Employee Salary Benefits in NGOs

1.4.2 Salary Benefits

(a) Bonus

All employees shall receive an annual bonus equal to one month’s basic salary. Bonus will be included in the monthly salary payment of the month preceding the festival.

However, new staff on will not receive any annual bonus until the completion of the six-month probationary period.

(b) Provident Fund

All regular employees are expected to set aside 10% of monthly pay to his/her provident fund. NGO will contribute the same amount on monthly basis. Both the employee’s and NGO’s contributions are deposited in a savings account under the employee’s name. The provident fund can only be withdrawn upon the employee’s resignation from NGO.

1.4.3 Compensation against Accident of the staff during Service

In the event that the staff succumbs to an accident while working for NGO, i.e. during the office hours or during field trips, he/she is entitled to receive compensation amounting to a maximum of two-month salary of the individual to cover the medical expenses.

1.5 Working Days and Hours

1.5.1 Working Days

NGO will follow a 5 days a week working schedule from Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays are considered non-working days.

Unless otherwise specified, NGO will observe the same public holidays as those prescribed by the Government not exceeding ____ days a year. The Executive Director will prepare a calendar of public holidays not exceeding _____ calendar days at the beginning of each fiscal year and circulate it to all staff.

1.5.2 Office Hours

The office shall open from 09.30 am in the morning till 05.30 in the evening. All employees are expected to complete 8 working hours daily. There will be one hour lunch-break.

During the winter season, the office hours will be from 10 am to 5 pm.

1.5.3 Overtime

Various factors, such as workloads, operational efficiency, and staffing needs, may require variations in an employee’s total hours worked each day. In such circumstances, the employee may have to work beyond the scheduled office hours.

Under such circumstances, the staff working overtime is entitled to payment for working overtime and is authorized by its immediate supervisor for the same. However, no overtime compensation will be provided for staff during field trips. The overtime rate will be paid on hourly basis and will be calculated on the basis of the basic salary.


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