Despite the current escalation of NOLLYWOOD, they discovered several factors which undermine and hence deter the desired stable growth and sustainability of the Nigerian performing arts industry notable among which were the following
    • Insufficient vocational training institutions for performing artists of the Movie Media and Music industry: For example Lagos being the commercial capital and most highly populated city in Nigeria, it has the biggest number of performing artists and groups but there are less than six vocational institutions offering such training and there are not evenly spread; whereby 70% of the states do not have any institution of this nature. There are only three registered schools: PEFTI, Peter Kings and Muson centre; all are located in Lagos.
    • Inadequate support towards Music and Media arts industry by both government and private sector: This is the voice of the masses and an avenue to disseminate information which would be very useful if funded by government. Though NOLLYWOOD, is for now regarded as one of the main national and domestic income earner, it has gained its growth and fame from the sweat of individual artists. It took long for Government, private sector and non government organizations to value and recognize the contribution of performing artists; thus not being catered for in the national budget like teachers, doctors, social scientists. This has greatly undermined the industry so much that most of the artists don’t have a competitive edge with the global artists in terms of expertise. It is the inadequate support and demeaning of the industry which has lead to the absence of middle level and public training institutions in this vocation. This has also hampered the industry from nurturing the many upcoming artists who cant make it on their own hence undermining sustainability of our current success, and curtailing the satisfaction of the growing global demand of our products.
    • Lack of private sector support: One would have expected the private sector to be supportive of this industry, since many cooperate organizations rely on the skills of the music and media arts practitioners fro their success including Television, Radio, Mobile phone companies and many more. Secondly it is a strong channel to use in marketing, networking, advocacy, sensitization, education and raising visibility. Unfortunately neither government nor the private sector have given commendable support. Yet producing professional and globally competitive products needs private and public sector pattern-ship as its done in US and India. This indicates lack of leadership will and support. Which are necessary for any industry to grow.
    • Absence of a financial, educational and legal backbone: The entertainment industry is not catered for in the national budgets like football, sports, teachers, doctors, social scientists, neither does it have training openings like vocational institutions to nurture the middle level practitioners more so, the underprivileged who cannot afford private institutions. There is hardly any national framework either projecting or protecting the works of the artists. Thus they are vulnerable to exploitation. Even cooperate organizations hardily give them support as they do to foot balers One would have expected the private sector to be supportive of this industry, since many cooperate organizations rely on the skills of the music and media arts practitioners fro their success including Television, Radio, Mobile phone companies and many more. Unfortunately neither government nor the private sector have given commendable support. Yet producing professional and globally competitive products needs private and public sector pattern-ship as its done in US and India. This indicates lack of leadership will and support. Which are necessary for any industry to grow.
    • Exorbitant training charges requested from the students by the existing training institutions with out regard to middle class and grassroots underprivileged communities. The charges of the courses are so high that most of the average and grassroots Nigerians cannot afford joining such schools despite the fact that there are many of such people who show the potential of becoming good performing artists. Yet they cannot manage to attain it due to poverty, HIV & AIDS and other social misfortunes which has , relegated them to orphan hood and destitution.
    • Lack of entertainment centers with vocational training institutions and Movie Media facilities : Capital cities are the most highly populated hence in big demand of such services but there are less than 3 capital cities with such schools and entertainment centers.
    • Compromised and incapacitated livelihoods of the most innovative and productive age group i.e. youths in the age bracket of (18-28) whose financial ability has been curtailed due to their orphan status created by the loss of their parents to HIV&AIDS. This means that they can not afford expensive education in private institutions, nor can they join Government institutions as the success of their reading cycle is usually undermined by constant absence and deprivation during childhood. . Yet considerably, they are the main movers of this industry world wide more so for India and Africa.
    • Insufficient knowledge, skills, and mentors for the practitioners to satisfy and their clients and meet the increasing demands in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. For example studies show that in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda Zambia 90% of the television stations play NOLLYWOOD but they keep repeating the old series due to the absence new products.
    • Insufficient manpower, resources and equipments thus leading to substandard graduates as compared to the global training institutions: Institutions offering the Movie Media and Arts courses should be commended for taking up such a task but due to the fact that the courses require a lot of resources(money, time, expertise) very few of the institutions able to give quality training. They end up offering a few of the basic movie and music courses and in most cases theoretical apart from PEFTI which has the capacity of offering a cross section of the courses. Yet with globalization there is increasing pressure and demand for the performing artists to produce world class performances so as to contain the fast changing consumer taste and ably compete globally without fear or compromise.
    • Insufficient capacity to produce multilingual products yet there is an increasing demand from potential viewers within and outside Africa. This at times leads to translation which waters down the meaning and quality of the products.
    • Inadequate openings for career guidance growth and exposure in both the indigenous and faith guided movie, music and media arts. This has lead to a lot of substandard and unethical products produced by practitioners learning on job and gambling their way through hence undermining quality.
