Entry-Point Activities

Entry-Point Activities are necessary part to orient the community members towards thrift and credit activities. Direct dialogue about the intervention can create a negative attitude among them and hence, some innovative method should be applied to bring about a positive air in the project area. Entry-Point Activities help us manage that. However, these activities cannot be implemented blindly. There has to be some need assessment to be carried out initially to identify the community needs. Need assessment should be followed by community mobilization meetings where consultations from the community can be included again.

In the microfinance development project, the following Entry-Point Activities can be implemented for the Self-Help Groups (SHGs):

  • Cash boxes for the SHGs to keep regular savings and loan collections
  • Stationary to the SHGs including savings and loan ledgers, cash book, minutes book and member pass books
  • Small grant for construction of cooperative office buildings with member contributions
  • Furniture for cooperative offices
  • Floor mills, fodder-cutting machines etc. to reduce women’s work load
  • Storage place for agricultural produce
  • Cost effective and indigenous cold storage facilities for fruits and vegetables