New Grant open to support Young People and their ideas: New NGOs can also apply!

A new grant opportunity is currently available to support young people and their ideas to bring about positive social change. This grant also accepts proposals from new NGOs with new ideas in select areas of intervention.

This grant is a great chance for small, community-based organizations that are unable to mobilize funding from other donors. Since the focus of this grant is youth, therefore, new and young NGOs can apply.

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The grant will remain open to receive applications through this year and also the next year. So enough time for you to plan and submit your proposals.

The grant is available to support projects across Africa, South Asia and parts of Latin America.

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New Grant open to support Young People and their ideas

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  1. we are ngo in northern uganda how can we apply for this is there a form to fill

  2. kindly mention properly the names of organizations which are offer grants for organization. its difficult to us like small and new ngos to pay premium amount.

    • Avatar Rashmi Kanti says

      Hello Irfan,
      This information is restricted for our premium members only. If you are a premium member you can easily log in and get through this funding opportunity. If not, consider our membership via-

      Premium membership is access to our huge donor database; sample proposals that were successful in attracting major donors for their projects which means you can create an effective proposal for your cause and attract relevant donors to make that sustainable; fundraising guides guiding you through approaching the donors, conducting fundraising activities and more; training videos that train you through fundraising activities and strategic planning to make your organization and project sustainable. More you will receive funding alerts in your inbox prior to general users to keep you ahead of rest of the world in approaching relevant donor. These are only few of our features.
      We need huge human resource, technical and time investment in providing the premium members with these services. The premium membership fee we charge is the expenses we make in providing the service. So, we are not able to provide free membership.
      Thank you!

  3. Avatar John Balla Marah says

    Our organization works with men and boys for the protection of women and girls from violence. We also provide skills training in tailoring and cloth weaving for girls who have dropped out of school or never had the opportunity to attend school. We work in the most remote part of Koinadugu district in the northern part of Sierra Leone.

    We look forward to funding opportunities to continue our work that we have already started. Currently have 35 young teenage girls training in tailoring and 15 in cloth weaving.

    Hope you will support and you are invited to come and see what we are doing

  4. Avatar Divya Sharma says

    Hi Denish,
    We are not a funding organization and do not provide grants. We are a social enterprise that provides fundraising guides, resources, and the latest funding opportunities to help you fundraise better and secure grant funding.
    For funding opportunities related to youth and Uganda, please visit the links mentioned below.

    Good Luck!

  5. Avatar Chikumbutso Kamphinga says

    Dear Sir,
    this programme is really a very rare & great opportunity for new NGOs like ours “GIRL Education Guidance”

    please help us know how we may successfully go about it.

    Executive Director{GEG}

  6. Avatar Mohan Satpute says

    I am Starting to developments of the Young Gen ration Project for Drugs abuse And HIV/Aids .so need some funds for our NGO .
    There are some as a Slum area In Kolhapur city ,Poor people are not aware the Drugs Abuse .So we get information and Awareness for the Area.

  7. Avatar sasmita singh says

    our organisation is a grass root ngo. we work int he remote area of the kalhandi dist in odisha, more ever we work for tribal people. I knew from the mail that your organisation help to poor in different programmes, I want to read your magazine. kindly sent us the following address .
    soliciting your cooperation and assistant.

  8. Do posts that are premium only ever become available for free? This post is targeting new NGOs, specifically ones that have difficulties securing funding. Maybe some day we will have enough extra money around to pay for a membership to something like this!

    • Avatar Divya Sharma says

      Hi Sarah,
      We offer a wide range of free resources and information to all our users around the world. All our free content will continue to be free and offered without any restriction.

      The Premium service offers interested NGOs additional features against a modest subscription fee. The fees charged allow us to maintain and further develop the free site, offering an ever expanding number of resources to both our free and premium members.

      FundsforNGOs is a social enterprise that relies 100% on the support of users like you.
      You can go for premium membership any day via

      Thank you!


    This is indeed a good programme for an NGO like us, am interested in this opportunity, how my organization get this grant from the donors, so as to impliment it well in the life of young people as expected the Money to be invested.
    Hoping to hear good news from you.

    Best regards.

    Dr. Kayode Adebiyi