    • Absence of a middle class vocational institution to tap and integrate the rich grassroots talents with the urban based cultures: Although there is a big treasure among the communities notable among them are the disadvantaged youth who drop out of school due to limited funds. As a result they become village small time comedians getting paid lip service and in the end give up. How then could the industry grow when there is no amalgamation with locally nurtured talents yet this symbolizes the uniqueness of the African culture: not the guitar but the talking drums?
    • Very few and highly competitive government institutions due to the high entry points and grades required hence unfairly leaving out the underprivileged youth: Chances for the underprivileged youths to get entry in government institutions are very, very minimal because they find it hard to get the required grade since the success of their reading cycle is undermined by constant absence and deprivation during childhood. Therefore it’s difficult for them to afford entrance in government institutions and payment for courses in the existing institutions whose charges are very high. Yet considerably, they are the main movers of this industry world wide more so for India and Africa.
    • Absence of a legal framework to regularize operations and patent rights: this was discovered to be as a result of inadequate government involvement and lack of professionalism among performing artists.
    • Lack of training institutions of movie, music and media arts which offer comprehensive and constructive training with entrepreneurship (start your business) and basic computer skills yet there are key issues in facilitating job creation and competitiveness locally and internationally.
    Basing on the research undertaken by the Performing Musician Association OF Nigeria (PMAN) 90% of the performers need training but cannot access it, even NOLLYWOOD does not have a training school. Basing on the great need for training it’s imperative that a training school for movie and music industry should be established. More to that, there are many African countries that look up to Nigeria for empowerment in this area, but with limited capacity for now.
    Unlike USA and India, Nigeria has very few training institutions of performing artists hence rendering her artists helpless and thus producing low quality products less competitive than it would have been the case. This is why the few existing private institutions charge exorbitant fees hindering access for many of our brothers and sisters who cannot afford training even where it could be accessible. As a result many of them put up shows which are non professional and thus get paid much less than what they would have earned.
    Through this proposal, Africa Youth Empowerment and Development Network (AYEDNC) would like to work hand in hand with other stakeholders more so the training and performing artist and address the challenges stated above. Based on the findings of the survey the proposed interventions prioritized establishment of an internationally competitive Music and Media arts industry through establishing a performing, media art & music empowerment-skills building center mainly targeting the youth especially the needy and less privileged youths who have not had a chance of participating and benefiting from the NOLLYWOOD industry. The project shall encompass the following aspects:
    • Establishment of a vocational institution mainly focusing on training in Music and Movie media arts with a component of entrepreneurship and information technology to enable us produce all round graduates.
    • Offer basic computer and start your business skills building training as part and parcel of our courses in Music and Media arts to facilitate easy job creation, community integration and self sustainability.
    • . Greater involvement and empowerment of the disadvantaged youth so as to reduce unemployment, increase domestic incomes and national productivity while hindering the escalation of HIV/AIDS and other bad by products of redundancy.
    • Promote community entertainment tourism as an alternative source of income for grassroots communities by through community outreach mobile training clinics based on tailor made courses for the grassroots communities so as to tap the would be lost talents, while nurturing the growth the growth of community theater and community tourism.
    • .Create a data bank , research and documentation center for sharing and continuous learning as well as conserving the rich culture of Nigeria and Africa
    • Facilitating the development of multilingual performing artists to satisfy the diverse audience demands.
    • Provision of the modern integrated Electronic Music and Media arts training with the traditional theater and performing arts.
    • Globalization through Benchmarking with international institutions to create a basis of favorable completion and global recognition of our products.
    • Creation of cultural center for the institution which shall be a mosaic of the rich culture of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, to help in experiential learning for interns and tourists and also employment for fresh graduates. It will be open to international and local visitors.
    • Sourcing for increased and recognized involvement of the Cooperate, private and Government and non government organizations in building the Music and media arts industry which has proved to be an increasing domestic and national income inner and user friendly channel of education for people of different backgrounds.
    • Considering that a number of African countries have indicated a need to accesses training from Nigeria, in recognition of the efforts of NOLLYWOOD work out modalities of extending services to such countries among which have been Uganda, Cameroon, Senegal, Zambia, Ivory Coast, Kenya and many more.
    • Establishment of a cultural center exhibiting the amalgamation of Africa’s rich cultural products.
    • Increase accessibility and availability of affordable middle level training in the area of movie media arts and music for the needy youth especially girls
    • Combat and Reduce levels of unemployment among the underprivileged youths .
    • Increase the numbers of African practitioners and professionals in the industry accessing better resources, making meaningful employment and competing globally.
    • Strengthen the technical and socioeconomic capacity of Youth and other people undertaking a career in the entertainment industry .
    • Improve the performance , quality, productivity and sustainability of the Music and Media arts industry.
    • Enhance effectiveness, efficiency and service delivery of the music ,movie and media arts practitioners.
    • Enhance the community and national strategies to diversify from dependency on oil to the fast growing entertainment industry .

