Netherlands Fellowships for Short Courses

Netherlands Fellowships for Short Courses is one of the sub-programmes of the Netherlands Fellowship Programme which gives an opportunity for NGOs, governmental and private organizations in developing countries to build their capacity. The fellowship can cover the costs of tuition fees, visas, travel, insurance and thesis research.

NFP fellowships for short courses can be used for a number of selected courses and are offered by education institutions in the Netherlands. The institutions provide professional training at post-secondary level in several fields of study. The courses lead to a Dutch certificate or a diploma and their duration varies from two weeks to twelve months.

Short courses include topics such as Human resources Development for Health, Sexual Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS, HIV Politics, Policy, Governance and Planning Mechanisms, Health Sector Response to HIV, Gender in Project and Programme Management and many other topics.

An NFP fellowship is intended to supplement the salary that the fellowship holder should continue to receive (at least partially) during the study period. The allowance is considered to be a contribution towards the cost of living for one person, whether in the Netherlands or in another country. It should be noted that NFP allowances are not sufficient to support family members, either in the home country or in the Netherlands.

To apply, you first need to apply for admission directly to the Dutch institution that offers the short course of their choice. The Dutch institution assesses the application and decides whether or not to admit you to the short course.

The deadline to submit applications for the Fellowships for Short Courses is 1 December 2010. To know more, visit this link.

Important Notice: The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ budget for development cooperation. The new Dutch government has announced considerable cuts in the budget for development cooperation. The Ministry has informed Nuffic that reducing the budget for the NFP is also being considered. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects a considerable reduction in the number of available fellowships as of the fellowship application deadline of 1 February 2011. Final decisions have not been taken, but Nuffic would like to inform both NFP applicants and Dutch institutions about this situation.


  1. I am interested in taking part in the short courses especially on sexual reproductive health and HIV/AIDS related issues.


    I am Bamidele Matthew Temitope. I have developed passion for Community Based Work /N.G.O. I myself have been a victim in a way that made me to have passion for people. I hope to start an N.G.O here in Nigeria that will focus on Health, HIV/AIDS, AND POVERTY ERADICATION THROUGH RIGHT TO EDUCATION & ; INFORMATION. And with this in mind i agreed that i needed to acquire knowledge and i have since two years ago volunteer to help the vulnerable people- I have been with the deaf community. In order to help my dream I will like you to consider me for the short course

  3. i want to attend the short term coures



  4. Machilika Matemba says:

    Dear Collegue,

    Please consider me in the courses for the benefit of all the HIV positive peoplein Mwanza and Malawi.

  5. Machilika Matemba says:

    Dear Collegue,

    I am the Directorof a just registered local NGO in Malawi fighting HIV and AIDS.bEFORE REGISTRERED with the government of Malalwi at the registers generals office my organization namedMwanza AIDS Support Organization (MWASO) has been working in the district of Mwanza to the soutern region of Malawi. MWASO is a cooedinating and networking local NGO for allthe people living wiith HIV and AIDS in Mwanza and is there to transform the people's behavior, restoring hope to all those who are HIV positive and improves the well-being of those infected and affected with HIV and AIDS regardless of age, sex and nationality.

    I therefore fit to be enrolled in the short courses in HIV and AIDS for my organization to have good programmes for HIV and AIDS in order to reach some of the people who living in the remotest areas of Mwanza and Malawi as whole for the reduction of the HIV prevalence rate and meet the millennium development goals.

  6. Cosmas Ochieng Omwan says:

    I am a Kenyan citizen, working for a local NGO(Help Self Help Centre), as a project manager.

    Help Self Help Centre is a local Kenyan NGO that was founded in 1993. Initially focusing on sustainable agriculture, it later expanded to include themes like natural resource management, entrepreneurship and value chain development. Its programs promote the interest of poor and marginalized people by strengthening their capacities to meet basic needs and claim their rights. Our approach is characterized by making use of locally available resources, knowledge and techniques as much as possible. Sustainability is a key word, both in environmental and financial sense.

    I am interested short courses and degree, and would like to request for the application form.


