The Proposal Cover Sheet

The Proposal Cover Sheet, as the name suggests, is the covering or the initial document of your proposal. It can be downloaded from this link in pdf or from this link in MS Word

The Proposal Cover Sheet seeks in-depth information about the applicant organization such as the legal name and address of the organization, list of board members, number and names of employees including part-time/full-time staff, current US and non-US donors and other specific questions.

If there is more information to be shared by the organization, there is a blank section as well to note down other details.

The form is quite simple and can be filled up in MS Word and attached to the main proposal as the covering document.

Ensure that the information provided in this form is complete and accurate. It can help NED to make its initial decision to go through the rest of the proposal or just put it aside.

Since it is seeking information about current donors, it can mean that cross-references will be useful. So do not forget to list out your current partners (even if the support is minimal) as this donor agency may seek reference from them to fund your organization.