CODESRIA Call for Proposals: Land Grabs and Food Sovereignty

The Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) is seeking proposals from all interested researchers and academics in its Multinational Working Group (MWG) on a theme titled: “Land grabs and food sovereignty in Africa.”

MWG is one of the flagship research vehicles that is employed by CODESRIA to promote multi-country, multi-disciplinary and inter-generational reflections on critical questions of concern to the African social science research community.


  • The political economy of land grabbing and resistance
  • Remaking the maps of food production and distribution in Africa
  • Transnational agricultural investments and the human rights to food in Africa
  • The impact of land grabs on food sovereignty of peasants
  • The historical roots of contemporary land grabbing in Africa
  • Biofuel production, global warming and climate change in Africa
  • Land grabs and women in Africa (the gender dimension)
  • The discourse and contested meanings of land use/cover classifications
  • The ecological threats of large-scale land acquisition
  • The geopolitical and strategic dimensions of land grabbing in Africa
  • Land grab, urbanization and migration nexus
  • Any other related issue

CODESRIA calls for the submission of research proposals on one of the above-mentioned sub-themes, or other related issues in regional, national or sub-regional contexts in Africa. Authors of selected proposals will be invited to participate at the CODESRIA MWG methodological workshop.

All proposals should reach the CODESRIA headquarters in Dakar not later than the 31st of August 2012.

For more information, visit this link.


  1. Adolphe says:

    Je suis tres content de ce site car il facilite la tache aux differents chercheurs. Au lieu de parcourir des site, avec fundsforngos, tu la solution. Pour la premiere fois je vais solliciter un appui pour faire une recherche sur la gestion de terre, etant donné que cela est un probleme serieux dans notre pays la RDC. Une partie de la population occupe parfois 70% de l’etendue de la terre contre 30% pour toute la population. Cela a des consequences facheuses dans la communaute.