    Iam Pastor Bonface Musyoki Nzioka .Am a Pastor /counsoler with a Christian Organization in Kenya at Kitui South. Am a volunteer counsolor to those people affected with HIV/AID pademic in the Churches and Community and creating awareness on the HIV/AIDS.I kindly request to be considered to the short courseS in HIV /AIDS to anable me be empowered and train on how to create awereness not only to the community but in wide scope in the areas of my country and the world at large


    Bonface Musyoki Nzioka

    Pastor /counsolor

    Seventh Day Adventist Church

    Ikanga Kitui South


    I am Pastor Bonface Musyoki Nzioka , am a counsolor with a Christian Organization in Kenya at Eastern Part of the country in Kitui South , am working as Volunteer Counsolor to the infected people with HIV/AIDS and creating awareness to the Churches and the Communities in the area . i would like to be considered for the shortcourses in HIV/AIDS to empower me reach and create awarenees not only in my are but also to train others how to create an awarness on the HIV/AIDS .


    Bonface Musyoki Nzioka


    Seventh Day Adventist Church

    Ikanga, Kitui South

    Mutomo District

  9. naftali korii says:

    My name is Naftali Korii of LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT EMPOWERMENT STIMULUS Project working as a volunteer as well as working in the ministry of information and communications. i wish to apply for the short course fellowship program for GENDER in PROJECT AND PROGRAME MANAGEMENT.My project is situated in the extreme region of northern Kenya where we are dealing with the Pastoral Pokot community who have been marginalized for years. Our project envisages to create advocacy on proper leadership and governance in all the local institutions in the county. Upon completion of my short course I will be in a position to proclaim gradual changes in the conservative POKOT community who from ages have no regard to gender equality and equity. my professional work will also have a boost from the knowledge gotten from your institution.

    In this regard therefore my organization and the ministry that i am working with have given me a moral support to work this through.

    I am therefore applying for this fellowship program. Please if there is any other additional information you would like me to forward, then I am glad to give it.

    Kindest Regards,

    Naftali Korii-

  10. Mubashir Niaz says:

    HEED Association (, a local NGO operating in Pakistan since 2003 contributing towards Millennium Development Goals associated with Health, Education, Evironment and Development. HEED, following a major re-structuring in year 2008 now benefits from the wealth of International and National Technical Advisory Board members who support our operation. The Chief Organiser has undertaken an MSc in Project Management from University of Leeds (UK) and another MSc in Water and Environmental Management from WEDC – Loughborough University (UK) and heading the operation of HEED whereas other international experts on Sustainability, Environment, Water & Sanitation, Education, Engineering etc. HEED has therefore in the past three years has emerged as one of the well-known organisations in the area addressing the new challenges and initiatives to support a true Sustainable Development.

    Our committment to Environment, for example can be seen through our awareness campaign on Environment Protection and Energy conservation

    One of HEED's representatives selection last year by Training Centre for International Cooperation (TCIC), Italy on ‘Community Water Supply and Sanitation: Challenges for Sustainable Solutions’ course delivered by world renowned expert Jan Teun Visscher (Netherland) will hopefully support the case of HEED's potential to provide the right candidates for short courses.

    We therefore thank in advance for a favourable consideration and await to hear from you for the formal submission of our proposed candidates with justifications.

    HEED Team

  11. Ahmad Shekaib Maqsoo says:

    Ahmad Shekaib from Afghanistan i am interested to enhance my skills short course in Project Planning and Management so i hope the NFP direct me how……..

  12. Mukiibi Rajab says:

    I work with Inter Community Empowerment and Transformation Agency (ICETA) a local non government organisation that was founded to respond to the needs of the poor and excluded persons in communities of Eastern Uganda and we are based in Mbale Municipality. We address issues in hunger control, promoting environmental health, fighting HIV/AIDS,preventable diseases like tuberculosis and malaria,and human resource development. How can we benefit from the Netherlands Fellowship Program.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Best regards,

    Mukiibi Rajab

    Executive Director ICETA.

  13. I am working with the NGO on Forest Governance Integrity Centre-Indonesia, interested in participing in short course on goverment and planing mechanisms.

    kind regards


    support programme

    Forest Governance Integrity Centre

  14. Abedin Anand Kumar says:

    I am working as an Adminstrator in KES, I want to go for the masters degree in Netherlands. Please direct me.
    Thank you,

  15. Robert Edube says:

    I work in a community development project in Busia Uganda, I want to benefit from the short course on HIV/AIDS or sustainable development

