Scholarship Opportunity for students from developing countries to study at University of Pavia, Italy under the FC&K Program

Established in the year 1361, University of Pavia in Lombardy, Italy is one of the oldest universities in Europe. The university has a history of promoting international cooperation by offering scholarships in various degree courses to students from developing and low-income countries under its Fund for Knowledge and Cooperation (FC&K) program.

During the academic year 2011-12, University of Pavia is offering 51 scholarships amounting to 1,000 Euro per month to students coming from the developing countries. However preference will be given to the scholars from the countries classified as low-income economies or Lower-middle-income economies by the World Bank. Under this scholarship program, the students have the option to study at the University of Pavia or at the Institute for Advanced Study of Pavia (IUSS).

Expenses against visa fee and travel will also be borne by the university. Though, the students who have already received scholarship under the FC&K program during the academic year 2011-12 can also apply for the scholarship during the year 2011-12, but they are not eligible for getting visa fees and travel expenses.


The scholarships to successful candidates will be awarded as per the following norms:

1. Successful candidates will have to confirm their acceptance of the scholarship and of its conditions within the within the time limit set in the letter communicating the awarding of the scholarship. If a candidate fails to confirm his/her acceptance, the scholarship will be awarded to the following candidate in rank;

2. Once received the declaration of acceptance of the scholarship, the University of Pavia will:

  • send a prepaid travel ticket to Italy and provide for the travel expenses back to the developing country. Visa requirements will be care of the candidate, and will be reimbursed upon presentation of appropriate receipts;
  • provide the candidate with the scholarship according to the final decision of the Commission: monthly installments of 1.000 Euros each (the number of installments assigned to each successful candidate will be decided by the Commission);
  • arrange an accommodation in one of the University Residences of Pavia (lodging expenses will have to be paid by the candidate; if the candidate does not accept the proposed lodging, s/he will have to find another one by him/herself);
  • provide a card for meals at University canteens (the candidate will get the student discount for the meals, which will be at his/her expense);
  • guarantee all the facilities required during the period of residence  – libraries, computer facilities, etc., including all the services of the Faculty which the student is associated with;
  • help the candidate to settle through the services offered for free by the Welcome Point of the University of Pavia, which will provide also the information about  applying for a student residence permit.

3. Insurances will be direct care of the selected candidates. In particular, health insurance might be bought by the candidate before leaving the country of origin, being this usually mandatory while applying for the Visa.

The deadline to submit the application form for this FC&K scholarship program is May 30, 2011. For further details, visit this link.


  1. good program but unpractical, for marginalise student like Me woow they can not be able

  2. Than Kyaw Soe says:

    what subjects do the Pavia University teach? I would like to apply it. How to apply? How can I hold about the Pavia University?

  3. Bertrand Mbanwie says:

    Law student in Cameroon wishing to study criminal law in Canada,with assistance

  4. CHE CARINE says:


  5. CHE CARINE says:


  6. samyah marcellin says:

    Drear SIR, i am desperately wanting to pursue a degree in Law for the past three years but since my mum ded and my dad is unemployed it is rather impssible to realize my dream , iwould be grateful if you could assist me in obtaining my degree

  7. mehari dawit says:

    hi my name is mehari dawit from Ethiopia.I’m very interested to learn Europe specially in engineering I’m construction technology and management student and left with two years to complete my BSC. please inform me via my email.

  8. Berhanu Libdi says:

    Currently I am regular MA student of in International Relations at Addis Ababa University covering all my past two semester fee on my own from what i have saved in the past three years and par time work to cover my daily expenses. the only cost I am left with is fee for my MA Thesis which is $353.9 US Dollar with current exchange rate which I could not cover for I am unfortunately lost my par time job on June 14th 2011, and cost of leaving is skyrocketed and took almost all my savings due to high inflation since last year in Ethiopia. Please I am asking for help for this $353.9 USD which is going to be directly paid to Addis Ababa University, in next Education academic year in September or November 2011. i can present my testimonial any time please contact me
    Berhanu Libdi

  9. Aniku Adrama Aloysious says:

    needy student, how do get support for degree?

  10. Aniku Adrama Aloysious says:

    big ups to you, aniku adrama aloysious is my name. i am Ugandan from Westnile. i posess fisrt class diploma from makerere university business school.i am very much in needy of your support because my region is well known to be lagged behind.i have been looking for how to join university to purse degree.
    looking forward to receiving your support.

  11. EMMANUEL says:

    Hi am emmanuel from kenya. i would like to applly for this scholarship though the date of aplication has expired, kindly let me know the date of next application. i w’d like to specialise in accounting when given chance, thanking you in advance for offering to help the needy to realise their goals.
    kind regards

  12. mangitah says:

    is it for only degree programs and not masters or PhD?

  13. Michael Tunu says:

     The selection to be a beneficiary of this scholarship would be a step forward for me, as l have been yearning to have the privilege to further my education for the masters program in neuro- science to help add to the few specialists and combat diseases and problem associated to brain and nervous system in Ghana and Africa at large.

  14. Mike UPIO says:

    Dear Sir
    I am Doctor from the Democratic republic of Congo and very interested in this scholarship opportunity, but I received this message late. I want to apply for that.



  15. Raja Suneel Khatri says:

    Raja Suneel kumar khatri here please accept my Request i m very much interested in it.
    I Done my B.E in the field of computer systems engineering.

  16. charles suglo says:

    hi my name is charles from Ghana. i have been working with a community radio for over two years . please i want you to help me get into this great learning opportunity of learning. i have certificate i broadcasting.please i am interested how do i get form? please help me out.thank you.

  17. Nshanji Emmanuel Nfor says:

    i am a Cameroonian an Advanced Level holder of three science subjects Biology, Mathematics,andChemistry.since i had it i have never had an opportunity to go and do a degree program because of finances.i will be very happy to do one if possble in the pharmacy sector as iam now a pharmacy technicians orHealth management programs.

  18. Mervin DeaN says:

    HEI,am a youth from Uganda interested in a scholarship from the project fund.i hold a bachelors degree in development studies and i want to achieve more opportunities in recognized institutions. kindly accept my request.