    • Increased accessibility, availability and affordability of training chances in movie, media arts and music (Entertainment industry) nationwide and beyond.
    • Greater empowerment and hence involvement of the less privileged in(Music and Media Arts) which is the fastest growing income generating industry in the nation, thus increased access to wealth, health and happiness ,
    • Enhanced visibility, competitiveness, customer satisfaction, marketability, and sustainability of the performing arts industry locally and internationally..
    • Improved productivity and performance of arts and media practitioners.
    • Improved income generating opportunities among the middle class and grassroots youth hence a likely reduction in engagement of illicit sex, drugs and other bad habits created out of redundancy, dejection and poverty.
    • Increased avenues of better livelihood for the middleclass people and a forum to reduce and or bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.
    • Greater potential for the expansion and development of human resource skills capacity for performance, better innovations and training of the entertainment ,music and media arts industry for Nigeria, Africa and beyond.
    • Increased employability of performing artists locally and internationally thus higher levels of human productivity and an alternative avenue of increased national foreign income.
    • Reduced stress related illnesses since the media, movie and music (entertainment) industry is the basis of leisure.
    • Increased number of community socioeconomic safety nets.
    • Enhanced and meaningful and sustainable avenues of reducing the impact of HIV /AIDS, poverty and other socioeconomic challenges on the community.
    • Recognized contribution towards the global effort in achieving the milestone of the UN Millennium goals in ration to poverty, youth empowerment, HIV &AIDS impact by 2015.
    Target group: Youth of Nigeria and Africa in general. (16-27) years
    • 1st group: The needy group mostly HIV & AIDS infected and affected orphans and vulnerable youths, Sickocell sufferers, highly disabled youths, out of school youths, widowed single adolescent/teenage mothers and single and adolescent mothers, area boys/street boys, slum are dwellers and rural grassroots youths. ( pay 30% of the fee but the very needy wont pay. e.g. double orphans, widowed, single adolescent and teenage mothers , HIV infected youths,
    • 2nd group: well to do youths: They will pay full package.
    • 3rd group Performing artists: (pay full package)
    Enclave Communities training: The outreach programs in the enclave areas shall be given tailor made courses of 2-3 months based on the need and skills of the beneficiaries. Unlike other groups their training shall be free of charge as way of encouraging them to nurture, appreciate, grow and utilize their talents in a meaningful manner. Our focus will be edutainment as a way of education and source of income. After training they will be assisted to form associations through which they will be supported in developing using the acquired skills of edutainment along with other activities to develop income generating projects. We shall work with the existing community leaders; Faith based organizations and the traditional leaders. Community field agents will be identified and trained as future trainers as well as program implementing and tracking partners. Where possible we shall establish community entertainment centers through the help of the Local government leaders.
    LOCATION: Lagos headquarters since it has the biggest population (1st phase:2011) : 2nd phase 2012:nd phase Abuja and 3 other states; 3rd phase 5 more states and 2 countries(satellite offices). Expansion will be in phases.
    Topic 1. Cinematography and video development and editing; Topic 2. Still and motion camera management; Topic 3. Stage play; Topic 4.Theater Act and movie (Old and Contemporary style of acting); Topic 5. Script writing and TV/radio presentation (Movie, documentary and radio/television program); Topic 6.Producing and production management/Directing (Set design, film production, and radio and television program production); Topic 7. Costume and makeup (Cartoons, acting, occasions-carnival and traditional)
    Topic1 :Businesses in music/Music business ideals; Topic 2 Music composition (Theory and practical- Genres of music- Classical and contemporary); Topic 3.Vocal training Topic 4.Sound engineering and studio production (Digital and analog studio);Topic 5.Stage performance techniques ;Topic 6.Musical instrument trainings (Major and minor in either of the followings: Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Saxophone, Trumpet etc Topic 7.Dance- (Choreography, Ballet, Salsa, Traditional/Art, Contemporary etc)
    This training package in entrepreneurship is intended to provide practical knowledge over and above the technical and vocational education and training acquired. This is to enable the students to have entrepreneurial mindset and the knowledge to set up a small business, thus having the ability to translate the knowledge acquired in action. With such training human capacity building is strengthened in the community and promoted as a key to sustainable development and a big milestone in eradicating poverty thus achieving Millennium Development Goals through empowering young people to engage in productive livelihoods.
    TOPIC 1: First steps in the world of self employment.; Topic 2: Developing entrepreneurial skills; Topic 3: Getting started turning my acquired knowledge into skills; Topic 4: First steps in the business world: drawing a business plan; Topic: 5. Learning to plan, monitor, evaluate, account, report and document my undertakings; Topic: 6. Learning to mobilize & manage my resources( financial resources/material/human); Topic7:Adopting information and communication technology (ICT) ; Topic: 8 Contacting clients and partners; Topic: 9. Bench marking and Networking: Topic 10: Life skills and HIV/AIDS ;Topic 11: Monitoring, Evaluation and quality assurance .

