Conflict Management Policy in NGOs

1.11 Conflict Management

1.11.1 Conflict Resolution

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Whenever a dispute arises among the NGO staff, it shall be resolved in a constructive manner, i.e. the solutions shall lead to positive changes. Employees who feel unfairly treated or who have complaints about a situation or about working conditions should notify the Executive Director immediately.

1.11.2 Staff Behavior

NGO expects its employees to adopt attitudes and behavior that maintain the good image of the organization. NGO employees shall display an exemplary level of professionalism and integrity.

Furthermore, besides the usual rules every good employee needs to follow (respect, courtesy, punctuality), there are particular procedures of conduct for members of the organization which must be observed.

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(1) Political Activities

Since NGO is a non-political organization, employees shall not participate in activities of a purely political nature on work premises or during working hours. It is also prohibited to use the organization’s materials for these purposes.

(2) Discrimination and Harassment

Under the principles established by NGO, no employee, man or woman, has the right to put pressure on another, make intimate advances, give preferential treatment or show sexual favoritism at work.

(3) Conflict of Interest

To avoid putting themselves in a conflict of interest with the objectives and operations pursued by NGO, employees shall respect the following guidelines:

• It is prohibited to use NGO property for illegal or unauthorized purposes.

• It is prohibited for any NGO employee having confidential information to disclose it without express authorization beforehand.

• Employees cannot at any time accept a job from another employer if this job interferes with their work schedule and their duties and responsibilities.

• Employees shall avoid putting themselves in situations where they may gain profit or derive direct or indirect interest by influencing a contract award.

• Employees cannot solicit or accept tips, gifts, favors or other forms of gratuities for services rendered or required to be rendered in performing their duties within the organization.


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