Post-Conflict Fund

Conflict is a reality that is faced by development agencies in many parts of the world. In fact, repeated experiences around the globe have shown that normal developmental processes face dangers as much as any other group or individual in a conflict situation. The World Bank understands that innovative solutions cannot be implemented easily in violent circumstances and hence, a need to work through a different approach is required. For this, it has introduced the Post-Conflict Fund that “supports planning, piloting and analysis of ground-breaking activities through funding governments and partner organizations in the forefront of this work.”

The Fund has been providing support to international and local organizations in conflict-affected regions around the world. The Fund supports interventions based on restoring the lives and livelihoods of those affected by conflict and violence. It also believes in enhancing peace dialogue between different groups and leveraging local and other resources for effective reconstruction.

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NGOs can submit proposals at the local World Bank office. However, the process is rather lengthy and there should be considerable degree of interaction with different stakeholders before proposing the project. The Fund encourages pre-proposal discussions with World Bank officials and also get the written permission of the activities proposed under the project from the relevant government authorities. The themes addressed by the Fund are conflict analysis, restoration of services like health and education, restoration and reintegration of internally displaced communities, economic recovery, policy advocacy and demobilization of ex-combats and clearance of land mines. Only countries which have recently emerged out of the conflict phase are eligible for the grant. More information on this is available at this link.