    TOPIC 1:Introduction to ICT and its use/role in education: TOPIC 2:Basic computer parts and functions: TOPIC 2:Basic computer parts and functions: TOPIC 3:Databases/data entry: TOPIC 4:Using ICT in music, media arts and small businesses: TOPIC 5:Using the Internet/locating and evaluating Internet resources &E-mail :TOPIC 6:Copyright laws related to computer and software use: TOPIC 7:Excel (spreadsheets):TOPIC 8:Power point/presentations: TOPIC 9:MS Word: TOPIC 10:Basic computer literacy: TOPIC 11:Creating animations:
    3 to 6 months. However in some special cases especially the outreach programs of the minorities, the length of time shall be dictated by the situation on the ground.
    • Lecture-room/Classroom face to face training with a session in the day time and evening classes for the working class.
    • Correspondence and/or distance learning with a sandwich of face to face tutorials and online guidance especially for foreign students.
    • Education mobile clinic, with tutorials and distance learning sandwich for hard to reach communities.
    • Practical and end of semester/course examinations leading to graduation.
    • Consultancy services
    • Refresher courses for the professionals.
    • Study tours and student exchange for experiential learning through best practices of our affiliates.
    The institution is meant to bridge the gap between poor and rich through focusing on educating middle level people. Therefore the charges shall be minimal with special consideration for the disadvantaged students more so school drop outs.
    In extreme destitute cases of double orphans, and HIV &AIDS infected youth, street wayward youth and other vulnerable youths), there will be cost sharing where the Institution shall pay 70% and student pays 30% for tuition fee or less where necessary. Start off Equipments and support shall be given for the disadvantaged students and some will be given initial employment in the institutional projects or assisted to
    Well to do students shall pay as the market demands.
    All students shall be facilitated with guidance in employability and community integration.
    Enclave Communities training charges: Free of charge.
    Decrease the vulnerability of the needy out of school Youth apprentice and their counterparts in the entertainment industry.
    JUSTIFICATION AND STRENGTH OF THE PROJECT (why the project is necessary):