  19. Dear Sir,
    Am a Zambian citizen with good financial backing, seeking to broaden my knowledge base. The opportunity of studying in italy is great. Am looking forward to geting further information on how I could get sponsorship to study in Italy.



  20. Ruramisai Maidza says:

    hie my name is ruramisai maidza,iam a zimbabwean.iam an undergraduate doing development studies.i wld like to have a scholarship to pursue my studies.thank u in advance

  21. Bhekimpilo Funhiro says:

    Am a student at Midlands State University in Gweru Zimbabwe level 1:2 and seeking for a sponsorship to complete my degree in Accounting , the college is charging $690USD per semester.

    Will be greatful if i get the assistance from you.

    Bhekimpilo Funhiro(Zimbabwe ,Gweru)

  22. meshack lubiya says:

    hallo iam meshack from do could i get to apply

  23. PENINAH says:

    thank you for providing these does one apply?thank you in advance.

  24. Dr. Md. Ali Asgar Khan says:

    I did my Ph.D on Dairy Science (Dairy Nutrition) from Bangladesh Agricultural University. I am very much interested to study in Malaysia. In such situation may I make a humble request to you to manage a Post-doc programme in Malaysia?

    With the best regards

    Dr. Md. Ali Asgar Khan
    Mailing address
    Additional Registrar
    Faculty of Animal Husbandry
    Bangladesh Agricultural University
    Mymensingh-2202, Bangladesh.

  25. Md. Golam Ferdous Chowdhury says:

    Could you please provide me information regarding higher study on postharvest technology?
    Ferdous, Bangladesh

  26. Okot Mark Bernard says:

    I am a Ugandan liv ing in the northern part of the country where post traumatic sress disorder is eminent after the 20 years of war in northern Uganda.
    Despite this I managed to pursue a diploma in education from a recognized institution. I would be grateful if this golden opportunitu could shape my level to having a first degree. Also some conditions given above needs adjustment to fit the capacity of people like me who yearn for further studies and have been living below porvert line for qiute a number of years.
    I would appreciate if the chance could benefit the very needy.
    May god bless your thoughts always to think more rightly.

  27. Okot Mark Bernard says:

    I live in northern Uganda where there has been violent conflict for over 20 years- associated to this was massive loss of lives with no opportunities in lives, nothing in the names of scholarships could be heard, and many sorts of attocities by the armed forces (rebels and the government forces), to mention but a few.
    Given this background, I do seek for the golden chance if it could turn my diploma in education -secondary into a more useful standard of service to the traumatized/needy community around the region as I continue to work with one of the church based organizations (CARITAS)in the north of the country.
    May God bless your charitable hands

  28. Erick O Omondi says:

    Hi iam a Kenyan, I have read a bout the scholarship and iam interested.I would love to proceed with studies to enable me achieve/live the dream of my life.I will be greatfull as well if you provide the details of application.
    Erick Omondi

  29. Md. Bashir Uddin says:

    I hold a degree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and MS in Vet. Medicine. At present, I’m working as Assistant Professor, Sylhet Agricultural University, Bangladesh. I desire a Scholarship to do a PhD degree. I will appreciate further information on how i can apply.

    Kind regards

  30. Nforba Sally Atuh says:

    Hello. I am a Cameroonian. I have read about the University of Pavia and I am really interested in doing my undergraduate studies there. I will be forever thankful to you if you grant me that golden opportunity!
    Please tell me how to go about the application process.

  31. Foshong Eric says:

    I am a Cameroonian and hold a B Sc in Environmental science from university of Buea Cameroon.would be very grateful for detailed information so i can apply .

  32. Muhammad Jamil says:

    Greetings & Good Day from Taraqee Passand Organization

    We are interested to participate in upcoming event ,kindly send us information

    Thanks and regards

    Muhammad Jamil

  33. salai rumhnin says:

    Dear Sir/Madam , I am from Myanmar.I want to continue my education, because the level i have now cannot help me to succeed in community development activities i plan to do in my future carrier. I want to continue in program social work at Friedensau adventist univérsity, because this University showed a strong education in social work programs from many centuriess a go. Consequently, at the end of this course, I will be qualified to be a good worker in this Carrier. I belive that i will succed in this program because i have already a broad understanding of issue of economic and management skills from my undergraduate studeis, that why the social work will be a complementarily course to my background field of study .So i would kindly like to requies for a opportunity to have a scholarship for my further Education.With waiting your favourable reply.Thank you Sir/Madam.

    salai rumhnin
    An der Ihle 1
    39291 Friedensau( Friedensau University)

  34. JAMES MUNANURA says:

    Iam james from Rwanda. How can i apply?


    i’m dr paluku katswere josaphat from DRC CONGO specialy in GOM city
    and i had like to have more information about scholarship because i’m very intrested to continue with my speciality in medecine.

  36. Fidèle NDIKUMANA says:


    I am a burundian(man). I am very interested by this announcement. I have termined the studies of phiosophy at the High Seminary of Bujumbura. Now i woul like to continue and having a high degree in this science or change and doing the Economic in the orientation of finances because after philosophy studies i have done two years in the Entreprises Management at the High Institute Entreprises Management. It is also an opportunity to have differents experiences from diverses nationalities. So, i very need your assistance for continuing my syudies. Many thanks

  37. Dear,
    this is Dawit from Ethiopia. I have BA in sociology and social anthropology. And I have a great desire to upgrade my academic proficiency so that put my hand in the development of my community. Am I eligible? can I have the form?
    best regards

  38. hello,
    This is dawit, from Ethiopia. I have BA in sociology and social anthropology. And I am seeking a scholarship to upgrade my academic proficiency in an accredited institute like yours. can i have the form so that try my chance?
    best regards,

  39. Bob Milliar says:

    I’m from Ghana. I was very glad to read about your scholarship opportunities.I’m very much interested in the offer.I wish to study medicine if giving this opportunity.Coming from a developing country is not that easy,i therefore will be delighted if i am considered for this scholarship. Hoping to hearing from you soon……..


