The EuropeAid Cooperation Office of the European Commission the external aid instruments of the European Commission. The aid is delivered to various developmental actors around the world such as the civil society, international organizations and governmental bodies. The aid is provided for developmental actions in poor countries especially against poverty and environmental degradation. Other areas covered by the EuropeAid include good governance and democracy, human and social development, economic support to developing countries, security and conflict, natural resources and infrastructure.The presence of EuropeAid is worldwide. It has been supporting NGOs and other developmental organizations in different countries and regions around the world. As one of the biggest aid donor, the grant support is managed country-wise as well as region-wise. The programmes and funding options are spread across Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific, Asia, the Gulf region, Latin America and the EU’s southern and eastern neighbours.

There are certain approaches adopted by the EuropeAid office while delivering aid to countries or organizations. The EuropeAid carefully reviews the need for which the funding is granted so that specific objectives are met according to the set deadline. It also ensures that other stakeholders have their say as part of its partnership policy. The aid provided ensures quality through stringent monitoring and evaluation and accountability.

EuropeAid publicizes a number of grants for NGOs on its website. Some grants are opened worldwide for all organizations to apply, depending upon the country of project implementation while some are region-specific and country-specific. Complete documentation about the grant availability is made available online and interested applicants can download the information accordingly. The grant opportunities of EuropeAid can be accessed at this link.

The mailing address, email and website of EuropeAid are given below:

European Commission
EuropeAid Co-operation Office
B – 1049 Brussels