    Africa Youth Empowerment and Development Network Center (AYEDNC) has decided to come up with this proposal having considered
    The following factors:
    • Increasing demand of well trained personnel in the field of Movie, Media art and Music (locally and internationally) by public, private, cooperate and civil society organizations.
    • The competitive nature of the entertainment industry worldwide.
    • Absence of adequate number of trainings institutions to accommodate the growing demand of trained Movie media and Music personnel in Nigeria and Africa in general.
    • Through music and drama the past generation is not only resurrected but its kept alive and it fuses with the new generation hence generations depicting our rich culture will be sustained and passed on through skills building,
    • Media Arts and Music increasingly becoming the global forum for promoting social and cooperate responsibility since it is the most popular mouth piece and meeting point of the community and cooperate organizations locally and internationally.
    • Exorbitant fees which has caused unending Inaccessibility and in affordability to the Movie media and Music training institutions (locally and abroad).
    • Insufficient services and inadequate facilities of the existing private Movie media and Music training institutions (most of them cannot afford to offer complete package so it’s either music or movie media and with a few or no equipments).
    • Numerous untapped media arts and music talents in Nigerians and African due to the absence of affordable training institutions.
    • Increasing number of half baked and incompetent Movie Media and Music practitioners who end up undermining the industry and malign the growth and recognition of NOLLYWOOD.
    • Progressive wind of change locally and globally the Movie media and Music Industry’s as one of the Major foreign and domestic income earner and artists as the movers and shakers of the world as opposed to the traditional belief that artists are social misfits.
    • An avenue through which the helpless orphaned youth could acquire skills and knowledge for employability, self reliance, secure livelihood and support to their siblings and community.
    • Performing artists are the main mouth piece of our communities and popular role models hence if well trained they can be a source of development and the industry shall be a good sensitization and educating avenue for people young and old.
    • Channel of mitigating the impact of HIV&AIDS on the orphans and their communities through improved incomes.
    • There is a need to establish a Music and media arts institution for the less privileged since there is none; not only in Lagos but in the rest of the country. Since there is no such vocational institution, the needy children with the talent and ability as performing artists have been left to suffer and some get wasted.. Hence this will give access to vocational education to all the orphans and entire community members. .
    • An opening to nurture and promote the rich culture of Africans while enhancing the performance and productivity of the tourism industry as well strengthening community tourism as income earner for the communities.
    Conclusion: This project if done shall result into enhanced knowledge and hands on approach skills building for a meaningful, profitable and sustainable entertainment industry through the establishment of a training school to be used as a forum of empowerment thus addressing the above identified gaps and questions. There are many naturally gifted young and old people who are wasting away that could have been useful through our show biz industry for the nation of Nigeria, continent of Africa resorting to wayward and illicit practices out of frustration, to make ends meet, having been disregarded as nonentities as such artists are usually regarded in Africa, yet India USA and Europe have made good use of such a treasure and hence gained as nations and individuals. Create over 15,000 jobs every year , employed by the trained entrepreneurs. The global size strength of the industry is its massive employment capacity; each production requires a big number of players and a group can have about 5 productions a year, yet take on new or more people. The direct beneficiaries will be the performers but groups have many service providers, hence bringing more revenue to the nation and increased incomes to the families and communities.