    Je fini d’ici juillet mon cycle de Graduat en Santé publique en RD Congo. Et préfère chéminer avec le cycle universitaire en biomédicale.
    Que faire et comment accéder à la bourse?

    French to English translation
    I finished by July my cycle Degree in Public Health in DR Congo. And prefers to walk with the undergraduate teaching in biomedical research.
    What to do and how to access the scholarship?
    Thank you

  41. kambugu zakalia says:

    am a Ugandan aged 34 years with a bachelors degree in public administration second class upper 2007. am I illegible to apply because I strongly need this opportunity.

  42. kambugu zakalia says:


    I am Ugandan with with first degree in public administration and would strongly like to take this opportunity to do my master.
    please am I eligible apply ?

  43. Sharmin Afroz says:

    I am from Bangladesh and currently working as a researcher in a climate change and adaptation project. I have a masters degree from university of Bath, UK. I want to do my PhD. could you pls. send me a form.

  44. Joshua K. Tigo says:

    I am Ghanaian who holds a Diploma in Communication studies and is interested in persueing a course in a related field under the FC&K Program. Can I please be directed on on what to do.

    Thank you.

  45. Alphonse HABONIMANA says:

    my name is Alphonse Habonimana from Burundi, i am graduaated in department of english language and literature at university of Burundi,i would like to have a Masters Degree in human well being and development, iam interested with social sciences,i request to be considered for this kind of education grant.
    Looking forward to hearing you

  46. Alphonse HABONIMANA says:

    my name is Alphonse HABONIMANA from BURUNDI,i am graduated in department of English language and literature at University of Burundi and i would like to have a Masters’ Degree in human well being and development,i am very interested in social sciences,i really need your assistance,i work in ceprodilic,a guest house, i request to be considered for this kind of education grant.
    Looking forward to hearing you
    Thank you

  47. Bola ABEFE-BALOGUN says:

    I am a Nigerian, Male. My current degree is M.Sc (Industrial Relation and Personnel Management).
    It would be appreciated if am awarded scholarship to study Human Resources Management course at Doctorate (Ph.D)level.

  48. Bary Toah says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am glad to have read the scholarship offer by your university. I am a Cameroonian of age 24. I am presently in the university and will be ending my degree program in Chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry (minor) in July. I will be very grateful if you grant me a place to do my masters in your university.
    I look forward to reading from you.
    Yours sincerely
    Bary Toah

  49. Wanjala Yokonia says:

    Hello, I am a Ugandan interested in persuing a PHD Course in Regional Development or arelated course. I have not found any PHD course at the university of pavia. Does the scholarship go upto PHD level?

  50. Wanjala Yokonia says:

    I am Ugandan interested in persuing A PHD in Regional Development or a related course. I did not see any PHD course at the University of Pavia. What can I do?


    hi, my names are Adeline Nyingcho and am a Cameroonian.I am presently undertaking my LLM in the University of Dschang. I wish to find out if your scholarship opportunity extends to the Ph.d level. I will like to continue my studies after my masters but i lack the means to do that.I will be very greatful if you to respond to this request. thanks

  52. Ngoma Bernard says:

    I am a Zambian citizen aged 31years. I am an advance diploma teacher for design and technology at Luwingu high school in the northern part of Zambia. I would love to upgrade myself, i will be very greatfull if my request is accepted.

  53. fumbii mariette njang says:

    Hello i’m called Mariette from Cameroon.I wish to apply for a form because i’m interested in studying at your institution.I’m a holder of G.C.E Advance level since 2005 but did not have that opportunity to further my studies meanwhile i really love to.I’m so interested and will not want to miss this opportunity to become somebody tomorrow only with your help.Thanks

  54. Ibegbulem Amauchechi says:

    Hi , I am a Nigerian with a first degree in Mathematics and will like to do my master in Pure Mathematics especially if it is relating to Galois Theory or any other interesting field of Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. My country does not have any institution that can give me a world wide approach to Masters in this field. I can not afford to study out side Nigeria not even the countries near by. I will be glad of you can be of assistance.

  55. i am ethiopian my name is fasil million i want to apply this scholarship. i have technical diploma in law and i was graduated in 2007 from unity university collage so can i have a chance to apply this scholarship because my diploma is for 3 year and technical so please i am wait ur replay as soon as possible harry because the dead line is near and i don’t have English proficiency test.thank you.

  56. MSIGWA, YUSTINE says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am a Tanzanian youngman of 27 years, a graduate of a Bachelor degree of Law.I am writting to you to apply for the scholar ship posts as announced in the website.
    I hope you will consider me as to the program.
    Yours faithfully,
    Msigwa, Justine

  57. Edi Bah says:

    My name is Edi Bah from The Gambia. Am 36 years old. I hve been working with a community based organisation for the past 7 years as a Program Development Officer. This CBO is called Ding Ding Bantaba and its affiliated to ChildFund The Gambia working for the welbeing of needy children and families in rural areas of the western region of The position is next to the Manager and therefore I need your support to have a Masters degree in management or development studies. I got my Bachelors in 2001.
    Thank you in advance.

  58. dear
    sir \ madam iam young studen whose people and country are war like .
    iam very hapy to this opportunity please help me iam graduate student
    i want to study medicine so help me and my brother he is like me
    please i want to help my parents and my relatives
    please give me opportunity

    thanka for every thing


    Am Ajaruva Charity 25 yrs old i have diploma in business studies and currently working with a Local NGO located in West Nile region (Zombo District)s Accounts Assistant.I have always wanted to further my education to Bachelor Degree level especially in business course like Bachelor in Commerce (B.COMM) But because l could not afford the tuition fee for that degree level i remain hopefully that one day God will answer my prayers and think this the God sent opportunity to pursue my career and therefore wait for your positive response.

  60. Abel Kagoro says:

    Kindly send me an application forms for a degree in Business Administration. Am Diploma holder in field on Business Administration currently working with Clearing and Fowarding Company. I also work with Bagungu Community Association (BACA) an NGO operating in Oil areas of Buliisa District in Uganda. Waiting for your quick response on this issue.

