World Summit Youth Award

“The WSYA (World Summit Youth Award) selects and promotes best practice in e-Content and technological creativity, demonstrates young people’s potential to create outstanding digital contents and serves as a platform for people from all UN member states to work together in the efforts to reduce poverty and hunger, and to tackle ill-health, gender inequality, lack of education, lack of access to clean water and environmental degradation.

WSYA is therefore both a showcase to the world for young e-content creators, journalists and writers, application designers, technologists and as well as a contribution on a global scale to adressing poverty, protecting the environment, sharing knowledge and empowering young people.

The WSYA is promoted in all UN member states through the networks of the World Summit Award (WSA) the UN Global Alliance for ICT, other participating UN Organisations and Agencies, governments and NGOs, youth organisations and all those committed to making a real difference in the achievement of the MDGs.

The WSYA will be organised in 2010 as a follow up activity of the World Summit on Information Society and its action plan towards the year 2015 and with a special focus on the MDG Review of the heads of state and government in September 2010.

It will be conducted in five plus one categories. The finalists and category winners will be invited to the WSA Events in September 2010 in New York City and at the UN Headquarters.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the WSYA,

  1. the project must be initiated and executed by youth under the age of 30
  2. The product should be fully functional and operational at the time of submission; projects which do not function will not be juried
  3. It must be accessible over the Internet (whether it is designed for fixed line, broadband or mobile use)

Submissions must be

  1. made under one of the six categories: Fight Poverty, Hunger and Disease; Education for all; Power 2 Women; Create your Culture, Go Green and Pursue Truth
  2. free of offensive or plagiarized content which violate dignity or human rights will not be evaluated
  3. made by an authorized person

Please note that members of the WSYA Board, the Volunteer Team at ICNM and employees of sponsors are not eligible to participate.”

The deadline to participate in the contest is 20 June 2010. For more information, visit this link.