    Therefore it’s not only necessary but imperative to undertake this step as a means of building the current and future generation through skills building which is a sustainable and meaningful investment for all generations and the music, movie and media arts which is enriching in knowledge, income and psychosocial wellness management. Therefore your support will be not only a life time investment but also a source a life saver for many people.
    . Requested funds: 43.488.000. (Forty three million four hundred and eighty eight thousand Naira). USA $(289,920.00)
    Contribution of the implementing organization: 5.954, 000.00(five million, nine hundred and fifty four thousand Naira) for the initial phase( USA $ 39,693.00)
    Total cost of this project: 49,442,000.00(41,442,000.00(forty nine million, four hundred and forty two thousand Naira) – USA $(329,613.00) First Phase.
    NB: We are willing to submit the documents, spelling out the financial implication/ Budget, and the project activity plan.
    Secondly, we have a video documentary spelling out the plight of our target group and our past achievements in movie and media arts industry, we are willing to forward it as soon as possible .
    Please contact the Executive Director:

  19. komakech says:

    Hi can your org also help us in Northewrn Uganda in health related to Children and women

  20. Beatrice Aciro says:

    Hi? when will you start accepting Proposal from Uganda? we are a local NGO from Northern Uganda where insurgency has taken more than a decade to calm down. we are faced with numerous problems especially on women and children. currently we would like to carry out 2 things. sesnitise women ,parens/guardians on the Dangers of child labour/trafficking.and start a mushroom demonstration site where women can learn how to grow as an alternative way of income generating activity as well as skills training. please kindly reply.

  21. asaba.patrick says:

    we are a young but growing NGO operating in Uganda in the areas of hiv/Aids,nutrition,sanitation & as well as education.we currently have a 100children who basically need help in areas of health treatment,education and nutrition these are abandoned children who stay with grand mothers and relatives others on streets.please we are in need of partnership & support to bring hope to these hurting us know how we can access your help.thnx

    organisation dev’t
    actsofhope network uganda

  22. CHARLES MPITAG says:

    March 23 2011 6.44
    I’m Tanzanian work with YOUTH TRAINING ORGANIZATION.We train these Youth in different ways.We have sewing,computer leaning,carpentry and building. Until now we have a problem of tools and fund to buy some materials which needed. in oder to meet goal we request funds and tool for our daily activities.



    The community Emergency Response Initiative (CERI) is an NGO registered in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission. CERI was established in recognition of the tremendous challenges faced by various communities especially women , children and other vulnerable groups in, tackling the effects of changes in weather and climatic conditions resulting to natural and man-made disasters such as flood, erosion, landslide, droughts, desert encroachment, water, hygiene and sanitation and related diseases such as diarrhea and cholera, including scabies, typhoid fever, malaria, trachoma and ring worm which further makes them more vulnerable. CERI is a volunteers based organisation with about 3,000 members which has concerns for working .

    We wish to seek possible collaboration with agencies or partners that could support our efforts in addressing vulnerable conditions in our country. We therefore solicit the support from willing partners to improve our reach


    We would be glad if you can support us for nutritional education for our illiterate women and teenagers that have children in the locality but lack nutritional education on how to give their children good and balance diet.

  25. Emmanuel says:

    I am the representative of a non-governmental organization in order to take care of persons in need such as abandoned children, orphans, women and men affected by AIDS, widows as well as prisoners
    I live in Lubumbashi which is the most important city of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Lubumbashi is situated in the southern part of Katanga Province, not far from Zambia Country. The Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC in short) is one of the biggest African countries. It is 2 345 000 km2 wide and has more or less 60 200 000 inhabitants. It is surrounded by a countries : Soudan, Republic South Africa, Congo Brazza, Angola, Zambia, Tanzania, Burundi, Ruanda and Ouganda.
    Could you find me a Christian who can help us?