    Rgds/Abel A. Kagoro

  61. Ivan Kushemererwa says:

    Dear Sir/Madam
    My name is Ivan Kushemererwa, am a ugandan, i would like to express my interest to persue a scholarship in University of Pavia, italy under FC&K Program, i hold a first degree in Business Administration and a diploma in Business studies, i wish to persue master degree in business related program to make a significant contribution to socio-econonic development for the community in my country Uganda. i have worked for 8 years in rural areas to promote enterpreneurial spirit and create Businesses along agricultural value chain, To day i work for TechnoServe Uganda as a Business advisor with a mission to help enterpreneural men and women in poor areas to create income, opportunity and economic growth for their families, their communities and their very much intereste in you program. Thank you.

  62. Md. Abdullah-Al- Mamun says:

    My name: Mamun. Icompleted MS degree in Crop Botany. now i am working in wheat breeding related work and farming system research under Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute since 2004 to till now I want to do PhD in any foreign country specially China or any European country. can you help me?

  63. Abul Munsur Abdullah says:

    I am Abul Munsur Abdullah, Citizen of Bangladesh. I have completed MSS in Sociology. I have achived six years working experience. I would like to apply for the proposed scholarship program. Would you Please help me in this regards.

    with best regards.
    Abul Munsur Abdullah

  64. Endah Pakaryaningsih says:

    I am Indonesi an, but now I had a permanent recidence citicen of Timor Leste as my husben is Timorense. I was graduated from University of Indonesia, Jakarta at the Faculty of Nursing. Now I am trying to get a scholarship for my master on Anthropology or Public Health. Based on my interest, can I get a form to apply for this year scholarship?

  65. Awondo Che Bright A. says:

    i am from cameroon

  66. Awondo Che Bright A. says:

    I am che bright,i left high school in 2010 and i am unable to further my education so i plead for assistance.

  67. Kalyan Panta says:

    Dear sir\Madam,
    I am very happy knowing scholarship of your country. I would like offer myself as a candidate in the one of the potential area of Botany. I have completed Master Degree( M.Sc) and have been teaching botany subject for Bachelor students in Western part of Nepal since 1999. At present, I am thinking to do M.Phil, PhD. in ecology or taxonomy of vascular plants whichever is possible. If there is such scholarship, I would be very happy. Nepal has 85%rural areas and most of them live below poverty line.
    Thank You!So much.

    Kalyan Panta
    Pokhara, Nepal

  68. Hello there.I am Eugene Chia from Cameroon and i feel that this can be a great opportunity for people like me who wants to serve my community from aspects like environmental degradation and therefore such further studies can help me and the people.I dropped out from university of Buea Cameroon where i was studying environmental sciences because of lack of resources.I belief an opportunity like this one will give me an opportunity to live my dream.

  69. NYIBECHE Dero MOMOH says:

    I am NYIBECHE Dero MOMOH from Cameroon.I just obtained a Bachelor’s DEGREE in COMMON LAW.Is my wish to do a Master’s Program in BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION in the University of Pavia under the FC&K program.This is a wonderful opportunity for me to relise my dream of becoming a Business Adminstrator.
    While waiting for a favourable reply,accepts my best regards.

  70. mboni nkwankekang apongpo says:

    i am a cameroonian with the following names above. i am presently a final year law student in the university of dschang in cameroon. i wish to apply for a bachelor’s degree in business in your prestigeous univerity.

  71. joseph sesay says:

    I am a Sierra Leonean ,a Country that has experienced Ten Years of bloody war ,i will be very grateful if i will be granted the opportunity to apply for the scholarship ,please send me the FORM to apply

  72. edmund alofei says:

    I want to be considered to study from the University of Pavia, Italy under the FC&K Program. I am a holder of bechelor degree in Social work with Sociology from the University of Ghana-Legon and have also completed my course work in MA Governance and Sustainable Development form the University of Cape Coast. I am from Ghana (developing nation) and hope to meet your requirement.

  73. Edugu Julius Edugu says:

    I am overwhelmed to receive this info considering how eager I am to foster my studies despite my financial predicament.Please I need your assistant because I have been out of the university with bachelor degree in anthropology without the possiblity of continuing.

  74. yangrey says:

    I would like to apply for the scholarship from your university.I am from Bhutan,I want to continue my study and i have did only till 12 standard.If you could kindly help me.

  75. Mohan Singh Thapa says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Mohan from Nepal and completed my Master Degree in Rural Development with first class in 2009.I have a experience of working as program associate in NGO,and now searching for further studies with scholarship.As you know, all LDC’s have rural areas and need to be developed through their fulfillment of basic needs.In similar way, my country Nepal has 85%rural areas and most of them live below poverty line.So,to be a responsible citizen I can address their need until and unless I have a qualitative study and its implementation.With regards, I heartly welcome and respect your appreciative scholarship offers through FC&K program and would humbly accept if you provide me that opportunity..
    Thank You!So much.

    With Regards,
    Mohan Thapa

  76. Sandra N. Dube says:

    I recently completed a BSc. (Hons) in Sports Scence and Coaching at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Bulwayo, Zimbabwe. My areas of interest are Kinanthropometry, Exercise Physiology and Biokinetics. I am seeking a masters scholorship/funding in Sports Science related areas.
    Research is my passion and i am a focused hard word worker.

  77. Philip E. Chiwanga says:

    My name is Philip E. Chiwanga I’m a Tanzanian. I have complited my Bachelor degree studies on Enviromental Planning and management in 2009 and I wouldlike to seck sholarship for master degree studies on MBA general or any relavant masters program that you offer in your vasity. Thankyou for your consideration to my request.

  78. Joy Agbo says:

    Dear Sir/ Madam,
    I wish to apply for the scholarship in Universsity of Pavia, Italy under FC & K Program.I hold Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Mathematics-Statistics( 1st Class Honours) and Higher National Diploma in Statistics.I wish to persue any relevant Master degree programme in University of Pavia so that i can contribute meaningfully to the development of my country GHANA.