  16. Community Empowerment Development Association (CEDA) – an NGO Working for community uplift and disaster management in Pakistan since 1965. Since its establishment the organization has remained in the forefront regarding community development, advocacy on social issues,health, education and gender issues. Our mission is to envisage a just society where people’s dignity is ensured, where basic needs are met, where there is equity in the distribution of resources, and where people are free to be the authors of their own development. We help the vulnerable and margenlised groups without any discrimination and we have the systems – based on social accountability.
    CEDA is working hard to initiate and promote gender sensitization in the area, provide women access to markets, giving wider experience of the world outside the home, access to information and possibilities for development of other social and political roles. It also Organize awareness campaigns for Girl's Education. CEDA is working hard to achievethe following objectives:-
    • To free underprivileged children from the pangs of hunger.
    • To empower them with an access to education.
    • To enable them think clearly and work effectively.
    • alleviate malnutrition problem.
    CEDA is promoting and encouraging the education of underprivileged children because we believe that education can unlock the vicious and self-perpetuating cycle of hunger and poverty. We also provide skill-based training to victims and encourage their participation in peace building activities.

    CEDA is interested in sending its representative to attend the course for Development
    Practitioners .Such course will greatly improve our capacity in the development field.It will be highly appreciated if our rep is considered for the subject course, thanks

  17. Sam Jamara says:

    I am a Ugandan working in Northern on Building Local Democracy in Apac district. I want to benefit from short course on Sustainable development.

    Sam Jamara

    Programme Coordinator

    NGO Link Forum Apac

    P.O Box 126 Apac.

  18. Wayne Carolus says:

    I am working at a organisation Siyamakha Christain Aids Network. I would like to apply for the short courses.

  19. Jawad Shah Bukhari says:

    I am Jawad Shah Bukhar from Pakistan, IDEA Social Development Association is a voluntary social work community based organization working on youth,awareness in uneducated youth, rural areas of soicio-economic, education, health, environment and cultural developments, since 2008. It is working in Shikarpur district of Sindh, Pakistan. Based on the need, We are interested in participating in short courses and Master’s Degree Programmes. Please send me the application forms and other all details.

    Jawad Shah Bukhari
    Executive Member
    IDEA SDA, Sindh, Pakistan

  20. Nurudini Nhuva says:

    I'm 34 aged male working with local NGO based on Childre (especially orphans and most vulnerable) in Tanzania. I would like to be part of the short courses in Sexual Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS

    Thanks in


    Nurudini Nhuva

    Director – SAWA

  21. Chettan Kumar says:

    I Am working with WWF-Pakistan as Community Development Officer under Indus for All Programme,

    It is 50 years vision of the Indus Ecoregion Conservation Programme which, stems out of the ecoregion conservation initiative undertaken internationally by WWF as part of the Global 200 Ecoregions. Funded by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Pakistan the Programme is implemented by WWF Pakistan in close collaboration with Government of Sindh, selected Civil Society Organisations and local communities.

    The Programme aims to conserve the rich biological diversity of the Indus ecoregion through livelihoods improvement of the local communities. For this purpose the programme intends to achieve the following specific objectives:

    Community-based Natural Resource Management in four priority areas (Keti Bunder, Kinjhar Lake, Pai forest and Chotiari Reservoir);

    Improved natural resources and livelihoods through mainstreaming of poverty-environment linkages at policy, planning and decision-making levels;

    Improved institutional capacity and awareness for sustainable environmental management at various levels; and

    Improved alignment and collaboration for stakeholder interventions.

    I would like to be part of the short courses in Project Planning & Management. We work with local community based organizations in the marginalised rural communities of Thatta District in Sindh, Pakistan.


    Chettan Kumar

    Community Development Officer/ Focal Person

    Inuds For All Programme, WWF-Pakistan

  22. Olupot James Peter says:

    Karamoja region in Uganda where we work is arid and life is hard even for caretakers themselves, leading to related consequences out of struggle for the meager resources. How can I be a beneficiary for especially the HIV course, considering the fact the communities here still practices risky behaviours?

    Olupot James Peter

    Programme Manager,

    Pentecostal Assemblies of God,

    Karamoja Integrated Development Programme

  23. Nankinga Margaret Ba says:

    I am a Community Development Officer, working with Vision for Community Development, Wakiso Uganda, and i would like to be enrolled for the short course of Dynamics of HIV and AIDs epidemcs and analyzing effective response, 2011.

    Kind regards,


  24. Henry Mulenga says:

    Am working with the Local NGO in Mansa District of Luapula Province in Zambia. I would like to be part of the short courses in HIV?AIDS. We work with small groups in the marginalised rural communities of Zambia


    Henry Mulenga

    M&E Officer

    Groups Focused Consultations