  26. Anuradha says:

    Greetings !!!!!
    We are working in rural & tribal area of Maharashtra (India)
    Can u give us support for women health in tribal area of Maharashtra (India)
    Warm regards,
    Resource person

  27. OHDP is registered organization,affiliated with technical Institutions & working on technical education since 2009. The working area is backward, affected with natural disasture and terrorism. We provide free education in Computer, Survey & English language, to build mindset and skill in youth. Uptill now we have provided such facility to thousands students. This organization have 05 branches in the affected area of KPK-Pakistan (Malakand Division and Mansehra). We intend to enhance this facility to other cities but lack of funds is great hurdle in our way. Kindly help us solving this problem.

  28. Kajaye Joseph says:

    Can you include our project for funding?
    We are looking for funds to buy shutters and finish pluster for a domitory building for orphan girls at St Regina Primary and Vocational school.

  29. Nsabimana Damien says:

    Greetings from Association Tuvuge Twiyubaka asbl

    We are a non-profit making organisation based in Nyamagabe District Southern Province Rwanda.We are officially registered. We work with people living with HIV and vulnerable group of the local society among other: sex workers,street children, groups of widows and orphans heading families. we need to know if our application for grant can be elligible as long as there is no Peace Corps volunteers in this region.

    Kind regards

    Nsabimana Damien
    Coordinator ATT asbl

  30. Joseph Kenasuk says:

    Can you accept a proposal from South Sudan? We need your helping hand to support the women and children in various areas including SRH & MNCH and linkage to HIV in South Sudan please! I look forward into hearing from you.

    Best wishes,


  31. Aggrey Avendi says:

    This is Aggrey Avendi from Kenya. I reside in the third largest slum in kenya. we have a vey strong initiative that is a community based organization. It is legally registered with kenya government through the ministry of gender,sports and social culture.
    Am so impressed of the recognition that you given to grass root organization and also the support that you are giving to them. This is the people who are on the ground and can/are implementing the projects with the limited resources they have. I have just seen the call of proposals that you had send to this mentioned countries. Unfortunately kenya was not among them. All the sect of the call of proposal are under our programs. Though in our country i haven’t heard about peace corp.
    Then my question was how can kenya be included for we can be supported through your programs.
    Thank you fro preparing to answer my question and giving us advice

  32. A. K. mary says:

    It is realy a good oppertunity to our organisation which is working for the wellbeing of deserving women and children from underpriviledged community in and around Pondicherry. South India. We will send our proposal to you.

  33. Ismail Duale Jama says:

    What about Somaliland? Could you accept proposals from local NGO working to protect and promote the rights of disabled persons in Somaliland?
    We hope you will help us in our commitment of achieving the UN millennium goal of combating poverty from somaliland’s most disadvantaged community groups- the disabled.

  34. Ehis_Bright says:

    It appears that Nigeria is not one of the countries that proposals are being expected from. Why is it so?
    Our communities needs this assistance in all fairness


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Receive our regards for all that you are doing for the disadvantaged people of the world.
    Seriani girl child is a registered cbo operating in Kenya
    with the main goal of supporting women and girl child who are most vulnerable to no access to education .

    This organization was started to empower women and the girl child to achieve education and their desirable goals.
    our main objectives is to create awareness on HIV/AIDS and home based care,empowering the girl child on social, moral, physical and educational rights;in the essence that the girl child has the right to socialize,not to be abused sexually,and not to be forced to early marriages and female genital mutilation(fgm)and more so the girl child has rights to pursue education to higher levels. This can not be achieved without involving the women who are the primary and the key role models to girl child.hence,our organization also empowers women to invest their time and interest to understand their rights and roles in the community.

    despite all this, we have the will to spearhead our objectives as an organization but we do have enough funds to support our activities.

    The organization therefore wishes to apply for some monetary support from your organization so that it can facilitate its operations and achieve its goals.In other words, we request you to help us financially.

    Best regards,

    Angela leakono,

    Seriani girl child development programme.