    Thank you
    Best regards

  79. phungeh adeline nyingcho says:

    am called adeline and am a cameroonian. am currently a master student in law at the university of dschang. i will wish to do my Ph.d after my master course.please i wish to find out if there are also schorlarships available for those who want to do Ph.d. thanks

  80. Mohammed yameen says:

    dear sir i am from pakistan.i am 21 year old and have bachlor degree in and sir i am belong to a poor family i need help of some one to continoue my studies my cell#923342613231. thanks you very mach for your kindness.



  82. Masibulele Phesa says:

    I am Masibulele Phesa from South Africa,I am currently doing my first year in Bcom accounting.I real liked the program and I would like to know weather the first year students are allowed?.Please I would be very glaad for your response which can help me to advance my future of being chattered accountant.If first years are allowed please send me the application form.

    Thanking you by all

  83. Rebecca Manyeh says:

    I am young lady and holds first degree from University for Development Studies Ghana and will like to be part of this programme.
    I it will help me develop my skill and contribute effectively to my agenda of empowering women through girl child education on the Africa continent.

  84. Hi, im salim haidary from kabul Afghanistan, Getting high in education in such Acadimic and professional envormonet is the desire of every young.
    I hope, i would meet the criteria and get the Scholorship Inshallah


    I am a Cameroonian with a first degree in Management\Gender Studies some years back but wish to carry out a Master degree studies .

    This is important for me to build both administrative and managerial skills that are crucial for the country’s economy.

    So l will be very grateful if given the opportunity to do this through your scholarship program since l come from a very poor background
    and our country is also very poor.

    thank you in advance.
    Yours sincere applicant.VictorineNeh F

  86. Abeditho Angala joyce says:

    Dear sir/madam
    Am a Ugandan 27years old, have a Bachelor Degree in Development Studies from Makerere University. I would kindly like to request for the opportunity to have a scholarship to further my education as it has always been my wish since 2years ago when i completed my three year degree course. the opportunity for degree was the Government bursary programme for students from disadvantage areas (District scholarship) I have always hoped to further my studies but because i cannot afford the tuition for post graduate and master studies, i kept on volunteering with a local NGO as Assistant Programme Officer Peace building and conflict resolution. Please give me that opportunity thank you

  87. Wagamila Chrisologus says:

    High, Am a Kenyan and am volunteering with the Kenya Red Cross Society i have a passion in working in the community and coming from a humble background i straggled through my O-level and did well but had no opportunity for further studies. This would be the only opportunity to unveil my true potential in life.Please Can i get the form am interested.

  88. Oryema John Paschal says:

    Am Oryema John Paschal from the Nothern Part of Uganda which has been affected by war for the last 21 years.

    I am very much focused to achieve my desired career through education. therefore I would wish to Know How I can achieve My education under your programmes.

    Any positive or negative response will be Highly welcomed. Thank you.

  89. my name is kutosi tooloh Besuel from uganda.ihold adegree in business administration and currently am executive director of mooni development organisation.alocal non government organisation,idesire for ascholar to further my studies at higher institutions.
    I would be greateful for any other information relating to the same.

    Best regards

  90. Tahir Rashid says:

    Yes it is a good opportunity

  91. khalfan khattak says:

    It is really a good step taken by university of pavia, if university make it clear how much scholarship allocated for each country will be easy for student they applying from different countries whether they are eligible are not.



  92. Akuma Moses Odims says:

    I am a Ugandan with several diploma in human resource and project management. I would like to get an opportunity to learn and graduate with a degree in international relations. So help me to achieve my dream of becoming a diplomat. I will be very grateful if offered the opportunity.

  93. Abeditho Angala joyce says:

    My name is Abeditho Angala Joyce Am 27years old Ugandan, having a bachelor degree in development studies from Makerere University in 2009 i have been working as Assistant programme Officer (Volunteer) Peace building and conflict resolution for now two years (2yrs)I have for the last two years been looking for funding to further my education because i cannot afford fees for further studies as my degree was a government grant for students from impoverished areas of the country (West Nile)and have always remained hopeful that one day my dreams will come true.
    can i please get the form to further my studies, Please.

  94. Asma Akhter says:


    Iam from Bangladesh. Im a graduate. When I know this opportunity than I want to get this opportunity. But now Im not in a university or college student. what I will do.

    Asma Akhter

  95. Dr.Mohammad Tariq says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I am Dr.Mohammad Tariq Sonnan from, Kabul Afghanistan. I am currently doing my Mater in Public Health from Institute of Management Science of Peshawar. I am would like to do my PhD in epidemiology in your university. Is there any chance for me to apply?

    Best regards, Sonnan

  96. Ayanle Farah says:

    Hi let me introduce my self , my name is Ayanle , I fled from somalia and now I live in Addis Ababa /Ethiopia I gratuated secondary school in 2009.
    I took one year of diploma program about Bus/ Math and I possess I transcript of that year about 12 courses of both Business and seconadry mathamathics .
    So I request you to find a scholarship from any university in Europe .

    Please regard me!!!!

  97. Gizachew Balew says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am Gizachew searchng for public health masters scholarship in either of Nutrition, Epidemiology or health policy department. Do you have the department and can I compete for your scholarship please. Waiting to hear from you

    Thank you

  98. Zikoliya (MALAWI) says:

    Guys just apply.You will not be picked by writing all this.Just find out where you can get the application forms and then apply.thats all.

  99. Rhoda Nalubega says:

    I am Rhoda Nalubega currently working at Makerere University Uganda as a College librarian. I would like to pursue PhD studies at your university and would be very pleased if granted the scholarship.

  100. Unique Sinanzimpilo Ncube says:

    Hie my name is Unique Sinanzimpilo Ncube, i come from Zimbabwe in Africa I am 20years old i am an orphan. I completed my Advanced level studies with 10 points on Commercial subjects would like to get funding to go to University and further my studies

  101. Ogwen Moses says:

    Hi, i’m Ogwen Moses and a Ugandan National. I hold a diploma in Human Resource Management. I would very much love to upgrade but still have not got a break through. This would be an opportunity for me if given a chance.
    thank you.