    Hello all,
    Our organization names Assistance Plus Togo, it is an organization of Women it intervenes in promotion, protection and defense of the women’s rights living with the VIH/SIDA. We come by the present to request a support for the legal accompaniment of the women victims of physical violences, sexual, social and economic for reasons of their statute serologic in our country (Togo country of West Africa). Thank you Cordially
    Mss. NANDJA Nimatou

    Bonjour tous,
    Notre organisation se nomme Assistance Plus Togo, elle est une organisation de Femmes elle intervient dans la promotion, protection et défense des droits des femmes vivant avec le VIH/SIDA. Nous venons par le présent solliciter un appui pour l’accompagnement juridique des femmes victimes des violences physiques, sexuelles, sociales et économiques pour des raisons de leur statut sérologique dans notre pays (Togo pays de l’Afrique de l’Ouest).
    Merci Cordialement
    Dame NANDJA Nimatou

  37. anguria Michael says:

    Our organization Shine Africa Ministries has so many Community Programs that are geared towards helping the vulnerable groups like ,Children, Women, Orphans, Widows,People Living with HIV/AIDS, Disabled, Elderly and other marginalized groups.
    However, we are constrained with limited external support and funding, so we are appealing to all humanitarian actors particularly your agency to assist us.
    we are also looking for partners who can partner with us.
    god bless you all.
    BY Anguria Michael.

  38. Rebecca Nakanwagi says:

    Dear Sir,/Madam

    This is to introduce to you our Organization Rubaga Division Disabled Association, a disabled peoples organization registered with Kampala City Council as a disabled women’s organization. It was founded by disabled women themselves in 2006 to address three major challenges affecting women with disabilities in Rubaga Division. The challenges are:
    – violation of human rights
    – communicable diseases
    – and unemployment among women with disabilities.

    This organization has a membership of three types of disabilities i.e. deaf, blind and people with physical disability.

    We are seeking partnership with you to help us address those challenges in our community so as to enjoy our full rights and dignities in our society.

    we will be very grateful if our request is honoured.

    My kind regards

    Rebecca Nakanwagi

  39. We are grateful for the RFP from world connect to assist poor communities. Is it possible for your organization to extend this support to Western Kenya where HIV/AIDS has affected many children and youth.


  40. Thank you for the opportunities you are providing communities in your current menu of countries. I hope when you look to broadening the scope of the countries you assist, you will also consider Cambodia.

    Many thanks.

  41. Okey J-T Anyanwu (JP) says:

    It is becoming increasing more difficult for Non-governmental organizations and Community based social workers in Nigeria to apply and get grants from donor agencies. These donors prefer to give grants to government bodies and their agents and ignoring the social workers and civil societies

  42. B. Abel Learwellie says:


  43. padmore quansah says:

    please do you accept proposals from a Ghanaian based NGO working to promote the rights, health and education of marginalized segments of the society.
    Thank you
    Hoping to hearing from you very soon and please.

  44. Pamella says:

    We are a women funded organization led by women. We are registered and working in Uganda. We are seeking partnership and financial support.

    Hope to hear from you and we share more.

    Project Director.

  45. Boniface V..Mbewe says:

    We are very worried that your projects are not target Malawi.My request to consider Malawi, if you cannot try other link us with others who can support us.

  46. Rev Isaack Ochola says:

    May god richly bless you and endeavor to support the most needy in the world around you.

  47. Bal Kalyan Samaj-Chitwan says:

    BAL KALYAN SAMAJ-CHITWAN is a local NGO working for the welfare of the needy children in Nepal. Our office is located at Bharatpur, Chitwan, Nepal.

    Specially, we are here to support the educational development of the needy children in Nepal.

    Our mission is to support for the education of the helpless and poor Nepalese children.

    If you are interested to support for the educational development of poor Nepalese children, you are at the right site. Please proceed further and see, what you/we can do for them.

    We appeal all the interested people and organizations to work with us for the betterment of the poor Nepalese children.

  48. Farzana Nazli says:

    what about Pakistan? Do you accept proposals from National Organizations working Humanitarian Relief & Sustainable Development in Pakistan?