  102. AMUGE ENID says:

    Im a Ugandan age 28 with abachelor in business admnistration seeking an opportunity to further with education and development so as to be of substance to my community as i have always played in role. i will be so grateful when considered for this schorship hence request for the details of the schorship and application procedures.

    God bless!!!!!

  103. AMUGE ENID says:

    This opportunity is great in nature and in timing and attaining the scholarship means answered prayer to me and my community>>> here it comes << God bless

  104. Emmanuel Mponya says:

    My name is Emmanuel Mponya. I have a Bachelors Degree in Agriculture from Bunda College of Agriculture, a college constituent of Univerity of Malawi. Currently I am working as a programs coordinator at Catholic Development Commission (CADECOM). I have vast experience in rural development work. However I need to upgrade accademically and hope this opening might provide me with an opportunity to achieve my goal. Malawi is a low income country as classified by World Bank. I am very interested and hopefully suitable candidate. Where then do we access application forms?

  105. Beno Mbena says:

    I’m a Tanzanian, holder of MBA in International business, I,m currently doing microfinance as an employee, I need to pursue a PhD in the related field of Microfinance, help me to get one please.


  106. Emmanuel Marfo says:

    I hold BA Publishing Studies(Administration Option) in Ghana.I want to make a great impact by furthering my education.

    I want to do my Masters in International Business and Management in the Faculty of Economics.

    I have voluntary work in my community till now.I would need scholarship to continue school to make my vision for sustainable communities a reality and create opportunities for today business world.

    Thank you for the help in advance

  107. Michael says:

    Am a Director of an NGO engaged specifically with informal settlers in urban areas. This would give NGO workers in under-developed countries a break to widen their perspective in voluntary undertakings to communities.

  108. olupot charles dickens says:

    am a ugandan qualified grade three teacher having two non profit making private nursery and primary schools. i need to further my education in human resource managenent .How can i apply for it.

  109. Just so interested. NOw, what do I do next? How do i proceed?

  110. Che Hilarius Fuh says:

    I am Che Hilarius Fuh, a Cameroonian by birth and nationality. I earned a Second Class (Upper Deviation) Bachelor Degree in Curriculum Studies and Teaching (Economics) from the University of Buea some few years back.Due to some financial constrains affecting my family, I could not go further with education. I have worked in some institutions to see if I can raise money for further studies but with the mega salary rates in my country I can not raise enough money for the studies.
    I will be grateful if you send to me the application form and procedures of this scholarship program.
    i wait to hear from you
    kind regards…

  111. Hi.My name is FARNAZ.I’m from Iran.I’ve been working in a chemical analyses lab as I have BS degree in chemistry and am studying MS in same field.Now I desire a scholarship to do a masters in same field(chemistry).I want you to help me and give me more information on how I can apply.


  112. andrew kisaamo says:

    I am a Ugandan, very interested in the opportunity to further my career, currently am the program’s manager at Focus on Youth Development and Fight against Aids (FYDFAA)

    What can i do?

    Andrew Kisaamo

  113. THORN Vandong says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Greeting from Cambodia, firstly I would lik to introduce my self. My name is THORN Vandong, an Executive Director of one small local NGO called BSDA stand for Buddhism and Social Development Association;

    I’m very interesting to to see the announcement on scholarship of University of Pavia through FUNDFORENGOS website. I’m really appreciated to apply for this scholarship. Actually I just finished my Bachelor Degree of Human Resources Management.

    So how can I apply it ?

    Warmest greeting


  114. Henry Julius says:

    My name is Henry Julius and third year student in the Institute of Public Administration and Management of the University of Sierra Leone West Africa. I am presently studying BSc Applied Accounting General. My dream now is to get this opportunity to study or further my course in either in Accounting or Administration in your University or any other part of the world. My big problem is finance since for the past years I have worked for different Organizations with very low income which cannot help me get good education. I am kindly asking that you consider me for your scholarship programme. Hope to hear from you soon

  115. Ruth Nakaweesi says:

    Its a great opportunity for me to get further training,
    I work with a local NGO in the department of finance.
    Will be glad for a positive response.

  116. Robert s kadhogolo says:

    dear am Robert s kadhogolo a male Ugandan with Diplomas in environment protection and management and another one in community based health care developments for more than six yours i have been looking for ways of obtaining founder to help me passer a my degree at a university but all in vain,but thanks be to God that i have got this so inquiring the possibility of this opportunity and what or how can i get the forms .help me reach my dream please


    Dear Sir/Madam!!!

    I am Meaza (female) I am international undergraduate student from Ethiopia. I have Diploma by Information Technology. I eagerly want to continue my Degree by any relative field of study I am trying to get the chance long time but still not getting I want to study English, Tourism and hotel Management, Health, IT , sociology or any relative field if I get free ,work/study or financial aid study or sponsors to study. So please consider my feeling and try to give me Chance. Please try to help me to improve my educational background. If I get this chance in Finland university/college I will be the luckiest girl.
    Note: I can’t get chance to take TOEFL test here in Ethiopia and if you accept me as one of undergraduate student from Ethiopia I will be happiest girl.

    With Best Regards
    Meaza Tezera

  118. Sadaf Mushataq says:

    Dear sir/Madam
    I was really glad to see the announcement of such scholorships.I have just completed my I.Com and , i will be lucky if i sellected for such scholorship for higher studies

    Sadaf Mushtaq

  119. Basant Bhattarai says:

    I have just come to know the FC&K program of University of Pavia, Lombardy, Italy. I guess the program is really a valuable one since it can contribute ultimately to alliviate poverty by transfering knowledge, skills and reshaping the attitudes of many underpreviliged graduates of the developing world. I also hope to be benefitted from this so that I can serve my country in a better way.

  120. Nasrin Akter says:

    I am working at a regional centre of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) in Dhaka, Bangladesh as senior program officer (crop managaement). I have completed MS in Agronomy (Agriculture). My expertise in programme development and management. My date of birth is 10 June 1967. I am interested to able this type of scholarship. Now I am Ph. D student in a public university by own cost IN Bangladesh. My Ph.D subject is Agronomy on climate change and agriculture.


    Hi Im Nasir Uddin from Bangladesh. I work in NGO. position Chief Executive. I realy needs this scholership for develop network & fundraising in my organisation.
    Thanks with best regards.

  122. godfred oduro says:

    I am graduate from University of Ghana 2006 group and i have established NGO to build students who generational and situational thinkers. I am also a teacher at basic school. I hope if i get the scholarship to further my education it will go a long way to help me make greater impart in my generation and my country. I studied Sociology with Philosophy.

  123. Gentili sig.ri,

    Non sono studente ma docente della lingua italiana. Vorrei sapare se posso fare domanda per la borsa di studio per il corso singolo (in italianistica)?

    Cordiali saluti

  124. Angela Utsu says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Agela from Nigeria, hold a degree in Linguistics/French. Currently saerving with Head of Service[NAPEP] National Poverty Eradication Programme. I would be glad if am granted a scholarship to further my studies.

    I would be gratful to recieve the application form .


    Angela Utsu.

  125. Gul Badshah says:

    Dear sir/Madam
    I was really glad to see the announcement of such scholorships.I have just completed my B.Com(Bachlor of Commerce)and I will be lucky,if i was sellected for such scholorship for higher studies
    Gul Badshah

  126. Thaddeus says:

    It i importat for me to build both administrative and managerial skills that are crucial for the country’s economy.

  127. Walter Cheruiyot says:

    I am a Kenyan trained Journalism with Advanced Diploma with eight years experience.
    I would be grateful if I will be among those to benefit from your scholarship.
    Thanking you in anticipation for your kind consideration.
    Walter Cheruiyot
    Editor South Rift Times

  128. Md.Moshiur Rahman says:

    Dear sir Madam,
    I am Director at NGO Local Peace Propagation Forum. As my background of Masters in Accounting status was not good . When i saw this oppurtunity i really feel somebody gave to chance , then i will do

    Md.Moshiur Rahman
    Vill-Vogi Bala PARA
    P.S-RANGPUR sadar

  129. Asma Akhter says:

    Hi, I very glad to know this scholarship. I want to afford this. My educational background is commerce. Can I get this scholarship.

  130. Naveed-Ur-Rehman says:

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Naveed-Ur-Rehman, my BS (Telecom)degree will complete in 02-06-2011, i want to continue my study for futher knowledge, i belong to very poor family, so i have need of scholarship, i can’t afford expenses of study. i am doing BS degree on scholarship.
    you can see my name in scholarship list in given link.

  131. hello my name is Salih , I’m from Sudan I studied sociology and I have a post graduate diploma in development studies , I worked for so many NGOs and IOs , the last two ones are Project officer the British organization Practical-action and the last post is a project officer for UNIDO in Sudan. I would like to tell you that I’m really interested for this scholarship, and I can cover the expenses of traveling to and from the studying place .

  132. Suilabayu William Suiru says:

    Hi, I am a holder of a degree in Sociology and a Diploma in Local government Administration. Currently working as Secretary General in the Local government in Cameroon.I wish to proceed for a Masters in International Development. Inform me if it is possible with your funding.

  133. Kalua Athanas says:

    Dear Sir/madame, my name is Kalua Athanas, from Tanzania. I would like to have your scholarship at your university. I graduated in 2009 at Uganda Martyrs University in Uganda with B.A.Ed. Now, I would like to have a Masters Degree in Education Administration at your university.

    I hope you will consider my wish positively. Thanks in advance

  134. Daniel Torgbevi says:

    Dear Management,

    I thank God for this opportunity from the management to help somebody like me too to achieve my carrier in future.

    So help me God.

    Thanks to the management of this foundation.

  135. Robert Wanyonyi says:

    I am a Kenyan, currently doing freelance journalism in both print and electronic media. I kindly request that i be considered for this program in order to become more professional,change the society through my work and also help my poor family. Please, kindly can i get the application form?

  136. Daniel Torgbevi says:

    Good Evening manager’s,

    My name is Daniel Torgbevi and a Ghannian, I am the first of four of my parents. All in loving memories.

    I try to continue my degree studies in my country but due to the financial constrain impose in my case could’nt grant me the chance.

    For Twice I tried at a private University (Central University College Ghana)I had wanted to do distance option and I was awarded the admission alright but still.

    I hope by this opportunity, it would be the gateway to the fulfillment of my dream.

    So help me God.


  137. ahmed abibeker says:

    north west region of somalia is a part somalia i would like to get this education please assist me how i can

  138. PAMELA VILLAMOR says:

    Im Pam of the Philippines. i’m also interested to apply Scholarship grant. Currently an NGO peace worker volunteer. This kind of opportunity can help me further nourish my knowledge in my chosen field. Thank you very much and you may contact me through my email address for further perusal. Have a great time. God bless.

  139. Bahiru Maregn Areda says:

    My name is Bahiru.I am 40 years old person. I hold a BSc degree in Mathematics from Addis Ababa Univeristy, Ethiopia.I need to continue
    a MSc degree in field of Engineering or computer science.So, I hope you give me a free scholarship.


  140. Abdikani says:

    my name is Abdikani, I am very interesting to get this chance, because i born dark country i.e luck of government and grow it, that country is Somalia.

    I have a diploma which is Public administration,fortnightly I was not able to continue my education because of financial reasons and…..

  141. Natnael Yonas says:

    I am Natnael Yonas from Ethiopia, I graduated with bachelor of education and currently working in child sponsorship and child care and support projects as a director. I am very interested for further studies and offer my services for the betterment of humanity. Thank you!!

  142. Babulya Miriam says:

    I have just finished a Diploma IN midwifery from Uganda. i would like to go for a degree in as some one from a developing country, and from a remote village, i can not manage to raise the fees.
    i request to be considered for this kind of education Grant.
    i will wait for a reply.

  143. Arum Felix George Ojok says:

    Hello, this would be a very good opportunity especially those from LDCs but some of the terms and conditions may affect many interested persons. I am working with a Local NGO (Campaign Against domestic violence in the Community – CADOVIC) in Uganda based in Northern part, Apac District, that has been working for the rights of women and children, I would and always prayed to continue with my studies at the higher level as i have first degree in Development studies.

    Amidst many challenges,i would like to be one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship and if possible, i put the request for application form to be sent so that i have it filled and sent for consideration.


  144. nahabwe boaz says:

    hi am a ugandan who feels this can be a great opportunity for the person like me who wants to serve my community i work for the media and therefore such further studies can help me and the people

  145. Hi iam hodan, live in somaliland, part of somalia, i need to particapte this Scholarship Opportunity for students from developing countries to study at University of Pavia, Italy
    i rally appriate of this scholarship

  146. Ibrahim says:

    My name Is Ibrahim Mohamed Suliman From Sudan- working as Humanitarian Worker with an International NGO.
    I think that this opportunity will be a major turning point in my future either academic or practical, first it will help me achieve the dream of my academic life, (studying business administration) in addition to that I would like tack part of professional work of international organizations

    many thanks

  147. Khalid Fayyaz says:

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Thanks for the opportunity, as i am working in NGO sectors from last ten years and looking for financial support to enhance my knowledge in social sector, i am much interested to apply for the scholarship offered by you, please guide me how can i get application form and where i need to submit it

    Waiting for your reply


  148. Henry Mulenga says:

    Am Henry Mulenga from Zambia in Luapula Province looking for schoolarship from your University to study there in developmental studies. Am working with the Local NGO in the field of development and your course will add value to my work.

    Looking forward to hearing from you soon


    Henry Mulenga
    Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
    Groups Focused Consultations

  149. MARTIN says:

    My name is Martin Thuranira Kobia, i come from Kenya. I hold a Diploma in Computer Science & Information Technology (2nd class upper) from Kampala University – Uganda. I would really be glad to get a chance to study at Pavia University and expand my vast prowess in computer Science. Kindly award me this great rare chance. Thanks.

    kind regards,

  150. George Pile says:

    This is a great opportunity for us who have the brain but lack money to translate the unexpessed ideas into tangible and practical theories and activities to effect social change in the ‘Third World’. Could I be a beneficiary of your scholarship to pursue a doctoral study on the Luo Concept of ‘saga’ as a model for poverty eradication in Africa? I have acquired a Bth. and MDiv. among others.

    Kindly applying for the form.

    George Pile.

  151. Rebecca Mulongo Wanyonyi says:

    My name is Rebbeca from Kenya. I hold a degree in Psychological Counselling and currently working as a volunteer with the Red Cross. I desire a Scholarship to do a Masters degree in Psychological Counselling. I will appreciate further information on how i can apply.

    Thank you.

  152. Aamir Naveed says:

    HI i have done in master in sociology and i have four year working experience in development sector,now i want to continue my study on scholarship biases can you help me in this regards i cant afford.

  153. isaac otomewo says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    My names are Isaac Otomewo, I am a Nigerian I hold a first degree in History and Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Studies both from the University of Ibadan Nigeria.
    I would be grateful if I am granted a scholarship to read for my doctorate in Peace and Conflict related courses.
    I would be happy to receive the application forms.

  154. Rupa acharya adhikari says:

    Dear sir Madam,
    I am working at NGO World Peace Propagation Forum. As my background of economic status was not good . When i saw this oppurtunity i really feel somebody gave to chance , then i will do.
    I am from Nepal.
    Ms. Rupa Acharya Adhikari
    House no-65/ka, Arungalli-9
    Kathmandu-2, Nepal

  155. Thompson Charlie says:

    Hi.My name is Thompson Charlie and I come from Zimbabwe.Currently I live in exile in South Africa and I have just self published a collection of poems entitled ‘MINDSCAPE.’I work with foreign unaccompanied minors in South Africa and I am a voluntary counselor working with the refugee community.I am very keen to further my studies and offer my services for the betterment of humanity,may you send me the application form?Thank you.

  156. Moses from Kenya EExcutive coordinator of KPVC COMMUNITY ORGANISATION.
    Looking for like minds in giving hand in supporting community work especially in defending human rights.

  157. Jacktone Omondi says:

    I am a Kenyan,i did my secondary School Certificate in the year 2007,I really need this scholarship to help me do my dream degree program course in political science.Help me out I need it.
    May God bless you.

  158. BenjaminTukei says:

    Iam Benjamin from Uganda, i volunteer with one of the leading Humanitarian organizations in uganda, iam interested in the scholarship, i have experience of three years, But still i can’t afford the requirements for hostel and feeding.
    Please help.

  159. Mutebi Robert .G says:

    Hi this is great, am interested in the opportunity. If anything to do with multimedia feild.

  160. Rev Mark Fred Kayendah says:

    i would like to study Business Administration i have done already certificate by ABE (Business Administration)’
    also i have done Deproma in Theology accredited by the univesity of Malawi
    I am worked as a Pastor in Zambezi evangelical church.More detailes am ready to submitt

  161. Pyramanic says:

    Dear Friends,

    I am working in a NGO related to women, children and environment related programmes. I have some experience in the tsunami affected areas of India. In my carrier, I have some working experience as Programme Officer for the project related to fishing communities development programmes. We are also working with the rural children in Villages.

    We want to joint hands with the like minded persons to improve the stages of the people strive for developement.


    K.Karthik Pyramanic Shyam Sundar,
    Chief Executive Officer, ISEA Trust,
    Institute for Social Education and Action – ISEA


  162. Alieu Ceesay says:

    Am Alieu Ceesay, i work with the Daily Observer newspaper in the Gambia, west africa, i would like to have scholarship to upgrade my media knowledge. Can i get the form.

  163. Hassannoor says:

    Hi my name is Hassannoor kindly am very much in need of your assistance because i heal from poor background,i therefore appreciate any assistance accorded to me.
    Many thanks.

  164. Daniel manyowa says:

    need support t study media related field

  165. darius says:

    hi my name is darius kwigomba im a refugee for ten years, and posess a metric certificate (Diplome d’etat) and have been to college where i got a IT diploma,i have been looking to have fundings for my degree at a university, but couldn,t afford, i come from the democratic republic of congo. can i get the form since im itnerested in the fund? please